MultiGP 2022 Drone Racing Championship – Pro Class (NEXT-40 LOWER 12)

By | October 22, 2022

9:30AM MultiGP 2022 Drone Racing Championship – Pro Class (NEXT-40 LOWER 12)
11:30AM MultiGP 2022 Drone Racing Championship – Pro Class (NEXT-40 TOP 16)

[Music] Foreign Stay on My own Come down Try to keep Me the eight gets on that lead lap as Well only 2.3 seconds back As pie fly goes down on the opening lab Now it is a double elimination bracket It's basically our regular top 16 Bracket except we don't run the final Four they advance to the next bracket And now looks like we have caught up Jr-138 on the backside of tiger he goes From third up into second and Jr 138 has Pushed himself in the lead ahead of Tiger tiger trying to reel in Jr 138 and Jr 138 goes from back of the pack up to The front for the win of heat number one Here this morning tiger pulls up second Pie fly pulls up third So no Channel changes to worry about and Of course everyone running a left-hand Polarization here today so no Channel Changes no antenna changes all day long But no Channel changes for that group Pi Flying Tiger are going to go to race Number six Jr you're going to race number five no Channel changes no Channel changes and When I say Pi Phi is going to race Number five right tiger and jr138 are Going to race number six

No Channel changes pie fly will go to Race number five no Channel changes And the good news for pi fly when we get To race number five there is only gonna Be one other pilot in it so we'll still Do a head-to-head race equal amount of Track time but there'll be no pressure When we grid up race number five Here's Heat number two we have the 10th Overall pilot here in this group and Qualifying that's water clocker making It here from Indiana it's just inside of The top 20 in sports last year now in The Pro class And we have that a the number seven in Qualifying here this group wrote angles Making the trip here from Leesburg Florida last year it was top 64 Pro and Already Almost he's already he's ahead of that He's already getting he's already better At last year's position and postal Service from California And uh last year was a little deeper Than where he sits right now 76 so Everyone up a class here today let's go Green Pilots under quartz live on the Town less than five Off to the racism go it is blade to Blade head-to-head whole shot could go To Pro dangles and his Postal Service Water clocker one two three so you can See a battle there right up at the front Of the fields here

But Postal Service leading right behind Him is pro dangles Proposal Service uh sound like bounced Off anything but he's no worse for Rarity drops number two spot we moved up From angles up in the lead And water clocker looks to be only about Three or four seconds back from our Leaders throat ankles on the lap number Two Postal Service 2.3 seconds back Behind him in the number two spot and There's water clocker he has 3.9 seconds Away from the transfer position top to Move up in our winners bracket bottom Two down into our consolation bracket And we are pushing them on Pro dangles Now add a 2.3 second lead it looks like He is now gapped Postal Service by two Gates now three gates now postal service Has got to the front Postal Service Right into the line Postal Service with The win 3.4 seconds back Pro dangles in Second And we will take that one to the bank And water conquer gonna pull up third And uh that's not the worst water Clocker is gonna go to match number five With pie fly and it'll be a head-to-head Race for props but not eliminations are Not the worst Oh not the worst we do have a channel Change for prone angles you're gonna go To race band eight Road angles to race Band 8 when you go with Postal Service

Two match number six Uh that one is not official that one is Under review Foreign Foreign My Life [Music] Online Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] We were under a review there first uh One of the day thank you for that making Us uh making us think that's always good Just like when you wake up in the Morning you should do aerobics get the Flood going and you start a race in the Morning the village should start off Today So uh we had Postal Service uh missing a Few parts of the course uh had that Under review he came up on his own says Yeah that wasn't my best friend so Postal service is now going to go to Match number five and that will be a Channel change right Postal Service Gonna go to race band Six when you're Back on in match number five water Clocker and pro dangles we're moving you Up to match number six so that's good News for water clocker moving up into The winners bracket channel change for

Water clocker going to respawn one pro Dangle still that channel change for you A race band eight you're back in match Number six that was our second match of The day we're set for match number three Let's go to this one right here Well we have a moment we want to thank Our local corporate and National Partners bringing you the 2022 multi-gp Championship we want to thank our Presenting sponsor Superior one Roofing Locations in Texas and Florida as as Well why have just a regular roof when You can have a superior one It is the year of the goggle battle so Many on our backdrop and so many in our Flight line as well we want to thank Orca goggles orc has been with us all Champs long as we are awarding on our Podiums through sport class and pro Class Orca goggles and we hand out a Bunch of those fpv dot control the Orca Radio Orca always innovating and when it Comes to the fpv whether it's radios Goggles and also manufacturing some Other parts in partnership with Immersion RC thank you Orca goggles for Your support once again oh welcome back To Champs Orca great friend and partner Of ours I want to thank as well our Friends at a hobby wing You can visit them at the official leader Number one when it comes to flight

Controller stacks and more our Pilots Are set to go this is Heat number three I believe we got jjb fpv from New York Provo from Utah Lundy from Tennessee a Former sport class Podium winner let's See what we do here this sound this Morning Trying to advance to the top 16 for the Next 40. four positions available let's Go green Pilots arm your quads Live on the town in less than five Looks like we are down to just two Lundy And Provo and they just crash down down To just two Lundy and Provo and they Just cry now it's a race to turtle with The ogs right here Lundy's the first one Up Doing something Well it's just a little warm-up pack Here for Lundy fpv Provo had some fun as Well they're going to advance in our Winners bracket no surprises there jjb With a quad issue he will be back in a Little bit we're gonna take jjb to match Number seven no Channel changes jjb you Got a break of about three matches Before we get to you at uh Provo in Lundy will be advancing no Channel Changes and uh Lundy on lap number two Now he had a 45-6 on his opening lap Lawson lots of time to have some fun Lundy Where's that dime look at Lundy getting A line

Holy does that mean Chen right now oh my God Someone verifying that he is controlling That quad with a radio I think someone's Behind the curtain right now All right all right Lindy this one Doesn't count I'll bring it in bring it In it's a two lap race for real I know You wanted three it's two laps bring it In Lundy bring it in Bring it in yeah Uh Let's wait until we get to the top 16 uh On the next 40 before we start doing Victory laps and so no changes there in Lundy jjb to match number eight and uh Provo you're gonna go to match number Seven So of course uh missing a few Pilots Here this morning this is the uh lower 12 in qualifying again positions 41-65 And we're missing the guy who qualified 65th this is just how fast the tides Turn IRL in real life with multi GP and on The Hollywood world of TV as well Once you're in you're only in for a Short time Our 2020 multi GP Champion qualified 65 Of 65. of course that was Soarin Hill Had some issues getting here and only Got five packs on the track at a Traditional drone race that would

Probably be well they only got to fly For one day Got their five packs in I remember races Like the Sebring drone race where I Think six was the magic number for the Day of qualifying Soren got five packs And wasn't able to get out of last spot But those five packs were pretty much Back to back using our Zippy Q method Last night Between about 9 30 and 1002 p.m 1002 was The last Heat when we went green last Night and uh he only uh he only did two Laps it was fastest two laps consecutive You only did two laps once had one hot Lap on a two or three of those other uh Heats and unfortunately it was in last And is not here today so he is Officially 65th overall in 2022 unless He shows up he can make his way out of The brackets here in the next 40. match Four is ready to fly and this one only With two as well we're missing Bubby It's The Herder and Roux this one's for Fun no eliminations armor quads live on The tone lesson five We will all bump up The Herder and Rue To the next stage to the winners bracket And Everyone uh we still run those races Even if there's only one or two in them To afford the same amount of track time For everybody and uh really this could Be anyone's game as we inch our way up

To the top Rue 61st and qualifying here This week and The Herder in the number 60 spot in qualifying this week just Inside of the top one 50 on the global Leaderboard of course to uh get to our Pro Championship needed to be in Positions one through 150 hurt her with A 33-8 to start things off Here Comes Rue onto that second and Final lap for the division 6.9 seconds back Here in this opening session for them After four comes five on Dax gonna be Pi Fly and Postal Service another head to Head in the hole into the winter bracket We'll go with JR 138 tiger prot angles And water clocker and then following That jjb And soaring in the hole Jjb might be in ahito one in the hall we May uh we may combine a heat The herder's gonna get the win 10 Seconds over root And that is gonna move The Herder and Rue to match number eight murder and Rude and match number eight And Rue with a channel change to race Band eight that's easy to remember Rue You're on Channel 8 in match eight And Bobby not here but if he does get Here we're going to see him in match Number seven Love to see Bobby It was his birthday yesterday I believe

Some birthday Uh did you hit refresh Uh Uh it should be Lundy Provo herder Rue In heat eight That's what it should be That's what lifetime has here Oh you know why there's only two we just Bumped the last Heat in with you all Right It wasn't red when I looked at it a Second ago Yeah jjb Roo The Herder in Lundy race Eight That's winners bracket What do I have on my thing I have Lundy Provo that should be Provo Instead of jjb yeah Uh hold on Paul Paul It wasn't you No you're right no it wasn't you guys Bumped the wrong guy not me My my spreadsheet has it right Provo and jjb have to switch that right How come jjb bumped up there Huh Oh I know why Because you guys uh because the other Provo didn't finish a lap so Someone just I know but the check mark Whoever was running the computer again It's a mystery there's three of us Looking at it again not me but uh

Someone didn't see what was checked off And just hit accept so now we have Solved the mystery of heat number eight Should only have two in this heat Paul Pi fly versus Postal Service it is match Number five it is an Elimination race But we've already eliminated two this One is for fun no pressure except the Multi-gp rule that isn't written in Rulebook When you race Head to Head you'll be Racing for props don't mess up High fly versus Postal Service 54th and 55th in qualifying this week This is going to be a heater Head to Head let's go green Pilots arm your Quads live on the tone lesson five Great start both of them up it looks Like Postal Service just ahead of Pi fly They were separated by five tenths of a Second at that whole shot gate Half a gate separating them right there Now looks like pie flies real Dan Postal Service love this head-to-head racing And almost a pass there at that dive Gate now pie fly just ahead of Postal Service here on this opening lab this is A battle hope the DVRs are rolling on This one as Postal Service now back Ahead of pie fly with a one gate lead as We go on to lap number two there's Postal Service Here Comes Pi fly 1.4 Seconds separating them after lap one on To lap number two of course this is

Match number five Jr 138 tiger Pro Dangle is a water clocker you're gonna Be on deck after this amazing Head-to-head battle that we are seeing In what we're calling our next 40 lower 12 looking for those four positions to Make their way up to our top 16. look at The push it's still Postal Service ahead Of Pi fly but she's still holding them To about a second back but there's Postal service at the line there's pie Fly at the line 2.03 Postal Service over over pie fly that One was not for eliminations that one Was for fun and that was fun like I said They wanted us to get us going this Morning making us do some thinking Postal Service and pipeline to match Number nine no Channel changes no Channel changes match nine is where We're gonna take them Not only do they want us to make our Exercise our brains a little bit earlier This morning now they're getting the Adrenaline pumping and the blood of Pumping as well We're at Match 6 jr138 tiger prot angles Water clocker you're up on Deck match Number seven jjb Soren and bubby Now jjb is here that is a heat of one Uh leave that screen up when you have a Second Who goes

