MultiGP 2022 Drone Racing Championship – Pro Class (TOP 40 LOWER 17/Last Chance Bracket)

By | October 22, 2022

2:00PM MultiGP 2022 Drone Racing Championship – Pro Class (TOP 40 LOWER 17)
4:30PM MultiGP 2022 Drone Racing Championship – Pro Class (TOP 40 Last Chance Bracket)

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Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank God Is [Music] [Music] See [Music] [Music] Me down Finding peace on Foreign Springs Florida we're at the No Quarter Ranch the home of the 2022 multi-gp Championship presented by Superior one Roofing Orca goggles hobby Wing HD zero Gem fan team Black Sheep torval and five Three three we're about set to continue On on our Championship Saturday program This is our top 40 lower 17 bracket we Took our entire field to 65 qualifiers With a top 40 and a next 40. we've Crowned our 2022 next 40 Champion that Is a pilot you know as Mondo our Newestly newly crowned Champion multi GP Racing and uh something that we did over The course of the early part of the week As it is Champs week we had our sport Class Championship on Tuesday and Wednesday and when we did our brackets There we did a whole bunch of 16

Brackets we call them and so a whole Bunch of double elimination a whole Bunch of battling of people evenly Seated and made an exciting day and we Did bumps and so with a slight Modification of how we have done our Bracket in the past we are now running a Group of 17 for the sole purpose so After we run and finish this group the Lower 17 of the top 40. one of those Pilots is going to move to the next Stage and that is the second to last Stage before our top 16 Championship Tonight at 7 pm for the 2022 multi-gp Championship which means one of these 17 Pilots you're about to see over the Course of the next 90 minutes could be In our finals tonight and could be our 2022 multi GP Champion they do because Of their seating get a bunch more packs If they bump up let's see how it plays Out Heat number one are the preliminary Round of brackets is about to go green We got Nitro shames big speed and Paco Again set to fly Pilots are set arm your quads live on The tone lesson five Go tone and I was reading in the chat They're talking about Goosebumps yeah Buddy a little bit of a different start Here former field we'll talk about that In a little bit but uh of course uh We're trying to keep things rolling here For our overall schedule and we want to

Conserve lipo looks like we started with Four down with one we go Nitro goes down Who uh was pretty much first one off the Blocks but now he is back of the pack Trying to catch up to the rest of the Field as yeah he rolls out there trying To catch up looks like we might be Chasing big speed now big speed with Some issues there Shames are some issues there the only One who hasn't had issues is Bako Bako Is the only one who's flying a clean Race he's about to go on to the lead lap Lap number two and a half with the lead 42 and a half news and odds in the pits As we try and get a few more back into This thing Here Comes big speed onto lap number two He's running second about uh 9.6 seconds Back from second that's good and the Battle for the transfer position nitro's In third he's five seconds back from Second so Paco big speed one and two They're at the top of your screen and Then Nitro in the bottom right he's the One trying to battle his way up for the Top two now it's a double elimination Bracket it's our standard top 16 top two Move up bottom two move down and our First one to move up in our top 40 lower 17's gonna be Paco two laps in the mid 15. big speed following up in the number Two spot and Nitro in third by 4.6 Seconds he found about seven seconds on

The track but he's gonna pull up second And we are under a quad retrieval now That one is under review that one is Under review so stand by before uh we do Anything too crazy with that group we're Gonna go to the next races but that Results aren't official unofficially We're going to move ponco and big speed Up to match number six no Channel Changes Nitro and James to match number Five no Channel changes but again Results unofficial that first heat under A DVR review Now the one thing that we have just Changed now there's been uh a lot of Discussion before this event during the Event the number of laps that the Brackets would be now it is a larger Course it's in the same footprint as Others the lap times are similar to last Year but with all the turns in the Elevation elevation changes it is a bit Of a battery burner so to compromise we Made qualifying based on your fastest Two laps consecutive and with that Format that kind of allowed anyone and Everyone to at least get their two laps In but you saw many Pilots doing four Laps it could be their first two their Last two or their middle two laps I'd Say the vast majority did three laps in Qualifying and so it's either your first Two or your last two laps in sequence to Get seated from her field to 65 to where

We sit here on Championship Saturday and There are some that just went up and did Two laps that was it they did their two Laps that's all they needed and they Landed conserving lipo whatever their Competitive strategy may be and so we Looked at the numbers yesterday and uh We're like well if we look at everyone Who did three labs in the top 40 Th position was like three laps in a Minute 30 and when we design it for Competition make sure you can space your Field out get the right Champion you Don't want a horse race over in less Than a minute we look at their TQ time Their fastest lap times multiplit Multiply it by whatever or divide a Minute by that that's going to kind of Start to set your bar and then the Bottom You want to make sure that no one's Doing No One's Gonna destroy lipos just To finish races and so after looking at Everything really the gut feeling was Three is possible three isn't going to Destroy batteries but in all of the Discussion on site we have made a Modification to the course as a Compromise and so it's kind of two and a Half laps here as we transition from the Next 40 to the top 40 they launch from The launch stands that go through the Top of the tower pick things up at the Bottom of the cube and so it's just

About half a lap there then come through Onto a full lap one and then a full lap Two Looks like our Pilots are about set this Is Heat number two AKA anim grower QT Fpv and Ethan fpv and before we launch I Got a note results official on that last One so Paco and big speed match number Six and Nitro and shames match number Five results official from match number One thank you To our judges off in the VIP area All right Pilots arm your quads Live on the town lesson five The YouTube channel just blowing up Right now for QT Parker thousand wants To see something happen here we've got Some grower fans we got some AK fans and We got an Ethan fpv fan blowing up the Chat as well good to see all these Pilots were down and their friends Family and stalkers following on the Multi-gp YouTube channel this is their First effort right now It looks like uh we've lost NM grower on The opening lap AK was your leader I look away and I Think QT may have moved up into the Number one spot we'll uh we'll see here On this opening lap but I believe we're Down oh we're down to a few we still got Ethan in the air this is our five Heat So we have 8K just went on to lap number Two with a 45-9 of course that includes

That opening lab qt in second 4.8 Seconds back and we just lost third that Was uh yasum was still flying Now in this heat of five again that was The accommodation so that we could do a Bump up through our program we can talk About that change and the reason a Little bit but uh our combination here Means two advanced in the winners Bracket one goes into the constellation Bracket and right now yasum's 20 seconds Back AK is moving on up in the winners Bracket good run for him he was the Number two seed in this group so no Surprises there he was a strong matchup Here in this group and second in the Effort gonna go to QT fpv he's going to Move on in our winners bracket to match Number six as well that means yaw some And grower And Ethan fpv will go to match number Five [Music] And they tell me results official No challenges on the play So we do kind of have oh we got some Channel changes Looks like when AK and QT come back to Match number six 8K is going to go to Race band 8K to race band 8 the soul Change there but those two advancing Ethan fpv and NM grower you're moving up And we are going to move Ethan fpv to Race band to race band One Ethan fpv to

Race band one that's the soul channel Change there Ethan fpv to race band One Him and Grover gonna match number five And Q T and AK moving on up AKA gonna go To race band eight match number six That was uh match number two we're at Match three daylight fpv Arvin fpv a Drone and dreams you're up on Deck match Four Infinity spicy fire serpent fairy And the whole Nitro shames and I'm Grower Ethan fpv And you awesome [Music] This one we have the number 13 seed in Qualifying this week or in this group 36 overall in qualifying this week That's dreamzy Qualifying just ahead of him in 35th his Teammate a drone Highest seed in the seat 27th this week Is going to be daylight fpv And your second highest seed in this Heat 28th overall this week all the way From Germany one of our International Pilots Arvin fpv in this one We're going green in just a moment and We're about to go live Pilots arm your Quads live on the tone lesson five Foreign Line of sight of the launch there we are We're going low side of the cube picking Things up here on the tail end of the Lap looks like a drone is going to be Your early leader here but we're gonna

Bring him on to wow one daylight a drone Dreamzy we're all together dreams he Looks like he got the whole shot but he Crashed out so it's a drone daylight Arvin one two and three here on the Opening lap so it's a two and a half lap Race with that long launch to kind of Even the fields here with lipo and uh Daylight in a drone right now battling First and second Arvin is only two gates Back in the number three spot our adrone Just ahead of daylight daylight now just Ahead of a drone this is on the opening Lap they still have one more to go There's daylight in a drone four tenths Of a second apart daylight got ahead of Atrial in there at the end of that lap But again it's the top two that move up Arvin's running 30s 2.2 seconds back in The number three spot with his long last Lap to see if he can catch daylight in a Drone who are up at the top of our field Looks like daylight still leading a Drone he's about two game there to the Good uh yeah I see a little bit of Workout just as we come into the tunnel Over here with daylight daylight gonna Get a checkered right there And a drone crashing out somewhere he Hit something And Arvin crashing out as well Arvin caught him Well line of sight they see something From what we don't see here

And so uh that wouldn't be unofficial Unofficially right now we got daylight First our uh a drone second Arvin fpv Third and dreams E4 No Channel changes we bump them up which Means daylight and a drone going to Match number eight no Channel changes Arvin and dreamzy to match number seven No Channel changes but again we are Gonna do a review of that last one Thank you Up next is going to be Infinity spicy Fire Serpent and fairy on Deck Nitro Shames Adam grower Ethan fpv Andy Awesome it'll only be Paco fpv big speed AK and QT fpv Getting set to grid up match number four No We're trying to do a few things uh once Here 2 30. here you go yep you did it Roger nope Yep before that one no no right there The year right near the end of it Okay before that grateful We bring up my DVR real quick or no No There we go we're gonna start this next Race in 30 seconds you want to see this Finish Arvin just about caught a drone Arvin is on the left hand side And a Jones on the right-hand side are You not listening we were just playing We'll show that to you later let's go Green on this one

Infinity spicy fire Serpent and fairy We're going green it's a winners bracket Race in Iron Man mode currently engaged For Infinity the top seed in the top 40 Lower 17. good luck Pilots armor quants Live on the tone less than five [Music] Well looks like we're going a couple of Rounds when we get to the final four we Just lost our TQ Iron Man mode Disengaged and so we are down to just Three here in this preliminary round we Got the number eight seed spicy the Number nine seed fire Serpent and the Number 16 seed fairy there's fire serp In your leader after one spicy 1.8 Seconds back behind him And here comes Ferry about to get on to That lead lap with them he's bowing for The transfer position he's 8.3 seconds Back behind fire Serpent and spicy Fire serpent through the hobby Wing Cube He's got a pretty good lead there's Spicy through that hobby Wing Cube but They're first and second they know the Deal they are no stranger to this Bracket they know they just need to Finish their laps here especially in the Early throws let's give the win to fire Serpent if we could There is a win of match number four for Him in the preliminary round spicy Pulling up second nice smooth flying for Spicy right there which is going to give

Infinity Fourth Ferry will be in third and still Will take infinity and Ferry down into The consolation bracket back into match Number seven and we'll bump up her top Two fire Serpent and spicy to match Number eight When it comes to the very Infinity Situation fairy begun a channel change For you gonna go to race band number six Fire Serpent and spicy we are going to Change Fire serpents channel to race band eight That's the only channel change there Fire serpent to race band eight When fire Serpent and spicy come back in Match number eight eight that'll be easy For him to remember into the Constellation bracket once again ferian Infinity match seven but very with the Channel change going to race band Six So I don't know if you're watching at Home or you're here I need you to put Your thinking cap on Let's see if there's anything that we Can do for one of our sport class Pilots I got an update earlier I don't know if You heard the rumbling in the pits but Jason Warren known as Farmers fpv was Here for the sport class week competed Did quite well Went to the airport he was gonna fly out Today he had an extra day or two in Florida why not because he's from

Niagara Falls Canada just the other side Of the river from Buffalo and Two days ago there was snow on the Ground and uh today I think it's 36 Degrees so why not spend an extra day in Florida well good news bad news for him He gets to spend an extra two days in Florida because his plane got canceled However he is stuck at the airport in Orlando no car no hotel and being an International in a different country he Is stuck here for two more days with no Recourse so if there's anyone that can Uh that knows anyone up in uh up in Orlando maybe uh can help a fellow pilot Out maybe with a couch a car I don't Really know how much he needs I just Know that he is stranded at the airport Again he is from Canada so it'd be like You going to A different country Canada it wouldn't Be a problem but maybe like going to I Don't know if you're in Russia right now And you have no one to call no one to do You don't know anyone you just went to Your first drone race and you're Stranded in Orlando no way to get around Nowhere to go if you can put your head Together he would greatly appreciate uh Someone reaching out to him again it's Jason Warren you can probably uh search My Facebook friends if you need to Really narrow it down Jason Warren he's Farmers fpv again

