Mini 3 Pro – FreeWell Filters Mega Pack Tutorial and Worldwide Giveaway!

By | October 6, 2022

The FreeWell Mega Pack has every filter you need for your Mini 3 Pro. It's a convenient solution for most situations, and it's meant for Mini 3 Pro owners that are serious about capturing professional looking footage and images.

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So what side of the aisle are you on When it comes to using filters on your Drones hi everyone I hope you're having A great day so today we're going to talk About using filters on your Mini 3 Pro And I want to show you this right here This is awesome this is called the mega Pack and it's from freewell I'm going to Show you all these filters on here and Tell you what they can do for you and What they can do for your footage and Then also I'm teaming up with freewell To give away five of these Mega packs so That's pretty cool so let's check out These filters and let's talk about the Giveaway there really are two kinds of Philosophies when it comes to using Filters on your drones in particular Neutral density filters or ND filters a Lot of people swear by them say that you Need them to get the best looking video Footage on your drones and then there's Other people that say don't waste your Money there's no need to use an ND Filter on a drone now where am I in this Situation I'm kind of in the middle it Really depends on the situation so if You're I'll just put it out there if You're flying up really high and you're Not close to any subjects at all even on Bright sunny days I don't think you Really need an ND filter but to be Honest those flights where you're up Really high and you're not really close

To anything and doesn't really show much Motion that's not really great footage Anyway you know so I think to make great Video footage video footage you need to Fly close to subjects and that's why fpv I think is so popular because you know You see those drones weaving in and out Of these really tight places you're Getting really close to subjects and I Think that's really important for making Dynamic content so yes I do believe in Using ND filters now with this mega pack Right here from freewell there's a lot Of different options here the first top Of the Row the first five filters on the Top is nd16 through an ND 256 and I'm Not going to talk about the 180 degree Shutter rule I'm not going to tell you All the rules and everything that are Out there because I've already done like Five or six videos on how to do that I'll post them in the video description But this is what I'm going to tell you Ninety percent of the time I am using an Nd16 a neutral density 16 filter on my Mini 3 Pro once in a while on a super Super bright sunny day I'll put on an Nd32 and I think I've used an nd64 once So you guys it's not like rocket science You don't have to sit there and try to Figure out the numbers and do the math And all of that and it doesn't need to Be exact you know they say if you're Shooting 4K 60 then you want your

Shutter speed to be at 1 over 60 excuse Me if you're shooting 4K 30 you want Your shutter speed to be at 1 over 60 And so on don't worry about it you guys Seriously you don't have to think about It that hard nd16 nd32 and then the Second row on this mega pack there's a ND 512 the 1000 and the 2000 and these Are meant for long exposure photography So I guess the most commonly used Situation for these filters is like Moving water so like if you are filming A short Shoreline or maybe a waterfall Or a running stream or something like That using an ND filter like the nd1000 Or the 2000 is going to allow you to Really slow down that shutter speed and You're going to get that really nice you Know smooth looking footage anytime you Want to capture movement and you want to Show movement in the image that's when You would use these higher ND filters And that's what those are for now these Two on the end in the second row there's A UV filter and then there's a LPR now Most of you have probably heard of a UV Filter but let's talk about the LPR and LPR is called the light pollution Reduction filter and what this is meant For it's meant to take out some of that Orange glow and some of that glow that Happens at night when you're shooting Night photography so if you're out in a Cityscape I don't live in a big city I

Live in a small community but if you're Living in a big city and want to capture Some of those cityscapes and you want to Get that nice crisp looking Bright Lights you know from the Night Lights That's when you want to use an LPR Filter but for the most part if you're Not doing any kind of night photography With your drone you really don't need an LPR but if you ever want to do it if You're ever in a situation you're Traveling or whatever and you want to Get the best looking images at night From your drone that's when you need an LPR or light pollution reduction filter Now real quick let's talk about the UV Filter the UV filter really doesn't do Much you know they some people say that It removes the haze from the sky when You're flying I don't think it does at All I don't think it makes any Difference at all when you compare a Shot without a UV filter and with a UV Filter I don't see any difference I Think the most important reason to have A UV filter is if you're not using an ND Filter for some reason maybe it's a Cloudy day and you don't need one then I Would put on the UV filter as an extra Layer of protection for your lens Because once in a while your drone might Crash you never know it doesn't happen Very often but if your drone crashes and It comes head first into the ground