Jjb is going to be heater one Unless Soren and Bubby show up Or I get to borrow that Avada from Andre Then we'll give him something on someone To race Gonna get on the sticks This is JR 138 tiger Pro dangles water Clocker top two in this Advanced to the Semi-final of the winners bracket Semifinal awareness bracket We've got two former sport Pilots moving Up tiger was top 25 last year water Clocker was top 20 last year in our Sport division They join our veterans of pro prot Angles and Jr 138 we saw inside the top 75 in 2021. Looks like our Pilots are just about set Got a thumbs up let's go Green winners Bracket situation Pilots arm your quads Live on the tone less than five Great shot line of sight of the launch Four Pilots going to work for us here on A Saturday morning as Championship Saturday and right now Jr 138 was your Leader looks like we got someone dancing With them up at the front think that is Water clocker water clocker Jr 138 102 But tiger was right with them as well he Was only half a gate back in that Corkscrew section which wasn't much but Now tiger with issues we started with Four tigers back up it's not uh he's not

Eliminated as yet but he's trying to Play catch-up and uh water clocker who Was running second I believe has now Dropped into third with a crash out and So now we bring Pro dangles around as Your leader next across the line Jr 138 4.8 seconds back running second and uh Then we have tiger he's about to get on To that lead lap he goes through our Starting finish grade one lap to go he Has 9.6 seconds back from our transfer Position as your leader is pro dangles He's got about a four now five five gate Lead over the field and so semi-final The winners bracket we will be bound With bro dangles across the line right There And pro dangles your winner of match Number six next we go across the line With JR 138 he gets across it with uh Two laps in a minute 14. a little bit of Maw left over And uh look how close tiger was to Catching him he was 9.6 seconds back From the transfer position after one 12.8 after two not the worst Tiger's Gonna be a third overall in that heat Water clock or a pull-up of fourth And of course pending uh the results Coming in from our on-site judges Looks like we're only gonna have one Channel change to worry about that's Gonna be water clocker water clocker and Tiger going into our consolation bracket

Now they'll be back in match number nine Water clocker you're gonna go to race Band eight I mean while on The Winning Side into the semi-final we go with Pro Dangles and Jr 138 no Channel changes You're back in match 11. that was match Number six up next is match number seven Jjp fpv Soren and bubby So pretty much just jjb fpv on Deck is Going to be Lundy Provo The Herder and Rue and in the whole Postal Service pie Fly tiger and water clocker getting sent To grid up well it could be a heat of One With jjb fpv I don't like that that's Just kind of like the quad Gods raining Down for us here today because Jjb wasn't able to participate in his Preliminary race and so with that The quad gods have given him a heat of One To like warm up In the brackets under a bracket Situation I almost wish it was velocity drone we Could turn on ghost mode and he could Compete against himself I got video Race band Six yep I also want to thank our friends at HD Zero jjb is actually hooking up to the Brand new HD zero event vrx video Receiving system Which is pretty wild to help us run

Events and chapter organizers as well as There's obviously a big Blitz of HD zero Pilots That's digital And of course we do have a majority of Pilots flying analog Different types of video receivers Required unless you have the HD zero Event vrx and it does the switching Between analog and digital for us Giving us diversity There's a look at the ground station With the Dura spec left hand antennas on Them We're about to go green with jjb fpv Good luck pilot arm your quad live on The tone lesson five All right There you go jjb is no that quad is Hurting Well I think we're are we gonna are you Gonna go check out what's wrong with it All right It caught on fire Okay you don't think it's it was hurting Well jjb congratulations you won You're moving to match number 10. No channel change No channel change rap match eight Lundy Provo herder Rue On tank Postal Service Firefly tiger Water clocker and in the whole jjb and a Few other people Yet to be decided That's correct jjb match number 10 no

Channel changes There's another look at our HD zero Event vrx well that's the backside That's all the stuff hooked up to it is We It outputs uh gives us the option for Live streaming an output of HDMI which Obviously is great for the HD zero video Which can get up to 1080p There's a look at the uh the full uh Receiving front 1080p out on each individual Channel and The ability to receive 90 Hertz 90 Frames a second Now on the back side look at this Monstrosity here so that gives us the HDMI out so that we can show you the Pretty much the exact 1080 if we go full Screen on one of those Pilots Now you see up at the top those uh RCA Looking uh connections that's actually Composite that is for the cvvs which is The analog connection that goes out so If it's an analog drone which is a Maximum 4 180p 480p that's how we used To watch the Super Bowl now we watch it In HD 1080 4K we can see garbage on the Field but They have 480p out on those analog feeds Running back and so it switches between The two and gives us the choice of Analog or digital We're about to go green the next 20 Seconds but it also sends us our analog

Over HDMI it's crazy science we're going Green top two advancing from this one to The winners bracket semi-final Pilots arm your quads live on its own Less than five Well tell Frank there for The Herder Rough start now he is going to try and Climb up from the back of the pack and Work his way up now this isn't an Elimination or race but uh he was uh Second lowest in qualifying here in this Group he's got his hands full of course Your highest qualifier in this one it Was Lundy it was 56 overall In qualifying here in this field Provo Is 57th through was 61st and herder was 60th so pretty much grouped together You're in this next 40 lower 12 trying To find four Pilots to advance to our Next 40 top 16 to follow opening laps Coming in as Lundy Rue Provo herder one Two three four only five seconds Separating all four pilots and uh Provo And herder the ones closest to that Transfer position currently held by Rue No one's gotten in front of her yet but They're about one and a half seconds Back at least at that start finish gate As we chase down Lundy Lundy really was Sailing out there at that dive gate now Ruse moved up to number two so while She's still in second but she's about to Overtake Lundy at the front Lundy just Crashed out and so this one's going to

Rue guys as she comes across the line She is your winner a match number eight Here Comes second that's Provo Provo Pulling up second to this one goes for Third up into second And so we're gonna take uh Rue and Provo To match number 11 the semi-final the Winners bracket the herders gonna pull Up third Lundy gonna pull up fourth of Course those results are unofficial we Are awaiting word from our judges in the Judge's tent All right so so far no changes coming in From the judge's tent it sounds like uh No worries on that one so we got Channel Changes for Rue and Provo Rue and Provo Channel changes when you come back in The semifinal the winners bracket Rue Gonna go to race band two that's easy to Remember as well Pro Vote or race band One Provo race band One Rue Race band two when you come back in Match 11 herder and Lundy no Channel Changes Are Back In match number 10. That's a break of one no Channel changes For herder and Lundy that was match Number eight Uh Yes please Uh can you use this cup so they give me Like an actual portion I'm not a diva we also want to thank gem Fan Mike at gem fan the coolest man I Know it's because he hangs around fans

All the time Jeff van back with us as a partner here At the 2022 multi GP championships in The sport Gem fan gave out like 63 sets of props To the winner of sport I wonder what They're going to do for pro thank you Gem fan for your support the 2022 multi GP Championship we also want to thank Our friends at torvill If you don't know what torvill is get With the game yo torvil backpacks are Pretty much the best backpack in fpv Right now now they're based in Europe I Want to say France I want to say France Somewhere in Europe I don't want to just Be General like that but I'm pretty sure It's France and they came out with a Backpack they had uh I think oh my God Uh who's American Stinger swarm who's American and uh Jedi fpv who is I'm Gonna be General somewhere from Europe They collaborated with torvald come up With the fpv backpack Pro which is Amazing like not only does it carry Five quads inside to outside something Like that it holds up to 19 lipos your Radio your goggles but when you get to The field you can zip it open and the Whole thing goes flat on the table it Has a little thing that pops out you can Kneel and so you're not kneeling on the Ground it's uh when I was in Europe last Everyone had these and now they sponsor

The multi GP Championship our world Championship hosted here in America and They have been handing out a bunch on Our podiums and in sport we did uh in Sports we did Take your prize or retail value and the Way that worked out is I paid the retail Value and so thanks to kujitron who Already had a torval backpack he won one So to me it gave me a little bit of a Discount I saved about 20 bucks on the Deal but we want to thank torval Backpacks for being one of our sponsors This is match nine they say they're Ready let's launch them Pilots arm your Quads live on the town lesson five They're going full send and once again Postal Service with a whole shot in the Lead and postal with a ringer Dinger Down he will go is he able to get back Up again we started with four we down to Three we need a delivery Through rain sleet snow and hail but not Gates that is where the journey is going To end right there for postal service so Down to three looks like a water clocker Leading the charge right now No it's gonna be pie fly leading it's Pie fly then tiger then water clocker There's a pie fly 2.4 seconds ahead of Tiger and there's water clocker 3.7 Seconds back from the transfer position Now the top two remain in the Competition bottom two will be

Eliminated So Pi fly has this one on lock look at This it's another win for pi fly two Laps in a minute 11. tiger pulling up Second 2.8 seconds back And so Journey gonna come to an end There for water clocker and Postal Service as well of course results Unofficial until we hear from our judges Here on site and so we look at the Digits Pi fly and tiger are going to Match number 12. no Channel changes no Channel changes There are treating your Body Of course the question right now does Jjb fpv still have a quad the last one Allegedly Catching Fire So not too bad for Postal Service Qualifying 54th here this week gonna Finish up in the number 61 spawn I Believe And Water clocker qualifying this week 62nd Finishing 60th overall Here the 2022 multi GP championship I also want to thank one of the first Ever sponsors Of multi GP longest running One of our true faves as well our Friends a team Black Sheep real serious Toys on the world wide Web the industry leader

When it comes to control that control Link But the new tracer For long range and No drop packets on a race course as well Also was the industry leader in video Transmitter still holds a Lion Share The TBS unify There's a big shot inside of our Tunnel Right before the start finish gate and On the lower side of that opening that Is the most talked about hurdle in the History of drone racing right there we Call it the speed ramp we've basically Taken a six by seven opening of the Gate Of the tunnel this is that section right Before our start finish gate And we've taken that seven foot opening Down to about five feet now is it the Size same size as the rest of the so Let's now we would say six by five give Or take give or take Now is it close to the same size as all The other elements on the track no They're six by seven this is six by five Is it larger than the global qualifier Gates that were five by five to get Everyone here yes But lots of keyboard Pilots had lots of Opinions on that And at one point and this is the pro Championship it was added just for uh The top 40 next 40. and uh do you want To know how not of a big deal that is

This is how not of a big deal it is on The first night of qualifying in the Dark you'd have to scrub through the Live stream I don't even know if you can We worked on Multi GP we're just on Multi-gp but Chris Thomas And I watched it on the screen I knew it Was going to happen in the dark just Kind of gingerly Walks from the left to The right of our screen there and Dropped the speed ramp just dropped it Put it on the ground she says I want to See if someone notices no one noticed There was not one complaint Absolutely no one noticed obviously in That section just from the perspective With that uh speed ramp or that hurdle On the ground it's gonna look about the Same But holy guy You would think it was like stop the Steal or something like that on Facebook You would think like Everyone had an opinion four against or Otherwise On the speed speed ramp Gates This is match number 10 Jjb The Herder and Lundy Who do we pull Jjb not able to make it here today All right so this one's for fun guys Head to head racing arm your quads live On its own less than five