Stranded in Orlando at the airport and Hopefully we can have a happy end to That story Uh could we go to my DVR real quick Dougie If you don't mind we we've recued up What we were going to show you before we Are set to show you this is the Arvin And A drone finish there we go yeah you can Do a frame by frame Uh this so arvin's on the left-hand side Remember he's trying to catch a drone And this is right at the start finish Gate a drone had a 2.6 second lead or Something like that at the start finish Gate and Arvin is pushing And you can see that two stick two six Lead is now like six tenths of a second Lead both of them going into the tunnel Arvin's on the left a drones on the Right and boom Arvin flies into the back Of a drone He crashes out we're gonna lose his Video and now if you look on a drone you Can see arvin's quad getting in front of Him the top right hand side but you can See Terra Firma and static on Arvin on The left and then a drone drinking Champagne in Victory Lane after he lines Up that start finish gate boom right There so Arvin just about caught him but Rear-ended him thankfully we're not on The highway because the person who rear

Ends someone is always at fault Again I don't remember uh it's off the Top of my head but uh Arvin 2.6 seconds Back just about caught a drone if he Hadn't tried to fly through him and flew By him That outcome might have been a little Bit different but not the worst Arvin is Uh staying in the consolation bracket Still more races and everyone with a Chance to make it to her final four of This group which is our top 40 lower 17. With one bump up to our next bracket at About 4 30 this afternoon And eight from that one bump into our Championship tonight We talk about formatting just a little Bit before we do that Let's do some racing Waiting on grower All right grower we're waiting on grower He's on his way Oh thank you for the Kudos Parker thusin He says this MC is awesome hopefully He's not being sarcastic I know he is uh he has a huge QT fan and QT is one of the nicest guys in the Pilot pit tent so a friend of qt's is a Friend of mine Looks like farmer fpv is He's watching on the live stream I didn't know he was watching on the Live stream farmer fpp so he's hanging Out the airport stranded and watching

The Drone race Well worst case his flight delayed two Days Farmers uh I don't know if you know This but I have a new torval backpack so If you are still stranded When I fly out on Monday afternoon I'll Just put you in my Turbo backpack I will Fold it open because it has that ability And I will smuggle you back into our Homeland of Canadia I'm kind of hoping my plane is canceled Weather is finally nice again Who wants to live in 36 degree weather That's right Not me I tell you I was outside in the Wind on Saturday I flew out Sunday morning and I Was counting down the hours till when I Would be in Florida like 23 hours I'm in Florida I got wind burned my skin dried Out in the frostbite but it's just one Of the advantages of me living up north Where the missiles will never hit Perfect [Laughter] This is a consolation bracket race the Bottom two are going to be eliminated 40th and 39th overall not the worst Pretty good showing but let's keep the Journey going Pilots Destiny is in your Thumb tips arm your quads Live on the tone lesson five Off to the Races we go again this is Another five Heats and a little bit of a

Ringer Dinger there for nycho looked Like he had some issues there on the big Start uh by what I'm seeing on the Screen here it looks like grower is Going to be your leader Ethan fpp Running second a awesome third shames Right in the mix as well timing says uh Grower Ethan shames and awesome one two Three and don't forget Nitro Nitro Getting onto that lead lap right there So we are now underway but the race Isn't one on the half lap it's not oh It's not one on lap number one either But it is not one underneath one of the Cubes that's where Ethan fpv is right Now finishing uh could be facing Elimination as we get sent to bring Grower around as your leader on to lap Number two there's yawson 1.4 seconds Back in second top two advancing shames Is closest to the transfer position he's In third 2.4 seconds back go on board With shames see if he's able to reel in Yaw some as we uh see what's playing up There now Nitro is still going gonna try And finish this laps looks like Ethan's Trying to get back up again because Anything can happen here as people could Crash out we're looking for two to Advance from this group it's still Grower yaw some shames not too much Separating them now they're still Keeping it tight as we can set to wave a Checkered flag there's grower there's

The awesome and there was shames three Tenths of a second back in third just About real Danny awesome the awesome was Able to keep a lot of Defense in there A lot of Defense Well the shames is trying to keep up the Offense and so that is uh where this uh Journey is gonna end here So right now they've got a thumbs up Results official NM grower and you awesome moving on up To match number nine No Channel changes And that is where the journey ends for Shames Nitro and Ethan fpv finishing up In 48th 49th and 50th Yeah yeah yeah yeah [Music] Consent to go back into our winners Bracket this is match number six it's Ponco fpv big speed AK and QT fpv on Deck into the consolation bracket Arvin Fpv dreams fairy infinity and in the Whole back into the winners bracket Again daylight fpv a drone fire Serpent And spicy the top two in this next Matchup advance to the semi-final of the Winners bracket the top two from that Advanced to our final four for Chase the Ace Which is where we run the final four Pilots repeatedly until someone wins Twice All the connects are checking in on

YouTube Farmers fpv e donk Cory man as Well cheering on their boy Paco There's also some people uh commenting On Paco's pink Orca goggles people are Noticing you Paco And pink radio why not why not Pretty in Pink Paco competed at the very first sport Class championship Was a TQ Finished 15th overall in 2019. Here he is inside the top 40 is Sport He's already got a win in the brackets Good luck to Paco big speed AK and QT Fpv Winners bracket situation let's launch Them Pilot's armor quads live on the Tone lesson five Issues for QT a rough start for him Straight into something hard But it's a Winner's bracket so not where The journey ends for him Got lots of AK fans they're rooting him On as he has to go back for a gate there He figured that out T-Dog and laws cheering on their boy AK And big speed a bunch of fans two dog Quality aerial Solutions and many many More love to see the fans in the chat Cheering on their favorite Pilots we'll Try and give you the Kudos as we go but Let's give you the stats it's big speed Then Paco separated by two seconds after One remember we had some issues with AK

But he is now six and a half seconds Back from the top two to remain in the Winners bracket he's gonna try and reel In Paco and big speed Wow big speed Had something started there looks like He's able to finish it off big speed Gets across the line Paco crossing over Right behind him good finish there two Seconds separating first and second and We'll take Paco and big speed up in our Winners bracket to the semi-final of the Winners bracket and third gonna go to AKA fourth gonna go to QT fpv Big speed was first paco was second Results official looks as we bump them Up no Channel changes so big speed and Paco to match 11 semifinal the winners Bracket AK and QT fpv2 match number nine No Channel changes no Channel changes I Want to thank of course our sponsors of The 2022 multi-gp Championship here at The No Quarter Ranch in Citrus Springs Florida or like a presenting sponsor Superior one Roofing why have a regular Roof when you can have a superior One Superior one Roofing the longest running Sponsor a multi-gp and our largest Non-endemic sponsor of the organization Well I think Orca goggles and speaking Of orca goggles Looks like we're giving away to the Winner of this bracket not only a bump Up position but a pair of those Orca

Multi-gp branded goggles as well second Place gonna get the fpv dock control Orca radio perfect for simming also Perfect for flying it's functional and Technologically advanced a great uh Great Piece of gear to put in your Backpack Also want to thank hobby wing Hobbywing industry leader When it comes to those four in ones Those stacks and those escs even got Some Motors as well thank you hobby wing For your long-term support The multi GP drone Racing League and the Multi GP Championship HD zero is with us Another supporter once again they were With us last year at Champs and all of Our first person view feeds are coming In on the brand new HD zero event vrx Video receiving system that is one Device that we plug in and if the Drone Is on HD zero digital video it'll show Us that if it's on traditional analog Video it'll show that and you're seeing It here in the live stream diversity There's a big shot of the back side of The Tower With all the outputs we have uh RCA Input outputs composite outputs or cvvs Outputs that gives us our analog to our DVRs and our goggles at 480p the maximum Resolution of analog and then those HDMI Splitters on the bottom all of our Channels outputting the digital on HDMI

At a full 1080P and for live streaming Purposes if it's analog it'll actually Put out the analog 480p video on that HDMI align And uh so technically it's a scaled up 480p footage so basically standard Definition onto high definition and for Us on the back of the scenes very few Buttons to push it's a great Innovation Thanks to HD zero one of our great Sponsors we're also giving out some gem Fan prompts and some prizes to third in This division thank you gem fan we also Want to thank torvil backpacks we've Given lots of love over the course of This week five three three of course and Team Black Sheep those are our sponsors Now that we've paid some bills let's do Some racing it is match number seven Bottom two eliminated top two move up You know the deal let's go green Pilots Arm your quads live on the tone less Than five [Music] Underway we go There's your leader Arvin fpv came down Into this consolation bracket looks like He may have dropped the peg no he's Still leading the charge here Trying to make a statement now I'm Watching a little bit of a battle here With dreams and baby Arvin Arvin crashing out in the tunnel yeah His dreams and Arvin they're Tangled

Together so dreams your leader after one Ferry getting by the downed Arvin moving Up into second Marvin gets back up It looks like we lost Infinity we're Down to three now remember what happened The last Heat Arvin was way behind he Was able to catch up so Ferry's going to Be feeling some pressure right now here On this final lap Your Leader well out In front and dreamsy he's already at the HD zero dive Cube and about to go to the Checker there's Ferry through the hc0 Dive Cube but look at this here comes Arvin To the dive Cube as well but I don't Think it's going to be enough this time Around it'll be dreamsy and fairy one And two Arvin finishing up third five Seconds back from the transfer position And so that is where a journey is going To come to an end of course results Unofficial until we get a thumbs up the Thumbs Up just came in results official On that one so moving on up we are going To take second in that heat Ferry and Your winner in the heat dreams he to Match number 10. no Channel changes for Them No Channel changes for them at all And now we are finishing up I believe Just inside the top 36 overall Mean they want the best of me now for Infinity

Qualified this weekend 24th on the Global list he was 33rd And now inside of the top 36 for 2022 A good representative of the peach state At Georgia And of course competing in his very First championship he qualified 121st on the global leaderboard worked His way from 121st up to 28th in the Seating to get to the brackets and Finishes up just inside of that top 36. That is one of our Pilots making the Longest journey to get here Arvin Schroeder Arvin fpv finishing Tom 36 and Representing Deutschland Great country in Germany I'm next is match number eight daylight Fpv a drone fire Serpent and spicy on Deck match nine and I'm grower yaw some 8K and QT and the whole dream Z fairy And I believe the winner or the yeah Third and fourth of this matchup right Here Quite a field of Pilots but a roster of Pilots here at the 2022 multi GP Championship So you just met Arvin fpv for the first Time here on our live stream We've uh he's all the way from Germany I Believe there are two pilots from Germany There are two pilots from Korea One Pilot from Lichtenstein One Pilot from Chile

One Pilot from Costa Rica One Pilot from Switzerland And three Pilots I believe from Canada With the balance of the fields here from The United States of America and from All corners of the United States of America International field To qualify for this event you would have To compete looks like we're going green All right Pilots arm your quads Live on its own lesson five It's match number eight daylight fpva Drone fire Serpent and spicy they are on Their way here on this opening lap Fire serpent your leader then it was a Drone so now it's spicy now up into the Number two spot now a drone and spicy in A battle for second third and daylight Fpv catching up to the field we are Still chasing down fire serpent Fire service just crashed out in the Hobbywing dive Cube that moves Daylight fpv up in the lead spicy Running second and a drone running third This is still the opening lap we're Gonna try and keep this pressure on for A little bit Here Comes Your Leader Daylight fpv on to lap number two a Drone four tenths of a second behind him Spicy 1.5 seconds back from him in third And don't get him fire serpent he had Some issues but he's still in this thing He just gone on the elite lap but he's

About nine seconds off the transfer Position as we continue to chase down Your leader daylight fpv a drone still Running second spicy running third and It looks like about uh a cube a double Cube separates them in a battle for Second third that ringer Dinger was Second but no issues there daylight fpv Gets the win of this one he goes to the Semi-final the winners bracket a drone Finishing up second and spicy third by One second out of second fire serpent Finishing his laps finishing up number Four spot so unofficial finish order is Going to be daylight first a drone Second Spicy third And fire serpent fourth just a waiting Word from our judges that everything is Good There is something under reviews the Results are not official but for the Time being we're unofficially gonna bump Up our Pilots just to maintain the Program we'll make adjustments as they Are necessary as we go on we got a Channel change for daylight fpv gonna go To race band one when you're back in Match 11 that's the only change daylight Fpv to race band one when you're back in Match 11 and then in match number 10 one Channel change fire serpent gonna go to Racepan one as well when you come back In match number 10 along with spicy and

