MultiGP 2022 Drone Racing Championship – Pro Class (TOP 16 FINAL)

By | October 23, 2022

7:00PM MultiGP 2022 Drone Racing Championship – Pro Class (TOP 16 FINAL)

Foreign Good evening ladies and gentlemen boys And girls welcome to the No Quarter Ranch here in Citrus Springs Florida it Is the championship of 2022. the Multi-gp Drone racing Championship Pro Class Champs the championship top 16. How many times can you say Championship Not enough because this is the Championship it is Champs week here in Citrus Springs Florida we started on Tuesday with the qualifying of sport Class we crowned some sport class Champions including our 2022 sport class Champion quad doc on Wednesday afternoon And then we rolled into Pro qualifying Thursday and Friday taking our field of 710 Pilots ranked around the world down To our 65 here in Florida and all the Way down to now we've whittled our way Work right down to our Championship top 16. we got lots of racing to get to But tonight we're going to start things Off with a tradition that we saw just a Few years ago back in 2020 two pilots And were friends were racing against Each other but uh they were pretty far Apart One Pilot from Pennsylvania the Other one from North Carolina so they Were talking on the Discord flying in The Sims and then in 2020 at the Champs In Daytona pie fly the pilot on the Right hand side called out big speed on The left-hand side and so they got a

Special race off they'd ever been in Brackets in 2020 and uh so a special Race off was awarded to them and they Did the exact same thing in 2021 and the Tradition continues to kick off our Championship here tonight now their Journey came to an end earlier pie fly Finishing 48th overall big speed 26 Overall but this is blade to Blade Head-to-head racing this is the race off For Pride the annual tradition for the Third time big speed versus Pi fly Pilots if you're ready goggles down Thumbs up Arm your quads live on the tone in Lesson five Off to the Races we go it's gonna be Jake Hammer just ahead of pie fly I mean Big speed just ahead of pie fly overlays On that one a little wonky but we're Watching this one right here watching Our osds on our DVR and uh wow pie flies Got a huge gear right now pushing things Up forward gonna try and make a Statement they're on top of each other Right now and pipeline just ahead of big Speed now big Speed Ahead of pie fly It's a two lap race just like we're Gonna see in our Championship here Tonight and now pie fly still ahead a Big speed so now big Speed Ahead of Pi Fly it is the rematch and this one was In the favor of pie fly let's see how it Plays out here it was still another lap

To go over to that dive Cube we go with Pie fly she's trying to catch up his big Speed about to go on to lap number two There he goes on to lap number two and They've caught up again big speed just Ahead of Pi fly but Pi flies reeling in Big speed on this rematch race it is a 2022 rematch of big speed versus Pi fly Bigsby just ahead of pie fly Bank Gates By just a gate guys the this is insane They're having their best runs here Inside of our exhibition race to kick Off the live stream here tonight pushing Kicking and here comes big speed into The tunnel and Pie fly with a bit of a Crash The win goes to Big speed but pie flies Gonna finish strong right here As the goggles go up here inside of the Flight line For those that don't know it is pie Fly's birthday here tonight [Applause] Happy birthday dear my heart Happy birthday It is a special night We have cake We have all kinds of presents as well That is the big card We open things up Looks like the presents didn't make Their way out here but we have some Great gifts from all your friends and Family

And to celebrate her birthday we're Gonna fire a confetti cannon right here Why not Three two one hey it's her party and we Can fly if we want to Pie fly happy birthday I believe 18 is The number congratulations Making those big memories And we're looking for the uh Jam fan Pilots Mike wants to get a quick photo As we get sent to grid up gem fan Pilots Run to Mike he wants a team photo before We go green with our first matchup of The night So uh I'll do what I do I will just fill the time but if you Guys want to bring up heat one I'm ready Whenever you guys are I know we're Taking some photos getting things staged And now an official welcome to all of Our viewers on the multi GP YouTube Channel my name is Joe Scully your Hosting guide to this 2022 multi-gp Drone racing Championship if this is the First time you've seen a drone race what You're going to see mostly is the actual Feeds from the drones in real time as They fly our 3D course as you can see on The left hand side of your screen all The gates that we've been flying Throughout the day are now fully Illuminated with LEDs and in just a few Moments we'll be turning on the lights

That might be a hint we'll be turning on The lights around the course and we'll Be flying this LED light and light Flashed and filled course We're gonna see some hot laps the Fastest lap on this track right now is a 20 and change it's a 20.653 our top qualifier mck fpv in Qualifying during the daytime posted a Hot lap of 20.653 now the way that we qualified our Pilot so it's not wasn't on the fastest Lap it was on the fastest two laps in Sequence That was mck fpv or TQ with the fastest Two laps here two low 21s for a TQ time Of 44.6 I believe had the rest of a Field by about a second 1.2 seconds so You gotta basically divide that in half Six tenths of a second faster than our Field now I talked about the journey to Get to Champs 710 Pilots worldwide flew a standardized Course known as our Global qualifier Track From there we took our entire field 710 Pilots flew at one of our 120 Global qualifiers to make it to the Invite list for Champs in fact yeah 710 Pilots 120 Global qualifiers around the World and from there we invited the top 150 to Thursday Friday Saturday for the Pro class Championship which is called The multi GP champion at the end of

Tonight's festivities we will have a new 2022 multi GP Champion but the course of 710 Pilots we started at position 151 Below that Pro 151 that was the start of Sport class and open up the invitations Anyone beyond that number to attend the Sport class Championship I don't want to Confuse things there was a little buffer Time where the top 30 were guaranteed a Spot but then we opened it up anyone Ranked we're able to be invited eligible To purchase a ticket and participate Earlier this week I think the number was 59 pilots in sport competing and we ran A series of brackets and we've crowned a Sport champion and here tonight we are Prepared to take we've taken our field Of 65 Pro Pilots down to the top 16 and We are going to run those pilots in a Top 16 double elimination bracket down To the final four Pilots once we get to The final four pilot sets after 13 Matches 13 Heats will get to her final Four and that's where we do chase the Ace that's where we're gonna run your Final four Pilots again and again and Again and again and again until one of Those four Pilots have two wins There is a caveat to the rule we call That final chase the ace but we do have A rule in play called The Iron Man rule Which means our top qualifier mck fpv if He wins all of his bracket races and so For him I think that's race four Race

Six Four eight eleven something like that Yeah four eight eleven so if he wins Three of his bracket Heats in a row 11 Is a semifinal the winners bracket he'll Go into the final four with Iron Man Mode engaged which means in essence he Has beaten every pilot in qualifying and Essentially through the bracket now some People argue well not it doesn't meet Everyone in the brackets well for the Most part he will eventually meet second Place unless those Pilots go in the Consolation bracket that's neither here Nor there Iron Man mode is engaged when we get to The final four if the TQ wins all those Bracket races all three of them into That final and wins the first round of That final accent they are the champion It'd be the Iron Man the Iron Man Champion it has happened at Champs we Have a three-time multi-gp champion the Last three years uh three years over the Last four heads up fpv and Evan Turner Has won Champs with the Iron Man But we have over all the brackets that We have run through Sport and pro the Next 40 the top 40 we have not had an Iron Man win over the course of this Event Looks like our first heat is about set To fly First matchup of many the 2022 multi GP

Championship presented by Superior one Roofing Orca goggles hobby Wing HD zero Gem fan team Black Sheep torvill and 533 We're gonna be talking about all those Guys a little bit later on first we're Getting set to go green with match Number one we have the number 14 seed on Race band two that is engineer the Two-time Collegiate champion last year He was our Reserve Champion here he is In the top 16 to see if he can go second Or better maybe get his first multi-gp Championship we have the number 11 seed You'll be on Race band number one it's Jay Cameron finishing top six last year That's after qualifying inside of the Top 10 on the global leaderboard he's The 11th seed this week working his way Up through the brackets earlier this Evening we also have the number six seed He's going to be on Race band number Eight that is propsicle who has led the Global leaderboard numerous times over The last three seasons coming on the Coming onto the radar back in 2018 and 2019 he was 10th at Champs last year he Was on our podium in third in this Matchup we have second and third from Last year and finally your third overall Qualifier is almost a HomeTown pilot From Melbourne Florida hyper Lively Last year finished fifth in Pro and Tonight comes in the highest seat in Match number one third overall in

Qualifying looks like the pilots are set To fly We're going green Round number one good luck Pilots arm Your quads Live on the town lesson five Fantastic start and there's a great look At what seems to be a whole new course But it is the exact same one it is lit Up fired up amped up and we're gonna Tear it up and down we go with engineer He's back up bottom of the pack your Leader right now looks to be promisical But it is close as we see them all Making about the same turn popsicle then Hyper then Jake Hammer then engineer Your running order down goes hyper that Is your hometown pilot spends most of His time here at the no Corner Ranch so Hometown Advantage not his and down goes Engineer for real this time looks like We might be down to two unless we get Back up with Hyper it is popsicle over J Camera by eight tenths of a second at Least at the check gate and popsically You can see just one gate ahead there in That at the far section up into the Towery go two steps up for Jake Hammer He's about to gain back of that cube a Propsicle and these are could be your First two to move up but it looks like We got hyper back in the air he's gonna Try it but they're gonna shut it down Props to cool and jakehammer one and two

