By | October 21, 2022

I have a dream to build an fpv paradise in the woods, a flight location so epic people will come from all over to experience it. And it will be open to the public.

Lets do this!!!
Lets do this!!!
Lets do this!!!
Lets do this!!!

The plan: Purchase 10 acres of raw land in rural pa, no neighbors no karens.
we build it up into the ultimate fpv paradise and apply to make it a faa sanctioned FRIA ( FAA-recognized identification area) so no one can stop us from ripping freestyle now or in the future.

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Check check Recording recording hi I'm Bob grinder I Want to build the world's first public Fpv freestyle Park and Campground plus Crawler course micro race track Nerf Battle course or something that'd be Pretty sick I've been talking about it For a few years now and it's a pretty Scary thing to try and fail at but you Never know what's gonna happen unless You try I think this is an amazing cause So here we go let's build drone Disneyland basically I want to build an RC Paradise in the woods that any wooden Come out to and enjoy want to go camping But not sure where to go come on out Bring your quads want to practice that Inverted yaw spin over a mini foam pit Come on out want to host a freestyle Competition now we have a place I want To build a freestyle Park for everyone To enjoy not just a few Gates here and There but a two to three story tall Structures with dive gaps all the way Down faux buildings containers stacked Up so we have power Loops for days dive Gaps of all sizes whatever we want Basically an SPV freestyle Paradise is What I want to build drone Disneyland in The woods and I wanted to be open to the Public this will differ from other parks Says it won't just be some land that Someone owns invite select people to I Want the fpv community to use this land

To build what they want to fly host the Events they want to host this will be For all of us eventually I'd love to Look into making it a legally sanctioned FAA approved flying location but for now I just want to secure some land to build On if you do want to help make this Dream become a reality you can go to Fpvpark.com right now and there's a GoFundMe to secure 10 acres of land in Rural Pennsylvania plus all real estate Agent fees and taxes on the land I'm Hoping we make more than the goal since We'll need money for supplies in order To build the obstacles and for upkeep And all that but I'd like to at least Get the land for now so we can start Building on it and figure out lumber and Stuff later on if you do donate I pledge To put your name somewhere in the park So everyone knows you helped make it Possible the plan as of now is smaller Donors get a little plaque or something In one of the structures while larger Donors get benches and obstacles named After them this can all change but I Promise you if you do help make this Park a reality no matter the size of the Contribution you will be honored in the Park some somewhere because this is Going to take all of us pitching in and I really really appreciate it as for Location I live in Pennsylvania so I've Been looking in rural PA about two to

Three hour radius from the Philadelphia Airport in all directions basically the Land should be between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh this will be a small day trip For anybody in Pennsylvania or fly in to Come out I have Big Dreams for this park And I want everyone to have a safe legal Place to fly especially with the FAA Cracking down on drones I think we're Gonna need a few of these Parks all over The country and this can serve as a test Case for that I don't want this to GoFundMe to stall at any point or sit Around so I'm setting an end date of January 31st if for some reason we don't Raise the goal by then by the end of January I'm just gonna refund Everybody's money and maybe try it again At a later point in time but I have a Feeling we're going to smash the goal And build an amazing Paradise for all of Us to enjoy okay fpvpark.com is the link To the GoFundMe even if you can't donate You can help by sharing this video and The fpvpark.com link to your social Media With Friends Christmas is coming Up and what better gift than naming a Dive Gap in the middle of the woods After a loved one right right Okay that's the part that I had like on My little phone teleprompter thing that I wrote down because there's no way I Could remember all that but basically Here's here's me from the heart I want

To build us an SPD Park I want to buy 10 Acres in rural Pennsylvania and I want To make it the most just extreme badass Freestyle fpv course that we can I'm Talking I want to build freaking Buildings with eye gaps in them out of Plywood imagine imagine walking in Imagine the scene you come down a little Dirt path through some trees and it Opens up and there's just fake building Fronts everywhere with dive gaps and all Kinds of crazy everywhere you know What I'm saying like all the dive gaps All the containers all the everything That we want this is for the public I Want to buy this land and I want anybody And everybody who wants to help work on It build up fly out there film out There host freestyle events host races Maybe your band can play out there I Don't give a this is gonna be 10 Acres for us to do whatever we want you Know what I'm saying I think it's gonna Be pretty freaking special and the Campground I want to put aside like an Entire acre that's just for camping you Know you come out there you pitch your Tent you drive your little RV out there You can hook it up there probably won't Have RV hookups but I'm sure that she's Gonna be down the road I just want this To be an awesome like 10 acre Paradise that we can do whatever we want You know I want to build a crawler

Course I want to build a little RC race Track some stuff for micros I want to Have obviously the big fpv freestyle Main thing we can have little race Courses put some buildings out there and have little indoor rips whatever Literally whatever you want but you just Want to camp you just want to camp Somewhere and not pay no money Get out there go ahead go it's for Everybody it's for the community I want This to be a very very heavily community Based thing this isn't just mine this Isn't just yours this is for everybody To build up and enjoy basically all Right so this is a video for the thing I Don't know what else I can do I made the GoFundMe I made this video I'm gonna Cash out every single bit of crypto I Own which is like two grand popping into This GoFundMe hopefully we can Hit the goal one thing you can do is Share this video that would help a Ton if you can share this on your Facebook Instagram tick tocks whatever Else there is make a video about this Video and get some views on it man I don't know but we need to basically Get this out to as many people as Possible because this is a big Hefty Goal but I'm confident we can make it With enough support support so Thank you very much everybody for Watching this video let's make the SPV

Community Park a reality