That is match number eight in the books Our semi-final of the winners bracket Has been decided it's going to be big Speed Paco fpv daylight fpv and a drone Uh results official we can bump up Rematch number nine anim grower you Awesome akfpv QT you're up dreamzy very Spicy and fire serpent on Deck Speed Paco fpv daylight fpv and a drone In the hole On what okay Okay cool yeah good call thank you Awesome we're going to move you to race Band one as you're aware Oh that the other guy the race band one That was back here already made that Change So we talked about uh the numbers the Journey to get here top uh 150 pilots on The global list Getting the invite to the pro Championship positions 151 and onward to The sport Championship Pilots attending One of the 120 Global qualifiers One time two time many times to get Themselves Seated on that Global Leaderboard ranked So we get our 150 for pro and 151 onward For sport 710 Pilots worldwide getting ranked on Our Global leaderboard Eight countries represented here At Champs But many many more on that Global

Leaderboard All right Pilots arm your quads live on The tone lesson five [Music] They're underway YouTube Champ once Again blowing up and this time it is Completely even everyone cheering on one Of the pilots here in this one So this could be a fan favorite run Except two are gonna be eliminated as we Get them all spaced out AKA was your Leader there at one point through timing But comes down to Who gets through that Checker gate Let's turn finish Gates the first so far That's gonna be 8K as he's working on His opening lap boat to go into lap Number two Then you have grower then you have the Awesome it looks like issues for QT fpv QT gets back up and uh yes I'm going Down so QT now could slide up into third But we got AK leading 2.4 seconds back Grower and then We've yet to see who's going to get in Third because yasum and qt are both back Up and both with issues there's yasum Onto that lead lap the AK and Growers Still your leaders AKA in the driver's Seat on this one Look at his static on QT fpv looks like We lost him AK gets the win of this one He'll stay alive advancing to match Number 12 and grower goes with them

In the number two spots Wanted to finish up that's still in the Air here comes the awesome Well gonna try and finish strong the Drone does not sound healthy But we are across the line there we are You awesome getting it done good finish Gonna finish inside the top 12 of 2022. Pretty awesome and QT top 12 as well in This group and that is going to put them Just inside the top 36 overall in Pro Results official we're gonna bump up 8K And NM grower to match number 12. no Channel changes no Channel changes AK And grower two match number 12. Thank you That love story we're match number 10 Dreamsy fairy spicy fire serpent on Deck Match 11 Bixby and Paco fpv daylight in A drone and in the hole AKA grower And the top two in this race this is an Elimination race [Music] That noise you heard was me putting my Phone beside the microphone like a Rookie That is not gonna go on my list of Errors It's already pretty long We got spicy in this heat snowman fpv Says go get em spicy It's spicy fairy dreamsy and fire Serpent

Once Chris Thomas make Phil say about Fire serpent Got his Pilot name in a way that we Can't tell you But it's always good to ask your mommy If something isn't right isn't something Like that I can't remember I heard it about 20 Times We are going green with match number ten Bottom two eliminated bottom top two Advancing to the final uh closer to the Final four good luck Pilots arm your Quads live on the tune less than five Time Beautiful start for three of the four Looks like we've got some issues right Now for dreamzy trying to get back up Here we're talking about fire serpent he Is your leader right now pushing it on We've got some company with him by way Of fairy and spicy There's fire serpent onto lap number two Here comes spicy on the lap number two Here comes Ferry on the lap number two Hold a three second separating our top Three pilots and only three pilots in The race but this is an elimination Bracket race so all eyes on ferry to try And get by spicy if he's gonna come Alive but it was 1.6 seconds at the Start finish game looks like we're now About a gate and a half by the cube so See how that plays out fire Serpent's

Still your leader about to come through The tunnel whirly bird around and to our Checker we go fire serpent stays alive And fairy punting it into the side of The start finish gate I believe and uh That is gonna that's gonna be close Ferry eight tenths of a second back in Third spicy holds off So the wind going to fire serpent second Gonna go to spicy and third to Ferry Fourth to dreams and results official on That one results official judge is Already uh saying that was some pretty Good watching right there we're gonna Move Fire serpent is spicy up to match number 12 only one channel change it's going to Be spicy to raise fan six that's the Only channel change fire serpent is Spicy to match number 12. it's a break Of one As we get sent to grid up your Semi-final of the winners brackets So remember what's on the line here Tom Two in this next race goes to the Semi-final the winners bracket they're The Tom Ford gonna play chase the ace that Is running The final four Pilots repeatedly until Someone gets two wins or Aces Top three getting some amazing prizes Third gonna get a full bag Up upwards of 60 sets of props from gem

Fan Second gonna get Challenge coin and The Orca radio fpv.control And our winner Getting a bump up into our last chance Bracket along with qualifiers 9-23 And a set of orca Multi GP branded goggles All right because we have the new start To this group Normally we reserve the whole shot rule For the final four but now that we're at The top eight hole shot rule is going to Come in play for the top eight I mean it's contact resulting in a crash Before the top of the triple Tower we Will call it back under a whole shot Those watching the live stream right up There Way up there That is the whole shot Gates Four Pilots getting sent to fly On the left hand side of your screen That's Paco fpv Squad no surprises there With the pink to the right of him his Big speed to the right to him is a drone And to the right of him actually below Me uh there you go uh right above me That quad is daylight fpv we're gonna Give you a great shot of the launch Looks like we're set to five Pilots Armor quads live on its own in less than Five

A little bit of a delayed start there For a daylight fpv but I think that's Part of the strategy right especially uh Except this was a Winner's bracket Everyone is racing against God first or Second so far as we get things underway Here daylight fpv back at the Caboose Gonna try and reel in our field As we are chasing Was I think a big speed now uh we're Looking at a battle for the lead right Now between Paco and a drone You're hearing some news and Oz Here Comes Paco about to be your leader after One There's a drone right behind him about 1.8 seconds back And so far it's just them daylight fpv With a Chance a day later 50's on the Opening lap about to get onto lap number Two there all three Pilots are on lap Number two but it's still Paco ahead of A drone by a bit over to the double dive TBS we go back and through with Paco Oh look at this a drones pushed ahead of Paco a drone gets a win of that A drone is in the final four along with Paco And that means daylight fpv gonna pull Up third into the consolation bracket Semis we go and big speed in fourth and Oh no this one's under review This one is under review Foreign

Like it's official but it is not a drone And Paco the final four match number 14 Daylight and big speed to match number 13 which is a break of one semi-final The consolation brackets no Channel Changes for them but also no guarantees As that one is under review We're gonna be on match number 12. AKA NM grower fire Serpent and spicy On Deck is daylight fpv big speed and First and second in this next race Thank you for joining us here this Afternoon on our broadcast we're coming To you live from the No Quarter Ranch Here in Citrus Springs Florida if you're Just joining us we're in the top 40 Lower 17 bracket we're just about Through it we're at match 12 after 12 Comes 13. that's the semi-final Consolation bracket after that we go to Our final four to play chase the ace That can go two rounds or it can go five Rounds or any point in between as we'll Run that final four until someone gets Two Aces or two wins then we'll be Taking a pause and going to our next Bracket our next bracket is the top 40 Last Chance bracket qualo fires nine Through twenty three Plus Whoever wins this next this group that We're in they're gonna race a bracket Similar format almost identical format To where we're running here except we're

Going to stop at race 10. When we stop at Race 10 we have the Final eight They're advancing to our 7pm Showdown For the 2022 multi-gp championship You may be wondering some of the names That you've been looking to tune in for Where they Well they have Our top qualifiers positions one through Eight They're gonna be flying at seven in the Brackets they gotta buy from qualifying Right through to our Championship top 16 For the 2022 title We're going green bottom two eliminated Tom two going back to back one spot away From the final four good luck Pilots Arm your quads live on its own lesson Five [Music] Off to the Races we go a great start Here for the entire field And uh AK leading the charge here but Everyone right together there's the Announcer Jenks as he goes now to the Back of the pack but he's still in it There's uh no big changes there it is Still a tight group of four As we Chase spicy right now They're losing their mind right now for The grower and spicy show And we have a puff pack line of sight I'm not sure if we can pick it up looks

Like fire serpent is on fire right now He is uh we got smoke all over the place Right now like he's got a rocket quad And Battery ejected we lost fire serpent All three cells burnt that's what the Cheering is behind the scenes as we have Spicy AK and grower on lap number two Only three seconds separate him still Chasing down spicy Grower and AK were right together and uh Grower just crashed out so we're down to Two and here's her first one across the Line it's spicy Spicy With the Wind to race back to back In the semi-final the consolation Bracket And AK pulling up second AKA pulling up second Grower third And fire serpent fourth That one is under review results are not Official that one is under review If the There's a shot of the Lipo fire Unfortunately we're focusing on the Racing here with our broadcast team but As best as I can describe it the Drone Was still flying we were watching as fpv Feed And he was freestyling around the Outside of the course while the Lipo Continued to burn and Puff Smoke and it Looked like a little bit of a drone Air Show

And he says he wasn't trying to Freestyle he was trying to eject the Battery by doing some Flippy floppies And he eventually did succeed in that Effort So spicy and AK should be up right now AK will have a channel change to race Band one but we do have a review in play So that may change things Here we are at the No Quarter Ranch in Florida the two-time home with a 2022 Multi-gp championships or thanks to Matt And Michelle Or Michelle and Matt depends on which One's your favorite For me I like them both So if you combine their names like Brad And Jennifer benifer would just be Michelle We love them both I want to thank them For their Hospitality here at the No Quarter Ranch again hosting the 2022 Multi-gp championship and that's not Just the week that I've been calling Champs week or setup started last Saturday so eight days of fun a lot of The course elements were actually built A few weeks ago lots of modifications Made on site and of course all the Additional Uh Stuff that has been built manufactured Here to make this a great home to the Event from stages and structures

A great home to the 2022 multi-gp Championship And most of our cast and crew actually Staying on site which was a true Blessing At the end of qualifying into brackets It takes a few hours to verify results Built heat sheets Do all the announcements via email and Text message Etc Center on so it's Pretty nice to go from race control walk 80 feet go to bed come back out here for The start of brackets 9 A.M this morning Get a great venue For a drone race and this is a permanent Drone racing structure you can go to search for no Corner Ranch And see their upcoming schedule of Events and maybe you too could be racing Here At any time Matt would love to come down For you to come down and race with them Open invite results official on match Number 12 no changes so spicy and AKA Get ready again AK there is a channel Change we're expecting you on Race band One this is a back to back for spicy and AK they're up against big speed and Daylight fpv we're at match number 13 on Your sheets At least three Heats to go here in our Top 40 lower 17. Yeah literally someone named fire Serpent was on fire Roger yep you got it

You were there He was a fire serpent he was on fire So of course uh wondering about some of Those big Pilots you may have seen on Some live streams or Instagrams Etc At 7 p.m of course it is a guaranteed Lock into Our Top 16. So guaranteed invite We have four Internationals of the eight Guaranteed locks into our top 16. an Eighth is Marv fpv from Lichtenstein and You're up seventh Costa fpv from Germany We got propsicle noikel Leviathan Hyper Taking spot six through three And then your top two pilots on our Leaderboard Min Jay Min Jay Kim the number two spot from Korea and minchen Kim mck fpvr top Qualifier The top of the leaderboard He had some hot hot laps mck or Tom Qualifier His fastest lap on the track 20.653 That was Round number 112 which we believe was During the daylight 20.653 one lap around the track Just rip fpv asking which is the best For Street League spec

Definitely the Quarry Like I know it's just what my frame is My favorite Just in that slight holding pattern We've got a back-to-back situation aka Big speed spicy daylight fpv Semi-final the consolation bracket Johnny Five Fpv says spec seven seems to be the best Retreat League Hmm Jay Rice says Corey is also great smiley Face Okay I mean frame design is an art right It's an art some people like people's Art some people don't I crash a lot when are finals tomorrow Good question this is the championship This is the bracket So we started We started the week pretty much with 130 Some odd Pilots with the Qualifiers positions 151 and up in Sports we ran qualifying on that Tuesday We ran a whole bunch of brackets on Wednesday to Crown quad dock our sport Champion then we started with 65 Pilots That were ranked at the end of the Season in positions one through 150. Ran them through qualifying on Thursday And Friday pretty much sun up and well Past sundown To take our field to a top 40 and a next

