My new frame is here! | Botgrinder DEMIBOT

By | September 23, 2022

It's finally here. The DemiBot.


When Botgrinder and the @ummagawd Company get together, magic happens. Together we've made a frame that can not only survive the most brutal bando gauntlet imaginable, but can also rip the smoothest freestyle flow you can ever experience. The same details that make this frame nearly indestructible, also make it one of the smoothest flying frames available. With 6mm thick arms, held together by 3mm thick plates, and 6mm OD standoffs, this frame bolts solidly together into one sturdy mass, that makes gyros very happy.

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All right oops wrong bag The bach grinder Demi bot the Collaboration between Buck grinder and Umagod is finally here let me show you How to build this thing Welcome to today's video Everybody well Plug it frames here frames for sale the Demi bot the collaboration between me And umagod is finally here I'm so Freaking stoked on this thing you don't Even know a lot of you actually do know Because I've been talking about it for Months I've been testing this thing for Freaking ever and it's here it's finally Here for sale you can get your hands on One the link is in the description go to and get you a demi bot my Purpose for making this video is I want To show this off I want to show you some Of my favorite features of this Frame And why I think it's the ultimate Freaking freestyle frame and I'm going To show you just how easy it goes Together I'm gonna do a build real quick It'll take like three freaking minutes This thing slaps together super easy it Fits everything you want to put in it And it's damn near indestructible well Let's let me let's jump into it let me Show you what I love about this Frame so This thing features six millimeter arms Three millimeter top mid and bottom Plates it's got mounting in the middle For a 20 by 20 or 30 30 ESC stack it

Also has 20 by 20 and 30 by 30 in the Rear so you can fit a lock snail a DJI Analog 30×30 HD zero whatever VTX you Run whatever system you run this will Fit that VTX the front fits just about Any camera if you have a smaller camera You can just get a different thicker Camera mount or you can use a stock one To fit any of the cameras that we're Currently using it's got press notes Instead of screws and possibly my Favorite part is these armins These Armins are evil these are freaking Brutal if you don't want to get your arm In scratched up there are 3D prints Available for these in fact there's 3D Prints available on thingiverse for all Of these from Uma God or you can buy Them for moving outside or brain 3D is The official 3D prints of this Frame so If you want to get something official That's made designed and made for this By somebody go to brain 3D and pick them Up if you can't print them on your own You'll notice that all the hardware is Black on this this is a murdered out Black on black Demi bot evil frame But I did all black not only because I Think it looks super cool to be murdered Out but also because I encourage you to Paint your frame why not pay every every Frame every frame is this black carbon Color paint your frame dude this Looks super sick when you paint it and

There's like basically three main parts To this and then the arms so you can Paint it whatever freaking color scheme You want basically I want to see if you Pick up one of these Demi Bots and you Paint it tag me on the internet I want To see what you did with it it comes With everything you'll need to put this Together as you'll see in the build Video except for the 3D print for the VTX in the back it comes with a little Camera 3D prints in the front but There's so many different vtxs and Antenna systems now you just got to Print your own get your buddy to do it Or order one online if you don't know if You don't have a buddy you don't have Money to order one after you order the Frame if that my last result hit me up I'll print you something for the Back of your frame for real hit me up if You absolutely need it don't hit me up Unless you absolutely need it but I Don't want you to be out there you know Without print I got you dog I think my Favorite thing about this Frame though For real is just the versatility of it Like this will fit any system you want To put into it and protect the out Of it you know what I mean between the Countersunk screw holes on the bottom The super thick arms that are going to Protect your Motors especially 2207 Motors which you should be running for

Freestyle because they this is just a nice frame man shout out to Jaden who was like basically my contact Point at Uma God and Tommy and everybody Else on the team for killing it On this Frame dude this I had some In my head like I'm gonna make a Freestyle frame and went blah and they Made this and they came up with this Dude like I can't believe it This this is the most amazing Freestyle frame for real I have ever seen I'm not just I am tooting My own horn it don't take my word for it Pick one up if you if you're used to Buying cheaper frames you know what I Mean clone frames which you should not Be buying clone frames but you're right Cheaper frames you've never had a nice One I highly suggest not just because It's mine but I highly suggest picking Up a nice frame pick up a nice Especially if you do freestyle a nice Frame will make a huge amount of Difference not only is it more durable These frames are tested for the Resonance too and Tommy sent me Screenshots of the resonance tests of This and it's it's virtually nothing it Is so freaking clean there's if you fly A shitty shaky frame and then you go to Something nice and clean like this you Will feel the difference it will Literally make you a better pilot all

