Learning Split-s Turns | FPV 101: Phase 6, Episode 12

By | December 14, 2022

From racing to freestyle flying, few maneuvers are as well known by drone pilots as the Split-S turn. The Split-S is usually one of the first intermediate maneuvers that pilots get excited to master. It involves segmenting half a roll into half a flip, usually so the drone can go up and over an obstacle, reverse direction, and shoot out underneath it going the opposite direction.

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From racing to Freestyle flying few Maneuvers are as well known by drone Pilots as the split S turn the split s Is usually one of the first intermediate Maneuvers that Pilots get excited to Master it involves segmenting a half Roll into a half flip usually so the Drone can go up and over an obstacle Reverse Direction and shoot out Underneath it in the opposite direction We're going to use these walkways on the U.S Air Force night mode map to practice As we approach our Target walkway we're Going to throttle up to gain altitude we Then cut throttle as we roll left or Right over the obstacle by pitching down We can keep track of the obstacle in Frame and to finish we throttle and Pitch up to continue back the way we Came This area is great to practice split s Turns because you can just Loop the Maneuvers back and forth between the Walkways ideally you want your split s To get as close to your obstacle as Possible and still track it without Smashing into the ground