40. Earlier this morning at 9 00 a.m We Started with our next 40. we ran the Lowest 12 of them in a bracket bumped up Four then we ran that as a 16 bracket to Award our next 40 Pro Champion that's Mondo for 2022. Right now we're now in that top 40 group And we're on this bracket which is the Top 40 lower 17. the one right down There top 40 lower 17 is where we're at We're running this bracket we'll do a Podium after chase the ace the top one In that advances to the next bracket Which is a last chance bracket that's Going to be At about 4 30 p.m about an hour from now And that is qualifiers 9 through 23 plus The bump where we were in that group in Brackets in heats until we're down to Eight and they will advance with the Eight Pilots that I talked about not too Long ago for our finals championship top 16. Pilots are sent to fly this is the Semi-final of the winners bracket let's Go green Pilots arm your quads live on The tone in less than five Okay We're cranking them out right here Spicy once again making that big Statement that ringer Dinger was AK fpv Looked like his quad reset but then we Just lost it that might be where the

Journey comes to an end Maybe someone else says some bad luck You never know Bad luck for spicy though Spicy's already doing his thing Already at that hobby Wing dive No it's gonna be Daylight fpv Daylight fpv has now taken the lead stay Light spicy big speed your running order Daylight now daylight and big speed Eight tenths of a second apart on to lap Number two they're spicy he's three Seconds back from the transfer position As we chase down daylight fpv but right With them in a battle for the one two is Daylight and big speed now daylight Pulling just ahead at Big speed looks Like spicy is now about two seconds back Instead of three But we're gonna go to the final four With daylight fpv there's two laps in 67 Big speed finishing up 1.6 seconds back In second And Journey coming to an end right there For spicy Spicy finishing up third 4.1 seconds From the transfer position And AKA fourth in the heat And that is now gonna make him 30th Overall I believe 30th overall for AKA 29th overall for spicy Now results on that one unofficial Results on that one unofficial there is

A review of the top two But if we advance big speed and daylight Fpv there will be no Channel changes Daylight in big speed get your batteries In be ready But spicy and AK stand by there is a Review [Music] We're not sure the story we'll see what Happens Review underway So Doug if you want to do the DVR we might miss it here though I think this is what we're verifying There you go This is daylight fpv we're just Verifying this dive gate He hits it but it looks like he hits the Bottom side Do you want to try one more time maybe Real time we can see why the judges flag It so judges are instructed if something Looks wonky just let us know And so in real time that looks wonky There you go frame by frame That was that was real time so the Opposite of real time is frame by frame Don't knife me I think you there you go This looks like results are gonna be Official but look how close this was This is just about took him out That is a tight line The HD zero dive that's definitely the

Good side There's some beautiful clouds Just drop the exposure up the whites And it's beautiful watch the recovery Roger says okay Okay now we need to see that again uh so Results official we're going to see that Again Is this one of the greatest recoveries Ever Maybe What happened A little too far back I think so just let her go real time uh Maybe you didn't go far enough back Wow he put on the air brakes right there Dang Dang big speed big save by big speed Right there We're just giving a moment to get lipos In because we're about set to play chase The ace Shout out to Roger pull that one up on The DVR that was a great one to review Good catch on the recovery Roger it was Almost like it was your recovery yeah We'll give you props So look at our pilot pin area we talked About how accommodating accommodating The No Quarter Ranch is Got a great little setup right here big Flight line Compared to a few of our Champs we got a Little bit of a win break we've been Under some of those tents there feared

For our lives a little bit You got a bunch of Pilots here from our Top 40. got some groups going on there's White goat off to the left-hand side we Just uh Tony cake from Orca an immersion RC Let's see we there he is hey buddy Always looking good He's been riding his electric bike a Bunch you can see he's losing a little Bit of weight getting a lot of that Florida Sun as well So all of our Pilots able to watch our Pretty much our live stream in real time Here in house tonight we have a Projector you can see the projector There in the center of the screen that Is broadcasting the live stream onto the Roof of the tent onto a projector screen So you can actually literally sit back And lean back in the pilot pit area and Watch the race and off to the far left Hand side I think it's a little Obstructed by pulls but we have a Theater screen Over there so people can camp out under The Starlight yeah just to the left of There just to the left of there that is Where our projector screen is [Music] Let's go to your final four for your top 40 lower 17. the winner of this jca's Round advancing to the semi-final the Feeder round we're going to start things

Off with a pilot on Race band number two He was in the number 29 spot in Qualifying this week from Pinehurst North Carolina it is Big speed and Drew Brower Also coming out of the consolation Bracket and he is on fire on Race band Number eight here this week qualifying The number 27 spot from San Antonio Texas it is Daniel Walston daylight fpv Coming in out of the winners bracket on Race band number one from the country of Canada a former top 15 in sport is now In the top 40 of pro it is Charles Renfrey Paco fpv And your highest ranked pilot out of the Winners bracket here in our final four To battle it out to bump up all the way From Memphis Tennessee the number 35 Spawning qualifying this week highest Ranked in the bracket it is Adrian Adams You know him as a drone flying on or Race man six four Pilots ready to fly it Is Chase the ace round number one we Will run this final four group of Pilots Repeatedly until someone wins twice we Burned enough lipo let's go green Pilots Arm your quads live on the tone less Than five On to the races we go no matter what Happens we will run this group again We're looking for two wins out of the Group Paco and adrone were side by side A drone crash Chanel Paco goes down so

Now it's down to Daylight fpv your Leader and a and that's a drone in Second right now hey drone and and uh Daylight fpv are one and two Paco is now In the Caboose and Paco's in and out in And out now finish positions matter Finish positions matter in a big way but We got a huge battle for the lead here Daylight still ahead of a drone but a Drone's able to reel him in hey drone Gets ahead of daylight fpv daylight fpv Goes back ahead of them and now looks Like a drone just before that hd0 dive Gate he needs a big speed recovery right There adrone is guaranteed second but Can he get back into this and take the Lead looks like he has just turned it Off it is down to just one daylight fpv Working on lap number two which is going To be a Victory lap here for round Number one no matter what happens we're Running them again and our first Ace is Gonna go to daylight fpv he's about to Make it official as he goes to the HD Zero dive Cube around two our Superior One finish tunnel to our multi GP Checkered daylight fpv with the win a Chase the ace round number one second Gonna go to a drone and we got a Measuring contest between Paco fpv and Big speed for third and fourth Paco one thank you big speed That's what I thought Paco definitely Did go farther on that and big speed in

Fourth on Chase the ace round number one Late [Music] Anyway [Music] That was crazy right there chat blowing Up Talking about fire Talking about daylight Talking about a drone There's a fire continuing uh we had a Seven minute timer we're about to reset That seven minute timer as it looks like Paco's drone May not be making it anymore I hear hear Chris Thomas firing up the loader not Sure if he's gonna try and drive over That to put it out or whatnot He's at the opposite end of the track That that fires off to our right hand Side Was that your favorite quad Paco No Yeah he says he's good that was just the Battery right it's just lipo quad's good Paco's quad and Paco Gets to Live Another Day Quality aerial solution says gotta Breathe boys gotta breathe yeah So this is just a precursor of what the Racing is going to be over the course of The balance of the afternoon I mean even When we started this morning We had a ton of different battles going

On it was great we had great racing Through all of our brackets We love it when they're evenly seated All vying for one position Again this is Chase Ace round one we're Gonna run this group again If daylight fpv wins this next round He's going to be your winner But if a drone who is second Paco who is Third or Bixby to his fourth win this Next round will run again We run those four Pilots until we get Two Aces awarded two wins second third And fourth will be figured out by the Finish points and if there's a tie the Last run race is the most important race It'll be the tie breaker A vow we have a moment so Chris Thomas Our founder and CEO is now up on the Lift to repair the top of the triple now All it looks like he is doing is Replacing his zip tie yeah pulls out the Zip ties he's on the top now this is the Founder and CEO of multi GP drone racing That you're looking at the center of the Screen Now you're not going to see Dane white Go out there and re-thread the ropes the EFC or start welding the cage you're not Going to see that You're not going to see Nick H from DRL Soldering quads Let me pick up where I was saying where I was talking about right there again

Dana White not going to be welding the Cage for UFC Nick age from DRL is not going to be Soldering the last quad to fly get the Race going Gary Bettman of the NHL is not going to Be resurfacing the ice but Chris Thomas Will get in a loader to put on his zip Tie at the top of the triple Tower That's just the grit and determination That he puts into this race right there Charlie Swank and for hobby Wing just Came by he says I really think the Reason that Chris Thomas puts on these Races is so that he can rent heavy Equipment It looks like a lot of fun up there look How much that moves So Chris Thomas is not afraid of heights By any means I think his first Introduction to Aviation was a powered Parachute And he has since uh gotten all of his Licenses to be a full-scale pilot also He's uh yeah he has two planes and he And he uh also has is highly rated as uh In parachutes in Sky skydiving Now I've talked to a few of our cast and Crew of volunteers and they said they Have been up in that machine and they Have been scared to death turning white Gripping those bars because as as easy As it looks like you're gonna ride Around in that thing

It gets to its full extension we're on One big hill with all kinds of holes This used to be all trees This was a a forest that was leveled About three years ago when Matt and Michelle moved down here purchased this Property and obviously Matt's goal was To have the most outstanding drone race Courses in his backyard and so goal Achieved but when you tear down a whole Bunch of trees and you don't spend Millions of dollars resurfacing it You're gonna have a lot of bumps ruts And divots out there and so when you're In the lift rides like crazy but Chris Was up there smiling living the dream Loves it Again let's just fix one zip tie that's The determination that's the passion That Chris Thomas has for Joan racing Our founder and CEO of multi GP drone Racing since 2015. There have been a lot of leagues a lot Of organizations Since The multi GP not only is the largest was Over 30 000 registered Pilots 250 registered chapters hosting drone Races worldwide Also the longest running drone Racing Organization with the first ever Championship in Miami was an Invitational in 2015. then in 2016 our Championship in Muncie Indiana

Sure go ahead Roger Do you want to do it no you know the Pilot pie fly right yes you know how she Got her name I have no idea so she has this uncanny Ability because you're talking about Really large numbers right yes large Numbers of members large numbers of Chapters where Pi has a huge number of Digits that's right and so Pi fly Happens to know like like I think all of Them Really all of pie she knows all of pie Can you recite all of pie how far can You get 300ish digits 300 digits into Pi no way No way All right let's see let me start a watch Let me start a watch and let's see how Many we can do in how many seconds Of course there we go all right I'm Ready whenever you're ready I know it Starts with 3.14 ready let's let's pick It up at the three ready three two one Three point one four one five nine two Six five three five eight nine seven Nine three two three eight four six two Six four three three eight three two Seven nine five zero two eight four nine Seven one six nine three nine three Seven five one zero five eight two zero Seven four nine four four five nine two Three zero seven eight one six four six Two eight six two zero eight nine nine

Eight six two eight two three four two Five three four two one one seven two Six seven nine eight two one four eight Oh eight six five one three two eight Two three zero six six four seven zero Nine three eight four four six two nine Five five eight two two three one seven Two five three five nine okay how many Do you think you did in that How deep How That was about 150 150 and 20.43 seconds Wow Pie fly wow I don't know I was going I was going for my wallet What are we buying right now I want I Want in on this there's a there's a hot Uh hot product being auctioned off You know what we'll give you three Because it starts with three three Multi-gp tokens great job iFly we Appreciate that 3.14 What's the next number one five five Three point one four one five All right let's write that one down take It to the bank that is going to be a Trivia question a little bit later on Here today on the multi GP YouTube Channel Should we Google that I guess anyone Could Google that we'll come up with Something 3.14.15

20.43 On the tone in lesson five Good Times Chase the ace round number two Two fly that was pie fly reciting pi Right those pie fly reciting pie two fly Says I can't even remember my own phone Number By the way uh someone in her family Maybe her makes awesome apple pie as Well she served that at one of our races And it was like the best apple pie we've Ever had well you should try the cookies Mama makes cookies I almost wish I was up in the Pennsylvania region They have the nicest treats thanks to Pie fly's mom never raised baked goods They're all about the Arts and Crafts at I owe pie fly gave me a new hoodie On the back of it it says yeah buddy I Love it I wear religiously at home It's a little annoying when I wear it to Town and people are behind me going yeah Buddy yeah buddy yeah buddy am I a drone Race right now Well Paul Atkins is trying to kill Chris Thomas after we just uh talked about Chris Thomas so well that uh that Beeping sound is Chris in a gate we Should probably wait just a hair Yeah we're ready I know come on man he's About to park it we're good

