Learning Yaw Spins | FPV 101: Phase 6, Episode 6

By | December 2, 2022

Yaw spins can be one of the more difficult beginner moves to master, especially when it comes to holding the horizon line, but they are an important tool in the kit to becoming a better pilot, and shouldn’t be ignored.

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Thank you So we talked about beginner tricks Involving mostly pitch and roll but what About yaw Spins can be one of the more difficult Beginner moves to master especially when It comes to holding the horizon line but They're an important tool in the kit to Becoming a better pilot and shouldn't be Ignored very similar to Rolling you'll Notice that when flying forward and Yawing alone the drone's line of sight Dips Up and Away From The Horizon this Is due to the pitch needed for forward Flight in order to execute a successful Yaw spin you want to hold that horizon Line as flat as possible across the Whole 360 degree maneuver in order to do That we're going to have to coordinate Yaw and roll again unlike Cross-coordinated roles where yaw and Roll are used in opposite directions yaw Spins use roll and yaw in the same Direction similar to the turns we Practice during figure eights another Difference is that instead of dropping Your throttle completely for this trick Like with rolls and flips the off spins Are more about managing your throttle Throughout so let's give it a try while Moving forward level your drone out to The horizon line Next quickly find a throttle value Around hover and hold it to maintain

Your altitude then comes the tricky part You're going to yaw and roll in the same Direction making very small adjustments If needed to hold the Horizon level Hold the sticks in this position right Up until you're about to complete a full 360 degree spin As you approach completion re-center Your sticks to stop yourself And there you have it a successful 360 Degree yaw spin