Learning Rolls | FPV 101: Phase 6, Episode 5

By | November 30, 2022

Executing a roll is a lot like doing a flip, but instead of using the pitch axis you use the lateral roll axis. Stick inputs to the left will result in leftward rolls, and stick inputs to the right will result in right rolls.

Just like flips you are going to want to gain a lot of altitude when practicing this maneuver so that you have plenty of room for error. To do this trick in its most basic form you are going to punch throttle and then drop it again before rolling.

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Today on fpv 101 we're going to talk About doing different types of roles The role is a lot like doing a flip but Instead of using your pitch axis you'll Be using the lateral roll axis Stick inputs to the left will result in A leftward roll whereas stick inputs to The right you guessed it a right roll Just like flips you're going to want to Gain a lot of altitude when practicing This maneuver that way you have plenty Of room for error to do this trick in Its most basic form you're going to Punch throttle then drop it down to zero Before rolling throttle up drop throttle Roll left now the other way this time Throttle up drop throttle roll right Where rolling becomes more difficult is In practicing holding the horizon line You'll notice that when I input roll Alone that the angle of view doesn't Remain level and that the sky dips out Of view when the Drone is inverted In order to hold the horizon line Throughout this maneuver you'll have to Learn what's called a cross-coordinated Roll cross-coordinated roles make use of Both roll and yaw but in opposite Directions Say we want to execute a Cross-coordinated roll to the left we're Going to speed up and drop the throttle Just like before but this time when we Roll left we're also going to

Simultaneously yaw right Now rolling to the right speed up drop Throttle roll right while yawing left You'll see when compared to roll alone What a huge difference that cross Coordination makes Practice rolling in both directions and At varied speeds until you master Leveling out to the horizon line If you want your rolls to be quicker at Full stick deflection then you can Always increase your rates but be Careful when practicing Cross-coordinated roles that you don't Have a wild difference between your yaw And roll rates the closer these rates Are to matching each other the easier it Will be to develop muscle memory for Smooth cross-coordinated roles