Well we'll tell Frank there for the Herder He pulled the jjb on that one I don't Know something I talked about those Quadcons earlier As we go full screen on Lundy fpv Again what uh what you're seeing on the Screen we're talking about those HD zero Event vrx Systems it's an analog feed But uh that is using an HDMI capture 33.3 for Lundy lap number one one to go That's an HDMI capture so it's actually 480p scaled up now if you're a pilot You're trying to fly off this you're Going to notice that uh you know slight Latency because there's a little bit of Digital uh going on between the ground Station and our live stream at the Ground station at the tip of that HDMI There is uh actually uh and it's Marginally it's fractionally less Latency than the analog Is what I've read that but uh for a live Stream we run a lot of cables and Converters but that has scaled up analog Right there you wouldn't want to fly the Analog with the HDMI I out but uh looks Pretty good looks pretty good as does Lundy 33 3. Uh we are bumping there there you go Wendy you're gonna have a channel change When you come back as well The Herder Lundy to race band Six heard her to race Band eight when you come back in match

Number 12. And jjb you're done Lundy 33 33 6. those Are some nice smooth Labs buddy nice and Consistent there's lead girl Taking all kinds of notes see that Scoreboard on the right hand side of the Page those are all my errors this week She's keeping the official tally there's A bunch So jjb fpv's Journey coming to an end Here at this moment Qualifies 148th in Pro so just ahead of that cut Last year he was top 30 in sports so This year goes from sport into Pro just Ahead of that cut he was 64th this week At Champs in qualifying and we're gonna Give him a send-off in the number 58 Spot overall that's a big advance That is a huge Advance right there Congratulations jjb fpv Up next we go to match 11. this is the Semi-final of the winners bracket But Let me read my notes on the piece of Paper This is pretty much the final of the Winners bracket there's nothing semi About it I've said that before This is a full-on final of the winners Bracket and that is because a top two in This advance to the next 40 top 16. Third and fourth go into our consolation

Brackets But top two advancing to the next Bracket can take a break enjoy some Breakfast and snacks from the AM Vets Who are now open to serve you this Morning We're going green Final of the winners bracket is going Live in less than five Foreign Two three four they are underway and Once again Pro dangles leading the Charge he drops down into the second Place he's Trading Places back and forth There with JR 138 they're up at the in a Battle for first second Now you're looking at Roos sliding up Into second she was third Pro dangles With a little bit of a lead over the Fields here this is a grinder to get Into our top 16 of the next 40 and our Leader just crashed into the tunnel and That opens things up look at Jr 138 ruin Provo one two and three less than a Second separating all three at the line And so it is a big sudden death without The chance of death here look at this Three wide through that Corkscrew Section Pro dangles are leaders back up But right now we are chasing Jr 138 and Now we got a lead change right there It's Rue up in the number one spot Rue Is now leading Jr 138 and Provo Provo Pushing harder it's a race to our

Checker gate who gets there first it Looks like it's gonna be Jr 138 then Provo six tenths of a second back and I'm not sure what happened to Rue looks Like she crashed out There's Pro dangles in third Rue with issues or the chance to come Back not the worst no eliminations and So advancing to our next 40 top 16 is JR 138 and one of the original ogs of the Game Provo is going into the top 16 of The next 40. talk about a veteran Back in 2017 Provo was in the top 10 in Pro And he retired Well he took he didn't really retire No Channel changes for dangles and Rue You're back in match 13. No Channel changes dangles and room Chair 138 Provo we'll let you know your Channels a little later Because you are in the top 16. So in 2021 that was provo's Return to Drone racing you gotta remember that we Hadn't seen them since 2018. that was the last time we saw Provo at Champs pretty much out of drone Race he took off 19 20 21. we saw him at The international open of course Recognized him he can't miss Provo out Of a lineup My profile where you been he's like I Just did some other things took a little Break but I've been back I've been

Flying I love racing last year he was 62nd overall in Pro and now Provo we Know is at least In the top 50. at least because he's Gonna be in that top uh top 16. of our Next 40 group Great work Provo Londo you're on Race band Six that was a Channel change And herder is on raceband eight that was A channel change as well Well Pi flying one tiger on two no Issues there Lundy you'll be on Race Band Six heard her on Race band eight It's pie flying tiger Lundy and The Herder the wind top two in this one race In the on Deck Heat And then on Deck heat is pro dangles and Roux the top two are not advancing To our next 40 top 16. We are two races away from the warm-up Packs for the next 40 top 16. Should be at 11. oh my God we're almost We're almost on time So technically 12 13. technically in the hole is a Warm-up pack for knee down Craven and Flyboy technically in the hole D down Craven and flyboy you're Technically in the hole with a warm-up Pack Comprende warm-up pack Comprende that's our next 40 top 16. Heat one warm-up pack in the hole

We're about to go green Here we go Pilot's arm your quads live On the tone less than five Great day for a drone race Lundy with The whole shot he's your early leader Here no one in front of him The Herder Was right behind him looks like pie Flies caught up to Lundy and tigers Right with him as well Tigers moved up Past pie fly up into the number two spot For the looks of things now if I fly Back up into second this is a Consolation bracket race as we chase Down Lundy looks like tiger with some Issues herders blowing out a couple Turns trying to catch things up and Lundy and Pie fly a running order now Pie flies push herself to the lead ahead Of Lundy by four tenths of a second that Last section before the tunnel pie fly Gained a gear and is now leading Lundy Herders back up but he's back on the Opening lap so right now this is all pie Fly in Lundy to just finish strong Unless her herder is able to get a whole Bunch of go-go juice right now pie fly Now the two gate lead three gate lead Over in Lundy Pie flies at the HD zero dive about to Come to our tunnel Lundy goes through That HD zero dive to our tunnel pie flat Had to double back but she still gets The win she still gets the win even with That correction at the tunnel I know she

Just about wet herself at that point but It's all good she'll pull up his first Place Lundy was just going full send he Pulls up second and so they're gonna Race back to back now we're racing off For final positions here herder gonna Finish up third in the heat tiger got Back up as well that is uh gonna put Tiger in fourth And so that is where uh Journey gonna End here tiger finishing in the number 57 spot overall in Pro Finishing 57th overall in Pro which is Pretty good that's one spot higher than He qualified this week and last year he Was top 25 as sport so good showing here In 2022 for Skyler winkelmann you know Him as tiger climbing up that multi-gp Ladder no Channel changes for pi flying Lundy but you're up right now by flying Lundy versus protangles and Rue you're Up right now obviously we're not rushing You but uh get your lipos in and we will Race for our final of the consolation Brackets Also it's a multi-gp pro class send-off For The Herder finishing things up here In the number 56 spot overall this week At the end The competition and that is up from 60th This week that is up from 145th on the List This season

It looks like that's his uh best finish In 2018 That was his uh first year at at Champs And he finished 109th So 58th he's got the field in half Good showing for him I'd be proud of the Accomplishment as this is a tough field At the 2022 multi GP championship We also want to thank our friends in Five three three you can visit them Online at Mondo Heads up fpv a lot of the Turner family All behind five three three The motors that uh a lot of our top 16 Are flying we've seen a lot of those Heads up fpv Motors including our top Qualifier Min Chan Kim who has his own Motors I'm pretty sure was flying heads Up fpv Motors from 533 But you need the best you run the best Want to thank Mondo yesterday taking a Big chunk of qualifying running the uh Commentary and a little bit of the race Direction But in addition to that using those five Three three coins and making it A little more fun and engaging giving Out uh not challenge coins but more like Poker chips to fastest lap or anyone who Bettered their time as we went Throughout the day handing out all those Poker chips and at the end of the event Those poker chips are still going to be

In play here through our brackets but at The end of the event Whoever has the Most poker chips is getting a brand new Set of orca goggles From five three three In orca So on Deck top 16 of warm-up packs knee Down Craven Fly Boy 2009 you're on Deck Din JFK and Sticks and Stones you're in The hole with your warm-up pack This is match number 13 of our bracket This is the final Top two in this race advance to the next 40 top 16. get to do it all over again Good luck Pilots top two is what you Need to do we're going green Pilots arm Your quads live on the tone less than Five Lundy fpv having a couple issues there At the end but he gets back into this Thing once again is pro dangles I keep Looking away from him but he's uh he's Sliding out there every time full send He's been getting his fields on his Launches and holding him off here on the Opening lap he's your leader of the Tower but he's got pie fly right behind Him they're in a battle for the 1-2 and Uh looks like Rue is running third she Got a little loosey-goosey on the top of The TBS Tower and so gonna be back in The pack here gonna try and catch the Pro dank now pie fly in Pro dangle show Pi fly now up into the lead is pi fly

Then Pro dangles 1.4 seconds back in Second and we lost Lundy Wendy is down down to three but Rue is 9.5 seconds back from the transfer Position it's nine and a half seconds Behind prot angles and Pie fly it is Still pie fly ahead of pro dangles She's at the HD zero dive Cube Here Comes Pro dangles through that HD zero Dive Cube here's pie fly at the Checker Gate she is in the next 40 top 16. And not his best effort but a W's a w a Win is a Win Second gonna go to Pro Dangles he's in the next 40 top 16. And that means a journey ending here at This juncture for Rue she's gonna finish Up in the number 54 spot overall in Pro And Lundy gonna finish up in the number 55 spot overall in Pro And so pie fly Pro dangles Jr138 and fpv Provo advancing Once uh once we get some quads retrieved Paul you need a new heat sheet We are sent to go to our next 40 top 16 Catch-up packs Ketchup packs For our next 40 top 16. That means they should get at least Three between now and 11 30. The heat sheet is n40. Multi GP Dot live slash N40

[Music] . [Music] Foreign [Music] Take your demons Find a place for you Yes Run away So for those watching our live stream we Want to thank you for being a part of This here this morning uh we are going To go into some practice packs Warm-up packs catch-up packs so in our Program we started with the Next 40 lower 12. those were qualifiers 41-65. we ran them through a bracket of 13 races to get four to advance to the 12 that we already advanced from Qualifying into our top 16 for the next 40. those were qualifiers 41-52 they had A buy we're about to do warm catch-up Packs for them not warm up ketchup packs So that the four that we Advanced from The bracket we just ran they flew three Or four times we're gonna try and get The Those that got the bind to the top 16 at Least three packs here of uh Of ketchup And it depends on how soon we launch Them not sure what the delay is but how Soon we launch them we may bring in the Entire field and do a warm-up pack for

