Octozilla — Octocopter Build #shorts

By | January 17, 2023

[Music] This is octo we built this about two Years ago We spent quite a bit of time putting This together for a very specific Purpose and that was to carry drones we Have the ability to lift the landing Gear legs up because we also want to Carry an RS3 gimbal We have a Servo drop system and this is A 25 kilogram Servo we can carry pretty Much any payload we want like watermelon And then we got these ultralight t-motor Carbon fiber props so it gives a good Solid performance right here we have our Battery sixteen thousand milliamps and With no payload we can get about 45 Minutes of flight time flight computer That we're using is a pixhawk cube and That's running Mission planner automatic Flights just by the flip of the switch So let's turn this on and I'll put it in The air [Applause] Foreign