New Betaflight 4.4 features I’m actually excited about (get it yourself today!)

By | January 13, 2023

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00:00:00 – Betaflight 4.4 is almost here!
00:00:46 – How to find out what's new?

BF configurator release notes are at:

BF firmware release notes are at:

00:01:22 – Significantly Improved GPS Rescue!
00:02:51 – Can Betaflight RTH and land on its takeoff spot? No.
00:05:01 – GPS Rescue safe configuration

This pull request has more detail about GPS Rescue in BF 4.4:

00:05:35 – High-resolution OSD for HD FPV pilots
00:07:47 – Easier configuration of HD vTX
00:08:33 – Must download configurator 10.9 to use BF 4.4

Download configurator 10.9 at:

How to get started with Betaflight (install, drivers, etc):

00:10:01 – Always back up your config before flashing!
00:11:04 – Cloud builds extend the life of older/slower hardware
00:15:16 – After flashing, how to safely restore your backup

BF safe migration tool:

00:18:19 – There is a LOT more to BF 4.4!
00:19:46 – What next?

My “Betaflight Walkthrough” playlist is:

Betaflight 4.4 has just entered the Release candidate window and that means It is nearly ready for official release And that means it's time for me to try Out betaflight 4.4 and I'm pretty Excited because they've implemented a Couple of new features that people have Been asking for for a long time that I'm Super excited about as well as a whole Bunch of other little just quality of Life improvements I'm Joshua Bardwell And you're going to learn something Today I change that you're going to learn Something today you're going to learn Something today you're going to learn Something I guess I'm doing it different now at The end of this video I'm going to show You how to download and install Betaflight 4.4 today if you don't Already know how to do that but before I Do that let me just convince you that There's some stuff in here that's worth Checking out and in case you didn't Already know this you can always go to The GitHub page for betaflight or Betaflight configurator go to the Releases page and then scroll down until You see what's changed and that's Actually a complete list well pretty Complete list of everything that's been Added fixed and changed in these new Releases you could literally just scroll

Back through history looking at all of The new stuff as it happened that's Always where I start when I'm trying to Understand what's new in a new version Of betaflight but there's a lot of stuff There and you probably don't care about A lot of it so let's focus on the really Big important stuff and one of the most Exciting features of betaflight 4.4 is Kind of buried I guess uh hang on I'll Just search for GPS here we go updated GPS rescued by ctz snooze in pull Request 11579 that little innocuous Bullet point actually represents a huge Step forward for betaflight at least if You care about GPS assisted flight Betaflight has had GPS rescue for Several releases now and there's a Reason they don't call it GPS return to Home because return to home implies like That the quad will fly home and then Sort of land and everything will be fine And GPS rescue is more like I'll do my Best to head mostly towards the home Point and then when I get there I hope You're there to take over because I'm Just going to crash into the ground or Fly in circles until my battery dies It's not really clear which and I know Some people have figured out how to make It work and how to make it more reliable And rely on it but there's too many Times where it doesn't work well for People to like 100 trust it like you can

With something like inav or rgpilot Where GPS functionality is core to their Very being well betaflight GPS rescue Has been significantly upgraded in fact Now it will supposedly Fly to the home Point Land and shut down The quadcopter Really Alrighty here we go All right so we're going to fly out here A little bit of a ways not super far Because I don't want to leave the visual Line of sight of my spotter And we're going to do our basic sanity Check before activating GPS rescue we're Going to check that the direction home Arrow is pointing the right way and that The distance to home is basically Correct and then we are going to Activate it in three two one Here we go now normally I would take Over and I would not let it try to land Itself but We're gonna see how it does I got my finger on the disarm switch Oh Are we descending We are looks like we're directly above The home point is showing a distance Home of three meters that's gotta not Take into account altitude it thinks It's right over the home point We have 13 sets so that should be plenty For accurate