Finishing up 1.3 Seconds Apart So we do have officials on site one Judge per channel in fact when I was Over there it looks like two judges per Channel and uh I think they say it's clear They say it's clear And so first and second hyper and Propsicle moving up in our winners Bracket to match number six no Channel Changes engineering hyper third and Fourth going to the consolation bracket Match number five no Channel changes no Channel changes Of course our presenting partner the 2022 multi-gp drone racing Championship Is superior one Roofing with locations In Florida and in Texas as well why just Have a regular roof when you can have a Superior one thanks to the entire team At Superior one Roofing got to meet a Bunch of them and one of the first Championships we did as a series towards Champs the South Central Championship Down in Dallas Texas The headquarters of superior one Roofing West And I've gotten to spend a lot of time Hanging out with Superior one Roofing East out in Melbourne out in the Compound making a lot of memories and we Can't thank them enough for their Long-term support the first ever sponsor The multi-gp Drone Racing League there's

Been a bunch that had been in the game Leagues series organizations and Multi-gp the largest since pretty much Day one with now over 35 000 registered Pilots worldwide and over 300 active Chapters but on top of that if you look Back all those Facebook memories and all Those events there is only one since 2015. that is the name that leads the Game in drone racing and We're stoked to be back here in 2022 Getting sent to Great up match number Two it's a preliminary round just like We saw earlier we're gonna start things Off with the number 15 seed on Race band Number two that is the sloth you may Recognize him from a year ago finished Top 15 in sport and this week qualified 16th worked his way out of that last Chance qualifier bracket and he is now Back in the top 16. so he just jumped The entire field top 16 a sport and Right now guaranteed top 16 a pro but Any one of these Pilots with a chance to Win then we have the number 10 seed That's Pinot gonna be on Race band Number six making the trip down here From Massachusetts we've seen him at Champs a number of times and he's been Close to that Podium tonight could be His night qualifying 18th this week Then we have the number seven seed on Race span number eight that's Costa fpv Making the trip from Germany second in

Qualifying on the global leaderboard out Of everyone who did the leaderboard bash Out of everyone who did the leaderboard Bat she was ranked number two on the Global leaderboard the German pilot here This week in the number seven spot so a Guaranteed lock into our top eight and We have the number two seed all the way From Korea that's Min Jay he'll be on Race band One those are your four Getting sent to fly here in match number Two it's a preliminary round no Eliminations we're going green Pilots Arm your quads live on the tone in Lesson five Foreign Start line of sight it's a thing of Beauty love to see those LED line quads Flying our LED line course and issues For the sloth fpv that was our sport Pilot who just joined Pro He is in the back of the pack it's gonna Be Min JP no Costo one two and three Here on the opening lap now the sloth Gets onto that lead lap but he's about Eight seconds back from the field as we Continue to chase down Pinot Your Leader Tearing it up right now looking for uh Now it's going to be Min Jay Costa then Pino a little switch up at the Midway Point as we get sent to go on to lap Number two there's Min Jay there's Costa Eight tenths of a second behind him onto Lap number two and here comes Pino onto

That lead lap as well but he's eight Seconds back and the sloth is caught up To Pino he's a second back in a battle For third and fourth right now minjang Cost uh with an eight second lead Chasing down minje Costa is about two Gates back Min Jay's got this one on Lock there's a huge win for our number Two seed here this week He gets a win of match number two he Wants the highest seat in this one Costa Pulls up second to advance in our Winners bracket as well he was the Second highest seed in the heat third in The match going to go to the sloth Fourth gonna go to Pino and our judges Say all Gates and flags were clear Results were official minjang Costa go To the winners bracket pinot and the Sloth into our consolation bracket hot Racing to start things off here tonight Looks like I've got some Channel changes To talk about minjay to race band two Constant a race band Six when you come Back in match number six And the sloth and Pinot we got Channel Changes for you as well the sloth to Race band 8 Pinot to race band one when You come back in match number five That was match number two We also want to thank our friends at Orca goggles being a big part of our Event I guess it's really just Orca fpv Because they're more than just goggles I

Mean we were introduced to Orca at the Very start with the Orca goggles now They've expanded into radios and all Kinds of other fpv gear And uh of course a great sponsor once Again here the multi GP Championship we Got to meet Ivan from Orca one of the Original Founders and engineers at the 2019 multi-gp Championship made the trip Here from Europe to represent the brand And we're stoked to have them back here In 2022 as well we don't have Ivan but We got Tony cake of orca and immersion RC with us on site helping out some of Her pilots and of course always having a Good time But they are keeping me apart from Tony Cake because that's uh last thing I kind Of remember is hanging out with Tony Cake and so it could go a little South So They have us on a Geo fence between the Two of us Handed out a bunch of fpv Dot control Orca radios over the course Of our podiums and we've been awarding Some multi-gp branded Orca goggles Across our podiums as well And Roger sure Our thanks to them for their support Hey everybody we got cupcakes over in The pilot tent in celebration of pie Fly's birthday don't forget to grab one They're good

We also want to thank hobby Wing the leader in all Things fpv and pretty much RC when it Comes to drone racing they're well Renowned for their four-in-one stacks And the best escs in the game as well Thank you hobby Wing Charlie's weather This could be hanging out with us a Little bit later on And Mike Chen yes Mike Chen as well Oh that's right yeah the bits yeah you Have so many hobby Wing Representatives I can't keep track of them all yeah yeah Debits is awesome yeah he's been hanging Out he's doing a great job doing part Supports and representing the brand as Well big fan of debits and Charlie Fifth in sport that's it on the payroll And on the podium There is debits his new t-shirt We also want to thank our friends at HD Zero as we do some work on the HD zero Dive Cube which is uh right before the Finish Line section with the tunnel A lot of pilots flying with HD zero in Last year's Champion once again here in 2022. in fact all the fpv feeds or those Drone feeds you see on our live Streaming on our display boards here Around Champs are powered by the HD zero Event vrx the HD zero event video Receiver system They're great for race organizers Because whether a pilot flies HD zero

Digital as their downlink for video or If they fly traditional analog The event receiver does all the Switching for you and for a live stream Or a DVR race director situation you Have two options or you can use both you Can take the analog feed the RCA how We've been using uh the way we've been Doing with many ground stations since 2014 2015 or you can take an HDMI out if You got enough capture cards and The event vrx from HD zero debuted at The international open they've made a Few modifications and now It does an outstanding job analog and Digital or thanks to HD zero another Great sponsor the 2022 multi-gp Championship we also want to thank gem Fan they're with us gave out 60 sets of Props to our sport Champion quad doc has Got prompts for days And also helping a whole bunch of us out Our podiums and great guy to have around As well thank you Mike and the team at Gemfan As we get set to grid up match number Three once again a preliminary round no Eliminations top two will advance in our Winners bracket bottom two we'll go into Our consolation bracket and if you get Bumped down early you still got a chance To climb up that leaderboard as you Square up there on the stage on the Right hand side of your screen is the

Number 13 seed from Sunnyvale California That is Corey eiben is known as me whoa Fpv In 2019 oh look at this he was in 2018 He was fifth at Champs the next year he Was sixth at Champs last year he's in The top 20 and now he's guaranteed at Least Tom 16 we'll see how it plays out For him Second from the left That is gonna be potato he is the number 13 seed overall second lowest seed here In this matchup and making the trip here From Michigan last year he was top 10 in Pro then you got noikel right in the Center of your screen right there flying HD zero we're gonna be able to watch him On Race band number two last year he was Fourth in Pro the year before we don't Want to talk about it here's our TQ but Tonight is a brand new night and there On the screen as well on the far left is Leviathan the number four seed here this Week last year whose top 15 in Pro so Here we have some Pilots looking to Climb up the leaderboard and Destiny is In their thumb tips Pilots arm ear quads Live on the tone in less than five Good launch and we are underway this is A preliminary round match number three Mck Marv J box and formula you are on Deck and ready for it as we watch these Guys grind it out for position looks Like it's neutral Leviathan potato miwo

One two three four chasing down noise is Doing his thing almost like we're Watching him fly in the Sim he's now Pulled ahead by a bit and potato sliding Up into second behind noike but noik now Pulling away from the field a little bit And now they're starting to reel him it As well issues for me whoa miwo gets Back up and Leviathan getting by noikel On the opening lap it's Leviathan Noichel potato one two and three on two Lap number two the final lap it's a two And a half lap race with that long Approach as we chase down Levi bottom Right hand cornier screen you can see He's doing something huge right now over To that dive gate noik is trying to Catch up noik gets to the dive but this One is all Leviathan the highest seed Pilot in the heat gets a win but noiko Get second he's gonna go up with them Potato finishing up in third about 4.1 Seconds back and miwo had a good time He's in fourth and into the consolation Bracket will take him potato and me whoa Will go to match number seven no Channel Changes Leviathan and neutral moving up in our Winners bracket no Channel changes no Channel changes We also want to thank 533 triple w dot Fly five three three being a sponsor Once again here of jam Slots of great Prizes financial support and also want

To thank Mondo for coming on out and Helping us run some races and making Them interesting yesterday with those Challenge coins or those uh chips if you Won some chips make sure you gamble them Because whoever has the most chips at The end of tonight is gonna get that set Of orca goggles that are multi GP Branded Multi-gp branded Orca goggles to whoever Has the most 533 chips make sure you get In on the action if you have a few it's Time to double down there aren't many Races left about 10 maybe 11 or 12. that Could be about it You want some goggles who doesn't I get a five three three I fly 533 I'm Not a sponsored pilot nor well I don't Really think you can call me a pilot I Can fly Acro you'd be surprised I got a Couple of skills I can hit Gates Sometimes I get through them but I can Hit Gates But one of my favorite crafts to fly and I have a weird mix is my tiny trainer Everyone said this is so much fun I flew Quad docs at International open back in 2019 was it No 2021 I think it was 2021 I flew quantox Tiny trainer and had Mondo make my tiny Trainer for me even though it pretty Much comes built it's ready to kind of Ready to fly but it doesn't have a

