Mounting an HD Camera | FPV 101: Phase 5, Episode 2

By | November 6, 2022

The heaviest component on a drone is usually the battery but if you are looking to capture high definition footage you will have to mount a secondary camera outside of your FPV camera. When mounting your camera you can pick up the drone from its center, and see how the weight of the components affects the drone’s balance.

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Foreign 101 we're going to be talking about Mounting an HD camera The heaviest component on a drone is Usually the battery but if you're Looking to capture high definition Footage you're going to want to mount a Secondary camera outside of your fpv Camera mounting a secondary camera will Add additional weight and where you Mount it can drastically change your Flight pattern so before you take off You want to make sure all of your Components have even weight distribution Cameras like the GoPro or insta360 are Favorites of freestyle drone Pilots Because they're so lightweight and Easier to balance combine that with the Risk of damaging expensive camera Equipment and you can see why this Approach is rarely attempted by casual Fpv Pilots 3D printed mounts can be Extremely useful when trying to attach a Camera to a build websites like Thingiverse will openly share Downloadable user created mounts usually Designed for specific frames and cameras When mounting your camera you can pick Up the Drone from the center to see how The weight of the components affects the Drone's balance if your drone is Shifting forward or backward that means The payload is not evenly distributed by Adjusting the position of your camera or

Your battery you can properly balance Your drone for flight