Everybody basically our goal is to go Green at 11 30. so for those watching at Home we are technically in a holding Pattern for catch-up packs till uh for The next 35 minutes You'll be able to see some of the Atmosphere but we're going to be back With the next 40 top 16. In 35 minutes Foreign Try to kill me Try to kill me when I Office is down 19 Show yourself Foreign Taking over [Music] Low life Over to the day that we dreamed of I see I sing as we press Everybody [Music] Gosh Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign If we Climb To learn by yourself You wear

Under [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Through your body [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Flower flashing my own Flag down some side As well No No What is [Music] The land S [Music] You know I swear [Music] [Music] Foreign Keeps me up at night These dreams of a better life Come on [Music] Myself [Music] [Music]

[Music] Foreign Run away Below find a place for you Don't you get this Find a place for you Foreign Foreign Try to kill me when I Went out my They try to kill me when I Went Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] I don't know If we do [Music] [Music] I see Foreign [Music] It is Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign

Foreign Okay [Music] Foreign Foreign Time so learn to learn talk by your side Of your weather [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] If we could [Music] [Music] I Love my Heart The last last time that you get your Credit Okay Hello and welcome to everyone tuning in On the multi GP YouTube channel welcome To Champs it's Champs week we're in Citrus Springs Florida and we are Burning lipo we're about to go green With the First Tee to the next 40 top 16 The pilots are set Pilots arm your quads Live on the tone in less than five Of course it is getting a little warmer Out there I want to say it's about 78 Degrees in the sunshine and so we roll Right into it if you're just joining us Earlier this morning we had our next 40 Lower 12 to seat this bracket and that

Brought us Provo in this one as we're Racing four wide in our first heat of Our bracket as a top 16 double Elimination look at all those position Changes flyboy 2009 knee down Provo Craven one two three four is your Running order here on the opening lap it Is a two lap race we just lost uh knee Down in the mix he's back into this Flyboy and Provost side by side Craven's Right with them in the number three spot Look at the chase cam your Leader's knee Down then Craven then fly boy then Provo So look at Zero to Hero for uh for knee Down coming up but again two lap race Top two moving up there four wide around The extended Corkscrew section now over The hurdle we go and uh Lucy goosey on Knee down but he's holding them all in There's less than a second separating All four Pilots they keep changing the Lead this is what the pro Champs is all About right right here our next 40 top 16 kicking off with a banger Here Comes Knee down here comes uh fly boy right There's flyboy across the number two Spot they move on in the winners bracket Provo in third he goes into the Consolation bracket finished third by 2.2 seconds and uh then we'll take Craven into our consolation bracket as Well So first win of the morning in our next 40 top 16 gonna go to knee down

And so just a waiting word from our On-site officials that uh every gate was Passed correctly And every flag went around and Apparently results not official not Official Uh looks like uh results are gonna be Official a review would not result in Any changes from that Sunni down Fly Boy 2009 you're going to match number six no Channel changes Provo and Craven to Match number five no Channel changes Red Heat number two Of our race program it is Dan JFK sticks And stones and Pie fly up next will be Jose fpv lpfpv King Jr138 and the whole will be droner Tilly Fpv Mondo and pro dangles it's the 2022 Multi-gp championship In Brackets it's Pro class But it is a multi-gp championship this Is our next 40 top 16 brackets Podium Prizes at the end and holy guy and girl Everyone is getting a torval backpack if They're in the top three Got them lined up it looks like my hotel Room right now with all these horrible Backpacks Because it's always a pilot party all They bring their 12 volt backpacks over As results not official on match number One don't rip up your tickets there is a Review Foreign

But not by much we're about to reclaim Now Dan is your leader Sticks and Stones Running second JFK and Pie fly and Battle for third and fourth but this is The opening lap the lap isn't one of the Race isn't one on lap number one and They're four through the HD zero dive Game watch this all four of them coming Here to start finish gate but pressure Succumbing to uh Sticks and Stones as he Now goes back to the pack he is four Seconds back from the transfer position But in less than two seconds separating Our top three right now we just lost Sticks and stones for real so it's a Race not to be lasses I believe we're Still chasing JFK it's JFK 10 pi fly one Two and three pie flies got to get by Din if she wants to remain in the Winners bracket no eliminations as the Yet JFK is about 20 feet ahead of the Rest of the field it's a full send tour Start finish gate JFK din Pi fly Guys and girls lesson four tenths of a Second deciding that three-way finish Less than four tenths of a second I'd love to be able to play that one Back to you the verify but that was Insane we're gonna go with what we got On the scoring screen we're gonna give JFK the win We're gonna give JFK the win Den is Gonna be second unless we have a review To do we'll get caught up and

Unofficially JFK and Dan you're moving To match number six I got a channel Change for den den is gonna go to The din is gonna go to race band eight Now I've just been informed that results Are unofficial we do have a review on Our top two so the results unofficial But for now we're bumping JFK and Dan up To match number six Dan with the channel Change going to race band eight and Pie Fly and sticks and stones are going to Match number five and uh pie fly is Gonna go to race band one that is our Soul channel change there Pi flight or Race band one six and stones will remain On Race band Six when they come back in Match number five that was Heat number Two Show yourself Yeah that finish was uh pie fly was in Second but uh din got pie fly in that Back tunnel straight away That was insane what what time they say It was like two tenths of a second If I have a chance I will uh go back and Show you that finish for fun for fun if I have a chance Well guys you took too long changing Your antennas and uh channels the Warm-up packs took too long we were Supposed to start at 11 30 so I'm just Going to read you the barrage of texts From my wife who was tuning in for her Third ever drone race live stream even

Though I've been doing this since 2015. Uh she tuned things up she lined things Up for my daughter my four-year-old Daughter to watch this so here's what Happened 1104 am She said we just got home and tuned into The live stream it's just music not you I can see you but not hear you where the Heck are you going that's when I like Went in to see what the delay was here Josie who is my four-year-old is so Patiently waiting for you she's only Going to watch for two and a half Minutes though because she's four and uh So that that is legit Uh you have a child here is growing very Impatient I'm going to need you to come On screen now This is from my wife by the way she just Called me a liar and yelled you promise Me a daddy show and this isn't a daddy Show and she ran away guys crying losing Her mind Plotting ways to torture her mother for The rest of the day and that is because You guys were not prepared on the right Antennas those warm-up packs we should Have done four we barely did three and We're 20 minutes late so let's go green On this heat number three Jose fpv lpfev King jr138 your amp droner Tilly Mondo Protangles you're on Deck we know the Situation top two move up bottom two Move down it is the pro class next 40

Top 16 finals let's go green Pilots Army Quads live on the tone in less than five And they tell me that race number one is Good and knee down uh did do what he Needed to do so results official for Match number one match number two still Had a review before it's official and Officially we lost Jr 138 it's a race Not to be last and we uh we're three Wide up at the front it's LP then Jose Then King one two and three a remaining Three flying here in this one And it's now Jose ahead of LP on this Opening lap two laps to go there's Jose With a 30.1 opening lap and then one and A half seconds back is LP running second But don't count out K1 King he is 3.2 Seconds back from a transfer position as We continue to chase down Jose fpv had a Second and a half lead over LP and LP is Dialing him in oh look like a little bit Of a different line for LP so LP now Back just a hair off of Jose fpp but That's for first and second it looks Like King is now about two gates closer To the transfer position when we wave a Checkered flag first for Jose fpv here Comes elpie across the line in second And that's how they qualified to this One and King crashing out on the second Lap to pull a third Jr 138 pulling up Fourth uh unofficially we're gonna move Jose and LPM to match number eight no Channel changes King and J.R 138 to

Match number seven no Channel changes And so they finished is the way they Qualified here this week Jose was 44th in qualifying to make it To this next 40 top 16 with a buy LP was 45th overall in qualifying to make it to This next 40 top 16 with a buy King was 52nd overall this week to make it to This top 16 with a buy and he was on the Bubble for the buy that's a new thing Sound like I'm from the East Coast Canada what's up bye uh because that We're now at I think 12 or something Yeah we're at 12 so it's doing a it Thinks it's midnight so it's doing a It's doing a reboot clicking on it is Not going to help it's just like a Windows logo Yeah Uh results are so far official on match Number one Have we heard anything on that last race Last race results are official So matches one and three are official Match number two that's DIN and JFK one Of those two pilots is under review Uh before results are official on that One Getting sent to grid things up here on Match number four of our preliminary Rounds we have our bump up from our Lower 12 we bumped four Pilots up our Bump up is going to be Pro dangles One of two Floridians here in match

Number four last year he finished in the Top 64. This year looks like uh yeah he finished 64th last year and so no matter what Happens for him it's a better showing in 2022 because once we start eliminating In this bracket we're in 56th and onward In the good direction So Pro dangles With a chance to be and even personal Best finish 41st overall we got um Mondo Who this week was 49th in qualifying Tilly who is 48th in qualifying and Iron Man mode engaged your TQ are the Next 40 is droner looking to win a bunch Of brackets let's see what happens Pilots arm your quads live on the tone Lesson five There is the go tone and everyone Watching the top left of droner he is Running second right running with Tilly At the moment Mondo running third Pro Dangles in fourth is now we look to a Little bit of a battle it's a three-way Battle as Pro Tangles tries to catch up Here to our field chasing our Iron Man So far TQ droner who is setting the pace On this one we just lost second place Mondo moving up into second Pro dangles Uh running third and droner with some Breathing room he's about to go on to Lap number two there he goes through the Tunnel onto lap number two we take him Here comes Mondo on to lap number two 2.3 seconds back off of her leader to

Try and disengage Iron Man we'll talk About the importance of that but right Now it's on Mondo if we want to do it And pro dangles is five and a half Seconds back from the transfer position Remain in the winners bracket no Mistakes we're at the hobby Wing dive For your leader droner it looked like Mondo just went through the same section Mondo is sliding up closer to droner About one game back about uh 30 feet Back droner comes into the tunnel though And Iron Man mode engaged for droner Your TQ wins his first bracket race Mondo just about did it one and a half Seconds back in second And pro dangles will be third 9.3 Seconds back from the transfer position Now results of course unofficial until We have signed off by our on-site Officials hanging out in our VIP they Say it's good they say there are no Problems this is pro class this is Pro Racing and we saw some Pro level Labs so We are going to do some bumping droner And mondo going to match number eight Drono Amando to match number eight only One channel change to worry about there A droner are you gonna go to race band Eight when we get there joner to race Band eight when we get there into the Consolation bracket we take Pro dangles And Tilly and only one channel change to Worry about their Pro dangles is gonna

Go to race band one that's our soul Channel change Throat angles to race band one when they Come back in match seven that's our Preliminary round Still awaiting uh the result of the Review we're still playing back the tape On match number three but here's where We're at right now match number five Fpp Provo Craven pie flying Sticks and Stones you're up on Deck Match six knee Down Fly Boy 2009 JFK and DIN and in the Hole King jr138 Tilly and pro dangles Now that heat may have someone else in It because match three is under review But we'll uh We we advance people Uh we advance people as best as we can Is that lead girl running the computer Right now Excellent work leg girl Excellent work right there Making sure that the bump ups are on the Right channels There we got a system we're cooking with Grease This is match number five third and Fourth Pro Championship Journey comes to An end Finishing up in 55th and 56th top two Continuing on with a chance to be Our winner of the next 40. let's see What happens Pilots arm your quads Live on the tone

