Learning Proper Landing | FPV 101: Phase 6, Episode 7

By | December 4, 2022

Flying safely should always be your top priority, so one of the most essential FPV maneuvers that you can learn is how to land properly. Landing a drone can be trickier than it seems, and landing safely can be even more difficult, especially when flying at a high speed, but it’s an important skill to master in order to ensure you are able to protect both your quad and those around you.

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Flying safely should be your top Priority so one of the most essential Fpv Maneuvers that you can learn is how To land properly Landing a drone can be trickier than it Seems and Landing safely can be even More difficult especially when flying at A higher speed but it's an important Skill to master in order to ensure You're able to protect both your quad And those around you expert Landing Requires a pilot to have one a solid Understanding of how yaw pitch and roll Work together and two confident muscle Memory for throttle control Even before you launch you should Memorize what the horizon line looks Like when the Drone is laying flat on The ground This is especially important in real Life flying as it will help you estimate In the goggles how much space you have Left until you touch down So let's practice Landing in between These two helicopter pads in a U.S Air Force night mode map as you approach Your intended Landing Zone you're going To want to burn off some speed one of The easiest ways to slow your inertia is To do an air brake this may take some Getting used to so try it first in a Place with plenty of room we're going to Utilize yaw and roll to spin the Drone So we're facing almost the opposite

Direction while also pitching slightly To burn off that inertia as we near the 90 degree Mark though we're going to Start to carefully return to Center Sticks in order to soften the turn and Negate any unnecessary crop wash you're Gonna level out the horizon line until It's nice and flat And finally use throttle control to Slowly bring the Drone closer to the Ground again utilizing that horizon line You memorized from earlier When you're at your optimal landing Position you're going to cut throttle Completely In real life you're going to want to cut Throttle at the same time you hit your Disarm switch this will ensure that the Propellers don't continue to spin after You land as you practice this maneuver Try varying your approach speeds to hone In on that air brake as your skills Improve you can then move on to smaller And smaller Landing zones Three Years