Learning Inverted Yaw Spins | FPV 101: Phase 6, Episode 15

By | December 20, 2022

Inverted yaw spins are one of the more difficult maneuvers to do properly, and a lot of pilots won’t risk their quads in real life attempting it, especially not before trying it in a simulator first. They involve all the pain of maintaining a horizon line during a yaw spin, but now doing it upside down, with zero throttle, and catching yourself before your drone plummets back to the ground.

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Now that you've mastered the basics and Are comfortable with inversions it's Time to test your skill inverted yaw Spins are one of the more difficult Maneuvers to do properly and a lot of Pilots won't risk their quads attempting It in real life not before trying it out In the simulator first they involve all The pain of maintaining a horizon during A yaw spin but now doing it upside down With zero throttle and catching yourself Before your drone plummets back to the Ground we recommend starting with a Lower camera tilt for this maneuver Around 20 25 degrees it'll make it Easier to hold the horizon line begin on The ground so you get an idea of what Your frame line looks like when your Drone is laying flat Throttle up making sure to gain plenty Of altitude then cut throttle and roll Re-centering your roll as you approach a Full inversion you want your horizon Line to be a little off center with the Ground taking up roughly the top Two-thirds of the frame then you're Going to input yaw only in your Preferred direction as you hit about the 180 degree Mark you're going to then Roll out of the maneuver and slowly Re-raise your throttle After practicing this move enough you'll Be able to combine it with other Segmented Maneuvers to truly personalize

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