Receiver in it and I fly an old radio I Fly free sky and uh Mondo hooked me up with a receiver and So I plugged in that tiny trainer flew All over my backyard and it was a lot of Fun when you crash and it's not a yard Sale the parts And you still have that full Acro Momentum The ice race earlier this year in April We actually flew a whole class of tiny Trainers and it was just as exciting to Watch as the five inch class we're at Match number four we have the number 16 Seed formula with us we have the number 11 seed j-box They are our American contingent here in Match number four along with that we Have the number eight qualifier this Week all the way from Lichtenstein Marv Fpv and her top qualifier number one on The global leaderboard number one in Qualifying this week and our first Ace To chase mck fpv now we know the deal we Talked about Iron Man earlier Min Chan Kim mck fpv needs to win this race the Next one and the one after three matches To have Iron Man engaged into our final Let's see what happens Marv fpv Jay box And formula could make this night a Whole lot more interesting this one will Be a wild one to watch Pilots arm your Quads Live on the tone in less than five

The big launch and our ringer Dinger There for j-box he's gonna go down just Uh here earlier and so it is mck then Marvin formula one two and three Starting with four down to three as we All watch race band one top left-hand Side your top qualifier mck one of the Only Pilots to do a 20 second lap time He doesn't need to do that just needs to Stay ahead of the field the Marv fpv is Keeping him within his sight smart with Was eighth in qualifying but he's now up A weight class right here as we take Marvin minchan across the line seven Tenths of a second apart Will Germany take down Korea here Tonight or Lichtenstein holy Marv fpv is Given Minchin Kim MC kfpv a run for the Money right here mck is only two three Gates ahead he goes to the dive and There's Marv to the dive look how close They are mck to the finish line and Iron Man mode is engaged for mck fpv But how about it for Marv fpv eighth in Qualifying and just about took out the Number one gun finished up 1.049 seconds Back and that was after hitting a gate In a major correction We're going to take mck and Marv fpv up In her winners bracket one channel Change to worry about there Marv fpv is Going to go to race band Six when mck And Marv fpp come back in match number Eight get into the consolation bracket

We will take formula in J box they're Back in match number seven and j-box are Going to move into race band two j-boxer Race band two That was match number four We also want to thank our friends at Torvill you know them for their Backpacks I'm super stoked I hooked up Myself with a torvil backpack I've been Dreaming about having one of my very own Since I saw how much a European Pilots With them in the very beginning They're a backpack that's perfect for Any type of drone Pilots They were designed By Vince ire also known as Jedi fpv He's from uh Denmark I believe along With some some feedback from Stinger Swarm And oh my God and what a great backpack Holds five quads two on the outside with A rain cover can hold 15 drone or 15 Lipos 40 props your radio your goggles Your phone your water bottle it folds Out into a flat surface on your table Your brand new partner multi GP I've Been a fan of them for a long time thank You torvill for your support The 2022 multi GP championship I also want to thank team Black Sheep the longest running Sponsor of multi GP on the endemic side Thank you to trappy thank you to Wayne Home Mike chin Derek and the entire team

For being long time supporters of drone Racing and the multi GP drone Racing League renowned for the crossfire Technology allowing Pilots to fly at Long range or behind obstacles Where legal Also for the longest time they were by Far the industry standard for video Transmitters the TBS UniFi and the race Pro etc Etc And uh choppy's even influenced me Whenever you see trapeze wearing what Looks to be the same black T-shirt So he probably has about 60 of them Always wearing the team Black Sheep T-shirt good branding And also when you get up in the morning It's really easy to pick out what you're Gonna wear So I too am now like trappy that I wear The same branded hoodie and golf shirt Every single day at home and of course At the Drone race the same five jerseys Or golf shirts because that's just smart Why worry about matching Why be dressed to impress A good team Black Sheep and trappy for All of his support Look at uh race control down there we Got let girl On the keys Making sure the results are reported Correctly

We also got Claire supervising so Between Claire Michelle myself and Roger We've got enough people on the timing System that we should be able to catch Any blips This is match number five Jay camber Jay Camera engineer the sloth fpv and Pino This is an Elimination race Third and fourth finish up 15th and 16th Overall in 2022 top two Advanced a Little closer to our Championship maybe To win one of those trophies right there Those are nice All right Pilots arm your quads live on The tone lesson five Good start here for our entire field and Oh no that might have been a little bit Of a mid-air I saw Pino and the sloth go In opposing directions usually the sign Of a mid-air and the victim of that is The sloth we are now down to three as we Chase I believe engineer right now at The front of our Fields here on this Opening lap Over to that hobby Wing dive Cube TBS Double Cube stack yep he is uh right now In the driver's seat hypers running Second Holding strong and now waiting for Pino To catch up now there's hyper by Engineer hyper and engineer one and two On to lap number two engineer 1.6 Seconds back behind typer we're trying To keep Piper in this one the hometown

Pilot and well what I got on my screen So I think we're down to two I think it's just hyper and engineer Racing it out The sea if Engineers going to be able to Reel in hyper there's hyper two laps in 58 seconds and there's engineer two laps In 61. So the Floridian and the new Floridian Are now Staying Alive moving to match Number nine There ain't no time No Channel changes for hyper and Engineer they're back in match number Nine And the sloth gonna finish up with the Number 15 spot overall Pinot in the Number 16 spot overall here in 2022 And so really the bragging rights on That one going to The sloth 14th in sport a year ago and Now 15th in Pro a year later good Showing For the young pilot of Tampa Florida Let's go to a Winner's bracket this will Be match number six Top two in this next bracket rays will Advance to the semi-final of the winners Bracket will be popsicle Jake Hammer Minjan Costa fpv they're up on Deck Match seven potato miwo formula and J Box and in the whole Leviathan noikel Mck fpv and Marv fpv we're at match Number six

Thank you [Music] I want to say hello to everyone hanging Out in Fort Collins Colorado tonight at The live viewing party at the tiny wood Headquarters saw the blitz going out for Invitations for all Colorado Pilots to Make their way that is I don't know if People really realize just how much of An invite that is it is uh very Difficult to get an invite to the tiny Whip headquarters just once a year it's Kind of like Willy Wonka's chocolate Factory just once a year a big Invitation is opened up to a very select Number of Pilots known as a tiny whip Invitational but a viewing party at Tinywood headquarters that is a first Time and again opening things up to Pretty much the world to check in and Get that secret address of the tiny whip Headquarters so we say hello to everyone Hanging out Jesse's shop hanging out With Jesse for the viewing party the 2022 multi GP championship We're about to go green once again this Is a winners bracket race meaning top Two go up in the winners bracket bottom Two into the consolation bracket no Eliminations no tears and what a lineup This is popsicle J camera Min J and Costa let's go green Pilots arm your Quads live on the tone in less than five Well a little bit of a ringer Dinger

There for popsicle going down sounded Like he may have clipped a gate on the Launch and so starting with four down to Three as we get set to chase Costa fpv It was your leader here at the very Start so it's Costa he comes out of that Gate looks like he's now dropped down Into second as we're gonna put minje up Into the lead now here on this opening Lap let's see if things change up a Little bit constant Min J Jake Hammer New running order and Jay Cameron now With issues he goes down on his lid Let's see if he's able to recover his Craft remotely minje and Costa though on To lap number two they are six tenths of A second apart and now they're the only Two flying so this last lap is for Pride To see who gets the line first and will Pride a little dashed here for Costa Hitting the gate as you can see a low Battery sign but also you can see the Momentum give up just a little bit here For minjay he knows he's got it Min J With another win here tonight Costa Pulling up second a safe back into Advance to the semi-final of the winners Bracket And that one is going to be under review A result's not official Unofficial finish will be While we're under our view we are going To do a search for a drone before we Bring our next Heat out really get them

Fired up so we're going to do a quad Search we're going to do a DVR review And I will give you your unofficial Order right now if it is as it is binge And Costa go to the semifinal the Winners bracket and props go and Jay Cameron will go to the semifinal the Consolation bracket we may uh we may Adjust that after the review regardless None of those fire four Pilots have Channeled changes to worry about but Again a DVR review underway for that and Looking for a few more bodies to help us Find a lost drone out on the racetrack It'd be greatly appreciated Big discussion here in the chat about Battery placement on the top or the Bottom we got one of the ogs of drone Racing especially with the multi GP one Of the early numbers in the database em Drones So back in 2014 to 17 battery on the top Or the bottom was pretty much 50 50. now bottom is the meta And I wonder why that would be Well farmers fpv from Canada who is Watching the live stream from MCO the Orlando Airport says the battery Takes big damage in a crash with the Battery on top But hyper told me he finds that the Center of gravity is more well balanced On his frame with a battery on top Now

I guess you go forward The battery more damage on the top but I Guess when you're starting As I am More of a rookie pilot even though I Am The Reserve Champion of the rookie race 2019 at flight Fest I can tell you battery on the bottom is A little more sketch for a rookie pilot Because Landings are very hard that's Hard to nail fpv Because you see where the camera is you Come in and you kind of do like at least I do this little wave thing to scrub Speed and down on the battery and Sometimes it's hard to judge just how Low the ground is but uh what em Jones Is saying with Pro Pilots are always Flying pretty much you know the more Tilt you have down your battery if your Battery's on the top that's the thing That's going to take the impact so you Can see a little bit of a debate battery On the top battery on the bottom and There's a lot that goes into it And this is the excitement in the chat Right now after a review of the tape the Results are official on the last matchup Match number six saminjan Costa you're Back in the semi-final the winners Bracket match number 11. Jay Cameron Popsicle back in match number nine in The consolation bracket no Channel Changes no Channel changes say hello to