Uh location I hear it Two meters distance home two meters A little confused I think it's trying Hard It is does not look like it's directly Over the home Point as we're coming down Here What's it going to do is it going to Figure it out Uh okay that's not let's see what Happens Okay Right near the water okay Let's uh Get that out of there uh there's the Home point it was Pretty close It did a pretty good job There was a few meters off oh it found The only puddle in the whole field and It did successfully land But uh not quite DJI level yet I guess We'll use Pro baby if you're as excited as I am About this new feature then you might be Tempted to flash betaflight 4.4 send Your quad off to the moon and I hope That everything will be okay but don't There are a couple of notes to get the Best results out of GPS rescue even with As many improvements as it has it's not Bulletproof those notes are here in this Pull request and I'll link it down in The video description I think I'm

Actually going to make a separate video Diving into exactly how to do some of The stuff they're describing here but For now you can go check this out read It and if that's good enough for you Then you know what you need to know the New high definition OSD is another Feature of betaflight 4.4 that I am Super excited about before you analog Pilots get too excited this is only Going to apply if you're using a high Definition digital video system like HD Zero DJI or walks now sorry they can't Just magically make an analog system Have more resolution than it does They're doing their best with what They've got but if you have a high Definition system then you may have been Annoyed in the past by the fact that Your fonts were massively big on screen And the grid that the OSD elements are Laid out on check it out so the OSD Elements are laid out on this grid where The grid is related to the size of the Characters and each character takes up One space on the grid but when you've Got a high definition system you lack Precision you can't put those letters Necessarily where you want them you can Only put them here or here but not Halfway in the middle and the other Problem is that high definition systems Are widescreen they've got these big Areas on the left and right of the

Screen that you couldn't use with a Betaflight 4.3 it put all of the OSD Stuff in the middle in bandflight 4.4 we Have the option to select HD as our Video format and when we do that two Things will happen one is that the Canvas that the OSD is laid out on will Be come a widescreen 16×9 canvas the Other thing is that the grid will get Much smaller and give us a lot more Precision in where we put these elements Check it out here's here's my actual AOS 5 quadcopter that I've set this up on So this is what my AOS 5 layout looks Like and I have no idea if this is going To turn out to be final this is just my First pass but I love the fact that I Can put all of these OSD elements in the Black spaces to the left and right of my 4-3 camera if you fly 16 9 widescreen Cameras then it still will be nice to Get them out of the center of the screen But since I fly 4-3 cameras most of the Time uh I like that space is just wasted And now it's not wasted now I can put my OSD elements over there it's freaking Amazing the support for high definition OSD extends also to the ports tab Because you no longer have to go into The CLI and type those CLI options that You usually need to type in order to get A digital OSD working instead you're Going to find the uart that your video Transmitter is on and that's usually

Going to have MSP enabled because all The digital video transmitters use MSP To communicate with the flight Controller so in my case my DJI video Transmitter is on uart1 with got MSP Enabled there and if we go over to the Peripherals there is a new peripheral VTX MSP plus DisplayPort this just Automatically sets up your digital OSD Without ever having to touch the CLI So fantastic If all of this talk has gotten you Excited to try betaflight 4.4 then you Might think all you need to do is go Into your configurator go to the Firmware flasher choose Show release Candidates and then change this pull Down to release and release candidates Select your Target and then choose one Of the RCs that now appears in the list But it's not that simple well it's Almost that simple if you have Configurator 10.8 the older version of The configurator that was released with Betaflight 4.3 it will allow you to Flash the firmware but then when you Connect to the flight controller stuff Will go wrong don't do that it might Appear to work it might mess up your Whole configuration it might complain And not work at all I don't know if you Want to use betaflight 4.4 you need to Download configurator 1090 and you can Look in the upper left hand corner of

The configurator to see 1090 here that's Where you need to be so you're going to Go to this GitHub page when I'll link This down in the video description You're going to look for the latest Release currently it's release candidate Three as time goes on there will be rc4 Rc5 there may be more eventually they'll Release reach a point where they Consider it ready to release and it'll Be 1090 the official release uh we're Going to scroll down to assets we're Going to expand that and here are the Installers for all of the different Potential operating systems I would use The win64 installer that's the one for My operating system now that I've got Configurator 1090 installed the next Thing I'm going to do is back up my Configuration always back up your config Before you flash your flight controller Always back up your config all the time But especially before you flash your Flight controller the way I'm going to Do that is to connect and then I'm going To go to the presets tab which is Already where my uh my configurator is And I'm going to press the save backup Button that will load the configuration And open up an option to save that as a Backup to my hard drive now you are good To go to the firmware flasher and enable Show release candidates choose release Candidates from this pull down menu