Chase the ace round number two your First Ace to Chase is daylight fpv he Could be getting the bump up to our last Chance bracket one spot away from our Top 16 tonight It is on a drone Paco and big speed to Get the win this time around to push it Another round the pilots are ready let's Do it to it on a Saturday afternoon Pilots arm your quads live on its own in Lesson five Great launch Paco is the first one off The blocks but once again it's big speed Getting out front with a little more Momentum but as I say that all four Pilots are pretty much together here Comes to a drone uh daylight big speed Paco all four of them are through and on Their way on this extended lap number One this two lap race again your Ace to Chase is daylight fpv that is the one in The bottom right hand corner of your Screen that is your leader and it looks Like big speed is closer but a drone is Not too far behind Tim Paco's in fourth Right now and our leader just crashed Out this just changed the game in a big Way as we turn things over to a drone to Carry no big speed big speed just took The lead and he crashed down now it's a Drone and that torch over to a drone He's your leader as Paco gets set too Try and reel him in he's 3.4 seconds Back we're down to two a drone and Paco

Fpv finish points matter and oh no a Drone made a mistake and now it's down To Paco Paco had a third the first round And he's about ready to pick up his First Ace does he do it there's an ace Right there for Paco Oh Canada Paco with The win a chase the ace round number two So our sector time helps us here right [Music] We have a measuring contest big speed And a drone big speed and a drone Paul We have a measuring contest Big speed and a drone We need to know who went further Yeah but we need to know which one so You can look or we can sit here and play Tape We'll do both we'll do both We'll race you but you could help us out You could save us a couple headaches Buddy I know you're on it Teamwork Makes the DreamWork a reality Well I know two things we know Paco gets His first Ace we know daylight pulls up A fourth but he's sitting okay Because he has an ace But now we're just trying to figure out The placement between big speed and a Drone here in chassis round number two And for those not quite familiar with This format we're talking about Aces We're running the final four in this Bracket until someone gets

Two wins two Aces Okay [Music] They've confirmed with us a drone going Farther so adrone pulling up second Big speed in third and the five minute Timer starts here for them to get ready For Chase Case round number three so Once we go green again remember there's Two Aces awarded so far in this Competition one went to Paco just Recently one went to Daylight and Chase A is round number one now we launch them Again here in chassis round number three If Paco or daylight fpv win they are Your champion and they will get the Orca Multi GP branded goggles and move on Two our second last bracket of the day Now it's on a drone who got a pair of Seconds and big speed who's got a third And a fourth to get their first Ace to Push it to chase A's round number four A lot of Paco fans A lot of Paco fans in the chat all of Canada tuning in E m says Paco Canadian champ 2. that was From last year I believe Paco and the Canadian championship Uh wild type ass winner bumps to the top 16. not quite Not quite so we are at this is the next 40 or sorry top 40 group right we've Already run the next 40. Mondo's our Next 40 champion

For the top 40. and we have sliced that In three We have our lowest 17. Then we have The next then we have the next 15 pilots On that there's a bump from here into Those 15 Pilots that we're not doing a Full bracket with Chase the Ace 2 we're Going to take that field of 15 plus our Bump Down to the final eight those eight Advance To our top eight with Min Chen Min J Hyper Etc etc So yes we have a lot more racing to go And it is only just heating up It is only just heating up yeah I can't Believe we get to do this Cannot believe we get to do this Now I will uh for those who've been Hanging with us all day you probably Went through this already once Eventually at about uh six o'clock Tonight we'll be starting a new live Stream It'll still be on the multi-gp YouTube Channel you can get it there it may Continue for you in your browser but When we get to the top 16 we'll be uh Ready to go there now Our schedule for the day where we're at Right now We have at least one more round to chase

The ace Our plan Is to start our warm-up pack For that last chance bracket qualifiers 9 through 23. our plan is to do that in About 10 minutes obviously we'll be Waiting for the end of This group will pretty much roll that Group out For their warm-up pack That is the last chance bracket group Then we'll set up our Podium we'll do Our podium in the middle of the warm-up Packs And then we'll get right into it because And then for those that are ready to Let their opinions known in the YouTube Chat We're going to make the fpv feeds Visible but a little smaller because It's warm-up packs and our crew pretty Much need to go on break to do more work And so we kind of go into a holding Pattern But instead of just rolling commercials Or starting a new stream we're going to Let you be a part of the event But we're not going to give you full fpv Feeds because it's warm-up packs it's Four Heats and our plan for the next Bracket is to start on or about 4 30. So that is that last chance feeder group To get us eight more pilots To combine with our top eight

Top eight brackets going to start at About seven o'clock tonight it'll be a Whole new course visibly as all these Gates are LED lined or they have gates In them is that good sticks and stones What you eating there where'd you get That I didn't know there's a food course here Is it is it good Looks like rice or something is it rice No Why don't you turn around and show us What what is what do you got there oh Look at that little garlic bread Uh sloppy joes No let's just call it sloppy joes nod Your head is it sloppy joes Okay head nodding goes the other Direction Sticks and Stones that's up And down just go up and down Is this sloppy joes No He doesn't get the joke either [Music] All right Lots of great grub here on site with the AM Vets or thanks to them for being our Food and beverage provider for the event Chase the ace round number three is Almost upon us The pallets are about to go green Everybody in-house get yourself in front Of a monitor This could be the final Heat

Or we could be going to Extra Innings Ponco fpv and daylight fpv are your Aces To chase it's on a drone and big speed To push us to a Chase Ace round number Four good luck Pilots arm your quads Live on the tone in lesson five A little bit of a different start here For the field I was instantly on board With daylight fpv again he won our first Round and he usually makes a statement Getting up front this time letting them Get out there a little bit let them get Their confidence up a little bit I Understand his situation as we're Underway looks like it was Daylight big Speed Paco eight drone one two three Four Paco looks like he is in five four Might be leading this right now or it Could be a drone a drone and big speed Or one and two right now a drone got a Little loosey-goosey this is the opening Lap we just lost daylight fpv that's one Of her Aces down our other race of Course Is Paco fpv and right now it's big speed A drone Paco only 2.8 seconds separating All three Pilots as we chase down big Speed top right doing his thing that Tower section over to hobby Wing dive Cube then we go through that dive cube In our ringer Dinger right there for a Drone that may open things up for Paco To slide up in a second for those finish Points but put put the coffee on AM Vets

We're going another round there's a win For big speed his first Ace of the Session and this one is going to round Number four Second gonna go to Paco that thing I Think's gonna put him number one on Points third gonna go to a drone Finishing up and fourth to Daylight fpv So three Aces awarded one to Daylight One to Paco and big speed just got his First Ace here the Final Four Four is a warm-up Pack 4 30 is a stream So looking at the points Paco leads on Points he has a first second and third Then one point back from him is a drone With a pair of seconds and a third at One point behind Tim His big speed with a fourth a third in That Ace that we just awarded him And then daylight fpv it's Fourth on Points with a first and a pair of force But to win this bracket and to advance To our second to final bracket you just Need to get two wins So three of four Pilots with Aces Which means our five minutes has started Here because it's a back-to-back Situation But what this really means Is of a drone wins chassis Ace round Number four it goes to sudden death That has only happened once that Champs That happened last year Sudden death could be in our midst

Of course right after this round of Chase the ace We're gonna be going into warm-up packs Be the warm-up packs for the top 40 Last Chance bracket You get ready Works so much better when I type in the Right address of course the heat sheet For our last chance top 40 Last Chance Bracket or our feeder bracket to the top 16. That's available at lcq That is short for Last Chance qualifier Multi lcq for our warm-up packs And uh and for our bracket Heats So that means j-box the Milkman AK Drones Lou fpv You may be on deck unless a drone wins This next race If adrone wins this next race J box the Milkman AK Jones and Lou fpv you are in The hole After that we'll be engineer proximo Pino and miwo fpv after them would be Formula potato just Leanne and tamate Fpv and after that will be Jay camera The sloth fpv and screecher Those names that he cheat is available At Lcq lcq Last Chance qualifier lcq And for our team here as soon as this Chassis Ace has been decided I want to call that uh That warm-up round while we set up our

Podium we'll run one heat maybe two heat Until the podium's ready then we'll do Our Podium Awards and pick up on our Warm-up packs But uh course repairs have been Happening mid race to the brackets and So no lunch break All right Foreign And we'd like to roll right into that Next race that warm-up pack Five minutes on the clock and we are Clicking along Shayna aberg tuning in from afar turned On big speed Unknown Subject says yeah More racing yeah that's what we love About chassis Ace more racing more Racing fpv Skittles cheering on daylight Two dog RC cheering on a drone Cypress 1023 cheering on a drone says come on a Drone hold it together you got this Adren that's from cyprus1023 Tommy gfpb cheering on a drone this time Around since Tommy G fpv was mistaken For him many years ago at i o oh I Remember Tommy G yeah Tommy G from uh North Central From Wisconsin I could I could kind of See it a drone well Tommy G's behind you Adrone He is behind you Uh Jay Rice is Tommy G a drone or sexy Though yeah Mr Rick James says makes Sense Tommy yeah I think I think it's

All come together William Perry says daylight let's go you Got this Word now cheering on big speed I feel That big speed has the best flying style Among these four finalists according to Wordnet fpv and the best shirt according To Ryan aberg Dutch fpv says biggie speed Emily price Says let's go big speed that's my Boyfriend I hope it is Emily price sir May have issues Blaster man go in a Drone Farmer fpv got uh Paco says Paco's got This Ace Jonathan Crump says show him What you got he's cheering on everybody We are going green Jca's round number four If adrone wins it's Extra Innings if Anyone else wins this heat they're your Champion and moving on up as well good Luck Pilots arm your quads live on the Tone in less than five Foreign Crashing out on that launch gonna try And get back up and in this thing Now I think he was uh he was doing good On points and uh there oohs and Oz for Daylight fpv Adrone might be getting back up he's the One that we needed Ace for he is out We're down to one We are down to one now there is a new Rule whether you agree or disagree with

It Even in this situation if Paco doesn't Finish his two laps he does not win we Reset if he doesn't finish his two laps As the new rule they put in so that is Like in the 2020 Championship remember 220 was it 2020. The winner didn't finish her last race But on points one so they changed that Rule and Paco's got some shaky video Right now on lap number two this is for The win this is for a ton of pressures We're full screen on the Canadian he was Our TQ in 2019 in sports finished top 15 This year and he is moving as well self Up he just won this bracket and Paco Goes on to the next Well there we go Paco Paco Paco Your champion Looks like finish points to be decided Finish points to be decided daylight Went further we got a split there right So it goes daylight well this this split Him this didn't Are you sure Are you sure If you're sure you're sure Okay Paco finish order in this one Paco Daylight you sound not so sure you said You were sure a second ago [Music] Do you want to review the whole thing That one's under review uh we're gonna

Do a review and it tally of the points And so at this point I want to bring up Our Pro class top 40 Last Chance J box Milkman AK Jones and Lou fpv we want you To fly engineering proximo Pinot meanwho Fpv on Deck formula potato just Leanne And tomate fpv in the hole you want to Do it Chris So if we can have our next group up for A pilot briefing we'll do a quick pilot Briefing hopefully get you all uh flying And then uh we are under a review here For finish points on that last one Um We're gonna do our review for that last One and uh then we'll do our Podium Awards The only thing we know from that last Race is that Paco one And is moving on up All right we can do a pilot briefing we Have our Pilots come out and see me J-box Milkman AKA drones Lou fpv Engineer proximo Pinot miwo formula Potato just Leanne tamante Jake Hammer The sloth and screecher If you guys can come down here We'd like to have a pilot briefing We have some important things to go over Sooner you get here the sooner we can Ramble through this and the sooner we Can get flying We've made up a little bit of time right Now we're five minutes off of our

