my new IRRESPONSIBLY FAST Electric Scooter?! – 40mph Varla Eagle One

By | March 24, 2022

trying out the Varla Eagle One electric scooter. It might not be perfect, but it seriously blew my mind

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Okay Oh man mode three dual motor Oh it's fast Oh God this thing goes off road here we go Just over the curve I've never gone this fast on a stand-up Scooter like what is this oh yes Okay oh oh oh that was squirrely we are Spinning We are exceeding I think we'll bring in a couple on i Think this is too fast [Music] Hey Any sign for it okay yeah no right here It's fine good thank you Yeah thanks Hey guys welcome back to the vlog i've Been uh waiting for a package to show up And it just arrived and it's it's quite A bit bigger than i than i realized so I'm not going to try and drag it in here We're just going to do on mail time Outside So a little over a year ago ashley and i Got into motor scooters and we had so Much fun with those we even got into Full-scale motorcycling and i made a Couple videos showing how much fun we Were having with all that stuff and this Company varla reached out to me to see If i wanted to try one of their stand-up Electric scooters which i thought was

Kind of odd because i wouldn't Necessarily think of something like this Along with motor scooters or motorcycles I would more associate this with like Electric skateboards which i also think Are fun so i mean i'm down for this i Thought it'd be really cool to have a Two-wheeled vehicle that i could easily Throw in the back of the truck take with Me when i go flying drones Now i'm seeing this thing just how big And heavy it is and i I not sure what to make of it What is this thing how do i even get This Oh my gosh This thing is huge i think i just Stamped this up I think we're done that was pretty easy It only took like 15 minutes i did kind Of cheat and use an electric tool [Music] This thing looks really crazy it's got Bigger wheels than i think i've ever Seen on a stand-up scooter the Suspension looks pretty serious i mean They say that you can take this thing Off-road and it's actually dual drive There's motors on the front and the back Wheels i guess that makes it an All-wheel drive scooter thankfully they Did put hydraulic disc brakes on it so We should be able to slow down whatever Speed it can get up to i would love to

Just hop on this thing and ride it but As with all electric toys You must fully charge before you can Ride it Red means this thing is charging now if You guys noticed but there were actually Two charging ports down there which i Thought was really confusing so i looked It up and it turns out you can just use Both of them at the same time which i Think will charge it faster but They only gave me one charger so we've Got it hooked up and we're just gonna Let this sit for a while Green means go It's charged up and ready to rip and i'm All geared up as you can see i went with A full motorcycle helmet because after Looking at the specs on this thing i'm I'm legit a little nervous it's uh you Know you'll see why when we get out There Hit this Oh yeah look at that fancy fancy Here we go I'm just starting off with a light Cruise down the sidewalks and this is This is great I used to ride an electric skateboard More often Back when i lived in michigan but since I moved to this area i don't ride it so Much because the roads near me Are pretty fast and they don't have a

Bike lane And Sidewalks just aren't fun on an electric Skateboard you feel every crack in the Sidewalk pretty hard and so you can't go That fast and it's just just not Comfortable but this i mean between the You know actual pneumatic tires and uh Having an actual suspension Super comfortable i barely feel the Bumps like i could definitely See using this to just run quick errands Where i just want to go down the Sidewalk and not Get on the main road so right now i Think i've got this thing as watered Down as it gets got full throttle topped Out at 20 miles an hour it says which is Fine i don't actually feel like that's Too squirrelly for the sidewalks at all But this thing will go Quite a bit faster once you go into the Higher modes which again is why i wanted That full face helmet oh ooh these Brakes are great looking across here Like hydraulic brakes are you kidding me This thing is legit Every bump no no problem i don't know if You can see how much it's moving around But like it just absorbs everything i'm Like jumping on it now this is awesome This is so comfy This is cool How do i

Are we clear are we clear They say this thing goes off-road here We go here we go Just over the curb oh that is so sick That is so sick oh okay because i want To figure out what the faster modes are So if i press this in You can't see it's like pressed in i Think that'll go from eco to turbo No i think i put it in eco okay so The default mode is turbo oh and put it Back out It's a little confusing on the uh On those switches 18 and if i hit this Oh it slows it down okay i can feel it So yeah i want that out i want oh yeah It kicks on you i want all the speed Okay Then this other one Let me see This other red button this is for a Single versus dual so i wonder if i lift It up can i see Can you guys see the front wheel If i alright i'm squeezing the throttle And the front wheel's not spinning So we just hit this And now if i lift it up okay now Now the front wheel is spinning When i hit the throttle So i've got both motors engaged oh yeah Oh yeah it's definitely more punchy Definitely more punchy so we are all

