Learning Power Loops | FPV 101: Phase 6, Episode 13

By | December 16, 2022

A power loop is an advanced maneuver that is exactly what it sounds like. It involves passing underneath an obstacle, then throttling up and over it, before cutting throttle and slowly reraising it to pass beneath the obstacle again. Basically it’s one giant throttle loop around the obstacle of your choosing- so let’s try it out.

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In our episode on flips we warned you to Never throttle throughout the maneuver As it can cause you to accelerate in Every direction this can be especially Dangerous for a beginner pilot Especially when inverted as we move into Advanced tricks though we're going to Ignore a lot of that A power Loop is an advanced maneuver That's exactly what it sounds like it Involves passing underneath an obstacle Then throttling up and over it before Cutting throttle and slowly re-raising It to pass beneath the obstacle again Basically it's one giant throttle loop Around the Obstacle of your choosing so Let's try it out let's head back over to The walkways on the U.S Air Force night Mode map Pilots attempting this maneuver for the First time have a tendency to approach Way too fast and overshoot it so fly Casually to start As we pass underneath the walkway we're Going to throttle up and start pitching Back so that we're accelerating through Part of a backflip and into a near Inversion As you face the sky pitch and throttle To fly backward just long enough to Clear the obstacle below you then cut The throttle and quickly pitch to adjust Your angle towards the obstacle from There we manage our pitch angle as we

Slowly re-raise our throttle again You'll find this trick is super easy to Over or undershoot it's common to become Disoriented throttle too much or too Little and quickly find yourself Crashing so master power Loops in the Sim first before attempting them out in The field as you practice try getting as Close to your obstacle as possible Throughout the maneuver especially on Approach once you're able to perform an Endless string of power Loops in the Sim You'll be ready for the field Foreign