Schedule which isn't the worst which Isn't the worst it's been worse before Looks like we are just about everybody Here so I'm gonna start because I'm Gonna try and roll this uh get this Rolling Congratulations everyone knows the Format where you're at we are racing you To I think Race 10 we have a field of 16 Including Paco that just bumped up and From that we're taking eight and those Eight are advancing to seven o'clock to Race in our Championship top 16. uh Whole shot rule is going to come and Play when we're down there's no hole Shot rules we're trying to get eight Pilots we don't have to worry about that Fall start rule is in play so if you Fall start you get one warning and if You fall start twice you lose that round Which would put you in the consolation Bracket uh just don't fall start that is Bad We are I don't know if you got your Emails saw the posting everybody is Going to be on left-hand polarization We're maintaining left-hand polarization Can you borrow one from someone Anyone you can borrow a left hand so That's what we've done all day so far The ground stations for the judges Because we're watching every lap we've Done lots of DVR reviews and the live Stream are all on left-hand polarization

Is there anything you can do is can you Borrow do you think Oh I thought you I thought you're like Oh man a left-hand polarization we want Everybody on all left-hand polarization We're going to use channels one two six Eight now If we have uh if there's any super Issues about right we'll work it out at The line but we want everyone on Left-hand polarization We want everyone on 100 milliwatts sorry We want everyone on 25 milliwatts you're Supposed to be taking over this part not Me Again we are looking for 25 milliwatts Only not 100 not 200 not 800 and here to Talk to us a little bit more about power Levels of etx's Chris Thomas Thanks Joe Scully All right Pilots we've got a very simple But important rule this has always been The rule you must have your power Setting at 25 milliwatt no exception Yesterday we had several readings over 25 milliwatt if we find that you are Setting your VTX anywhere higher you Will immediately be disqualified from This event Even if you're under the power limit Then that's not if you intentionally set Your equipment over 25 milliwatts you'll Be disqualified for this event So set your VTX at 25 milliwatts

If for some reason you think you need to Set it higher seek permission Because you will not get forgiveness Probably won't get permission but at Least that's the only route you might Have Any questions Yeah Absolutely well I I think it's a Wonderful start you're going to take off From these launch pads you're going to Go straight up to the top gate of the Triple and then behind the double Cube And through the tunnel underneath and Start the course at that point Correct Bottom of the double Cube Yes sir You don't have to but we really like it When you do They don't have arms they're really nice You should try them Do your best to try to use the chairs I Will not eject you from the event for That but I will if I find you set your VTX higher than 25 milliwatts All right that's about it any other Questions before we get started yep If we find that your aircraft is Broadcasting hot we're going to try to Diagnose it we're going to try to fix it If it's unintentional that's much Different than you purposely setting Your equipment High

Make sense All right Excellent glad you guys made it eight of You will be moving on to the final 16. Aw will be watching those 16 race Good luck Pilots let's get our practice Started Thank you All right Last Chance qualifier your top 40 j-box Milkman AK drones and Lou fpv you're up You guys can follow the dynamic heat Cheat sheets as we update a multi lcq short for Last Chance Qualifier multi lcq j-box Milkman AK Jones Lou fpv you're up on Tank engineer proximo Pinot miwo fpv in The hole formula potato just Leanne and Tomato fpv So again it's a warm-up pack for this Group and it's a chance for them to Rehearse practice the modified launch on The two and a half lap final here for This group My bad for uh forgetting that during my Part of the pilot briefing I got out in The sun my brain started getting fried Once they're green or once they're sent To go green we will uh We'll let them practice and then looks Like we may be ready for our Podium so Right after this next Heat we will do Our podium For the top 40 lower 17. Podium is going

To come up right after this heat Like words For sure All right Pilots arm your quads on the Tone in less than five Foreign [Music] Again this is you have full two minutes Of practice so you don't have to pay Attention to the Bell Still have 45 seconds to go [Music] All right two minutes finish your lap And uh J box you're supposed to be on Race band One during the practice you Came in on Race band five so make sure You switch over to race band one for Your race Yeah just going to race man one the next Time around J box All right hey start Stark Stark just hold the next Heat okay Sold them for a minute We were sent to do our Podium Presentation for our top 40 lower 17. it Was a battle for Podium prizes and a Battle for a bump up position in Addition to that it's a ranking just Inside of the top 30. I think it's 26 27 28th give or take overall is a 2022 Multi-gp Championship here in Citrus Springs Florida we're gonna start things Off with your second runner-up third Overall on our Podium was flying pretty

Consistent a pair of seconds a third and A fourth to be good enough to be third Overall and that is a drone Adrian Adams Is third overall and our top 40 next 17. Hey drone come on down we got some Hardware and stuff for you Got some prizes a drone A drone A drone Hey buddy Yeah Okay We'll get photos from him later Let's go to your Reserve Champion He had a straight A fourth a third a second and an ace to Be a Reserve Champion finishing at about That number 28 spot overall from binders North Carolina it's big speed Andrew Brower your Reserve Champion It's an exciting day at Champs Sun is shining Prizes to be awarded All right big speed probably one of the Greatest recoveries we ever saw with That uh that dive gate over there how do We how did you be able to just get the Consciousness of oh we're crashing this Is how I level out and go how did you Pull off the most epic save we've seen At least here this week I'm gonna be honest it was completely Locked like I just waited for the spin Fix to kick in on betaflight and when it

Leveled out I was just perfectly lined Up so I just I just kept going pretty Awesome I'm sure you got the DVR Recorded on your Orca goggles who do you Want to thank for your Podium finish Here at Champs Um I think I think thank my dad who's basically Been my [Music] Thank you Dad let's get some prizes for Your Reserve Champion well to matches Orca goggles he's gonna get an orca Controller the fpv dock control Congratulations and you can't buy one of These anywhere not even at you Can only get them by winning races and Doing epic saves like you saw today just About got them in the very Andy Reserve Champion that's big speed Congratulations And then your Champion who's already Charging packs because he just earned The bump up from the lower 17 to our Feeder 16. Or a last chance qualifying 16. he's on The way from the country of Canada your Bump up and your champion of the lower 17 is Charles renfrey Paco fpv Well buddy just fly in your own race It's a big change here now we're in Pro From when we met back in 2018 at Champs Isn't it yeah from a 2019 Sports class Sleeping in a tent to uh the pro class

Now in the top 24 and sleeping in a Hotel yeah look how far we've come Paco Yeah actual room in a bed to fix drones In It's uh we've come a long way yeah 2019 The first ever sport class you were our TQ had some bad luck there and uh well Here we are a couple years later you're In Pro and your luck has changed now You're bumping up you could be in this Final with that top eight yeah Definitely uh every I'm gonna take like Every heat for what it is a single Battery try and do my best and not crash Out well I don't want to jinx it because There is that announcer curse Um so you may get to do this again you May get another Podium you have two more Brackets that you can get through but uh At this one who do you want to thank for Maybe your first Podium of many here Today I'm definitely going to thank uh hexwing Drones for getting me out here and Helping me find a hotel room and uh also Joey who's been my pit crew he was in Sports class and now he's been helping Me out with props and batteries uh big Shout out to fpvqe our local store and Local racing team And that's about it well fantastic Bull Shoals good luck Charles were in Frey Your Champion let's get you some prizes Buddy these ones are white and I'm gonna

Tell you right now if you turn all of These pink it's a sacrilege and we will Delete you at a multi GP because these Are multi GP branded orcas okay so you Can turn them pink but just leave the Multi GP logo on there please do that For me and a challenge coin as well You've been waiting for this one for a Long time since 2019. your bump up is Charles renfrey Paco fpv now go charge Some batteries Bud you're racing with These guys are warming up ready for Heat Number two Oh a drone come on down for your photos Come on down Heat number two let's get Him out to the line Yeah and we got prizes prizes and photos Heat number two can start rolling out A drone so much frustration but you Finished inside of the top 30 you Finally got through it you must feel a Little eluded that's probably why you Had to go and look after some things huh Yeah um well it has been a long weekend Uh I couldn't do this without 533 first uh But Steven right here uh rode down with Him he and flyboy who have been helping All weekend yesterday was extremely Rough I think I got like 15 Laps on the Track total Um So to come back today and actually I don't know feel on

And be able to do what I did felt felt Great it was it was a great day dude you Were leading a bunch out there and uh We're not supposed to bet so we have Like fun bets for multi GP coins gotta Tell you dude on that last one my coin Was on you I was really rooting for you But still you know you've done so well Up to that point that last one let's Forget that last one like it didn't Happen right you remember you had like Two seconds and a third the last one it Was good enough your effort up to that Point to uh hit our Podium here we got Some great prizes for you sir a Challenge coin of course you can't win Them or you can't buy them you can only Win them I think this is your first Challenge coin here yes first challenge Coin that is something to definitely Have proud proud and a whole bunch of Props how many are in here Mike 20 sets of props from her friends at Gemfan and so now when you come back we Can do more crashing at Champs and Finish off strong just like we did this Time around a drone congratulations your Second runner up third on our Podium This seat's about to fly and uh Congratulations to those three Pilots Hitting her podium in our top 40. next Our lowest 17. And so on heat number two we appreciate The patience of our Pilots we should be

At engineer proximo Pinot amiwo on Deck Could be formula potato just land tamat Afpv and then the holy J camera the Sloth fpv and screecher Now for everybody uh everybody at home What we've done The whole time at this point is Take a little break But we're gonna do a hybrid break Because uh we're gonna go right to the Top of the order here these are warm-up Packs We're making up a little bit of time Here gonna give all these Pilots a Warm-up pack Then we're sliding in Paco He's gonna go in heat number four right Did we do that He's going to be in heat four Yeah he's the bump Yeah that's where he goes heat four Paco You're gonna be on uh race band eight You're gonna be in Heat number four But uh But uh you just warmed up so you're not Gonna get a warm-up pack with these Pilots A little bit of pressure on our Pilots Here we've changed the launch we've Instead of a three lap race as planned We wanted to uh compromise the it was Pretty much an even split on Arvin fpv's Survey and Hyper's online survey and so We've split the difference so it's a

Different launch and so here in warm-up Packs Here in warm-up packs they get to Practice that and warm up as well Pilots Arm your quads live on the tone less Than five And they take off right there self Staggering will allow it so guys uh Technically at two minutes we'll tell You to finish up the lap that you're on If you're out there but it's a warm-up Pack so You may not get the uh lap times called Out but uh the pack is yours however you Want to warm up This is the old warm-up pack No pressure Coming up next is going to be formula Potato just Leanne and tamante fpv And in the hole will be Jay Cameron the Sloth fpv and screecher then we go to The top of the order that's brackets for Real Tino 48.7 What am I searching [Music] Where I belong S [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Showed me I could

Get that way you took it all [Music] Adding Frozen always afraid [Music] [Music] Nobody can hear me [Music] Can you cigarette Burning up till there's nothing left Buried [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Nobody can know [Music] [Music] I know [Music] I know But I can't know Catch me [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] My life Quarter Ranch here in Citrus Springs Florida we are just over the Midway Point of the 2022 multi GP championships And of course in bracket sense Pro class We had our sport Championship on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday Friday Saturday Rounding out Champs week and we work our Way through our brackets here on Championships Saturday for the 2022 Multi-gp Championship we are now working Our way through the last 25 Pilots with A chance to be our newly crowned 2022 Multi GP champion in this bracket it's Not a full bracket there's no chase the Ace we are taking a field of 16 Pilots 15 we seated in Paco who just bumped Into this group we will take this Through 10 Heats narrowing our field Winners bracket losers bracket down to The final eight they Advance into our Top 16 tonight at 7 p.m good uh Pilots Arm your quads live on the tone in less Than five Off to the Races we go it is a sunny Saturday afternoon 78 degrees in the Sunshine and electric hot here on the Racecourse at the 2022 multi-gp Championship presented by Superior one Roofing and many many more starting with

Four pilots and watching line of sight They're all separated by about 20 feet a Couple position changes up at the front And it looks like uh the one that we're Chasing is j-box right now who's uh Trying to lead but everyone's right with Him you can see uh he goes on the low Side of the tower right with them is the Milkman also AK Jones Lou fpv so all Four pods together lap one is done j-box Milkman AK drones Lou fpv steal your Running order j-box is pulling ahead Just by a little bit about half a gate As you see him go through the middle of The course right there still with the Milkman in a second but AK Jones gonna Try and make a push here on the Milkman And AK Jones gets by the Milkman Milkman Gets distracted Milkman crash out but Milkman gets back in So j-box then and AK drones then Lou fpv then uh the Milkman but we're getting set to wave a Checkered flag it's waving J box and AK Drones here too moving on up into the Winners brackets AK Jones pulling up second 1.6 seconds Back then we dropped three seconds back To the Milkman in third and fourth going To Lou fpv and of course we are standing By for official word from our on-site Judges that every gate was traversed Correctly and every flag passed Correctly we got a thumbs up all clear And so results official on that one AK