Wheel drive now Right i mean that's what you want if You're gonna off-road you want that All-wheel drive Oh and it definitely i can feel the Torque let's go off road Yeah no problem No problem Whoa Whoa that's fast that's a little i'm Still in i think number one yeah this Has three more The modes are confusing because you can Like change the eco or turbo or single Or dual and then you also have three Like speed modes or something so i'm Still in the first one But just going up to the dual motors on The first mode Made it'll accelerate a lot more but i'm Still topping out at 20. Oh 21 so i got like one mile an hour out Of activating the second motor go back Up Oh geez Yeah that is tori it gets worse Oh my gosh Man with the dual motors it is really That's a lot okay i'm gonna put it in It says gear too but that's like ride Mode number two So Oh man Yeah

Oh my god Okay okay Okay That's a lot okay Okay This is Okay hold up calm down let's be safety Let's be safety this is weird right like I don't know it's hard to tell like how Serious are you trying to be man like You got a full key and everything but Then like bicycle bell i just don't know What to make of this thing Okay nice and easy Crossing the street safety Okay I love that it just handles all those Transitions from sidewalk to street No problem no problem now in the second Mode i'm just holding like barely half Throttle and it's going Almost 20. Oh i don't like going that fast how Okay i don't like going that fast on the Sidewalks No that's too fast for me That is too fast for the sidewalks oh God oh gosh okay oh man what did we even Get up to I think they say this thing can go 40 Miles an hour Which like i'm freaking out going 20 Jeez Yeah 20 whatever 25 i'm freaking out

Going 25 26. that is way Too fast 28 i hit 28 it said That is way too fast for a sidewalk i Think that's illegal the rules are kind Of weird and they're going to be Different in every state maybe Even different from city to city But like big bump no problem but i think Here you definitely don't have to Register it because it's you know like a Stand-up scooter you're allowed to ride It on the sidewalk and I think you can even ride it on the Street Because like you can ride bicycles on The street but i think there's a speed Limit i think you can't go more than 30 Miles an hour on the street So you definitely shouldn't be ripping Over 30 miles an hour on the sidewalk Okay so i'm gonna put this in the Fastest mode we're on mode three right Now And uh I'm gonna get on this street Because this street's a little less Traffic Still kind of questionable if you're Like me when i watch reviews and stuff Like this I just want to see the top speed man Right okay Oh man mode three dual motor Oh it's fast

Gosh here we go 27 We're going 30 miles an hour Still oh whoa whoa We got to watch 32 33 I want rear view mirrors on this thing i Don't know if anyone's coming up on me 35 34 35 Oh i don't know if we're gonna hit that 40. But look i'm going as fast as that car I'm going as fast as that car okay off The throttle On the brakes oh those brakes are very Nice Those brakes are very very nice just Gonna run right up here Back on the street here we go here we go Okay 31 32 Like it rockets up to 30 no problem and Then from there it's just kind of a slow Climb And then 33 34. Yeah okay I uh i don't think maybe i don't think I'm gonna hit that advertised 40. i Think i'm just too uh Too heavy

Maybe someone lighter could Going off-road Gotcha Okay i'm taking it back down to One thirty mode three that's just way Too much for for off-road way too Twitchy Okay yeah Yeah yeah yeah okay for off-road this is Fine This is fine yeah This is so weird [Music] It's like it's totally fine i mean it's Bumpy Like i'm not gonna do a top speed run on On the grass but like Totally fine Totally fine Oh this is so sick Okay little Okay hey hey that was cool like The ground was kind of loose there oh Yes okay oh oh oh that was squirrely That was squirrely it was like drifting All over oh this is a blast i'm not Gonna lie this is really really fun This is really fun Okay On the road again Um Can i change it is not really convenient To change the mode While you're riding two