Filiblasta in the multi GP YouTube Channel chat he was our commentator that Uh carried a great part of our program Very entertaining I got to give him some props I should Have wrote down some of his lines I felt Bad that I was on the other side of the Grounds and I could hear him and I was Like literally laughing out loud I Couldn't hear any laughter coming from The flight line they're taking it Seriously but Phil was definitely making Me laugh We talked about our presenting sponsor Superior one Roofing that's the entire Thomas family and they're having a Viewing party of their own in Melbourne Florida so we want to say hello to Stacy That's Mom Rachel and Savannah as well And it's ten to eight I don't think Wyatt is up watching with us oh he is oh Yeah daddy's gonna be on TV that's uh That's a story why it is still up as Well so hello to the entire Thomas Household with their viewing party And I think the number would be very Small the number of live stream Broadcasts that they've missed always Excited to have them with us here Tonight Lining things up this is match number Seven consolation bracket race potato Miwo formula and j-box top two Advanced To stay alive in our program bottom two

Eliminated finishing 14th and 13th Overall Props off says I wish I could have been There well thanks to our great sponsors And the diligent efforts of Ethan and Dougie and Andre you are able to be a Part of the action just like you were Here Let's go green Pilots arm your quads Standby standby I don't know where we're Going Was that just viewers okay I think that was Stark worried about Some garbage right there okay all right If we can keep the woes to a minimum Unless we're cheering on me whoa that'd Be greatly appreciated all right Pilots Re-arm your quads I appreciate your Patience let's go live on the tone in Lesson five Off to the Races we go and it's a great Start for entire field and well a little Bit of a contact there for potato not Sure what he hit his quad doesn't sound Too healthy but he's back up we still Got four in the air as we get set to Chase down formula Your Leader right now As you see him out in that turn back Over to the gate j-box running the Number two spot and uh Here Comes potato Catching up and oh no looks like we may Have lost me whoa on his opening lap Still chasing down formula but as you

Look quite closely we have j-box hot on The back side that's a battle for the One two as we try and get potato caught Up there's formula J box on to lap Number two they're separated by 1.1 Seconds but don't count out J don't count out potato he is a bunch Back so need to finish those laps make It happen potatoes make it matter as we Push them on formula working his way Over to that final dive over to the Finish gate section he's just ahead Formula getting the win three tenths of A second over j-box 5.5 And so formula with the win J box Swiss Second And that is where journey is going to End here tonight for potato in third Miwo in fourth and that is going to Finish them up here tonight or this week And a 13th overall ranking for potato 14th overall ranking for me whoa fpv That was match number seven in the books Wild type obviously is a long time Viewer the multi GP YouTube channel Formula and j-box are moving to match Number 10 no Channel changes no Channel Changes wild type says it's stereoscopic That's a word that we all learned at the 2019 championship in Daytona I was calling it visual stereo because I'm a redneck I've Been a Cowboy all my Life these big words of me don't always Mix

Someone Googled it I think it was me Down who actually knew the word it's not Visual stereo it's Stereoscopic when you see two almost Identical images so shout out to Wild Type he's been a long time viewer also a Racer that we've seen numerous times at The majors Say hello to BMS Paul Across the way in Australia eia Hello Mike Just spent some time with BMS Paul BMS Thomas all my good buddies in Australia About a month and a half ago It was colder there than it was even at Its cold as here They decided to have a They decided to have a National Championship in the middle of Winter in Australia they're like it Never snows here Yeah except when Scully comes brings the Snow And it did have well mostly Frost but it Was 34 degrees on the one day and Australia here it is coldest in Florida It hasn't been that bad hasn't been that Bad and tonight this was the weather That we expected right here not too hot Not too cold Not too much moisture This is probably one of the one of the First times not the only that we have Said the best place for the multi-gp

Championship is in Florida the weather Is always great and Well so far this year it seems to be Another look at her trophies for the top Three in 2022 in sport Those trophies I want to thank Dive her down that's Dougie cling the Boy in the truck the producer of our Live stream for Coming up with the Design idea or concept for 2022 now for Those that are ogs like wild type and Cloud burn and EM drones in the Stream You may recognize those drone Trophies The 2016 multi GP Championship had Trophies like that their quants with Trophies on top and yes they can fly Jordan temkin our Reserve Champion in 2016 proved it this is the semi-final of The winners bracket top two so the top Two in this go to the semi-final of the Winners bracket top two go to match 11. Bottom team will go to the consolation Bracket mck is in this one and he has Iron Man mode engaged good luck Pilots Arm your quads live on the tone lesson Five Well I look up And I already see The Min Chen's goggles are up And That means Iron Man mode disengaged Bin Chen's trying to get back up but

Right now the story changed Leviathan And Marv fpv are your leaders They're the only two in the air unless Mincheng gets back up noikele crashes Out The two pilots have been flying together For the last three weeks are the first Two into our consolation bracket here at A match number eight Leviathan is in the semi-final of the Winners bracket and Marv fpv will join Him as well So that is gonna put mck fpv third Overall noikele fourth overall Just awaiting word from our judges Across the way that everything's good we Got a thumbs up And so looks like we got some Channel changes to worry about and with This we do have something to worry about So in match 11 semifinal the winners Bracket Leviathan and Marv fpv move up And we're gonna put Marv fpv on Race Band One Mck and neutral are going to go to match 10 but we need to change noikel's Channel to six and he's locked on two so If we can work that out Let me see if we can do that hit okay Michelle Has a uh janky VTX and so we're gonna Try and accommodate him he is locked to Channel two let's see what we can do for Him

That's j-box Paul Atkins is already on It so we're going to see what we can do There for uh noikel would like to put J-box on Race band Six when we get there And noiko on Race Band 2 if j-box can Help us uh accommodate that then uh That'll be the only channel change once We get there As we now sit at Round number nine Unknown Subject says dang no Iron Man W t F Well Here's the thing and I've been in many Discussions where we've been trying to Push our program along faster always Racing Daylight or curfews and So people say well let's cut out Iron Man and that'll just shut every it'll Speed us up blah blah blah blah Iron Man Means if the winner wins all their races Chase the ace if they win that you only Run it once so that means when we get to The final four it's only gonna It could Only be one race it could change if they Don't win that however now that mck fpv Went down in his uh his second race of The night that means when we get to the Final four where guaranteed two races Now so removing Iron Man actually Guarantees you two races regardless and Well the Quan gods have decided that

That is what they wanted to see more Racing when we get to the final four for The 2022 multi-gp championship Now there's a lot on the line we had a Big look at our trophies earlier of Course But there is much much more much much More on the line in fact In addition to those great prizes Our 2022 multi-gp Champion is going to Earn five thousand dollars In literal Cold Hard Cash Second gets 3500 third gets fifteen Hundred dollars we're handing out money Money money and crowning a new multi-gp Champion No one in this field has been a multi-gp Champion yet there is going to be a new One crowned tonight Let's go green with these four any four Of them could be in our final let's see What happens hyper engineer Jay Cameron Propsicle Pilots arm your quads live on The tone less than five Big Race So many packs on the track and well now You're seeing a couple issues there Hyper going back to the field as we Chase down jakehammer popsicle engineer And now hyper y'all spin a death for Engineer he's out in the rhubarb he's Pretty side down let's see if he can get Back up in this thing as we continue to Chase down your leader Jake Hammer

Popsicle running about a gate behind him As both of them go through that keep Section that is a battle for the lead With Hyper now running third and we just Lost popsicle propsicles trying to get Back out trying to Turtle moat his way Under the gate Jake Cameron goes on to Lap number two now this is an Elimination race you want to be top two Or your journey comes to an end tonight Right now hyper is in second now 4.8 Seconds off of our leader but the wild Card in this one is propstical props Equal just going on that lead lab but He's eight and a half seconds back off a Hyper for the transfer position so Jay Cameron hyper really just need to finish Up these laps sir 12 seconds ahead of Popsicle combined there's Jake Hammer Moving On and Here Comes hyper he's Moving on as well I don't know what is in the Air Tonight Third in the Heat going to propsicle Fourth gonna go to engineer we're seeing Way more crashes in this group than I Think we saw in the feeder Now those results are under review those Results are not official as they get but Unofficially we are going to take Jake Hammer and Hyper up to match number 12 No Channel changes and unofficially Journey ending here for engineering 12th In 2022 popsicle in 11th in 2022 [Music]

Foreign We're going to have a brand new champion Pending this DVR review we're gonna have An entire new Podium as I think we just Eliminated last year's reserve and Second runner-up It's a waiting word that things are good No pressure we're at match number 10 Formula J box mck fpv and neutral you're Up on Deck match 11 Min J cost fpv Leviathan And Marv fpv They're blowing up the chat right now Hyper hyper hyper hyper Also got a s hammer Word to fpv says congrats Jake on Another w Ow laws fpv saying Hyper Hammer well I Guess he picked the two or he's given up Giving us an update on the results Thanks to everybody watching us on the Multi GP YouTube channel If you're just joining us here tonight Over the course of the next week you can Go back and relive all of Champs week Here at the 2022 multi GP championship Wednesday's broadcast brought us the Sport where we had I think 56 Pilots we Ran the bottom 16 bumped up one the next 16 and from that that bottom 16 we Called the triple next then we pumped One Pilot up to the next group so we Started down here of the 56 Pilots ran 16. we called it the triple next we