Jones and Jay box second and first Moving up to match number six no Channel Changes Match six is where we'll see J-box at AK Jones and into match number Five will take third in that one the Milkman and fourth in that one Lou fpv Searching for Up next Heat number two Engineer proximo Pino miwo fpv On Deck is match number three formula Potato just Leanne tamate fpv And in the whole Jake Hammer the sloth Fpb's creature in Paco fpv so a question Came in in the chat says so top eight Move to the next group that would be Four Pilots with no losses right then Four Pilots with one loss or is it eight Pilots with no loss Well if we had all day two dog RC it Would be the latter But we are just gonna bump them so you Are correct sir with your first question It'll be four Pilots with no losses It'll be The winners of six Which is J box and AK drones and whoever Joins them and the winners of eight so Those will be the four Pilots with no Losses That will be advancing And then the four Pilots advancing from That On the consolation side will be the top Two in match nine and match ten

Those will be the four Pilots advancing With no losses that leaves us with eight Pilots to join our top eight for our Championship top 16 at 7 pm tonight the Pilots are said it's their first round Of Chase of uh Double Elimination Brackets they're all Aces let's go green Pilots armor quads live on its own Lesson five Foreign [Music] Proximo had a desync or something there Took off and then instantly down started The forward down to three now we might Be down to two we just lost me whoa fpv We saw rainbow road that is when the HD Zero disconnects so as of this moment if You're still flying you better be Smiling you're going to the semi-final Of this bracket one spot away from Advancing to tonight's top 16. Your leader at the moment is Engineer but right behind him by about 20 feet is Pinot let's see him battle it Out here for track position they'll have Another lap to go around here it's still Engineer over no it's Pinot gets Somewhere between the tunnel and start Finish gate Pino gets in front of Engineer now they trade places again Engineer just in front of Pino it is Head-to-head racing and this is for fun Right here both of them advancing and What fun it is as we have engineer ahead

Of Pinot again so they switch places one More time over to the dive box we go now It's a two game lead for engineer Overpino to that tunnel we go it's Pinot Now wow engineer over Pinot by 1.3 Seconds That was fun in the middle of that one So official win going to engineer second Going to Pinot And uh third gonna go to me whoa fourth Gonna go to proximo And so we get set to move them up Not too much to check out there from our Judges And so let's move engineer and Pinot up To match number six Looks like we got a channel change for Both Pilots engineer and Pino engineer To race Band 2 Pinot to race band 8 when They're back in match number six Then into our consolation bracket we go It looks like proximo and miwo which Channel changes as well Let me tell you what channels those are Proximo gonna go to race band Six miwo To race band one when you're back in Match number five Again Channel changes and they are live On the heat cheats right now slash lcq Multi TV DOT live slash L c q Well my Google Translate is blowing up Right now with a whole bunch of Spanish

We got our pilot from Chile Santiago Chile bringing us Thomas fondes tomate Fpv He's 13th overall in this group 21st in Qualifying this week that's a gain of About 18 positions from the global Leaderboard where he was 39th We also got just Leanne From Wilmington Delaware Qualifying on that Global leaderboard The number 16 spot this week dropped Four places into 20th but well a chance To break our top 16 the next couple of Races for him We go to Michigan for the number five Seed in this group that's 13th overall For Charles Debicki you know him as Potato And your highest seed here in this Preliminary round 12th overall in Qualifying this week that's a gain of Eight positions Cal Wentworth he's Formula Got a full video Paul Adkins our flight Line directors and it's a confirmation Let's launch them Pilots arm your quads Live on the town in less than five [Music] It's a thing of beauty this new start Looks absolutely amazing is we're gonna Bring potato across with your whole shot First one through but again as you look Line of sight you got three up at the Front one in the back and they're only

Separated by about 80 feet the entire Field as we continue chasing down But uh now looks like tamante just had a Leanne they've got a little bit of a Switch up in their giddy up and uh Process of elimination just Leanne just Went down So as we bring form a potato around is Potato then formula they switched up Since the Midway Point split timer has Now shuffled back around tomate down Into third and uh so now we're chasing Down potato once again Formula is pretty close to him though Formula is only one gate back here on Lap number two and it looks like tomato Fpv is catching up oh no we just lost Formula does tomate get by the down Formula yes he does potato gets the win And here comes tamate on delay He is your winner or he's the least top Two tomato second in that one And that is gonna put him in match Number eight Judges say results are official let's Move potato and tomato To match number eight no Channel changes And formula and lien to match number Seven no Channel changes for them Getting it done Felipe Prieto says mate I think he's phonetically uh spelling Winner winner right Winner tomato

Unknown Subject says potato on fire yes He was I think he won that by eight Seconds Good sent to grid up match number four We have our bump up Paco fpv we have Screecher we have the sloth and we have Jakehammer This last chance bracket Is Comprised of our qualifiers ninth Through 23rd of our field of 65 in Pro Attending here the 2022 multi GP Championship With our thanks to our great friends Such as hobby Wing the industry leader For the four in one stack esc's Motors And much much more we got Charlie on Site hanging out with us as well Thank you hobby wing Jam fam prompts are with us we've also Got team Black Sheep Our longest running Endemic sponsor multi GP The what The mafia dawn of fpv trappy With his entire Posse Wayne Hoe Mike chin And Derek right Derek works for TBS now On the entire team at Team Black Sheep Real serious toys team Dash This match number four just awaiting

Word of course we have our bump up Paco Fpv from Canada We got screecher the number 17 seed this Week from Ohio we got the sloth fpv the Number 16 seed this week from Florida Up in Tampa And your highest seed in this matchup is Going to be the wild child from Michigan Jakehammer ninth overall in qualifying This week missed that top eight by one Peg and If This Were brackets he would Have Iron Man mode engaged obviously That's not in play but probably would Love to see him win a few of these Matches and make it two the top 16. We're going green top two advancing to What will be a semi-final of this group Good luck Pilots bottom two into the Consolation bracket still with a Chance Armor quads live on the tone lesson five Big launch once again this time looks Like we got oh I was gonna say we got All four through but a crash for Screechers starting with four down to Three as we chase down the sloth then Jake Hammer then Paco the bump up trying To climb his way up this ladder Love to see Paco make it into the final Four now we got issues for Paco and we Have issues for Jay camera Jay camera or Paco there's two advancing positions who Turtle modes up and takes second the Sloth this race is all yours just finish Your races but we need Jake hammer or

Paco to take off again Paco qualifying 26 with a chance to break the top 16 now Double Podium looks like he's not going To take it looks like Jay Cameron's not Going to take off again either And we're gonna have to DVR review to See who goes further we're down to just One that guy right there the sloth fpv Going to our semi-final of the lcq last Chance qualifier You know a year ago he was top 15 in Sports and he has one step away from Being top 16 in Pro there's a big run For the sloth to win match number four Will we know first and we know fourth Sloth you're gonna go to match eight Screech you're gonna go to match seven Now we need to see who went further Jake Hammer or Paco It's gonna be close I think I mean Jay Cammer was flying faster but he crashed Out And then Paco was flying slower he was What about eight seconds uh behind But flew for another eight seconds Before he crashed So I'm going to come down to the Measuring Contest out in the field and We're also going to do a review over Here on the tape see if we can see it on The DVR while we're doing that we're Getting set for match number five the Milkman Lou fpv me well and proximo You're up on Deck J box 8K drones

Engineering Pinot under the hole it's Going to be formula just Leanne Screecher And maybe Paco or maybe Jake hammer Looks like Paco's walking way out there That's almost at the Midway point right No he's off to the right hand side so That's before the Midway point I didn't See where Jay Cameron was headed He's like there's screecher well J Cameron's coming in from the same Direction It looks like jakehammer just from where They retrieve quads Looks like Jake Hammer went further but They're doing some pointing So it's not literally who goes further For the multi-gp rule book it's actually Who successfully completes the furthest Obstacle First so if everyone crashes out after Gate X it's whoever went to gate X first They both crashed at the same gate Allegedly So now it comes down to who got to it First [Music] Well they tell me for some reason our DVR lost the footage Yeah it's never happened before so I Know it says if it's so now due to the Rules because the DVR has somehow gone Into a reboot cycle It means it's a race off because we are

Unable to determine who went further So it'll be a race off between Jay Cameron and Paco after this next race A race off After this next race Between Jake hammer and Paco fpv So sloth as we bump you up you got a Channel change race band Six sloth will Beat a race band Six when we come back In match eight Screecher looks like you're gonna go to Race band two Screech your own go to race Band 2 and He comes back in match seven And then figuring out who goes where It'll come down to that race off between Jakehammer and Paco which is on Deck It gave me just Think I still want you Find someone You anymore Good morning oh yeah give it a minute This is match number five There's match number five top two Advancing to the semi-final the Consolation bracket bottom two Eliminated let's go green Pilots arm Your quads live on the tone lesson five Foreign And now Lou fpv here with static on his Screen looks like his journey is about To come to an end right there finishing Up in the number 23 spot overall for 24 Spot overall top 24. nah the work bad

Finish right there down to just three As we get set to bring your leader that Is the Milkman on to lap number two of The 40.4 then 1.9 seconds back miwo is Running second and here comes proximo Under that lead lap he is six and a half Seconds back in third and a little bit Of an issue there on gate number two but He goes back and he is on his way trying To reel in now we may have a challenge At the front of the board right now as Uh me whoa got ahead of the Milkman Right there Milkman now pushing back Ahead of me whoa both of them go to the Line but it'll be Milkman ahead of me Whoa by 1.6 seconds it doesn't matter First or second is what we need and that Means the Milkman and me whoa will be Staying alive Foreign All right well unofficial results coming In there actually judges say results are Official so Milkman and me woe to match Number nine That is the final for the consolation Bracket in this group Matt the winners Of match nine advance to you our Championships top 16 tonight So we'll be taking uh Milkman and me Whoa up and it'll be a champ send-off For proximo and Lou fpv Little RPV Finishing top 25 here in 2022 in the Number 24 spot in proximo in the number 23 spot Over All

Now we got that race off Erase off between Paco fpv and Jake Hammer How many laps do whoever made the Re-race call one lap all right it's a One lap race well one and a half lap Race All right So it is a race off [Music] So what happened in match number four We had uh we stopped her well we Couldn't review because we miraculously Lost a DVR and Timing System it it wet The bed So We We look to Second and third which is Jake hammer And Paco Looked like according to the chat they Did a review for us that there was a Mid-air so they both went down pretty Much at the same spot So we're gonna race them off this is a Winner's bracket so no one's gonna be Eliminated but this is for a guaranteed Lock into our final of this bracket on The Winner's side A one lap race Pilots You're Gonna Go Uh stand by we're gonna start this race In about 10 seconds or less Pilots arm your quads live on the tone And less than five

There's your go tone and we are underway It is Jake hammer versus Paco it's Jake Hammer one gate ahead of Paco but Paco's Trying to reel in the J camera this is a Close one Jay Cameron goes on to the Rest of lap number one and Paco is right Behind him this is a whole new paco Right here you just saw him bump up he's Got more packs Than Jake Hammer now he's Only about 30 feet back here on this one And done one lap heads up race to see Who moves on and Paco with a bit of a Mistake but great flying by Paco up into That point holy Paco And legit This Time Jake hammer moves on In her winners bracket to the final on The Winner's side And Paco's Journey not coming to an end As a yet we're going to take him to Match number seven so uh you gotta break A one Paco I think Yeah we're gonna you're gonna be on deck In match number seven And no channel change for Paco we're at Match number six [Music] Hmm Hold me close [Music] You'd see life you'd see dreams a fire Deep in me it's what I am everything I'll ever Wow I will not be afraid [Music]

Well your top eight from qualifying Marv fpv Costa fpv popsicle neutral Leviathan hyper Min J and mck fpv We know those eight But we are about to add two The top two and this race here Are advancing to tonight's performance For the 2022 multi-gp championship Third and fourth Still with a Chance But let's go into the top 16 with a win Right now Pilots arm your quads live on The tone in lesson five Up they go to the top of that Tower it Is a good run J box trying to make that First statement then it's uh Pinot Running right behind him see if we can Try and get in front of j-box but don't Count out engineer he's right with him As well they're almost four wide it is a Four wide battle right there all four of Them right together you see training a Little bit Trading Places we look out Line of sight but don't look away They're all out of that extended Quirkster section it's going to come Over to a dive who does that tighter Line it looked like that time around It's AK Jones pushing himself up to the Front for just a hair it is a two lap Race and this is one of the hottests That we've seen over the course of Champs week right here two are going to Join our top eight so far jaybox AK

