Now Walksnail works with any FPV goggle (with an HDMI input) // AVATAR VRX FOR $200

By | November 2, 2022

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If you've been on the fence about Whether to try the walk snail fpv system Then two things have happened recently That mean that this may be the time to Jump in this video I'm going to tell you What those things are and I'm going to Tell you why you might actually want to Wait I'm Joshua Bardwell and you're Going to learn something today this is The walksdale Avatar Standalone video Receiver it's a self-contained box that Binds to a walk snail video transmitter And outputs an HDMI feed which means That if you have any set of fpv goggles With an HDMI input then you can try the Wax nail system today without having to Spend 600 on the fat shark Dominator Goggles and that's pretty exciting Because the pre-sale has super Aggressive pricing for 240 dollars you Can get the video receiver with the Standard full-size video transmitter That goes up to 1200 milliwatts and is a Little bit larger or for 200 you can get It with the 1s video transmitter that's Going to be the one you want if you have Say anything from about a 95 millimeter And on down exactly where the line is Between the micro and the full size Could be debated if you have a 1s Quadcopter you definitely want the 1s Video transmitter though and this Pricing is so uh outstanding because Those video transmitters go for between

100 and 150 something dollars by Themselves which means that you're Basically getting the video receiver for 100 bucks and a whole lot of people who Are curious about the walk snail system Are going to look at this and go yeah Okay 200 bucks sure in fact if you were To buy this today it seems likely that When this actually goes out of pre-sale The price is surely going to go up right How much would this sell for I have no Idea would it sell for 200 250 that's my Guess it means that if you buy this Today and you don't like it probably Would be able to sell it on the used Market later for pretty close to Whatever you spent on it now well I Can't promise you that that's how it's Going to go but that seems like one Likely outcome there are some ways in Which if you get this you will not be Getting the full walk snail experience For example you probably don't have 1080p screens inside your goggles so Well you could decide you may not have OLED screens inside your goggles Depending on the fit and finish of your Goggles you may feel that the walk snail Goggles are a little bit better but if You have a set of goggles that you're Happy with now like orcas Hd02s Sky Zones Etc this is a really Easy way for you to dip your toe into The walk snail ecosystem it's another

Potential drawback that I haven't seen Anybody mention and I can't be sure About this but since you're coming in Through the HDMI input on the goggles as Opposed to with the walk snail goggles Where the module is sort of directly Connected to the screen display that Mean there's going to be one additional Frame of latency I don't know but I I Would guess that there is I know for Example that the HD zero goggles did Special things to synchronize the HDMI Input with the screen driver so that There was no additional latency but Normally an HDMI input will add one Frame of latency and at 60 frames per Second that would be 16 milliseconds we Would have to test that and of course Nobody has this product so we can't but It's certainly worth keeping in mind Speaking of frame rate that's another Downside that you will not get if you Use this receiver with any uh current Goggles all of the current fpv goggles Are 60 frame per second display the Upcoming HD zero goggles will be 90 Frames per second of course the DJI Goggles are 120 frames per second but They don't have an HDMI input so set That aside if you you will be able to Run the system presumably at the full 100 frames per second that it supports But you will not get the lower latency So basically if you go with this chances

Are that you will be experiencing a Little higher latency than people who Have the walk smell goggles but for this Price I think a lot of people are going To find it compelling by the way the HD Zero goggles may turn out to be the best Way to experience the walk snail system And what I mean by that is the walk Snail goggles don't have any capability For analog any capability for external Inputs it's walk snail or nothing the Hc0 goggles have an HDMI input so they Could be used with this walk snail Receiver they have hd0 built in and they Have one of the best analog systems of Any fpv goggle that's released today They have a really high-end De-interlacer that makes the analog Picture look super super good obviously This is still a prototype so this is all Aspirational but if this pans out the Hc0 goggles actually will give you Everything the in fpv except for DJI Where you need your own goggles and That's going to be compelling for a lot Of people although you're going to spend 600 bucks for the goggles and then You're going to spend 200 more bucks for The HD zero and another 150 or 120 Dollars for an analog receiver module It's a lot of money but you'd be able to Use pretty much any fpv system that you Want and that's pretty freaking cool but I think the people who are going to be

Jumping on this are going to be people Who already have a set of analog goggles They have an HDMI input and they're like Sure I'll go for it if you are one of Those people there's another thing that You need to know about and that's that Rotoriot is currently running a 30-day Money-back guarantee on the fat shark Dominator system that's the same as the Walk Snell Avatar system just same Product under a different name and for Those who want to try the product this Has got to be pretty compelling the way It works is you buy the product they Ship it to you and yes it's valid all Over the world anywhere rotorite ships You try it and if you don't like it they Just send you a shipping label you put It all back in the Box you send it back And you get your money back now you will Be committing to the full goggles as They don't have they will be selling the Standalone unit too but only cadix is Doing the pre-sale at this time but Again you buy it and you decide nah I Would rather get the Standalone module You know 28 Days Later you get the Shipping label you send it back and by The way that is 30 days from the day you Receive it not 30 days from the day you Order it they're not pulling any fast Ones so that's the other way that you Might want to jump right now if you feel Like jumping if you do decide that you

Want to jump there are links in the Video description there are affiliate Links that sure would mean a lot to me If you use them I get a small Commission Of any sale that comes in through the Links you want to buy these products or You want to buy any products you can Also go to my website and Click the support me link and you'll Find my affiliate links there you don't Need an affiliate link to a specific Product just click that link to your Shopping and check out what do you think Of this how are people going to turn the Rotori at 30 day money back guarantee Into some way that is bad and rotorite Is bad for doing it I know that people Often criticize Road Riot for some of The things they do but this one seems Like just an unmitigated win to me am I Wrong tell me in the comments I'd like To Argue with you about it what about the Vrx you excited about it let me know in The comments I'd like to hear what you Think happy flying