Right let me show you how this thing Goes together real quick [Music] Foreign ER Demi bot the collaboration between Buck grinder and umagod is finally here Let me show you how to build this thing So in your frame kit you're going to get Your arms You're going to get your mid plate that Has the Press nuts in it You're going to get your bottom plate This is going to be the front And then you have your top plate you're Also going to get all the standoff Screws everything all the hardware that You need to build it you get a couple of Straps you get a little Umaga keychain And sticker you get the 3D mounts for The camera for the fpv camera and you Get a little piece of a grip and you're Also going to get these press nuts which Are going to be for your stack either 2020 or 30 30 you're going to pop these In yourself it has a little screw to Help you do that I'll explain that here In just a minute all right so first Thing open up all your packages First thing you do is grab your bag of Pressed nuts and also there will be a Bag with one single screw and one single Little washer you're gonna grab your mid Plate and you see how there are 30 30 as Well as 20 20 mounting holes you're

Gonna decide which you won't put them in You're gonna either do 20 20 or 30 30 Now right now you have to make a Huge decision in your life are you a 20 By 20 person are you a 30 by 30 person It screens a lot about you okay this Part's pretty easy you see how the Presidents are in here see how it's like The nut side up you choose 20 20 or 30 By 30 get one of your little press nuts Just kind of set it in the appropriate Hole that's a little crooked you want to Get it as straight in there as possible I'm gonna take your little washer screw Combo and just screw it in the other Side of that press nut it's all right it Pops out like that just kind of get it In there and just turn it and there you Go you have installed the first press Nut now just do that three more times And there we go all four press nuts Installed way to go I'm proud of you all Right now it's time to start putting the Frame together take this bag that has The shorter flat head screws or whatever The not the bucket heads whatever these Ones are called the little countersunks Countersunk screws man that's what They're called take one of these Countersunk screws get your bottom plate Run it right through the middle on the Countersunk sides yeah this is the Countersunk side normal side run one of Those countersunk screws right through

The middle of your countersunk side take Your little center block pop that thing Right on there in the middle you're Going to want to keep this as straight As possible it's going to be pretty hard To do that so whatever but just keep in Mind you're trying to keep it straight Then you're going to take your mid plate And you're going to put that on there And guess what that little middle hole That screw is going to go right through That middle hole so get that in there Don't worry about keeping that block Perfectly straight you're gonna be able To tight to straighten that out later so You should have it looking just like That so one thing you can do is not Tighten it quite all the way and you can Get your uh tool in there and kind of Get that little block as straight as Possible you want that straight because We're going to be putting the arms in There now so this is the front the Bottom of your frame and that's the mid Plate right there take your first arm Kind of set it in there like that see if You do it right let me see if I can see In here if you do it right you have that Little block straight so the arm will Kind of just go in there boom sitting There perfectly they're going to run a Couple screws through it go ahead and Grab a screw from the same bag that you Took the ones out for the middle it's

Going to be this size one flip the frame Over and set it through that outside Hole it's gonna be the outside one go Ahead and tighten that up get it in There it goes into the Press nut now Maybe don't do it super tight in case You need to move that middle block Around mine I think is pretty centered So I'm not gonna need to move it too Much and just go ahead and install the Other four arms I like to do them like This And you should feel the arms kind of Just like settling into place as you do That they shouldn't feel weird Everything should kind of fit in there Pretty snug but not forceful so go ahead And tighten down your last screw on There and then bro there you go now You're halfway there all you gotta do is Put on some sand offs in the top plate And you're good to go it's pretty insane Just how nice and stiff this Frame is You know what I mean without even all The screws in go and give it a try if You're this far along go and give it a Try and see how those feel Next up we're gonna be doing the stack Screws that is the longer countersunk Screws that look like this now so you Have an extra one of these countersunk Smaller ones don't worry you're gonna Have a couple extra screws of this kit Grab one of your counters sunk longer