Jones Pinot they're only holy there's Less than three tenths of a second Separating the top three engineer is two Seconds back from the transfer position And last time we looked we were chasing J box but J box and AK Jones are on top Of each other right now it's still j-box Just had AK Jones running in that number Three spot is Pinot Pinot is right up With them and big mistake there for AK Jones that moves up Pina know in the Number two spot still chasing back j-box Jane box and Pino are in the top 16. We'll be playing that one back for Entertainment purposes right there Engineer pulls up third by 1.3 seconds J box put the batteries away Pinot relaxes well you are in our top 16 Results official results official Engineering AK Jones he got some more Racing to do looks like we got a channel Change to worry about for engineer Engineer gonna go to your race band Eight We are going to show you that last and Lap with one and eight j-box and Pinot Timing says .099 that's uh under a hundredth of a Second separating them through our start Finish Gates We will play that back as we get set to Grid Up Ring seven formula just Leanne Paco fpv and screecher on Deck is match Number eight potato tomate the sloth fpv

And J camera then in the hole the Milkman miwo fpv engineering 8K drones There we are All right let's see scully's DVR up on The big screen When doing a real time wait until Doug's running all right Dougie Don't trip Well we can watch this back once maybe Twice let's watch it in real time here Is j-box and Pinot again the Finish is .09 let's go in real time J box on the left Pinot on the right See j-box with the slight lead Pinot is Gonna get right on top of this section In the the double red gates over the Dive j-box still with a 20-foot lead now In this tunnel bam all right now let's Frame by frame just the Finish gate We're about to go green on this next Heat Just frame by frame there you go perfect Right there frame frame frame All right so on Pinot's feed you can see J-box right in front of them And as we go through it Look how close they are Right on top of the gate there goes J Box through kitchen there's Pinot Through kaching point zero nine nine oh What a great finish congratulations to J-box and Pino in our top 16. We go to match number seven this is a Consolation bracket race

Top two in this race advance to our Final of the consolation bracket for the Opportunity to advance Bottom twos Champs Journey comes to an End finishing up 21st and 22nd overall In Pro good luck Pilots arm your quads Live on the tune In less than five [Music] Up we go and underway everything good And issues for Paco once again and looks Like just Leanne going down as well Back up we go looks like we just lost Paco Gonna finish top 25 looks like we may Have issues for just Leanne don't count Them out yet we're having tapped on him Right now formula and screecher Are your two leaders Inching themselves closer to a top 16 Advancement position Consent to roll things on here with Formula there's formula on to lap number Two here comes Screech run to lap number Two they're separated by about two Seconds And remember I said don't count out Leanne he is 4.6 seconds back in third On this last ditch effort to break the Top 16. he can do it I'd be scared if I Was in front of him He was 16th on the global leaderboard 20th in qualifying this week and he's Trying to change that Destiny right here

If he can roll in and Lead it and catch Up to screecher down he will go formula Advances one more race as to screecher They are still alive And so that means just Leanne going to Finish up in the top 25 as does Paco Just Leon 23rd overall in Pro Paco 24th Overall in Pro that is where their Journey comes to an end three Heats to Go three matches to go Before we do a podium A track repair and some ketchup packs With our top 16. Formula screecher moving up to match Number 10 no Channel changes no Channel Changes screecher formula Well remember that insane race with J-box and Pino That grinder to make it into our top 16. Could be a one and done race with a Little do-over because there's a winners Bracket We got the same situation set here in Match number eight for Jay camera the Sloth fpv tomate and potato Winner the top two in this event this Race Are in tonight's Big Show Top 16. Along with j-box and Pino Third and fourth with a chance to redeem Themselves They'll be on deck after this next race Against formula and screecher

Formula it's creature put in another Pack On the charger And about to watch this one Because they are going to be racing Against the top two For the final two positions when we get To that point So far we have 10 Pilots locked in For the championship at 7 pm We're about to punch two more tickets It's a good field too You're gonna start with tomato The Chilean qualifying 21st this week Then you got the sloth 16th in qualifying Potato 13th in qualifying And Jake Hammer who was ninth in Qualifying Last year he was in our finals finish Six overall As was potatoes tenth overall they want A chance to go back let's see what Happens Pilots Top two are going to the big show Tonight good luck Arm your quads Live on its own lesson five Off to the Races we go and it's a Fantastic start for all four I was Watching potato he was out front he's Got the rest of the field right behind Him now Jake Hammer your leader and then It's so it looks like Jay Cameron slaw

Potato tomato tomate at least on that First half of the lap but of course Anything could change from there Jake Hammer and potato are almost side by Side doing that section right behind Them though is the sloth and uh looks Like tomate is about a couple Gates back From them as we get set to bring him Around here on to lap number two Jake Hammer then Here Comes potato then next To go through is going to be uh wow the Sloth and tomato they're in a battle for Third fourth but you just heard some Oohs and Oz or a leader Jay Cameron got A little loosey-goosey but he's just Dropped down to second but the sloth is Caught up to him and so it is a battle Here for second third now we had a huge Battle at the front almost both of them Going sideways through the top of the Dive Tower and so now we're gonna put Jake Hammer back up to the number one Spot but then we have potato in the Number two spot and Jay Kammer gets the Win potato 1.6 seconds back sloth in Third tamonte fourth Jake Hammer returns to our Championship Top 16 again It'll be a two over in the top 16 for Jay Cammer Potato in our top 16 as well A do-over for him finishing top ten a Year ago Looks like we are good to go standby

Don't hit any buttons my brain is fried All right no Channel changes sloth and Tomato going to match 10 it's a break of One no Channel changes no Channel Changes We have two Heats to go I got some chips Two races to go Foreign You think this is crazy wait until Tonight Here's what we're fighting for You need a channel Milk man you should be on raceband too This is for a top 20 finish in 2022. Third and fourth are top 20. First and second Are at least top 16. top two in this Advancing to the big show tonight We have 12 positions filled four Positions to go Starting with first Working our way down Well tonight at seven we'll have Minchin Kim known as mckfpv Minje hyper Leviathan doiko popsicle Costa fpv Marv fpv J box Pinot Jakehammer and potato That is 12 of our 16. we're featuring at 7 pm tonight Four positions remain and we're gonna

Give two of them The two of these Pilots up on our main Stage here at the No Quarter ranch right Now Will it be the Milkman the 2019 Reserve Champion of sport class Will it be me woe fpv the veteran Finishes top 25 in Pro each year will it Be engineer the Collegiate Champion Twice will it be AK drones let's see how It plays out top two advancing to the Show tonight good luck Pilots arm your Quads live on the tone lesson five All right All four Pilots doing their thing And underway we go looks like it is Engineer AK Jones the Milkman meanwho One two three four but anyone's game as We look out line of sight they are all Within reach of each other Striking Distance for the front of our field What a two-lap race Milkman and me whoa right now are Battling here for position it looks like They might be battling for second third Looks like AK drones was leading a lake He just crashed out so it's Milkman Engineer me whoa six tenths of a second Separating those three Pilots after one A nail biter three Pilots two seats who Is gonna get him as we lost AK drones on Lap number one this is the lab that Matters lap number two you're watching Them and tear it out here looking for

Those big passes a blurry camera coming In for me whoa all three going into our Tunnel and uh so far the only one to get Across the line there was me whoa then It looked like engineer recovered then The Milkman recovers and third Foreign All three Pilots bit it before the Entrance of the tunnel It is all under review get your quads We'll let you know We will let you know the Milkman says so Who won Joe I'm like well I don't really Think we know I I know for sure well I Don't know nothing for sure All we know is AK did not finish first And will be 20th overall that is all we Know Oh my gosh Three pilots on top of each other for Two laps two and a half laps You went to lap one Play it out in real time Scully DVR is live We're gonna watch lap two with these Three Yes yep We can swap over the DVR at any time Coming up uh we got match number 10 Formula screecher the sloth and tomato Translation Okay I guess we're not going to show my DVR Okay frame by frame it

Uh yep we can continue So first one through the tunnel was the Milkman No yep no he was not well pause Engineer was first through the tunnel Milkman was closest to the tunnel but Engineer pushed into the tunnel engineer There you can see it yeah engineer is in Front of the Milkman in the top right And so back of the pack is me whoa right So let's go frame by frame let's just Enjoy this moment So we come out of the tunnel Milkman comes out of the tunnel first we Still have engineer making a big push Right behind him Now meanwhile goes into the tunnel clean And there is Milkman Yeah go again hit play yeah those you Went back to the first lap But just to understand that may have Been an error but just to appreciate That you can see all three of them are Right together In the tunnel at the end of lap number One Now for real this time we're going to Watch we're gonna watch the gnarly Finish Next race is going to start in about 45 Seconds All right so this is the real finish Look at all pause all three of them have

Almost the exact same frame of the gate All right let's roll through it okay so First one through the tunnel is actually Me well but then he crashes then next Into the tunnel was milk uh two So meanwhile goes first on the tunnel Then miwo both of them crash and then Engineer felt left out so he decides to Crash as well And so now all three are lost and now it Is going to be a race to our start Finish gate let's see how that plays out We're going high And so Two rolls to put me whoa through the Start finish gate first so that is legit Me whoa is in your Championship top 16 And right behind them there's Engineers Pass and the Milkman gets a little lost Goes back and Redoes the tunnel just to say he did it And that is going to put him 19th Overall by my counting right there so And so results are official they tell me And so into our top 16 We take them right there Can you go back to that All right If you guys can make it a little easier To follow that would be great Formulas creature the sloth and tomato Fpv It's top 18 or it's top 16. You decide let's go green Pilot's arm

Your quads Live on the tone in less than five That was a great start no contact but it Was definitely a nail biter as we push The sloth formula screecher tomate one Two three four onto this opening lap now It's a two and a half lap race if it's a Little hard to follow along we got that Long approach to kind of even it between Two and three laps and uh right now well The numbers are just right as we get sad It looks like formula sloth tamonte Screecher your running order here right Now formula and slaw still on top of Each other and there's a sloth ahead of Formula by 1.1 seconds now screecher Third to Monte fourth screecher is four Tenths of a second back from the top 16. The position right now held by formula But right now they're all connected at The prom trying to limp their way home And there's your first ringer Dinger That's creature with an issue he gets Back online no mistakes is what it's Gonna take and a super hot lap here as We move two on it looks like like it's Gonna be the sloth and formula your First two across the line tomate and Screecher third and fourth Formula I think was leading the sloth Right before the last turn to the tunnel And somehow the sloth found a gear from The entrance of the tunnel to the Starting finish gate to get the sloth

The win on that one just confirming with Our officials to see what the story of The field is it looks like it is going To be good for them so we start things Off like this it is going to be a multi GPA Pro class send-off for screecher Finishing up in the number 18 spot Overall that's a big move and tamonte Competing in his first multi-gp Championship finishing 17th overall of Our field of 65. the multi GP Championship And of course advancing to our top 16 From that match right there the sloth And formula are now in the top 16 in Addition to engineer miwo potato Jake Hammer pinot and j-box they join our top Eight from qualifying yesterday Marv fpv Costa fpv popsicle noiko Leviathan hyper Minje and the 2022 multi-gp Championship Top qualifier mck fpv those are your top 16. that we are going to feature tonight At 7 00 p.m for those watching here Tonight are broadcast at 7 pm will be a New live stream link so make sure uh if It's seven o'clock and you don't see Live video just pop back to the multi GP YouTube channel see our live video we go With the brackets of the top 16 at 7 p.m Tonight between now and then we're gonna Do some catch-up packs and warm-up packs And we'll roll through that as we Progress All right

And that means the rest of us are taking A short pause for the cause our Pilots Will be calling up here for warm-up Packs in just a minute And and ketchup packs first it's ketchup Packs then warm-up packs and we'll be Back at 7 p.m Eastern with the Championship top 16 for the title of 2022 multi GP Championship that's for Those on the live stream 90 minutes from now thank you Charlie of Course our competitors in the top 16 Will get ketchup packs that's the top Eight they will get ketchup packs then Once the top eight get their catch-up Packs then our next date that we just Advanced in will join them it'll all be Warm-up packs right ahead of our Championships top 16 7 P.M Eastern is When we'll go green tonight We will see you then here on the multi GP YouTube channel Foreign