In less than five There's a goatone word coming in results Official on that last race results Official on match number three and so uh No one really fighting the law just kind Of pushing the law and Everyone by the Books after uh further review we are Racing here again this is elimination Bracket race this is match number five Your Leader right now is Craven fpv then Provo then pie fly Then sticks and stones Yeah we just lost our leader Craven I Think that puts Provo and Pi fly up Together they're racing once again Remember they finished like two tenths Of a second last time around their first And second one tenth of a part Sticks And Stones is up in third but he's four And a half seconds back as we watch the Pie fly and Provo show here at the front It is pie fly just ahead of Provo now at The hobby Wing dive Provo had the lead At the Midway point the pie fly has now Taking the lead over Provo Provo is uh Keeping her within the sights now one Gate back just the dive into the tunnel We go with pie fly Here Comes Provo and They will finish up 1.3 seconds part and That means pie fly remains alive in the Competition Provo does as well they will Move up to match number nine no Channel Changes And so journeying coming to an end and

They tell me results official on that Last one results official And so Craven fpv are going to finish up In the number 56 spot overall in Pro in 2022 That's about where he finished last year He was in 50th so yeah top 50. 2019 he was 113th overall 2020 he was 76 Overall so about where he finished up Last year at about where he qualified Here this week the number 46 spot And Journey coming to an end as well for Sticks and stones Finishing up in the number 55 spot Overall Which is A personal best He was at the very first sport Championship in 2019 he was 10th in Sport At Champs when his combined Sport and Pro he was 48th Last year when it was a full grid of pro He was 65th and this time finishing up 55th overall for sticks and stones We're at match number six knee down Fly Boy JFK and din are up on Deck match Seven King Jr 138 Tilly and pro dangles And in the whole match number eight Jose Fpv lpfpv droner and mondo There's a look at knee down on the right Hand side of her screen Off to the far left in To the right of him flyboy

And standing Is JFK On the stage here at the new quarter Ranch in Citrus Springs in Florida We're going green This is a Winner's bracket race Pilots live on the tone in less than Five Top two and this one going to the Semi-final the winners bracket fly boy Gets a whole shot he's uh pushing Trading Places up at the frontier for The lead working right now with Den in a Battle here for first and second But don't count out knee down or JFK They're right with them they're only About 20 feet back this one's anyone's Game here at the moment JFK 10 knee down push themselves up the Lead at the Midway point there Fly Boy One of the fourth now let's put him on To lap number two JFK knee down 10 Flyboy 2009 your running order here After one so we're trying to go all the Way with JFK this is a winners bracket Race JFK currently holding them all off The knee down is uh now a little bit About 25 feet back and issues there for Flyboy crashing out maybe down to three On this one this is the final lap two Lap races here in our next 40 division And your leader just crashed out as well So knee down against the win on this one Nice one Jim

Pulling up second he will take that JFK in third Fly Boy in fourth and I'm Sure we're going to be hearing from our Officials here on site On that run right there but uh currently It's looking like knee down and din Moving up that's Where it sits right now just so waiting To see If we can call it as official or if we Are under review So results official they tell me so we Are going to move knee down and den to Match 11 no Channel changes JFK and Fly Boy to match nine no Channel changes So the winner of our next 40. top 16. It's going to be 41st overall in our Field That is right about where knee down is That's like his career best Who's 43rd in 2019 45th Sorry he's 43rd in the GQ in 2019 45th At Champs in 2019. 27th in the hybrid Champs Last year he was 45th in qualifying this Week he was 43rd and vying in this next 40 for 41st Aside from the 2020 year where it was a Hybrid where he's 27th this is with a Full field he's in fine form he's in the Semi-final the winners bracket as is Den Who he met in Las Vegas In 2018. He finished up 59th and that was the

First year Where we did a top group and a next Group he podiumed at our next group he Was 59th overall but uh that was a Podium in one of our next groups at his First Champs in 2018. 2019 He was in this group the next 40 he Podium did that in 2019. 2020 He was top 15 when it was all said and Done but that also we had a split group Because he podiumed on a bump up Last year he podiums in the next 40 as Well he was 43rd in Pro so in 2019 and 2021 Den had Podium to this group and Right now he's in the semi-final of the Winners bracket looking to Podium again Those are the guys in the winners Bracket we just moved up on that last Match up We're at match number seven King Jr 138 Tilly and pro dangles about to go green On Deck is match eight Jose fpv LP Droner Armando and the hole is pie fly Provo JFK and flyboy in the hole we're Greeting up match number seven this is a Consolation bracket race which means Third and fourth will be eliminated Finishing in the number 53rd spot missed The 54th spot overall Greater I want to thank our few of our sponsors Bringing you the 2022 multi-gp Championship our presenting sponsor of Superior one Roofing with locations in

Dallas and Florida why just have a Regular roof when you can have a Superior one I also want to thank A lot of 533 heads up Motors here at Champs A lot of frames And more I even saw 533 lipo charger I didn't Even know they did those Want to thank torval backpacks Our entire Podium is sport is getting A tornable backpack Our champion Of sport Is getting a torval backpack just like Second and third and a set Of goggles of orca goggles to the Champion of the next 40. We're going green Pilots arm your quads live on the town In less than five Well that was a rough start there for Jr 138 and his warm-up packs he was Fighting through the pain one time Didn't have video another time Got a little bit farther than they did This time this time he falls off the Land launch stands and so we started With four we're down to three here in This Elimination race and his Pro Dangles Tilly your two leaders King Running third here at the moment Tilly Just ahead of pro angles and pro dangles

Just got distracted not used to seeing Someone in front of them and so it looks Like Pro dangles just dropped down into Third Here Comes Your Leader Tilly Here Comes King in second with some buffer Right now King and now King crashing out At the end of the straight Pro dangles Moving up from third into second flying By the down King so it's Tilly and pro Dangles so far the only two in the air Now King trying to play a little bit of Catch up here if he's gonna stay alive In our next 40 top 16 bracket Tilly's Got this one on lock had a 3.3 second Lead that's about a six second lead over The field just needs to finish this race Bro dangles with a little bit of Pressure because an angry and aggressive King is uh gonna try and reel him in Here Comes prot angles to our checkered Line and pro dangles will stay alive Pulling up second and a world a hurt There for King another crash And there is a way to end it right there Spike in the quad into that Citrus Springs soil and it is going to be a Multi-gp pro class send-off for King Finishing up here in 2022 and the number 53 spot overall and Jr 138 will finish Up 55th overall 54th overall we've got a Thumbs up in an all clear results Official from that one as we bump up Tilly and pro dangles to match number 10

No Channel changes no Channel changes Tilly inpro angles here back in match Number 10 it's a break of two I want to thank our longest running Sponsor our second longest running Sponsor multi GP and that is team Black Sheep I'm gonna say it's our longest Running fpv partner We call them endemic sponsors big word Taught to me by Todd wall Who's our first president of multi GP A lot of things that he did are still in Play here today had a great vision great Design great friend of ours Andy taught Me the word endemic team Black Sheep Whatever our longest running endemic Sponsor if you don't know what endemic Means you don't need to Google it It basically means when you're talking About endemic sponsors that would be a Sponsor that is in the sport that you're Doing so team Black Sheep are longest Endemic sponsor because obviously they Are like the leader in video Transmitters The TBS UniFi and also a lot of uh Coarser long range gear the crossfire And play Freestyle fields and Bandos and racetracks today we love team Black Sheep now our longest non-endemic Sponsor is going to be superior one Roofing Owned by the Thomas family And they are back with us in 2022 as

Well at Champs this is match number Eight top two go to the semifinal the Winners bracket good luck Pilots bottom Two are not eliminated yet but your Journey to the final four is a little Tougher arm your quads live on its own Lesson five Foreign Man in this one droner a little Loosey-goosey he makes a mistake goes Back in the pack as you're looking at LP And Jose right now leading the Midway Point here of lap number one there's Um Mondo pushing up just ahead of the Field Bondo then Jose then elpie then droner one two Three four now we get set to go on to Lap number two Bondo the two second lead Over Jose then droner 3.8 seconds back From the transfer position but he needs Six seconds to retain that Iron Man Status we just lost lpfpv but he was Running fourth so the struggle is real Here as uh we look to uh Mondo still Leading the charge looks like he's using One of quandox quads here and now no Switch up Mondo's got to put some Go-Go Juice in Jose's leading right now Jose Gets the win on this one two tenths of a Second ahead of Mondo at her start Finish Gates There is a review on that one There is a review on a few things there But uh we'll do the results as

Unofficial and bump them as we need to Do so you're unofficial this one is Under review we will tell you that this One is under review but we do uh Advance As if there were no uh there were no Penalties and so forth and we will fix Afterwards as we go just to maintain the Rhythm of the race Jose fpv Amando going to match 11 Jose Fpv we're going to go to race band 2. a Channel change is a race Band 2 for Jose Fpv and the constellation bracket we Take our TQ and former Iron Man droner Along with lpfpb you're going to match 10. LP's gonna go to race band six but Results unofficial on that last one and So there is a review in play which may Result the shuffling of those pilots From matches match eight two matches 11 It matches 10. So we'll await the result of that review Behind the scenes we'll pick things up Here match number nine it is a Consolation bracket race third and Fourth and this one will finish up 51st and 52nd overall in Pro Or 11th and 12th in our Next 40 Top 16. This is pi fly fpp Provo JFK and flyboy working their way to the Line on Deck is match 10 Tilly Pro Dangles droner and LP fpv and the hole Is match 11 knee down din Jose fpv and Mondo No fpv

They're your Pilots lined up on our Stage here at The No Quarter Ranch in Citrus Springs Florida Results official on that last one Results official on the left-hand side Of your screen you see Provo 57th in Qualifying this week Next to him you got flyboy 51st in Qualifying this week standing with his Head cut off there a little bit just on The camera is JFK 47th and qualifying Thank you JFK for accommodating 47th in qualifying this week and on the Far right hand side pie fly 55th and Qualifying this week We're going green top two remaining in The comp Ilence arm your quads live on its own in Lesson five We are green and underway next 40 top 16. So many brackets today who runs more Brackets than us nobody five brackets in Total this is our second if you're Joining us on the multi-gp YouTube Channel excited to have you with us Our schedule uh we released a while ago You can actually see the schedule that Was sent to the pilots multi Lhcp we'll talk about that in a little Bit because we are hot right now JFK Pilot pipeline Fly Boy one two and three Only one point three seconds separating