Bumped One Pilot up they ran in another 16 with Chase the ace we called that the Double next then we bumped one pile it Up then that's the next 16. qualifiers 17-32 we ran that bump to pile it up and Then we had our Championship top 16 of Course at the end of that one quantoc Our champion That was on Wednesday night and most of Those brackets available On the multi GP YouTube channel Just go back it was I think October 19th Results official on that last one Results official [Music] Well of course I keep saying uh quad Talk was the Champa sport he was the Next 16 champion of sports To fly was our champion of sports Sidewinder was our Reserve Champion and Mayan Hawke our second runner-up third Overall here in 2022. Going down was our next 16 champ Flying with a rubber ducky I'll never forget I'm looking at those Trophies the video Of Jordan temkin jet putting uh well Building out his trophy and actually Flying it it was it was pretty sketch to Watch but it flew it flew Well this year's Champions fly theirs We'll have to find out this match number 10 another consolation bracket race Third and fourth finish up top 10

Overall ninth and 10th when it's all Said and done top two advancing a little Closer to our final four for their share Of ten thousand dollars in cash let's go Green Pilots arm your quads live on the Tone lesson five Foreign Your top qualifier now gonna have to Beat them all a couple of times but Before we even get there He is back at traffic here now he just Pulled ahead mck up the number one spot Then it's noake j box formula one two Three four pretty tight race mck trying To redeem himself gonna move up in that Consolation bracket process illumination Looks like we may have lost Jay box he's Trying to get back into things here Comes mck onto lap number two that is uh Hot lap right there neutral 2.4 seconds Back they crash down together now They're staying together to try and get Themselves into that final four out of The consolation bracket these guys have Been flying together for like the last Three weeks they're almost teammates now Formula is 1.1 seconds back from them as We get set to wave a checkered flag at Our multi-gp star and finish line let's Bring them through the superior one Roofing tunnel there's mck there's noink They are one and two They will stay alive And third by eight seconds will be

Formula formula running an outstanding Race but pulling up third here in this One J box in fourth your first one to Crash out That's a big showing here for formula Last year was 23rd overall when the dust Settles at Champs and here in 2022 gonna Finish up in the number nine spot that's A gain of about what 12 positions And results are unofficial we are Checking a few things out Pending the DVR review but unofficially We're going to take mck and neutral to Match number 12. one channel change to Worry about mck gonna go to race Band-Aids Mck to race band eights when we come Back in match number 12. There is a review on the last one as we Get set for the semi-final of the Winners brackets Mars the fpv and the YouTube chances GG That was crazy Johnny 5 wants to know does his fellow Texan Now retire yeah j-box Journey ending as Well in that one finishing fourth in the Heat that was match ten that was a an Elimination race Not the words for Jay Bach j-box he's Gonna finish up 10th overall Not bad last year he was 12. so he is Climbing up that ladder Well thumbs up coming in from our

Officials and after the DVR review Results are official And so we will now take once again mck And neutral to match number 12. that's a Break of one and we do have that channel Change for mck I think it was to race Band eight Was we look to our final ranking there Are eight Pilots remaining out of the 710 that attempted to qualify for the 2022 multi-gp Championship which means Here tonight the whole shot rule is now In play for the balance of the evening Whole shot rule if you're not familiar With it if contact between two drones Occurs before the whole shot gate which Is the top of that Tower the triple Tower at the center of your screen If there's contact before that gate that Results in a crash we will restart the Heat it is called the whole shot rule And so we will be watching that for the Balance of our race program here tonight The 2022 multi-gp Championship presented By Superior one Roofing hobby Wing HD Zero gem fan team Black Sheep torvel 533 And orca Just so everybody knows here on site the Fired Up Saloon is the official after Party tonight the Fired Up Saloon Google It we'll see you there potentially But we can't celebrate yet no champagne No whiskey Yet Knight's Young

Semi-final of the winners brackets top Two in this advance to our final four to Play chase the ace for the 2022 Championship bottom two will go into the Consolation bracket with a chance to Redeem themselves it's minjay Costa Leviathan and Marv fpv consent to fly Good luck Pilots Arm your quads live on the tone in less Than five Off to the Races we go great start we're Through and Off to the Races chasing Down Min J at the front it's minje Marv Costa and Levi Levi Nick making a big Move I think Levi is now your leader as He goes into that Corkscrew section yes Levi then Costa then Marv now we get Into the mix as well Ming holy let's Pick him up here on to lap number two Your Leader working his way looks like It's gonna be Levi there's Levi right Behind him now he's got a gap he's 2.6 Seconds ahead of Costa is running second And Costa announcer Jinx he goes down Marv fpv now climbing up into second Looks like issues as well for Min J Starting with four now we're down to Three we're down to three Marv gets back Up and minjay got back up now we're down To two Leviathan is in your final four here Tonight And one more is gonna join them there is Marv across the line

How about it right there Leviathan here this week the number four Qualifier and Marv from Lichtenstein the Number eight qualifier making the invite Here tonight to the top eight getting That by all day getting lots of rest and Well definitely it worked Ain't No Rest For The Wicked but apparently do we have A review We have a review on that results Unofficial Results unofficial But we will move Leviathan emerged Temporarily Leviathan and Marv fpv temporarily to Our final match number 14 Costa in minje We are going to move you into the Constellation bracket match number 13. And no Channel changes no Channel Changes but results unofficial on that Last one it is under a review Again down to our final eight in this Next matchup it's a consolation bracket Race So third and fourth are going to be Seventh and eighth overall and there's Three in the or two of the pilots in This one And the white on the left-hand side from Detroit It's Jake hammer Right beside him was hyper there's a Look inside of our pilot pit area Everyone hanging out watching the live Stream there's a look at Mondo there's

Shames The rest of the team now deep into our Pits we go there's debits we're talking About him as well representing hobby Wing and Finishing top five looks like AK is with Us here tonight And some big fans there you are it's a Kiss cam guys it's a kiss cam so There we are it's all right kovitz in The past Kovitz in the past that's all right What's up potato Hanging out with us saying hello to all His fans Down to eight Pilots There's Pino Hey buddy Doing good Yeah buddy Making a trip to Champs having a good Finish as well excited to see all these Pilots once again the Young Guns getting It done Out on the line just getting things Sorted out here looks like our four Pilots getting set to fly of course just Verifying that everything's good in the Track looks like someone is in the Superior one Roofing tunnel looks like It's Chris Thomas one of the hardest Working guys in drone racing You can see there's a little bit of a Break so he is out there straightening

The LEDs in the tunnel That is passion Maybe try real time [Music] The touch of our innocence is faded [Music] Standby next race is going to start in 25 seconds Match number 12. Tom 2 will race back to Back versus Costa fpv and minje for the Top two will go to her final four For their share Their share ten thousand dollars in the Title in 2022 multi GP champion It's jakehammer hyper mck and noikel Many picks in this one right here to be In our final four well if you're gonna Do a pick two pick two of them because They could work their way there we're Going green Pilots arm ear quads live on The tone in less than five Foreign Of our launch up and through it we go a Little bit of contact there looks like Jay Cammer is going to be the victim he Goes down not sure who he hit but Hyper's going down now a race to turtle That is the race for third and fourth And here are the flying mates they get Seated into the into the bracket Together neutral and mck that is neut Just ahead of mck a little switch up but It doesn't matter they have a pretty Good lead right now over hypers trying

To catch up in the Caboose these guys The last three weeks building courses Testing quads flying together neutral And mck one and two on two the final lap Lap number two seven tenths of a second Apart hyper gets onto that lead lap he's 4.9 seconds back from mck in second Noikel in the lead noike still leading Mck How about watching this it's USA versus Korea on this one and noike making one Of those noike mistakes mck getting the Win noik Gets By by the hair of his chin Right there that was lucky that was Lucky for noike noike is going to live Another day So we did have a review on Match 11 that Was with Leviathan and Marv fpv moving Into our final four they tell me after Review of the tape results are official On that one no changes Leviathan and Marv are in our final four tonight again No changes there this racy tell me as Well that the results are official on That no issues with our judges and so we Got a back-to-back situation as we move Mck and noikel up to this next race mck And noikel are moving up they're up Right now in match number 13. Now we would like to see if we can make A channel change here again noikel has a Video transmitter that's janky it's Performing and working as it is right Now but he is locked to race band 2. and

So we are going to ask ever so nicely For Min Jay to go to race Band 1 if Possible So we can leave noik on Race band number Two Starting with eight pilots in that last Heat and now we're down to six as it's Going to be a send-off here for hyper in The number seven spot Jake hammer in the Number eight spot overall in 2022 About where they finished last year as Well hyper was fifth Jake Hammer was Sixth and here this year Hyper is seventh Jay Cameron is eight so They're ranked right together this time Swapping order But always a great time when you can see Outstanding Pilots like that Racing against each other Couple issues there for hyper had a huge Chance if hyper hadn't made his mistake It would be a whole different game Neutral would be the one on the Sidelines Michael just made a few fewer Mistakes was able to recover faster but Let's not forget neutral was our top Qualifier in 2020 and made mistake after Mistaken after mistake he was a TQ on The global leaderboard he was a TQ all Weekend he won all of his bracket races Until jca's round one if memory serves Me right now that was two years ago but He made a noise mistake mistake so Coming to pressure this time around

