Light Painting with Drones – Happy Holidays!

By | December 19, 2022

This holiday season we thought it would be fun to try and make some festive decorations with our drones! With some LEDs and the new GoPro 11, you can get some really cool effects with your drone! Try it out yourself and see what you can get!

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– FPV Freestyle Pilots / Hosts –
Drew Camden [Le Drib]
James Hester [PDEVX]
Shawn Morrison [Let's Fly RC]
Caleb Wright [BubbyFPV]

– Production Team –
Drew Camden – Producer
Christian Kapper – Editor / Camera

That's awesome that's what it is that's Awesome look at it it's so bright it's Way better than I thought We've been trying to think of something Fun that we could do with our drones for The holiday and James had the idea to Play with light painting which is a Really cool trick in photography where You can make streaks of light in a still Image we thought it'd be really cool to Try to do like a holiday inspired design Maybe make a Christmas tree using our Drones So it's like out here yeah start in and Just go nice like lower to the ground Lower to the ground we got to light up Our drone and thankfully we've got these Really bright LED strips we've got a Whole bunch of different colors I think We're just going to go with red and Green setting it up is going to be super Easy just power them off of a 12 volt Power and ground wire so these are 12 Volts only we've got a 12 volt regulator This one's pretty beefy we're gonna try To squeeze it in here I think I've got a Buzzer on this ducts are the worst I Know and there's a spot on the other Side okay Those ducks are going to give us a Really great spot to put the LEDs I Think it's going to look really cool Because we're going to be able to wrap Around the prop disc the Drone is going

To look like something on a Tron whoa [Applause] So what's interesting is the green looks Way brighter than the red it looks cool Man that's that's freaking Christmas Tron so I think in finding a spot what We want is to find something that's Gonna give us a point of reference to Orbit so that we can make this cone Christmas tree shape honestly I think it Would be hard to do a consistent orbit That gradually oh no I think it's hard Really but you're Peter Max we've got Our poll that we're gonna try and turn Into a Christmas tree got the camera set Up and now it's just going to be a Battle with the light trying to get the Right exposure and the right timing I'm Gonna do a test shot and if it works out Well then hopefully we can get the Drone Up and go for it what we're also going To do is we're going to try out on GoPro Special time lapse mode that they added On this was the 11. the new 11 They just Added a Mode called light painting they Build all that stuff into the camera for You it's smart about it and I think It'll actually animate the movement this Could end up being really really cool Start pretty tight like tighter than you Think like that's good they get lower Yeah that's a good height hold that Height for a while that's good that's Good yeah now shoot for like kind of the

Middle of the pole you should be no Higher than the middle super tight up Top super tight up top got it there up Up just go straight up there we go okay And I don't fly in front of the camera Yeah The timing we nailed it in terms of like Doing the minute long here oh so you get A minute on the camera to do your thing Gotcha can you guys see this like it's Just Green in there that's what that's What he sees that's how bright those LEDs are like this looks really cool but You just gotta keep it tighter Just that little bit right there yeah I Mean so honestly just the whole time Thing about keeping it tighter than you Think because like as long as you are Really tight at the top and slightly Wider at the bottom you'll get the Effect [Music] S That looks pretty freaking good look at This that shot came out awesome that was So cool I was especially impressed with The light painting mode on the GoPro That was a really nice surprise that's Such a cool feature they've built in Yeah with the motion it's like sick We've seen it going around and actually Seeing it happen in real time that was Awesome yeah I mean the original plan Was just to get the still image that

Came out cool but getting to make this Happen really took it to the next level We had a great time with this I think There's going to be a lot of cool things Coming out of the community when they Start playing with this and I can't wait To see it but guys happy drone Miss we Wish you guys the best in the New Year Hope you have a safe and amazing holiday With your family and hopefully get some Flying in [Applause] [Music] James got the shot yada yada if you want To buy the I don't want like do I plug something Here it's your boy Bubby claws Ho ho ho