Them and Provost back of the bus on the Caboose he is just 3.1 seconds back from The transfer position Your Leader JFK Going down and that opens the door for Pie fly now to take the lead flyboy up Into second and JFK gets back into this Thing let's see what happens right now As we Chase pie fly over to the HD zero Dive gauge she's just about got the Checkered flag in her hand now you got Flyboy and Provo battling for second Third pie fly gets that one done there's Fly by in Provo Fly Away seven tenths of a second ahead Of Provo And JFK goes across the line there Nice little power Loop to finish up Thank gosh we're in America if that was In the in Europe you'd be DQ and ejected For the power Loop of the starting Finish gate but here we don't mind the Odd flippy floppy My first race I ever went to in Europe They did uh there was a rule no flip no Roll No nothing that's what they kept saying In five different languages and the Presenting sponsor of that race the Presenting sponsor was parent drones if You remember them they're Sponsored pilot so the presenting Sponsors sponsored pilot in a early Elimination race went through the start Finish gate and did like the coolest

Remember how fast drones flew back then To the coolest barrel roll like that And the judge came up and he just went Like this thumbs down denied denied we Didn't know what he was talking about But uh rolling through the start finish Gate that doesn't rule especially Overseas Denied unofficial bump up snow Channel Changes pie fly and fly boy to match Number 12. but uh Provo and JFK don't Put your stuff away yet that last one is Not official we do have a review which May affect bump UPS And just as I say that I say this after Review results official on that last one And so finish order on that one Was Pi fly and flyboy first and second Provo and third JFK and fourth And so that means JFK gonna finish up 52nd overall or 12th in our next 40 top 16. and Provo finishing up in the number 51 spot overall or 11th overall in our Championship top 16. And for Provo Let's uh that's that's a Gain As he came back from retirement About where he finished off in 2018 45th At Champs last year he was 61st And qualifying he's 57th And now he's going to finish up 51st So the out of retirement Provo finishing Pretty strong Getting back into this good thing

We're clipping along we're at match Number 10 till the fpv prot Angles Droner and LP fpv you're up on Deck the Semi-final the winners bracket match 11 Knee down Dan Jose fpv Amando In the hole Will be pie Fly Boy 2009 And the top two in this race right here Say hello to those watching us on the Multi GP YouTube channel Spanish B is Back hello Hefty hey buddy If they says stream looks good dougie Dougie oh wait Dougie got to read that Comment I was gonna reply for Dougie but He was already on it Say hello to em drones is back as well Should have made the trip up for Miami To come hang out with us at Champs Unknown Subject cheered on Pi fly all Day long stoked to see pipefly advancing Through the competition I was going to say droner is flying and In the chat but it's actually Kayla Logged in on his YouTube channel hey hey Mrs droner This is match number 10 Elimination race Third and fourth will be 49th and 50th Overall that is a pretty good showing Top two could be in her final four to be Our next 40 Champion let's see what Happens Pilots arm your quads live on The tone less than five Foreign Off to the race as we go look at that

Four wide watching him line of sight Trained in places he got green props and Green props up in the front red and lime Green as we watch a line of sight so as I look over to our screens that means uh LP was running forth but they're all Together you cannot pick a leader on This one I mean you can feature by Feature right now Pro dangles has push Himself just ahead of lead now he drops Into second as we put hilly up into the Number one spot but it's gonna be three Wide here to start finish gate now too Wide we just lost Pro dangle so it's Tilly LP droner one two and three Droners in third one second back from The stay alive transfer position as we Continue to chase down at Tilly Tilly Going over that hurdle section that'll Be where we pick up looks like droner May have moved up to Second as we try And uh can't Pro dangles back into the Mix of things here on lap number two It's Tilly LP droner Pro dangles one two Three four out on that opening track now It's a race oh no we lost our leader Tilly Tilly has to go back to the HD Zero dive gate droner gets the win on This one An issue for droner and then he comes Back to redeem himself pulling up first LP pulls himself across the line his Second two seconds off a droner and Tilly a bunch of issues third he's two

Seconds behind droner in third Pro Dangles six seconds behind him Pro Dangles was easily leading that one But uh that one is uh results unofficial On that one as well so unofficial finish Order is droner first LP second Tilly Third Pro dangles fourth If results are official if Uh we'll take Trona and LP to match 12 LP you'll go to race Band 2 when you Come back but that is uh right now Unofficial as we do have a review of one Of our pilots in the top two on that one Osby one canoe be stoked to see LP Staying in our competition What's up Oscar hope things are well Jonathan Crum saying good one LP Hey there's Molly as well Molly Murphy Hey Molly Results official on that last one droney Droner droney and Alper droney And droner and lb fpv you're moving on Up to match number 12 and LP you do have That channel change I think I said race Band 2 for you So we're at match 11 the semifinal the Winners bracket on Deck match 12 pie Fly Boy droner and lpfpv We have two Heats built as we Sequentially go through our brackets Here this afternoon Just past the lunch hour here on site if You're feeling a little hungry then uh Of course the AmVets are with us as they

Have been all week long they are here For Your enjoyment got hot eats on the grill Cold drinks in the cooler and snacks in Between go and visit them support those Who Have supported us all week long and of Course they are veterans they've allowed Us at least here in America to have the Freedom to do what we choose to do each And every day of Our Lives And Mutually we have decided to hang out at The new quarter Ranch and race drones For a week And we have the ability to do that Thanks to the many men and women who Have served in the American armed forces We thank them for their service We don't like to pick favorites but a Little asterisk a special thanks to the AM Vets hanging out with us watching Drone racing and hanging out with Pilots For A bunch of days Now I know why I was all excited to see Molly in the chat Super stoked because We're trying to get to 10 000 subscribers on our multi GP YouTube Channel And we are 433 short of that goal and Molly at IO Became one of our newest subscribers so

Thank you Molly and everyone watching For being a subscriber helping us get up To that goal share the stream over the Course of Champs bracket day let's go Green Sammy final the winners bracket Pilots you know the deal we're going Green armor quads live on the tone Lesson five Took a quick little look out there line Of sight and this one is a close one Looks like it is Dean Mondo Jose then Knee down your running order here on the Opening throws Then over to that first Tower dive look At this it's Dan then Jose then Mondo Then knee down one two three four so Still chasing Den but Jose right with Them looks like Jose Maya just pulled a Hand in no den leading by half a second And mondo is in the mix as well he's Running third by seven tenths of a Second a knee down his back of the boo But Caboose and now it looks like he may Be down for the count starting with four Down to three it is a semifinal the Winners bracket so no tears as yet and Knee down is back into this thing it's Dan Jose Mondo right now still your Running order of three we just lost Mondo so Dan and Jose doing their thing Here comes D Jose then din six tenths of A second What a crazy finish right there at our Start finish gate Jose then Den

Your finish order din was leading uh Right up into the tunnel by the looks at Things and Jose reclaimed the number one Spot number of lead changes in that one Uh over a thousand I would imagine As they were right on top of each other Of course that number is unofficial as Our results just awaiting word from our Judges that they are happy we do have a Judge on every single Channel making Sure that every gate is passed and Traversed And a thumbs up and it all clear that Everything is good no Channel changes Mondo and knee down you're in match Number 13 the semi-final of the Consolation bracket and Jose and Dan are In your final four Which I believe means that din is going For his fourth next 40 podium I'll confirm with him as I looked at my Stats they're a little janky because uh The I did the ranking at the end of Champs this that and the other thing I'm Going from memory I remember din hitting the first what Would be the sport Bracket it happened in Las Vegas we had Two tracks and we had like a top group And a next group and didn't hit the Podium at that then 2019 that was in Vegas 2019 we went to Daytona he hit the Podium had me sign the uh the challenge Coin that was a second challenge coin in

2020 this is why my stats are a little Janky in 2020. I was remote and at home And I remember din trying to get uh on Our headset to talk to me because he was Stoked I'm pretty sure that was uh Another Podium for him Of course last year he was on our Podium So that this could be his fifth Podium We'll confirm with din last year he was 43rd overall in Pro so that means yeah He was our next 40 second runner up Third overall so if I do my counting Again Vegas Daytona Daytona that was the one on the headset That's the wild card Then last year at No Quarter Ranch this Could be his fifth next 40. it's his Fourth if it's not his fifth as his Fourth we'll get that confirmed as we Get closer to that final four All right next race is going to start in About 20 seconds you know it's a Consolation bracket race you know you Want to be top two to race back to back I wish you the best of luck Pilots it's Been fun hanging out with you but it's Time for you to race quads again armor Quads live on the tone lesson five Fantastic start it's gonna be Fly Boy Right now with that whole shot he's got The lead but uh he's got pie fly and Droner right hot on him and it looks Like LP is the one back of the Caboose Trying to catch up here to our field but

This is still a close one now you put Flyboy up in the lead pie fly just Behind him and now droner making a move On second a battle for second pie fly Over droner at the moment but still Anyone can win this one we're about to Take him on a lap number two here goes Flyboy LP droner pie fly 1.8 seconds Separating all four Pilots right now it Is going to come down to this final lap To see who remains in the competition They're all at the double back Corkscrew Section all up and over the hurdle at The exact same time you try and make Sense of this madness right now I've Droner in the lead by what I'm seeing Here but again basically it is full send Full throttle and the timing system is Gonna have to figure out this one three Through the cube pie fly goes down now Look at this both crashing out in the Tunnel we lost LP in the tunnel he was Into the lead flyboy in the tunnel and There goes flyboy and droner across the Line it is survival of the Finish Fitness here to finish that one Fly Boy And droner advancing after match number 12. The review is saying clean this is a Back to back so right now we're saying Results are official Fly Boy and droner Are now gonna race back to back flyboy I Got a channel change for you you're

Gonna go to race band two Flyboy to race band two you are back to Back Droner no channel change for you you Know obviously you are back to back now We do have a back-to-back situation And so we will Play back that last lap now I said from Our judges That results were official they didn't See anything in this last lap if we play It back and see something then that Could change the result but that's a Could that is a could but we're going to Play it back on my DVR You got my DVR Dougie we're gonna play Back this last lap in fact we have Enough time we're actually going to Watch the whole thing back The whole race well it's a back to back Pause you're waiting on Flyboy and droner and the race was only Two minutes so We're gonna play this heat back DVR In The Raw If in the truck we can switch to Scully's DVR It would be greatly appreciated This is Scully that's the DVR I mean I can move the monitor around to Face there Too far back So Flyboys leading at this point flyboy Goes into the tunnel

Boom But flyboy gets up and redeems himself Right yeah he redeems himself he gets The Finish now let's just take a look at This second now we're going to take a Look at Pi fly top left Over to the dive Cube she's right now Third but she's right on top of first And second And it is a race to the tunnel And uh HD zero dive is where we lost her Now let's take a look at LP top right Now he is fourth but think about it we Have this crash out in front of him he Has a huge chance had he still been Flying You'd have been uh able to catch up and Get one of those two positions See he passes pie fly they crash at the Same time So elpie got up into second if you Notice that guys elpie gets up to Second After the crash out because pie fly Wasn't second at this point and so I'm Gonna I don't know for some people that Are watching the live stream maybe this Is one of their first races so bottom Left-hand side is flyboy he was leading But then in the top right that's LP LP Actually had pushed himself just in Front LP had taken the lead at this Point Okay don't yell but I'm gonna take it Back just a hair because flyboy was