Looks like he's putting himself in that Pressure position or the quad gods are As it were But he is still alive he's one of our Six Pilots remaining here in the Competition We are gritting up Min Jane Costa fpv Along with our top qualifier mck fpv For the top two will race back to back In our final four In a chase the ace Uh mck race spend one So he said all right And so Min Jay is going to be race band Eight Min J race band one okay Thank you So a back-to-back situation so of course We're just gonna uh give them a moment To get set get focused what's up osb1 Kanubi you doing good buddy Great to see you Hey sidekick how you doing Hey Jazzy You having fun Awesome time You gonna be a drone racer one day too Right on Wolf Pack racing as young Jazzy Over there yep thank you oh camera crew I would have to pick up that camera and Doug would yell I'm not gonna do it Not gonna do it uh Dougie can you bring Up that picture in your Facebook Messenger from the other day

Quack quack yo quack quack picture Say hello to Craven fpv watching in the YouTube chat not sure if he's still on Site we had him here earlier in the Brackets Good friend of ours Foreign So we have a minimum of three Heats Thank you Dougie On the right hand side of your screen One morning I woke up I went into the portalet Before the Race And I saw this sign that is on the right Hand side of our screen over here There was a tragedy during the Sport class Championship Quan doc who Was our next 16 of sport champion Had a rubber ducky on his quad on his Drone and lost it you see and there's an Image and so he was quite upset about it And Chris Thomas our founder and CEO Mentioned it to his family so his Daughters Rachel and Savannah made this Missing rubber duck poster and it was Posted all over the place underneath There it's a little hard to see but I Took this picture and I've been at this Spot on the grounds a few times I've Pretty much memorized so you can see There's the quad that had two ducks on It and shows you the dot dot dot this is How genius this artwork is like if you Really I've stared at it a lot so I Could really appreciate it the dot dot

Dot that shows you that the one rubber Duck is missing underneath it it says if Found call Mr Turner or Mr Thomas Because quad dog Mr Turner is the one Who lost the duck it says missing rubber Duck on the top underneath that it's Like a news ticker missing duck missing Duck missing duck missing duck and Underneath that it's really hard to read But it has the duck's name And it's in really fine type but it's Super creative I giggle every time I see This poster and it says in that scroll Scroll scroll on my screen I'm almost There it says probably sir quacks a lot That was the guess of the name Rachel Savannah came up with that poster and Due to their great efforts the missing Rubber duck was found Helped quad doc win the next 16 of sport And That drone was lent to Mondo who won our Pro next 40. top 16. so lucky duck has Come around full circle thank you to Those who made the poster Rachel Savannah great artwork and I appreciate It I read it very good a lot of thought Went into that Semi-final of the consolation brackets Min J cost fpv neutral and mck fpv two Of these Pilots are gonna be ranked top Six two of them are in our final four For the 2022 multi-gp Championship good Luck Pilots

Arm your quads Live on the tone in less than five Fantastic start here for the entire Field yeah they say they love the Community yeah everyone helpful but You're also seeing some of the best Drone racing that we have ever seen Right here mck has got the lead noiko Right with him colster with him and Minjay as well they're one two three Four if you look out on the track line Of sight man they are on top of each Other right now oohs and Oz for minje Minche was second overall in qualifying Here this week is it going to be a top Six finish it may be he's trying to Turtlemote his way out of it one lap Down for mck one more to go noichel and Costa in a battle for second third right Now watch that one because mck has a Pretty good lead cost her with some Issues and so right now it looks to be Like a mck and noike show getting in Their wing into that final four but Don't count it over until the last Checkered Flag flies Min James just gone On that final lap so noik and mck will Need to finish this one mck is back in Her final four and Aims himself as well The traveling Partners get her done And results unofficial we're hearing Some chatter on the radio right now it Looks like mck and noikele will join

Leviathan and Marv in our final four Results unofficial at this point results Unofficial Thank you So review underway A back-to-back situation And a minimum of two races to go Foreign [Music] Who gives a shout out to CT rocking the Shades for the end game Yeah buddy he wears his sunglasses at Night Foreign Are in your final four along with Leviathan and Marv fpv we do have a Channel change for mck fpv you're going To go back to race band Six mck fpv to Race band Six Two races to go and holy oh minimum of Two races to go we got chase the ace Coming up here which means our final Four now decided Are going to race again and again until One of those Pilots gets two wins But of course with every winner there's Got to be someone who is now taking a Journey home a little early So it is going to be A finish of sixth overall For Min Jay minje Kim qualifying second Here this week And finishing up in the number six spot A great showing here for

The People's Republic of Korea And fifth overall our German pilot the Number two ranked pilot in the world Number two on the global leaderboard Coming into The championship seventh overall in Qualifying this week and finishes up in The number five spot overall at the end Of the 2022 Championship as Costa fpv From Germany top five finish Be pretty proud of that Laying his flag in the sand here in Citrus Springs Florida The No Quarter ranch home of the 2022 Multi GP championship A lot of work has gone into this event And while we are retrieving drones and Getting things situated I want to show you some of the Improvements from 2021 from our last Time we hosted our Championship here And I think the thing that we've noticed Most of all are those stages that our Pilots are flying from Last year was on a Pilots were seated And we can see it down over here that Brand new stage the pilots were Seated On this rock and that rock actually goes Down on a a little bit of a berm which Is really nice when you come to fly Because you're slightly elevated and you Kind of look down on the ground onto the Course kind of little aerial view but When you're spending was it 33 rounds of

Qualifying over Thursday and Friday that Was 33 packs per pilot up and down on That rock it's a little tough and Because this is the multi-gp Championship dare I say the world Championship of drone racing qualifiers From around the world we put our Superstars on a stage and that is a Brand new addition that was built not Just once but twice because we like to Measure twice and build twice and that Stage I mean it could go up another two Inches on one and at one end but it is Perfectly level And literally sets the stage For the multi-gp championship here at The No Quarter Ranch and if you get the Invite to come to the new Corner Ranch Well you'll be able to fly on that stage As it's dug into the ground now that is A permanent structure Course over in our pilot pit area after The feedback and what we experienced Last year we had ample more power for Charging than hanging out in the pits And with our number of attendees in Sport and pro we're able to budget lots Of table space for everybody over there And our live stream producer didn't have A heart attack this time around so We were able to send up a whole bunch of TVs and projector screens so anywhere on The other side of that divide right There

Turn your head left right look up or Look down you're able to follow along on The action as we work our way closer to Crowning our 2022 multi-gp champion and It is going to be a new Champion here in 2022 We look back to our first ever champion Try We look back to our 20 . we look back to 2015. Our first ever multi-gp Champion that Was Sean Taylor Night Fury who comes Back in Muncie the next year 2016 to be Our two-time multi-gp champion then we Jump ahead to 2017 where van over Alex Van over becomes our 2017. Multi GP Champion then a year later we Are in Vegas and a little man by the Name a heads up fpv Evan Turner wins his First multi-gp championship 2020 fat kid Fpv becomes our fourth pilot and our Fifth multi-gp Champion then in 2021 Heads up fpv wins His second multi-gp championship So we got 18 19 so 1819 Evan Turner won 1819 Van over was 17. so Evan heads up fpv Evan Turner was 8 19 18 19. Fat kid was 20 20. and then Evan Turner Last year won his third Multi-gp Championship so really we've Only had Four multi GP Champions out of a

Possible seven right 15 16 yeah four out Of seven tonight that is about to change Tonight it is about to change who is it Gonna be Q music 710 pilots from around the world vying For their chance to be a champion one Day in the up and coming sport of drone Racing we've taken that field from 710 Pilots down to our Elite 65 the 2022 multi GP Championship Through qualifying through bracket race After bracket race through battle Through all kinds of glory and a whole Bunch of toil and struggle we are now Down to your final four to compete for The 2022 multi GP Championship well Let's intrusive to the starting field to The final four to play chase the ace We're gonna start things off with the Highest ranked pilot coming out of the Winners bracket no stranger to our final Just a year ago it was top 15 in sport In Pro he has also been a number one Ranked pilot on the global leaderboard But tonight a chance to win his first Ever multi-gp drone racing Championship He'll be on Race Band-Aid the number one Seed of the winners bracket Franc from San Dimas California it is Levi Leviathan Johnson in [Music] It is once again an international field Here for the world title of drone racing

That is known as a multi-gp championship Also coming out of the winners bracket Fifth overall in the leaderboard Worldwide here in 2022 eighth overall in Qualifying this week comes in as the Second highest pilot out of the winners Bracket from Schellenberg Lichtenstein It is Marvin shapper Marv fpv Well it is all about running for Redemption coming out of the consolation Bracket two pilots that have spent the Last three weeks training together Flying together and now they're gonna Try and hit podium one and two together We'll see how the teammates play out Here tonight first one coming out of the Consolation bracket a former number one On our leaderboard in 2020. number two On our Global leaderboard in 2021 and Here tonight comes in of our entire Field in the number five spot in Qualifying But after those four Championships tonight could be his night Is it noichel's night from Littleton Massachusetts Beckett really neutral fpv On Race man 2. [Applause] Well Iron Man mode may be disengaged for A top qualifier but there is not an Event that he hasn't won in the greater Part of the last two years under Pressure he never takes a knee and he Usually takes the Checker no matter what Happens to get him into that final here