Screws flip it back over and wherever You installed your press nuts either 20 By 20 or 30 by 30 that's where you're Going to be installing these I did 20 by 20 so mine are going to go in there There we go stack screws installed easy Peasy damn we are almost done Congratulations the four taller Standoffs go on the front of the frame While the two shorter standoffs go in The rear of the frame oh oh I Dropped it all right now we're just Putting in standoff so this is super Easy grab one of those smaller Countersunk screws run it up through the Bottom And put a standoff on nice you feel Beefy these are these are one millimeter Thicker than typical standoffs so these Things should not be breaking all right Finish it off and put the shorter ones In the rear All right that's looking good got all The standoffs in now we're just going to Go and take these 3D prints right here For the camera mounts I'll push them Down the rest of the way once I actually Get my camera in there and everything But you put your pop top what pop foot So basically for the frame to be done You just pop that top plate on Put a couple screws in the back get your GoPro mount on the front and you have Just built a bot grinder slash Uma God

Demi bot gun congratulations are you Excited are you excited to go rip this Thing this is I mean this is ridiculous This is the best frame I've ever Seen in my life are you kidding me now It does come with these little black Washers which you can use when you put Your GoPro mount on these put these down First and it'll help you from ripping Your screw through your GoPro Mount if You prefer two and a half Buckethead Screws these also come in the bag so You're gonna have your choice of the Countersunk or these I prefer the Countersunk but I know a lot of people Like these so it's up to you it's your Frame build the how you want and Boom there you go the frame is put Together like it really is super easy There's tons of room for any VTX or Stack you want to put in an camera like This this Frame it does it all and it's Super freaking durable that was my goal When I set out to make this was just an Ultimate Basher freestyle frame like I Always do this is a third frame first Time with umagot and they absolutely Crushed it man I am I am beyond ecstatic Thank you very very much everybody oh my God and the entire team Jane knife Falls Thank you thank you very much you killed it I'm so excited for you All to get your hands on this one like This is a damn good freestyle frame it's

2022. we've been flying for a while Now you know what I mean I personally Have been an fpv five or six years it's Time to make a super durable freestyle Frame that is specifically meant to Throw at Bandos to bashing off His Parks you know do what you want not Worry about it when you crash you can Just go pick your quad up change the Props go at it again no changing your Arms no changing any of the plates That speaking of changing the Plates but it's super real this is my Tester frame right here do you see that Crack do you see that crack across the Back right there so that is the only Place that I think this Frame is going To be breaking and that crack is only One layer of carbon it's kind of hard to Show it on camera but that does not go All the way through that's only one Layer and it does not move at all it's Still stiff as it ever was you know what I mean that's just the top layer that's Cracked but I think especially if you Have a heavy VTX that that's the part That's going to break not the arms so Maybe pick up you know a spare mid plate Pick up some spare arms if you want to enough forever but in all my Testing and both of my testers testing None of us have broken an arm which is Pretty insane speaking of Replacement parts they are available on

Uma God's site as well as the entire Frame kit you can pick it up for 89 I Think it's incredible if you're In the market for a new frame if you Just want to try something new go for it You know what I mean if you know oh my God you know everything he makes is quality and this is the bot Grinder frame from oh my god dude I Think I think we killed it Honestly I'm super excited for y'all to Get yours so when you do hit me up I Want to see your build photos I want to See you build clean out squads I wanted To see you build dirty ass Basher quads I want to see all paint Them you know what I mean so please tag Me on YouTube or Instagram if you do Pick up this Frame and you make a really Nice build I want to check that out Even ugly Bill my bills are ugly as look at this a zip ties and Tape on everything man I don't give a here oh yeah also here's the arms If you're at all worried about the arms Breaking like the little devil horny Things this is this is my tester frame This is what the arms look like after Months and months of testing like Nothing breaks off you know what I mean Boom it just gets a little smushy there Every single look at that that One's a little that's probably the worst One but it still protects these motors

That's the whole point of them being This thick is to protect the motors all Right everybody can go to as Well as retailers soon this Frame just Dropped I actually dropped it yesterday For patrons I did a patreon first thing So now is the first day is released for The public if you want to pick one up From head on over there your Local fpv store or your favorite online Store we'll be having them um pretty Soon here if you have any questions About the frame feel free to reach out I Would love to help help you answer them Or something what any questions if you Have any questions about the frame feel Free to hit me up and I will totally do My best to answer those questions for You if you want to know my build there's A description below it has every single Part that I use on my drone that's That's literally what I use in Everything I highly suggest running my Motors on these you can get them at TBS Fpv or get fpv everywhere pretty much All right thank you so much everybody For watching this video I hope you have A wonderful day by the frame and I'll See I'll here to do some I'll see you in Them Bandos dumb can't promise the next Frame will be better because one's a banger but I got a new video Dropping tomorrow where I do something

Pretty cool I'll see you then okay I Love you bye [Music] [Music] All right oops wrong bag