Choose your target or hit Auto detect if Your board is already plugged in and Then select the release candidate from The pull down and Flash it if any of That went right over your head I've got A betaflight tutorial about how to get Betaflight installed get your drivers Working and all the basic stuff that I'm Skipping over in this in this tutorial I'll link it down in the video Description it was made for betaflight 4.3 but the process is the same for 4.4 Cloud builds is a new feature in Betaflight configurator 10.9 that is Really going to extend the lifespan of Some of the hardware that we're using Today have you been around long enough That you remember when we all had F3 and F4 processors and F7 processors were Super expensive in esoteric who could Possibly need them and then betaflight Moved forward and F3 processors were no Longer supported anymore if you had a Flight controller with an F3 processor On it you simply couldn't and Flash to The new version of betaflight I don't Remember which exact version this Happened in but the reason for that was That betaflight gets bigger with every Release literally the size of the Program the code gets bigger and Eventually it's so big that the amount Of memory on the flight controller can't Hold it anymore and then what do you do

Well one thing you can do is cut parts Of betaflight out that you're not using To make the code smaller like if you're A freestyle or racing pilot who doesn't Use a GPS maybe you don't need the GPS Rescue code why is there all this code For S Bus and spectrum and all these Other receiver protocols that I don't Use why can't I just have the parts that I want and in fact Mark spats UAV Tech Made what he called performance builds Of that version of betaflight that had Stuff cut out that would run on the F3 Processors and that extended the life of Them a little bit well it turns out that Betaflight is getting big enough that Even the F4 and the I think the f411 and The f722 processors are running out of Memory space and soon will not be able To hold all of betaflight well what are We going to do make everybody go up to An f745 or some other I don't even know If that has more memory no what we're Going to do instead is this in Betaflight configurators firmware Flasher tab now when we choose a Target And choose a version we get this Additional section the build Configuration and what let's let's do is Go through and choose which stuff we do And don't want included for example if I Know that all of my receivers are Crossfire or Express lrs I can just Choose to have just Crossfire and none

Of these other control protocols that I Don't use I can just pick okay it's Going to be S Bus fine once I do that All of that other stuff will not exist It will not be supported in this build Of the flight controller I could always Just go back and add it back in and Reflash the flight controller if I Wanted to but I can just pick whatever I Want the same is true for Telemetry Protocols I can choose whichever Telemetry protocols I like to use you'll Notice that where's Crossfire or ghost Telemetry with Crossfire and ghost the Telemetry is just baked in you either Have the protocol or you don't there's No separate Telemetry option but with Free Scott Telemetry for example guess We would choose free Sky Hub if we Wanted smart Port Telemetry oh no here's Smartport I don't know what free Sky Hub Is srxl for spectrum Telemetry and so on Or just none if I'm not using any of Those and voila the option is gone for Motor protocol most of us are going to Choose D shot but we could choose one of These others if we needed it we'll just Choose the one we're using and leave it At that and likewise there are a ton of Additional other options that we can Pick and choose a la carte style I can Get rid of them by just clicking this x Here and I can add them by just clicking On it here in the list and pick

Whichever ones I want now today Betaflight 4.4 fits on all flight Controllers that are available at least As far as I know which means that today The simplest thing for you to do is just Hit classic Mode Not deal with any of that nonsense and Just flash all of betaflight but if the Day comes in the future where betaflight Is too big to fit on certain processors This will be key to getting it to fit And extending the life of that Inexpensive Hardware Beta flight divs Instead of expensive it's really Expensive now thank you for not forcing Us all to upgrade to new expensive Flight controllers just to run the Latest version of dataflate as I said Earlier I'm going to select classic Mode Here instead of selecting the individual Options for the cloud build and we're Going to load firmware and Flash Firmware after the flash completes I Will connect and as always apply custom Defaults and then I will go to the Presets Tab and load the backup and just Load in that backup phylum Venture which is a 2023 that's the date Right there that's the correct one okay We'll load that back up but wait Don't do that because here's the problem That backup is from betaflight 4.3 and You cannot simply load a betaflight 4.3

Backup into betaflight 4.4 you will get A bunch of error messages and there's a Whole bunch of stuff that may screw Things up like mess up your PID Controller mess up your filters and just Make your quadcopter generally not work Right instead here's what you need to do This is the betaflight 4.3 safe migrator Tool there's a link to it down in the Video description and don't let the fact That it says betaflight 4.3 freak you Out I'm pretty sure it's safe to use With betaflight 4.4 I've been using it And I haven't found any major bugs but You know your your mileage may vary in Order to use the safe migration tool We're going to open up that text file That was created when you went to the Presets Tab and did save backup we're Just going to open that in a text editor We're going to select all and we're Going to copy that text Then we're going to go to the safe Migration tool and we're going to right Click and paste all of that stuff in and Then we can go through and we can choose The sections of that config dump that Are safe to carry forward and other Sections that are unsafe to carry Forward and in fact you could choose to Leave some of these off if you decided You didn't want them coming forward but If you're not sure then the defaults are Probably fine and all you have to do is

Hit get betaflight 4.3 safe diff it'll Automatically generate a CLI dump that Is probably safe to paste in and copy it To your clipboard at that point all you Have to do is go into betaflight Configurator go to the CLI tab click on The text box and right click and paste And hit enter Now you'll notice there were a couple of Red lines that scrolled by there I see a Bunch of them this is not 100 perfect There are some things that still go Forward that aren't going to work so We're going to just check those out for Example we see a lot of OSD stuff has Changed well nothing in the OSD is Flight critical like it's not going to Make my quad fall out of the air so it Probably I might have to tweak my OSD a Little bit but probably we're going to Be okay to just go ahead where are the Other error messages you're not allowed To change the board name the Manufacturer ID or the signature that's Okay we can probably ignore that Anything else no we're good so all of Those error messages are safe to ignore We can type the word save And then it's going to say wait there Were errors and I'm going to say okay Now go for it go ahead type save now my Configuration is restored there are a Ton of other smaller changes in Betaflight 4.4 that I'm going to

Recommend you go check out for yourself At least scroll through them and see if There's anything that jumps out to you As relevant for example they've Implemented the ability to carry over The milliamp hour count between Batteries if you've got a large battery Or long distance flyer you unplug the Pack you change your props you plug it Back in again and uh then the milliamp Hour is reset to zero so you don't know How discharged your battery is as a Freestyle pilot who only flies three Minute I'll live my life three minutes At a time that's not really an issue for Me but for long distance Pilots it is an Issue and that's been added Um you can add an AUX Channel value to The OSD now for example to use for Showing the Pilot's heart rate on screen Okay they've added ready mode for Racers To indicate in their on-screen display That they're ready to take off without Arming the quad that's kind of cool oh If you fly ghost ghost now has MSP Support that means the betaflight Lua Script and other Lua scripts that rely On MSP over Telemetry now they work with Ghost uh there's a ton of little stuff In here scroll through that list if Anything jumps out to you as Particularly relevant to you the next Thing to do is click here on the uh pull Request number and scroll through and a

Lot of times you can learn more about That feature from the conversations Between the devs a lot of it goes over My head but I can sometimes pick out Useful stuff now if you've watched this Video this long then I've got another Set of videos that I think you're going To love it is my betaflight 4.3 complete Walkthrough I went through every single Tab every single option in betafolit 4.3 Configurator and explain what they do And how to use them it's more of an Encyclopedic documentation than a how-to But if you're the kind of person who Watched this video almost all the way to The end then you're probably going to Find that to be really enjoyable I'll Put a card on screen linking to that Full playlist and um you can watch it Through and you can tell me which one of The tabs I actually still haven't done Yet so I guess it's not a complete Walkthrough crap now betaflight 4.4 is Here I'm gonna have to redo the whole Thing no not really most of it still Carries over I'll see you there