In America he was our ice race champion He's won a bunch of titles all around The world renowned as the fastest drone Racer on the planet comes in as your top Qualifier top seed out of the Consolation bracket and tonight may be His night to be crowned the brand new Multi-gp champion from jollibug do Korea Your TQ Minchin Kim M C K fpv on Race Man six [Applause] It is show time it is go time it is Chase the ace round number one Regardless of what happens these four Pilots are gonna race again and again Tonight what a treat that this Championship and the Quan gods have Afforded us here tonight we're looking For a first Ace of the night no matter What happens we run again until One Pilot gets two wins our Pilots are set We are set inside the flight line here At the No Quarter Ranch chase the ace Round number one is about to go green Pilots arm ear quads live on the tone in Lesson five Off to the race as we go it is four wide In issues Marv fpv first one to be Trying to do a little catch up in our Giddy up looks like noikel no looks like Leviathan noichel mck one two and three But they've already traded places once Now it's uh mck fpv up to the top of the Tower he is going to be the one in the

Lead then it's Levi then it's noike one Two and three so it's a Redemption Running all over again especially if you Put to someone in that loser's bracket They get an extra pack and a loser can Become a winner in a hurry mck and Leviathan your leaders one and two one Second apart then Michael in third a Second back from them so three Pilots Remaining in the air here in this final Four looking for a first Ace down goes Levi so once again the travel mates or The flying mates are one and two they're Trying to take that podium in the first Dace and this one tonight goes to mck Fpv Michael pulls up number two Regardless of what happens at this point Right now I know Michael's messenger is Blowing up everyone wants to hang out With noike to train and fly together Because what a great showing there with Those two pilots here we're dingham Themselves from their earlier loss Putting him in the consolation bracket And they're your two leaders third in Round number one gonna go to Leviathan Fourth gonna go to Marv and there is Chase the ace round number one what did You think about that Chad's blowing up with Lotso let's go Lots of let's Go's right there Well that Long Lap is a little hard to Tell just exactly what it was but

You're looking at a 22.2 on lap two for Mck fpv A little bit off his personal best but That's after doing two and a half laps In qualifying mck who became our top Qualifier he knows the format I mean This guy's a literally a professional Drone racer this is what he does he Races drones for money that's how he Supports himself and Wins a lot of competitions has a lot of Great sponsors and so Winning is not just Talent there's a Little bit of luck And winning isn't just being able to go Fast Winning sometimes maybe just the fastest Pilot that day but there is always Strategy in racing and in qualifying mck Would only do two laps even though it's The fastest three laps in sequence only Maybe two rounds of his 33 He did three laps And so this was the first time that he Really went two and a half laps and was Able to keep a lot of ma in the tank to Finish strong chase the ace round number One and so when we go green here in About maybe five minutes time I didn't Hear the call for the reboot for these Four but it your first days to chase Gonna be mck fpv if we got a chance for This to go extra rounds here tonight There's a look at our founder and CEO

Chris Thomas talking with our flight Line director Paul Atkins just uh Reviewing a few things hey buddy A lot of a lot of Heats through a Scoring computer here this week we do Want to thank all of our cast and crew Of volunteers Von tools as well I go through the names but I would miss Some and I don't want to be Inappropriate but Everyone who contributed there's a bunch Got a lot of Blood Sweat and Tears into Making the track happen the flight line Happened the tech happened and this Event happened And an exciting Championship again here In 2022 one of our best championships Ever that is thanks to all of those who Contributed I can't thank you enough and over the Course of the balance of this evening And tomorrow I'll try and give you my Thanks as well The whole stock gates up on the big Screen that team Black Sheep Real serious toys Paul shock ain't the Elevated part of that triple ladder That is a structure right there It is uh It is quite difficult to put up a triple Gate that is with the standard multi GB Size we use in the global qualifiers With a 5×5 opening that right there I Think is about an eight by eight opening

Like it is Big yeah it's larger than our Six by seven right no I guess it'd be Six by seven standard oh no it's a Special build it's anyway it's massive So that thing is built it looks 3D but There are actually three runs like that Structure we could undo those uh guy Wires and it would actually be Freestanding wouldn't really want to Stand near it Just in case but uh that is structurally Sound At the top of that it may not appear Like it right now but that is 30 feet in the air the top of the TBS Tower And yes we go from the launch stands That we just saw there all the way up To the top Or the comment coming in from Summer Pilots so they don't require as much Preload that is when the quad is when It's armed they will actually rock it up On those launch stands on the fpv pro Launch stands and they don't have to uh Angle it up as much the idea with that Preload is that the Drone will be on an Angle like this and then all they have To do is send it Uh left stick Full Throttle at that Point like an on switch to go towards Our start finish gate Say hello to Dolan fpv Give it a shout out to the crew

Prop son says I should have been there Maybe next year see about planning it For next year to volunteer had so much Fun with the crew at i o 2022. And it's that's a good point props off Next big major event date yet to be Announced but that is the 2022 multi-gp Internet or 2023 multi GP International Open That's our next big major event where we Have eight race tracks running Simultaneously we also have a big race Coming up in April back in Wisconsin the Ice Race We're getting set to go back there And we have filiblasta on site he is one Of our volunteers of international open I had so much fun at International open That he made the trip with his wife here To the 2022 multi-gp championship To be on our crew had some fun Helping with race Direction and commentary over the course Of the pro qualifying The sport qualifying as well There's a pretty good sense of humor Pretty good sense of humor For those that have been right into Following the Champs from afar you may Have saw our unofficial broadcasts on The multi GP fpv page That's where we went out so the true People in the community that know where The live stream is it's on a produced

Live stream but they were able to follow Along and could hear some of that and if They couldn't tell You see late at night during qualifying Filiblaster would have a headphone on Our radio communication And while he was announcing Chris Thomas Was at the other end in our production Room Just giving them random things to say Most of them untrue most of them pretty Comical and if you had a chance to hang Out with us during qualifying it Definitely made the minutes and hours And even days go by Lots of Giggles I actually laughed so Much I had a almost a tension headache my Neck was so tense After The hilarity that ensued last night We say hello in a flying bear Another one of the ogs He was in her top 10 in the 2015 and 2016 multi GB championship Hello flag bearer miss you buddy Hey buddy Who's one of the pilots in the very Beginning of time would go to drone Races and there'd be 60 or 100 pilots And If you flew three or four times in a Day that was a good day Here in the Pro Championship Thursday And Friday and qualifying we started

Just after eight in the morning and went To just ahead of 10 pm at night And we flew 17 rounds using our virtual Queuing system on Thursday And 15 rounds On Friday Nope 16 rounds on Friday for a grand Total of 33 Rounds per pilot and some people would Say oh that's that's uh unlimited packs Kinda but not really because we had a Bunch I would say about 20 percent of The field was still here after nine O'clock last night and they hit their Limit Imagine that Over a dozen times a dozen packs each Day Drone racing has changed flying bear We'd love to have you back come and join Us Chase the ace round number two this may Be the final Heat The final race of 2022. If mck fpv your winner of Chase the ace Round one is your champion He's getting five thousand dollars a Flying trophy a bunch more swag and will Be our fifth ever pilot to have the Title A multi-gp Champion But if you want this thing to go to Extra Innings you are looking for noike

Leviathan or Marv fpv to get the win of Round number two to push it to Extra Innings we're looking for two wins two Aces mck is your Ace to chase in round Two pilots arm your quads Live on tone in less than five Off to the Races we go in a clean start And a great start for everybody of Course everyone watching mck no one Getting in front of him as a yet but Levi I think is going to be closest he's Hot on the backsides you look on Levi's Got mck in his sights now a little Gapping Marv is now up into the number Two spot but regardless everyone is Chasing down mck right now and we just Lost noik noik goes down on the opening Lap gets sent to wave a white flag here One more lap to go for mck fpb he gets Onto lap number two he's got an eight Tenth of a second lead over Levi and Marv is 1.2 seconds back from him so Levi's closest to mck to put this into Extra Innings give him a chance for the Championship and mck just going a full Send right now Marv fpv with some issues So up at the front it's mck he's heading To the multi GP Finish Line mck fpv is Your 2022 multi GP drone racing champion [Music] We want to finish What a finish The results on that one are gonna be Under review for Podium positions

And that is for Podium positions only Our judge on our Ace band Six is all Smiles and all thumbs just as that pilot Right there your 2022 multi-gp champion Mck fpv Two up two down May not have had Iron Man but did he Need it well we've already figured that Answer Is no Brent crouch on the YouTube chat Says game over yep that is where it came To an end Kimberly Brown thank you for the Donation of pizza Unless you want your pizza it's over Here Kimberly Brown Kimberly Browning your pizza is over Here as is your driver Well I've been requested to ask Everybody before our Podium presentation Please ensure that your pit area is Clean afterwards of course this is a A drone racing course 365 days a year and we'd like to leave The entire premises as we found it so Again please uh make sure you pick up Around yourself Kim browning over to the Announcer stand for your pizza Kim Browning So again we're just a few moments away From our Podium presentation currently At this point we are under a DVR review To try and uh Try and line things up

Ensure that our entire Podium is correct There was a question that came up On one of the runs that would decide are Podium payoff and again here in our Podium We're handing out look at that that's Gonna go to Minchin Kim that's mck's Money right there five thousand dollars If you can imagine A cold Hard Cash Our Reserve Champion gets 3 500 our Second runner-up third overall getting 1500. Well we do have a moment we do want to Thank our local corporate and National Partners Thank you to Superior one Roofing Why have just a regular roof when you Can have a superior one with locations In Dallas Texas Melbourne Florida as Well thank you Superior one Roofing Along with Orca goggles Thank you to orca It's work fpv Renowned for their goggles also their Radio the fpv dot control Well after DVR review results are Official stand by for Podium Presentations here the 2022 multi-gp Championship in the next two minutes [Music] [Music] Online Again our thanks to those great Partners