Three Okay i got it and we're back up to top Speed So I gotta say though I Am hating this throttle Oh One is just like Really uncomfortable To like That's just awful And two this is where my brakes are or This is where my brakes are right and And like I don't know i could see myself like In an emergency like reaching for the Brakes and like oh we're going now i'm Trying to have like one finger on the Throttle and like the rest on the brakes And it's like Not Not great i would really prefer if it Had like a thumb thing down here But this thing is so fun It's so fun I've never gone this fast on a stand-up Scooter like what is this what is this Thing I mean it's surprisingly stable Like It's really not too bad like it's it's Weird thinking about i'm going this fast On those teeny little wheels

And the first time it felt really Unstable but it doesn't feel too bad Right now Oh we're up to 36. Okay speed limit is 35 we are speeding We are exceeding I think we'll bring in a couple launch i Think this is too fast for an Unregistered vehicle In the first place and on top of that We're actually breaking the speed limit By one mile an hour You cut the corner We're gonna stop for some coffee Oh No parking spots available you say That's okay Because this is a scooter So we can just stick it wherever we want Right is that How it works Right just leave that There Lock it up Can i please have a chai tea latte Okay That uh definitely exceeded my Expectations in terms of fun It's really good i'm I'm gonna Calm down a bit relax decompress i'm Gonna just chill out for a little bit And enjoy this tea thing And uh

And yeah i'll catch up with you guys in A little bit [Music] So i've been riding this for a little Bit now and It's really fun there's not too much More to say beyond what i covered in That initial ride it's got an Irresponsible amount of power thankfully It's got very strong brakes to handle That The suspension is great very comfortable It's capable of going off a you know Pretty decently rough terrain the only Thing i can really think of that we Didn't cover in that first ride is the Lighting so it does have lighting you Could ride this at night uh you can see Using the forward lights pretty well Like i wouldn't go like full speed or Anything like that but you can Definitely navigate and it does have Brake lights but neither the forward Lights nor the brake lights are really That visible like i Would not feel safe riding this on the Road at night and even during the day Definitely questionable i mean I think here it is technically legal to Ride it on the road just like you would A bicycle but i don't even necessarily Think that riding a bicycle on the road Is that safe but people do it all the Time i feel way more comfortable riding

The varla scooter in bike lanes or on Sidewalks which means i'm probably not Going to be going the full 35 miles an Hour that i was able to get up to but i Mean that's just ridiculous right if i Do want to ride on the road with traffic And go faster that's what these are for Right we've got the motor scooters that Are equipped with turn signals and Mirrors And all that stuff that make them a lot More safer for going at higher speeds Alongside cars and other big vehicles But what i do think this would be Perfect for would be like if ashley and I were going to take a day trip to a Beach town situation loading up motor Scooters or motorcycles where you gotta Do ramps into the pickup truck or do a Trailer like that's a lot to deal with This you can totally just fold and lift It into the bed of the pickup truck and Then you've got something to get around Your beachy town and you know if it's Allowed even ride on the beach Definitely not perfect though like we Talked about some of the Controls a little confusing it took me a Minute to figure out like which was eco And which was dual versus single point Is once i figured it out i'm probably Never going to touch those again like I'm always going to want all the power I'm not going to put it back in eco mode

I don't want just one wheel spinning i Want dual wheel drive all the power the Biggest thing i don't like about the Control scheme is that finger throttle It's very uncomfortable I don't like how it's so close to the Front brake this actually bothered me so Much that i did some digging and was Happy to find a replacement display Module that had a thumb throttle instead Of the trigger throttle and based on Some videos i watched this looks like a Really easy mod to do so i went ahead And ordered one of these because i like The scooter enough that it's worth it to Make this fix and with that fixed i Really won't have any complaints about It i think the only other thing i don't Like about this are just kind of the Looks like it It just looks Pretty extreme right i call the red trim And the flaming skull grip tape it's Just really not my style like i would Like things a little bit more like Polished refined look rather than like That super like rugged but you know with It being an off-road scooter like i can See why they went that way and it Doesn't look bad it's just not Necessarily my style overall this is the Most ridiculous scooter i have ever Ridden and it's very fun so thank you Varla for sending it to me um i don't

Know if i mentioned but like they did Not pay me or anything like that for This review believe what you want but i Think this has been a fairly balanced Review yeah i haven't done too many of These but i had an absolute blast just Getting on something with kind of no Real expectations going for a ride and Just kind of letting you know what i Think of it hopefully you guys enjoyed Coming along with me thanks as always For tuning in guys i'm gonna I'm gonna go for some more riding and I'll uh i'll see ya See you next time [Music]