Leading flyboy was leading but LP I Think makes it pass there at the at the Cube So now it's LP just ahead of flyboy so He's still leading at that section And so LP was leading into the tunnel he Had the cube he was still leading there And so he's so LP's leading but look how Close if you look go on board with Flyboy in the bottom left you see LP's Quad in Flyboys fpv feed at the top Right there but LP I think hit the top Of the tunnel And took out flyboy and so first and Second crash out and the only one still Flying is Jonah let's watch it back in Real time again uh watching LP and Flyboy go into the tunnel LP hits the top of the tunnel and takes Out flyboy is what we think we just saw Happen in a frame by frame review Ready into the tunnel we go LP hit the Top both of them crash out you saw LP's Quad and so flag boy gets back up but Droner gets by flyboy droner with the Win or he's got second right behind Flyboy flyboy redeemed himself there That was a pretty dramatic second lap Right there So we're now at the semi-final of the Winners brackets This is flyboy droner Mondo and knee Down top two in this advance to her Final four for the podium prizes and the

Title of the next 40 Champion a pro in 2022 We're going green Pilots arm your quads Live on the tone lesson five It's another heater right here Ringer dinger issues there it looked Like flyboy and mondo We're underway Looks like all right there we go Lap number one oh no knee down now with Static on his screen start with four Down to three your Leader's droner then You got Mondo 1.6 seconds back in second Now Mondo little Lisa gisi but he's Still in second there's flyboy 5.8 Seconds back behind Mondo who's uh in Second Fly Boy in third but we saw Mondo With that issue so right now droner's Got this one with about a two now three Second lead and flyboy's trying to reel In Mondo Fly Boy getting a little loosey-goosey Over there now Mondo's pushing droner For the win of this one first and second Is droner just ahead of Mondo two tenths Of a second to make it a lock into our Final four Great racing right there I know they're Going absolutely wild right now in Mississippi Droner their boy is in the final four Mondo pulling up second right though Representing Missouri And of course uh awaiting word on our

Official before it is said and done Before we lock in What we need to do All right so only one channel change to Worry about right now and that's going To be droner to race band one droner to Race band one or so Soul channel change As we all get sent to go into Match number 14. which will be Round number one Of Chase the ace 74 degrees in the sunshine here in Citrus Springs Florida There's a look at droner the rest of the Team team white goat helping a droner Try and get a Podium here this afternoon First and or sorry second and third Getting those torvil quad Pit Stop Backpack Pro backpacks Which are absolutely amazing First is gonna get the backpack plus a Set of orca goggles Torvil is a brand new sponsor here in 2022. And in sport we awarded uh we awarded One of these in every one of our podiums And we did basically the entire field of 55 Pilots we did them in Brackets of 16 So we had like four podiums we gave away Four of these backpacks and when I went To Europe I saw all the European Pilots Using these uh torvill back uh torvill Is based in I think France and they also Make uh portable Gates they make all

Kinds of gear but this backpack I saw All the European Pilots uh with them It's actually a collaboration with uh Jedi fpv which is Vince irie from Europe And uh Stinger swarm and oh my God all Collaborated on this backpack this is a New one for a Podium so I'm not gonna Fully open it up to demonstrate it for You but I'll just point What's absolutely great about this for Absolutely free you can register online You can get your name here that's what This little thing here says your name Here You can easily strap two uh two quads to The outside now if you are traveling This thing actually has a rain cover for The entire backpack that'll cover these Two exposed drones on the Outside Inside They say it'll hold 19 lipos no 15 lipos Four quads 40 sets of propellers your goggles and Your radio plus a laptop water bottle Cell phone all the tools that you need And speaking of tools what's great about This is you get to your table or in the Field you unzip it again it's a prize I Don't want to do that but you unzip it This whole backpack goes flat and Everything has a compartment this top Part now we always know when we go to The go to the field here at a race when You have a table it's not so bad inside This pocket it's magnetic so all your

Screws and little pieces you go in there You're not going to lose them you open It up it's fine but anyway open up the Entire backpack it's flat you go and it Just kind of opens up all your tools as You need them are laid out in front of You so you work on your quad now let's Say you don't have a table you don't Have something clean just like there's a Rain jacket there's also a thing that Opens up so you can kneel on And uh so you can work on your quad Retail value of this is a hundred and Ninety nine dollars now since I saw them With all the European Pilots I've wanted One for the longest time to put all my Gear in because the other thing is it's The perfect size for an overhead Compartment you're allowed uh one uh one Roller bag and one personal item this Counts as your personal items you can Jam it in the overhead bag you have to Keep your lipos with you and this holds 15 of them you don't need to carry a Second liposac [Music] Um So I've won one for a while so during Sport I said You win the backpack or retail value Which at your favorite fpv shop is 199 And kujatron accepted his on the podium From Chris Thomas and he says I've Already got one I love it it's the best

Backpack ever and Chris is like well now You got two And kuchatron actually watched his races Back in the live stream later and heard Me saying or retail value or retail Value and uh I gave him the retail value Less a little Scully discounts and now I Have one of these and three of the Pilots so you're about to see are gonna Win one as well thank you to torville Backpacks torvill is the company Helping us award their quad Pit Stop Backpack Pro Can't wait to the conversation when I Get home I talked myself into a prig or one of Those Street League racers I talked myself into one of those at IL And here at Champs I talked myself into A backpack So the good news for her she uh she Actually knows where the new drone I Bought at the international open is is Just inside the door in my garage and it Has not been flown yet My I was I was really stoked to fly my Street League drone or the prig Um it's called akari the frame that I Have I was really stoked like when I Left IO I was amped up I'm like I gotta Fly this problem is uh you need 5s lipos And I couldn't find any in Canada so I Had to find a store that would ship them To Canada so by the time I got my lipos

I was already doing other things and so I have lipos and the Drone the preg Ready to fly but now all that can go one Of the things I have to do in the next Week or two I have to clean that garage So good news now I can put some of the Stuff in this backpack and Slowly and surely I'm going to become a Pilot and have a cleaner garage This is going to be chase the ace round Number four what is Chase the ace you May ask When we get to our final four in our Bracket we run the four Pilots Repeatedly until someone gets two wins Also known as two Aces There are four Pilots which means if Each and every time we go green one of These Pilots gets a win Then it would go to around five maximum Potentially which would be sudden death Second third and fourth Is decided based on their finished Positions we total those in the lowest Number ranks higher than the other so a Pair of seconds is four points a pair of Thirds is six points obviously two Seconds would rank higher than Two-thirds If there is a tie which could happen if You had a second and a third with one Pilot and a third and a second with the Other it's a total of five the Tiebreaker is the last run Race So

Whoever got second in that hypothetical Situation Would get the tiebreaker in their favor We also are gonna have the whole shot Rule in play here for Chase the ace Which means contact resulting in a crash Before the whole shot Gates which we are Calling the start finish gate Contact resulting in a crash before the Start finish gate we will call it as a Whole shot and bring everyone back now That call will be made by Paul Adkins or Chris Thomas those are the only two People that'll call it if you feel that You're a whole shotted I would attempt to do your best if they Don't call it and we will fix it up After the fact should we choose to do so The only people that are allowed to say Whole shot false start Etc Etc Chris Thomas and Paul Atkins who are Monitoring this line of sight chase the Ace round number one who gets the first Ace we're about to find out Pilots arm Your quads live on the tone lesson five Foreign Statement with the whole shot and just Like we saw in that last one super tough To call here you got four Pilots racing Pretty much all side by side and uh Still to me it looks like Mondo's Leading then you got droner and Jose Then Den one two three four here on this

Opening lap Mondo din droner Jose fpv Now at the Midway point they're running Order but only uh 1.2 seconds separating Him at the Midway Point there's Mondo Onto lap number two there's droner 1.7 Seconds back in second din in third Eight tenths of a second from the top Two but again it's jca so every finish Point matters and fourth has been Claimed by Jose fpv your first one to Crash out here in chassis round number One and this is what we love about the Format we get to watch these four Pilots Race again get ready to bring them Through still chasing down Mondos Running his own race this is a new Mondo Get the checkered Mondo Mondo get it's a Win at Chase the ace round number one Droner pulls up second two seconds off Of Mondo 10 pulls up third 1.1 seconds back behind Tim and Jose fpv In fourth Now even though we have uh the abilities To play it back should we so choose to They tell us our Live judges tell us all four Pilots were Clean results official so we grid up in The next six and a half minutes from now Mondo is your first Ace to chase here in Our next 40 top 16. [Music] Well apparently Apparently my wife is snapping at home I Really don't get to uh follow along on

My phone throughout the race And apparently uh my daughter Josie my Four-year-old daughter Josie is watching At home there's there she is in the top Of the snap and I guess I guess we're Going viral on Snapchat not only are we On the multi GP YouTube channel I'll Hold it still so you can hit the auto Focus button It's my bad Maybe But my daughter there is watching I Could probably open the snap if we need To or I can screenshot it send it to Dougie but uh I'll read you just like I Read the text messages from earlier Uh oh all of my wife's uh friends are Like OMG he has a radio voice Oh I didn't know he was an announcer There we go very nice I'm making friends With my wife's friends All they took 12 years June 4th 2010. I remember my anniversary unlike a Friend of mine who can't visualize no he He remembered he remembered Uh June 4th is your birthday is my wife And I's anniversary Paul we should all Get together it'd be great yeah [Music] We also want to wish a happy anniversary To Chris Thomas and Stacy Thomas yes our Founder and CEO of multi GP And our executive senior senior VP of

Accounting and shipping that's Chris and His wife Stacy Thomas it's their Anniversary today I think they've been married 11 years Did you say I think about 11 years Congratulations to them You say hello to Rachel Savannah and Wyatt Who do not do not miss a multi-gp drone Race Sometimes I forget about that But uh say hello and welcome to Rachel Savannah Wyatt the entire Thomas family And the team at Superior one Roofing I need a splitter for it though Because I'm into the back of that Oh I've been warned I see a bunch of People in the chat wondering why I'm Wearing a hoodie because it was 55 Degrees when we walked out here this Morning Foreign Normally I wouldn't do it on camera but It's all about the reveal look at this Multi GP Jersey you too can get some Threads shop you don't want To touch that it is sweaty [Music] But I am prepared once again because we've Been doing this since Tuesday racing That's hoodie number one the sweaty one I was just wearing Uh-oh someone jacked my other hoodie