Superior one Roofing Orca goggles also Our friends at Hobby Wing long time Sponsor the multi GP championship I also want to thank HD zero for their Support and also the use of their new Event video receiving systems Gem fan gym fan props CT would say thank you gem fam because Mike is awesome Team Black Sheep torville 533 as well of course our thanks And of course our thanks to Matt and Michelle Brooks so the No Quarter Ranch As well As we get set to do our Podium Presentation we would like to invite up The entire top 16 for a group photo of Our top 16 The 2022 multi-gp Championship so again We would like to call up for a Podium Picture our top 16 starting with 16th Overall in 2022 Pinot 15th overall the Sloth 14th overall meanwho fpv 13th Overall potato 12th overall engineer 11th overall popsicle top 10. we're at J-box in 10th formula in ninth Jay Kammer in eighth hyper in seventh Min J In sixth Costa fpv in fifth and then of Course our top four Marv fpv then third Noikel second Leviathan and mck fpv Again we would like our top 16 to come Down over here for Podium presentation Hey have you heard your name Come over here please

Jesus Top 16. once again we want you to come Down to this end for a Podium photo Your top 16. Now if you're following along on the Multi-gp Facebook page Chris Thomas went Into the archives And pulled up a picture we had one of Our artist friends Tim actually do Caricatures of our top pilots on the Podium so love to capture that memory in This memory as well potentially the top 16 pilots in the world from 710 down to This top 16. We would have loved to have gotten this Photo earlier tonight but The theme of this Championship was that Led course And we want to highlight it behind the Top 16. 2022 drone racing season [Applause] [Music] Engineer Engineer come on over here Various [Music] There we are The sloth if you can come over here Please the sloth We'd love for you to be in the photo It'd be great Be so good right now I don't think he's coming

He is on his way He's been on his way Sloth are you with us Got it All right so ZT has now requested that The top eight lineup here for a top Eight photo that's jakehammer hyper Min J Costa Marv noike Levi and mck your top Eight [Music] And now your top four Marv fpv noike Levi and mck Yeah And stand by while we get some guands For the photo [Music] Oh [Music] Fireball [Applause] [Music] Oh yeah Yeah best friend [Music] We were trying to get a photo that's on For you're good All for you is good we'll remember Years [Music] Hey one two three multi GP One two three [Music] What does that even mean Joe Make some noise

Back All right it's now time for our official Podium presentation uh your top three The 2022 multi GP Championship we're Gonna start things off with your second Runner-up third overall and maybe this Year wasn't his year to win but he did Get better last two years he was fourth Fourth and fourth and now he's third Must be his traveling partner bring him Down your second runner up third overall On our Podium fifteen hundred dollars Cash a huge trophy as well in a Challenge coin that is neuchal come on In [Applause] Foreign [Applause] So a higher finish here in 2022 than the Previous years and a lot less bad luck This year what do you attribute that all To well I think this year I just came a Lot more prepared Um the previous championships I never Practiced more than two or three days But this time I did for two or three Months and I felt that helped me a lot With my consistency and also my overall Speed which was lacking last year so I Felt super confident coming in this year Especially with all the help from Minchan he helped me build my quads he Woke me up in the morning he sank and he It was it was really helpful so big

Thank you to Minchin and um I hope we Can hunt some more ghosts in the future Together Um I also want to thank all my sponsors Who supported me this year and all my Long-term sponsors who have supported me Through my entire career like 533 HQ Prop and more recently Russia FP meeting Helped me a lot and HD zero who gave me The Competitive Edge of this race with 90 Hertz I thought that really gave me a Lot of extra speed especially in like The technical areas where I struggle With the most so I'm super thankful for Them to support me and a huge thanks to Carl Well congratulations your second runner Up third overall on our Podium Congratulations buddy glad to see you Get a piece of the podium here in 2022. We're gonna go to your Reserve Champion Next against uh 3 500 cash Holy plus a flying potentially flying Trophy and the challenge coin always a Highest ranked pilot always up in the Top 10 on the global leaderboard at Champs hasn't been this close to Podium It's been just outside of the top 10 but Tonight he is your 2022 Reserve Champion And that is leviathan [Applause] How about that 3 500 that's a lot of Cash that's a huge Trophy and since we Met you in 2018 on watching on that

Global leaderboard in the qualifying This has been a long time coming you Must be so excited uh yeah I mean I've Just uh I feel like I've improved a lot Over the past few years and um it's just Such a dream come true to be up here on The podium and uh flying with these Awesome Pilots especially Min Chan he's Just insane and it's crazy to be uh Competing with him so uh I'm just super Happy with that Yeah I mean we've been excited following You I remember the first time I think it Was shame so we posted something on Facebook just as random posts like you Gotta watch this guy you gotta watch This guy and we've been uh watching you Improve and super stoked you're number Two overall out of like 700 plus Pilots This is finally it outstanding racing Who do you want to thank for your Performance here in 2022 our Reserve Champion I mean of course I want to Thank all my sponsors Um getting them getting the gear for This race it was you know a bit of a Rush and I'm just so thankful for Everyone for you know helping me out 533 Newbie drone especially got me a lot of Stuff when I needed it and um just all My other sponsors I wish I could you Know just thank them more uh so amazing I'd also like to thank my parents Especially my dad who's out here at all

These races helping me out being my pit Man so it's it's so amazing to be able To you know share that with them We've been so close and tonight was the Night your 2022 Reserve Champion Levi Johnson you Know Miss Leviathan what do you do for Your Reserve Champion Congratulations bud [Applause] And then there was one Then there was one five thousand dollars In cash a flying trophy of all the Trophies he's received this is probably The first one he could ever fly and it Would go so fast so fast you're 2022 Multi GP Champion MC kfpv [Applause] Oh That's a lot of top play but uh you know What's going to hold in those 8s lipos You're gonna be okay Five thousand dollars in American 20s Did you ever imagine that this day would Be on here that's a lot of money and a Lot of cash holy what do you think oh I Didn't know there's a lot of monies in This race but actually oh but I'm super Happy to take this money Laughs Well come you come in as a top qualifier Everyone uh all these Pilots uh when you Came to America for the Ice Race not too Long ago in April as we talked to all

The pilots here throughout the tent Everyone has been excited here to just Be able to fly with you obviously you're Very renowned there pretty much isn't a Race you haven't won and stuff like that So we're excited to have you here we're Proud to call you our 22 multi-gp Champion your name is up in the books With some greats and uh truly you still Are the Undisputed fastest pilot in the World one question What happened in that race that you Didn't win oh in the brackets That's hard to say Um I wasn't nervous but after I had like Two meters in the brackets I started to Get my I literally can't feel my hands Are shaking like crazy so like I was Kept hitting the gates and then I Thought it's over and luckily my XC60 Didn't came off so I couldn't make it to File that worked Now then in the semi-final you were Running second behind noiko was that Strategy or was this he just leading you Home oh you know I didn't want it to hit Noiko so like I tried to try to keep the Behind off noiko because we are best Friends and we practice a lot for this Race so we wanted to get them final Together hey Teamwork Makes a Dream Work A reality well aside from your best Friend noikel who do you want to thank For this another championship for mck

Fpv oh first I really wanted to thanks To my parents who is supporting me every Time for the Drone racing in Parts Everything and 533 Mondo Evan and all of My other sponsors Jam fan you know all Of my sponsors my parents I really want To thanks to them The Undisputed fastest Pile in the world Wins again are 2022 multi GP champion Mck fpv [Applause] Well that is going to do it for us here Tonight of course the official after Party was abari announced about an hour And a half ago Lonnie knows it send him A message if you're going out here Tonight hey Pilots thanks so much for Coming out with us this week what did You guys think about the 2022 edition of Champs did you like it do you enjoy the Venue what do you guys do for volunteers Right now how about we put our hearts to Hands for those that made this event Possible all the volunteers our staff And our hosts the Brooks family here at The no Corner Ranch Well it's time to go into retirement and Come back a little bit I mean not like Provo we're not going to take three Years off we're going to take a few Months off we're gonna be back in April The ice race is back we'll see you in Wisconsin IO is going to be back in 2023 and you

Know as well we are going to be coming Back for the multi GP Championship we'll See you next year thanks to all the Volunteers all the staff all the Sponsors all the pilots all the parents All the supporters thank you for making This probably the best Championship We've ever had CT it's been a great time We'll see you in 2023 that's a wrap from The 2022 multi-gp championship [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] Walk away from [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Come on get up

[Music] When everything is Good enough [Music] [Music] Doing life Escape for something I won't go down Without a fight no I won't die for Nothing you help me under too long I see You coming in take back your hands [Music] Down this is [Music] [Music] You don't get [Music] Together [Music] [Music] My God [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Here I stand on the edge Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I hope you'll find what you're looking For you know I'll be standing next to You [Music]

Life is [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] I must be wrong you can't be right Crossing the line [Music] Wasting time no reason why [Music] [Music] Think I'm blind So much [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] Kingpin Baby [Music] [Music] The touch of our innocence is faded [Music] [Music] Doesn't matter [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause]

We feel [Music] [Applause] [Music] Bad [Applause] Stupid [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] Myself [Music]

[Music] Okay [Music] Slow down Foreign [Music] Joy [Music] I'll make my Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

[Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Going up [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause]