My new favorite cinewhoop | Geprc cinebot30

By | November 26, 2022

The geprc cinebot30 is a 3inch 6s cinewhoop that can carry naked cameras and the the dji action cameras. It comes in analog as well as digital and features a stabilization plate to keep your cameras vibration free.
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Welcome to today's video everybody Before we get started make sure you Check out we're trying to do A fundraiser to raise money to build the World's first fpv drone park that's open To the public so far not even 30 days in And we are already at 21 000 this will go for another two months So check it out today at and Help make everybody's dream a reality Hey yo what up everybody Welcome to Today's video today we're going to be Doing a review on a cinema the cinebot 30 to be specific this is by Gap RC I Saw that this was online and I was like Oh dude that's like part of my name Right my name's bot so since I'm an American I tried to sue them and that Didn't work so then I just hit him up And I was like hey uh can I have one to Play with and they're like yeah sure so Here here we cats and they're like yeah Sure so I'm making this video about it I'm highs I also got to say Shout out to ttfpv for making this super Cool shirt and sending me one now Typically I'm not a huge fan of like the Older duck style cinemoops because they Didn't really fly that well they seem to Wobble and kind of fight you when you Fly but these new ones these like bumper Ones like they send about 30 we're about To review these fly pretty damn good Dude now right now my two favorite

Cinewoofs are by drunko Productions they Are the two and a half inch snapshot and The three inch Center the center carries My bones no problem the two and A half inch carries my naked flywoo no Issue which is what I'm going to put on The cinebot 30 today I know it's already Out of the packaging because I wanted to Show it to you but I did an unboxing of It and I'll show you what's inside and Then we'll do some rippings so join me Come on I'm gonna take the elevator Though I'll meet you downstairs All right let's see what we got inside This thing So Inside the Box looks like you can get The actual drone itself plus uh whatever Comes in this bag what's in here it's Like a lipo strap Antenna tubes some extra props oh I Don't have any of these things this is Good I don't own any USB cords so it's Good it comes with a USB cord got some Screws and oh where to go a little Keychain We got some little pamphlets that Nobody's ever going to read Hey what the but the most important Thing the most important thing oops I'm Going to lose those maybe not the most Important thing but what I think is Super cool is they included these Balance leads for naked's GoPros nakeds Go they included the balance leads for

These naked GoPros so here you put your Little 6s balance lead in here and the Other end you can just solder on Whatever connector your naked GoPro Takes so that's what comes in the Box Let's check out the Drone This is nice when I first take this out Of the box my first impressions I hold It I'm like wow this is a nice little Quad man look at this it's got the Aluminum camera cage these little Bumpers here on the side feel really Nice and it's got this this is my Favorite part it's got these little Things so that's all nice and Squishy You know what I mean it's going to take All the vibrations out of your camera That that is pretty cool the mount that It comes with right here fits the bones As well as the naked GoPro that flywoo Makes which are the cameras that I have So it's pretty convenient and it is an Xt60 my other cinewoops or xt30 because I just use a little 6s xc30 batteries But this is nice I can fit my full size Gnb of 1300 where are these things I can Fit my full-size gnb 1300 battery in Here no problem watch see look at that It fits it just fine xt60 no problem the Motors that come on the 6s version are 1804 2450 KV and the 4S version are 1804 3450 KB get RC claims that this is sub 250 so let's get out the scale here and See

This weighs in at what does that say S in at 214 grams but as soon as you add One of your little naked cameras this is Coming in at 263 with the flight with Naked 9. this is a nice little quad man From the aluminum camera cage to the Weight of it to the little Jiggly things For the camera right there nice I I do Like this I hope it flies well I really Like these built-in LEDs So between the fact that has LEDs built In and it just takes my 6s lipos like I'm good to go this thing is sick if it Flies well this is gonna be my new Favorite binder fly Cinema For Real Alright so that's what it looks like Those are my initial thoughts this thing Looks really nice I super like the LEDs It looks like it has quality components The frame little bumpers feel nice let's Head down to the graveyard and give it a Test strip before we head out of town Just in case we waste on our damn time [Music] Foreign [Music] Super well man I'm pretty stoked On I think I don't like all Cinema Usually is the way they fly especially The old ducted ones they'll kind of go Side to side wobble a whole lot and you Can fix it in post but it's not really Fun to fly them when you're fighting the Craft the whole time you know what I

Mean so this flying straight and true Very nice way to go get Percy I'm Confident that we can take this out of Town and have some fun someone hit up The homie Grand it's about 32 degrees We're gonna meet each other at the skate Park he brought his scooter I'm bringing My quad we're gonna film a little bit Let's go do that down try all right hey we're at the Skate park now it's like uh 32 degrees And it's windy basically the worst Possible conditions to be outside I have Video games at home so I don't know why I'm out here [Music] We have no time to wallow in the Maya if You're on a foreign [Music] [Music] Competition come sideways the Competition that must come straight Thank you for helping me film Grand I Really appreciate it buddy it was super cold outside oh it's too Cold outside but I did want to get some More footage so what I ended up doing Was doing a little narrated rip with This thing inside of the car just Cruising around you know having fun Seeing how it does so here I'll show you That here's an aerated rip from inside Of the car thing ripped from the car can't get it off the goddamn window

And I don't lose it so here's the first Thing it's got Chooch this Motherfucker's got a lot of shoot for Just being a little three inch and it's Carrying a big old 6s 1300 mile battery too like cineworths Usually fall like this so you just fly Oh oh it's like a center whoop look at Me I hate the way they fly but this guy This little guy oh there's some people In this park there's supposed to be Nobody in here I'll just stay low so This little guy dude look at this it Actually like rips around this thing Flies pretty freaking well Now there is some water I don't know if my video will work from The car over water but let's find out Let's find out if I'm gonna have to go Swimming today beautiful fountain look At this such cinematic yaws look at it Yawing so cinematically oh my goodness Can you believe how cinematic that y'all Was that's what a cineboob does but not This thing for real dude this is Pretty tight like I said before The center and the snapshot those are Definitely my favorite uh little Cinemoops because I with drunko Productions but this thing look look I'm Just cruising around dude this thing is Cruising pretty good here we are Oh it's a Jeep that's not us where are We I'm lost nope that's us this is

Flying so nice right here let's see if I Just hold it here I'm just holding it Still I'm just holding it still Bro and that's flying pretty freaking Straight not wobbly you know what I mean I do have hyper smooth on this GoPro I Did not use any um what do you call any Real City or anything after the fact This is straight just GoPro with Hyper Smooth on and this thing is flying I Almost hit the out of that this Thing is flying super smooth man I like It it's in about 30. it's in about 30 Thank you for sending me this I do like It can I go I don't trust my video I Don't trust my video Let's just cruise Over the water prop's gonna fly Off I'm gonna lose my camera and my Drone in one swoop but look man I think This flies super well I've flown some Drones I've flown my share of Center Whoops and I feel like they do all fly Like garbage cans this this Flies good this flies pretty dang nice Look at that beautiful cinematic footage Now let's see if I can go underneath This table or something come on all Right this is a horrible idea my video Is breaking up I'm gonna have to go walk and Get this nope nope just kidding I'm the World's greatest drone pilot under the Bench let's land and let's talk about This just a little bit more

Bro I like this I like this cineboop I Like everything about it get RC way to Go fantastic job on this thing thanks a Lot for sending it to me speaking of Sending me things you know we know we Bleed fpv right they make super cool Stuff go check out webleed Possibly the best moop Motors and Batteries in the game right now but These also make hot sauce That is really good it's like a sweet Hot sauce I just want to shout it out Because it's delicious and I have a box Of it sitting right here oh you don't Believe me I have a box I said I have a box of it sitting right so that Was my review of the cinebot 30. if you Didn't find it informational I hope you At least found it entertaining and if You did press the Subscribe button I'm Trying to get the 35 000 subscribers I'm Super close if you're watching This you haven't subscribed just do it For like a month and if you hate me Unsubscribe I'll hit my goal that's cool Man we'll help each other out also if You are subscribed you have to hit the Stupid Bell I've been finding out that's Incredibly important do the stupid Bell thing or I don't know I Don't have anything yep RC thank you Very much for sending me this he does Fly really good and it has LEDs I want To go do some chases so I'm going to hit

Up some homies and I might play this Thing later and I'll show you in some Future videos but yeah I think you Fly for the naked nine by the way too Bad you guys are so nice you companies I Love where fpv is at right now should I Do a little thing I'll do a little thing Check this out I feel like fev is going Back to how it used to be like 2016 we Had all these companies making brand new Exciting stuff we had reps that they Would send to events and and Sponsor a bunch of people I feel like There was kind of like a decline in that But it's back now gem fans doing Badass people HD zero was talking To the community tiny Boop still doing Stuff we bleed fpv Defiance there's all These small companies starting up doing Super cool stuff it feels like fpv when I started it's a great time to be doing This okay rant over speaking of people I Would like to do uppers with and rants All night huge shout out to my top tier Patrons Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred805 j-rodfpb juicy fpv Lucas Roka Maddie B fpv netcat fpv Patrick Martin Stomp The fpv Trent ttfvb Tuan solo Volatronics walm fpv and hey thanks for being My top tier patrons if you want to watch All my videos first get some stickers in The mail post your flying freestyle Videos on my live stream for everybody

To see every single Friday night of the Year become a patron today there's a Link right there look at it wherever it Is yeah so that was the Gap RCS in about 30 thanks again soon about I appreciated That thank you for watching and thank You everybody for um doing what to do oh we have to do the oh we Have to do the thing here these are all The Patriots all the patrons this video Hopefully is not running long these are Every single I have a little monitor is Every single person that's ever uh been That's a patron right now this is the Month of November every single November Patron their name is scrolling by the Screen right now thank you very much Especially you and you and you and Especially you all these people hey big Shout out to this person right here Thank you all my top tier patrons and All my pages so you give me one dollar You'll see your name on the screen you Give me five bucks you'll see your name On the screen every single month paste Your videos yeah right now breath Run out of breath whenever I do this This is the ultimate Patron every single Month I do a huge shout out like this And I show everybody's name like this Person right here I hope I remember to Scroll down when I make the thing then I Usually panic and walk around in a Circle and so you can't see my fat belly

Can you okay good Oh yeah I can't edit I forgot when I do this it's all one shot yep thanks Skip RC thank you everybody for watching I promise next time will be better Um I'm out of here bye The next goal is 25 000 before the end Of November and we're so close to being There we're almost like 22 Grand so Check out today and donate Love you bye foreign [Music] [Music]