Musical Chairs… but with High Speed FPV Drones

By | September 26, 2022

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– FPV Freestyle Pilots / Hosts –
Joshua Bardwell [Knowitall]

Drew Camden [Le Drib]

Alex Vanover [CaptainVanover]

James Hester [PDEVX]

Caleb Wright [BubbyFPV]

Shane Saviers [ATek FPV]

Eric Sackhoff [This I Spank]

– Production Team –
Drew Camden – Producer
Christian Kapper – Editor


[Music] [Applause] [Music] So we're obviously gonna play musical Chairs with the drones but what we're Gonna do is instead of just like flying Around the chairs with our drones we're Gonna actually fly around a little bit Of a racing course so you can be going Really fast or really slow it's just up To Pilot strategy when the music ends It's pretty simple you gotta go land in The chair if you fall out of the chair It doesn't count so you have to actually Get the Drone to stick in the chair the Last pilot unfortunately is out the Shocking twist you'll never believe what We're gonna do at the end let's say We're at that end of the chorus do we Have to get through the course no you Just go through here you could just be Hovering near the chairs you're not Allowed to just hover that because the Musical chairs you can't just stop I Know I get what you're going that's how I was cheating Here going for the same chair and we Both drop in the person who who's ever Is on bottom bottom right whoever's on Bottom is the one who keeps the win [Music] Well [Music] I'm so far I'm in I'm in I'm in I'm in

I'm in I'm in oh did you guys we have Two and one though oh I got it I got it I got a chair okay I'm in I'm in I'm Good I'm right here We ended up in the same chair yeah so But here's the thing though is there's An empty chair and since Eric didn't Land and one I guess you guys move on I Want to know who God I think you might Have Yep one chair is gone all right I kind Of panicked whenever it stopped yeah This is way scarier than I thought I Could I told you you're trying to make Sure you get it lined up and you're like You're fighting for chairs too she's Like oh that one's not I forgot they I Have to spot which one has no quality Exactly I forgot the music by the way Was the trigger I was just going to Music stop and I was like oh the jam Stop [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh I missed I meant no No wait wait Got it I think I'm stuck in a chair No I don't know if I'm in it or not I Don't know I got it oh hey so wait wait all right Let's go see what's let's go that was Awesome I don't know if I actually made

It in or not I'm not in the chair though I'm like stuck to the chair I came in Too hot I knocked over the chair I don't Know what this means I'm worried I might Be eliminated Buffy's sounding really Excited I'm in the red one that's Shane But you're still in the chair though so You're good oh yeah let's fall over oh Wait it was up oh that's me I'm right here man you know what we're Doing to this guy's chairs here that's Air conditioning oh my God but then Who's out well He wasn't inside of a chair structure oh Wait wait let's see reveal reveal I mean My arm is on the fabric I mean I think You're still in I think They're all the chairs were taken by the Time I tried to land they'll feel like I'm out I just figured if there were two Quads on the ground there might be some Ambiguity about who was left in the Chair doing the laps is really fun I Forget how much fun of this just fly With other people like kind of in Synchronicity yeah together that'll know [Music] Oh I thought I was stopping for a second There [Music] Are the chairs I forgot I'm in I'm in good someone's not in I Think it's true Oh no the chairs you almost had me I

Fell off of it and I saw you sneaking up Bro I was like right next to like I was Just crawling in the music when I was Like walking the park baby yeah and I'm Like oh gosh which way I keep thinking It's gonna catch me like a glove and Then I just flop out of it all right Chair gone I hesitated I has I had the Chair and my sides I hesitated went back Around and by then it was too late Hesitation is defeat hesitations [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm in I'm in good I'm in I'm in I'm in Oh man Was it me let's go sorry man I know how You feel Kids man I just wanted to win musical Chairs they never let me win So the problem is I was coming downhill And you're coming downhill you're Pointing it up over and so I like came Up on it and slowed down and like so Were you behind me because I did the Exact same thing and I focused the turn On the red chair so you just went for it And hoped for the best exactly all right So we're down to the finals top three Captain ran over hey it's like fpv and Me Oh

[Music] Bro didn't you see me when that musical I did the fastest way Bro I did the fastest what I said so I Figured for the last challenge just to Mix things up and not be one chair Instead of doing chairs we have these Awesome perched elements up here in the Fpv park and so I think for the last one We do the same course yeah and then we Gotta go perch I think it'll be awesome It'll add like another element of Challenge because you know with this one I can kind of just go yeah and stop it Here it'll just hatch right here so now We're gonna have to actually land it Perch it yeah I suck at Landing so uh I Think we use the perch that's right up There on that tree I think that's the Best too probably that one right there We're gonna do a shortened course since We have the perch helmet kind of in the Corner of the current track dude did That so much adrenaline in that I'm like Oh yeah oh yeah here we go normally I Want someone okay but uh Bubby's been Getting a little bit so I don't know Really I just because you always want me To lose you always rig I can't think of How many Road ride episodes where you've Like rigged against Look at this look at this aggression He's coming up with you know you know What remind him where his place is oh

I'll try [Music] I hate you Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Laughter]