There's nothing to protect that lens you Know that cover that's on there that Comes with the Drone there's no glass in It that's just an open hole so using the UV filter is just a little layer of Glass in front of your lens that's going To protect it if you happen to crash it Now looking at the bottom filters in This pack and this mega pack from Freewell these are ND filters but They're combined with a polarizer filter Actually there's five of them that are ND slash polarizer filters and what that Does is not only allows you to slow down Your shutter speed but it also adds a Little bit of a polarizing effect so That means that if you want your skies To be really blue or you want the greens In your scene to be really green or more Importantly if you want to remove Reflections like from water or on Vehicles or Windows or anything like That that's what polarizer filters do They get rid of those Reflections and so That can be really useful and then the Last filter on here this is just a Straight up circular polarizer filter There's no ND effect it doesn't allow You to bring down your shutter speed at All it just adds the that polarizing Effects so you can get those Rich deep Greens and those deep blue colors and so That's what the CPL filter is for so That's the mega pack from freewell 16

Different filters to cover just about Everything that you need and the benefit Of buying the magpac over buying these Separately is you're going to save quite A bit of money if you get the mega pack Rather than just you know pick each one Of these out but if the mega Pack's not For you maybe that's not in your budget Right now or you don't need all of these Other filters I'm going to put links to All of my favorite freewell filters in The video description if you click on Those links that's going to help you Learn more about them and you can use Those links if you want to purchase them Now let's talk about the Free Will five Of you are going to have the opportunity To get this this is an international Giveaway so this means no matter where You live in the world you are eligible To win this because what's going to Happen is I'm going to pick five winners Freewell is going to ship them directly To you so so that's pretty cool so thank You to freewell so there's a couple Things you have to do number one Subscribe to the channel you have to be Subscribed for number two you have to Subscribe to freewell's YouTube channel I'll put a link in the video description Click on that click on subscribe we're Going to both verify that thirdly down In the video description I have a link For my Amazon storefront and on that

Amazon storefront link I have all of the Gear that I use to make my Channel all Of my favorite drones my favorite drone Cases my lighting my audio everything That I've used over the past five years That are at my the top of the game when It comes to tech gear click on that link Check out the gear you don't have to buy Anything I just want you to look at it Come back here to the comments and tell Me what do you think of that list is There anything in particular that stuck Out to you is there something that you Found really really interesting uh and Tell me why because I want to know what Kind of people are watching my videos I Want to know if you agree with me on a Lot of that stuff okay then what I'm Going to do is on this date right here I'll put it up on the screen this is the End of the giveaway at the end of that Day I'm going to go ahead and pick five Random winners I'm going to use a random Comment picker and that program is going To pick five of the comments from down Below and then I'm going to verify that Your subscriber I'm going to send it to Freewell they're going to verify that You are subscribed to them as well and Then we'll reach out to you and we'll Get your shipping information so those Are the things that you have to do now Listen very very carefully you guys There's a ton of scammers on YouTube

It's been happening for about 18 months And YouTube's not fixing it but if you Comment down below and you get a reply That says hey you won something telegram Me at this number or Whatsapp me at this Number or you want something super Special or anything like that and it has My logo on it It's probably not me it's a scammer Click on the logo that'll take you to The YouTube channel you'll see that it's Not me it's a scammer this is happening On thousands of YouTube channels and It's getting worse and YouTube is not Fixing it so ignore those Pay no attention if you want something You're gonna know it's me talking to you Okay but yeah that's just getting so bad So just be vigilant of those scammers I Don't know if it's ever going to get Fixed I really really hope so because we Spend so much time responding to Comments saying Hey where's my prize I Sent you shipping I sent you 150 Shipping where's my prize that's what They do they try to scam You by charging You a shipping and then they don't send You anything so watch out for those guys So good luck to all of you thank you Freewell for helping give away five of These awesome Mega packs if you have any Questions about these filters or Anything at all also put those in the Comments you'll still be eligible for

The giveaway as long as you do all of The other things follow me on social Media for more bonus content stuff that You won't find here on the Channel watch This video right here next I think You'll really enjoy it have a great day And as always fly safe and fly smart Thank you