Mavic 3 Classic Specs #reels

By | November 3, 2022

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The mavic 3 classic is the little Brother to the mavic 3. it has the same Micro four thirds CMOS Hasselblad camera But no tele lens otherwise same battery Same flight time O3 plus but more Controller options both include 5.1 K 50 Frame per second videos 10-bit d-log hlg Variable aperture 12-bit raw for Photography the mavic 3 classic comes at 1469 for just the Drone 15.99 for the RC N1 combo and 1749 if you want it with The DJI RC all less than the starting Price of the mavic 3 which is 2049 you Can also get the fly Market which Includes a bag at 5.99 other accessories Like the ND filter or the wide angle Lens are each 129 dollars and a battery Charging Hub is 99 but this one is Already included in the flight more Combo at the same price as the Phantom 4 Will this be your new drone