Here's hoodie number two There we go and jacket So we go to our Championship tonight the Top 16 a pro at 7 p.m EDT We'll be ready because it gets a little Chilly at night I'll wear yeah I'll wear all of them No I put him on but I'll layer up as we Go I should drink lots of water I have been Thank you RC attic says Scully only fans when so Soon so soon I'm still trying to figure Out The Tick Tock is that that's how far Behind on the social media I'm on Tick Tock I don't have an account yet I still have a MySpace I think I think It still worked I checked it out a while Ago Chase Casey Ace round number two is upon Us as the pilots get sent to go into Chairs Foreign Looking for his first Ace fourth in the First round from Miami Florida's Jose Fpv 44th in qualifying this week and This is his first multi-gp championship Third in our first round of Chasey Ace Who I think has three times if not four Been on our podium in the next 40 group All the way from California a byway a San Jose din fpv looking for his first Ace then we have our TQ in the group Making the trip from Mississippi droner

Is was second in the first round he's Going for an Ace and here in chase the Ace round number one Competing for his first top 40 Podium From Moberly Missouri Mondo is your First Ace to chase good luck Pilots you Know what you need to do we're going Green arm your quads live on the tone Less than five What a great grouping of Pilots what a Great start and watching line of sight It's one two three four one two three Four as they start things up here on This opening lab two lap Reese is here With our next 40 Division and this may Be the last race before we take a break Unless they're able to get by Mondo Mondo's uh making a big move right there Droner had him at the whole shot but Mondo is able to reel him in Mondo Your Leader already two gates ahead droner is Now right with them droner is about one Second back he has seven tenths of a Second Mondo droner Den Jose fpv just Three seconds separating her entire Field chasing down Mondo no one's gotten In front of him as yeah droner is close As is 10 and even Jose fpv there's a Pass drunner getting ahead of Mondo Gonna try and push this to Chase's round Number three it is a push for the ace it Is a push for the championship Mondo Just ahead of droner now it comes to our Start finish gate Jonah with a mistake

Mondo in is your next 40 champion of pro At the 2022 multi GP championship Awaiting words from our officials and if Results remain true chase the ace round Two matched chase the ace round one And there will be a review for Podium Positions for Podium positions there Will be a review but the one thing that We know on the big screen you are Looking at your 2022 next 40 Champion Mondo Forever Yeah those big Podium prizes here in our Next 40s so doing a DVR review and a Quad retrieval well we have a second Though we want to share some Kudos Coming in on the bat channel on the back Line It's my Facebook Messenger Oh it's tomorrow not today all right 12 Years oh you match me You get your anniversary 12 years the Same as me we're tight So a big uh shout out and Congratulations coming in from Slowpoke That's Chris Perry Slowpoke says hello to everyone remember Him back to the 2016 multi GP Championship when Fourth place he got a ribbon that said I Tried my best at that championship and Here Six years later now prize is all around He's so stoked to see all that love

Being spread around love to see so many People pumped to hit a Podium drone Racing has come a long way and we wish Uh Slowpoke was uh able to be with us But uh he is joining us and enjoying From afar we say hello to him Uh he's not here he doesn't live here he Lives in like Massachusetts I know he should be here he should come Down and hang out he came to hang out Last year but uh the house that uh he Was staying and he sold so Yeah he might be here next year Slowpoke ran a ton of global qualifiers To get people Qualified for this event up in the Northeast Runs a pretty smooth operation up there Of the 120 Global qualifiers I think Slowpoke ran 119 of them no I'm just Joking he ran at least 10. Between the Nerds chapter and the Boston Chapter Making it happen It sounded like results official now So we do have Our Podium decided And stand by for Podium presentation Of our next 40. Championship 16. Coming up here on our program at 1 30 at The bottom of the hour we're going to do A warm-up pack for our lower 40. It's another

Bracket And the winner of that will have a Podium but the winner of our next Bracket Is gonna get a bump up into Another bracket so the one that we're Going to go into Our qualifiers 24 to 40. they're going To race in a bracket we're going to take One of them then we go to our next Bracket Which our qualifiers 9 through 23 plus The bump up we're gonna run 10 races to Find eight Pilots because our finals Tonight at 7 p.m as the top eight in Qualifying and so We're going to work our way through that Top 40. So when we Crown a champion tonight On the track here For those that are just tuning in this Week this track that we're flying on Here today is Led lined and And circled by spotlights it is a night Track that plays double duty as a Daytime track And we're gonna be going into the night Time you'll be able to see the full Effect of the All right And so we will uh We all invite you to of course stick With us for over the course of the day And uh tonight seven o'clock is when our

Top 16 is gonna go green under the Bright lights as it were I like it is we try pushing through our Program we do the all four picture first Instead at the end So our next group we're going to be Rolling right into your practice packs Maybe ahead of 130. so that is our top 40 lower 17 standby we'll be going to You at about uh at about 15 minutes or Less All right This is our next 40 Championship top 16 Podium presentation We're gonna start things off with our Second runner up third on our Podium Getting a challenge coin a backpack and Much much more no stranger to our podium In the next 40 division let's bring in Ten third overall in our next 40 Division congratulations buddy so I'm Trying to do the math how many podiums Is this at Champs in this division four It is four right so we did 18 19. 2021 I did one top 15 so that's cool there we Go you screwed up yeah you did two you Did way better the other time well Congratulations another challenge coin So this is your fourth challenge coin And uh this this racing I think uh was Way more insane like it was four wide Almost every single round uh was this Your most enjoyable Champs I mean the

Results the same so we can't compare the Result was this your most uh enjoyable Chance I was talking to the crew Yesterday and I'm like uh this is the Most intense racing I've ever had this Was the hardest qualifying we've had for Many years and racing today was I was Pushing my limits like my my last lap Was the best I can do Well congratulations let's get you some Prizes buddy Something that you have now a collection Of do you know you have more of these I Think than heads up fpv our three-time Multi-gp champion I think you have more Challenge coins than him Yeah there you go and the big plaque and You're gonna love this if you don't have One already the torval backpack Pro the Pit stop backpack Pro congratulations Dan your second runner-up third overall On our Podium big smiles for those at Home Excellent racing four challenge coins That is awesome let's go to your Reserve Champion second place going to none Other than droner Come on down Droner A little bit of a tough battle there TQ Going down in the brackets uh how do you Think it all went I think it went great Uh took last year off I regret that so I Came back and told myself I'm never

Gonna miss a chance again the vibe here Is just amazing lots of veterans lots of Faces I haven't seen for a few years and New faces that I know they're going to Be you know competitors coming up so fly Boy his first pro this year I really Enjoyed flying with him and just looking Forward to seeing other people grow you Know the last time I saw you that was Like mid-summer you're at a drone race Just to watch it's got to be way better To fly Um and of course you have a lot of great Support at home they're watching in the Live stream yeah my wife is a big Support at home she helps me do what I Want to do and pursue my passion so I'm Really thankful for everybody to Supporting me is there anyone else you Want to thank sponsors supporters or Otherwise team white goat especially all My friends you know it's like a Fraternity we're brothers Um all my sponsors that we have emerging RC tattoo engineering Um there's probably a lot of others that I don't know right now but um thanks for Everybody Congratulations your TQ and a Reserve Champion is droner congratulations Lucas Oh I forgot your prizes gosh darn it you Didn't forget him there we are plaque Challenge coin We need a photo of some sort there we go

You got your challenge coin And finally The pit stop that but wait there's more The pit stop Quick Stop Pro there you go Congratulations your Reserve Champion Lucas Dearborn droner [Music] Then there was one The 2022 next 40 Champion is Mondo Gallegas Mondo is your champion Fantastic excellent job yesterday Running qualifying you actually added so Much energy when you got to sit back and Not be a pilot for a little bit but with This field you must have known you're Going to be competitive and uh I mean What was going through your mind here This week where did you set a goal to Hit a Podium here over the course of This well when I showed up here I was a Day late because we had some Implications in travel and then I had Nothing on me I didn't have goggles I Didn't have radio I didn't have quads so Thank you to Sean and Claude doc we're Using all of quad Ducks gear his only Role was that I had to run the duck And there were there were times Yesterday when I was qualifying and I'm Like I'm trying to blame these ducks but They actually brought it home for me And quad doc of course a hitting Podium I think he got second overall in the Sport right second in

He won one first quad doc one first to The next 40 of sport and mondo wins First to the next 40 of pro and it's all Thanks to the duck holy I mean uh I'm gonna start for you uh who Do we want to thank obviously 533 which Is your company but uh obviously doing a Lot of support to get you here but uh Who else do you want to thank uh on your Win here this week I'm quad dog for having good tastes and Gear uh he's provided me with some 533 Batteries a Switchback classic these are Like silently discontinued but they Still exist he has spares and then yeah I just gotta thank my family they made It possible we like we were nowhere near Planning on coming here and then my wife Was like no you gotta go and then I get Here in Quad ducks like you gotta fly so That's who I'm thankful for today a lot Of great decisions there let's arm you With some great stuff first we'll start With our plaque and our challenge coin You can't buy the challenge coin you can Only win the challenge coin And Okay You also get the backpack Everyone loves the backpack I love one Maybe I'll offer you a retail value I Want too And finally this is a very special prize Mondo is our next 40 Champion it is not

Only a set of orca goggles which you Seem to like this is a multi GP branded Set of orca goggles right there Congratulations what do you do for your Next 40 Champion Mondo Congratulations Pilots we already got The all for you up there for the photo And so that's gonna do it to a next 40 Champions crowns and the sun is shining As we approach 80 degrees here on Championship Saturday the 2022 multi GP Championship now let's take a little Look here at the schedule in about uh Five minutes or so we're going to start A hair early with our top 40 lower 17 Warm-up pack we're going to give them Basically a warm-up pack maybe one more As we're going to start we're trying to Maintain our bracket starts as Advertised so 2 p.m is where we're going To start our lower 17 at 2 p.m which is In about 43 minutes time but we're going To do a warm-up pack maybe a warm-up Pack or two for a top 40 lower 17. and If you're not sure who that is if you're Not in you're not sure which bracket You're in we did email you at 2 am but Uh of course T40 we'll get you there multi T40 is our lower 17 bracket so that's Paco fpv big speed shames Nitro AK anim Grower yaw some QT fpv Ethan fpv Daylight fpv Arvin fpv adrone dreams

Infinity spicy fire Serpent and fairy We're going to be calling you out in Just around a five minutes time for Warm-up packs and for everybody watching At home we are trying to keep the pack Count the same we're trying to keep the Momentum rolling and we'll be going Green with our top 40 lower 17. that's Qualifiers 24 through 40. in Brackets Blade to Blade head-to-head racing at The top of the hour at 2 p.m so you've Got a about a 41 minute break to go do What you need to do and uh we're back in About 41 minutes time here on the live Stream it'll still be rolling you'll be Able to uh Actually it's going to be a new live Stream I think we're going to start a New stream link so you may have to Reconnect to the multi GP YouTube Channel because we've completed our next 40 we've crowned our newest Champion Which is Mondo and now we go into our Top 40 which I believe may be a new YouTube stream and we are back the Bracket for this group starts at 2 p.m And we're gonna do some warm-up packs Here in just a little bit you'll be able To enjoy some of it on the live stream Whether it's this broadcast or the new One can't remember how that works out But brackets start at the top of the Hour Foreign

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