One Take Drone Challenge!

By | January 9, 2023

We teamed up with King's Dining & Entertainment in Orlando, Florida to show what it takes behind the scenes to create an epic flythrough one-take!

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– FPV Freestyle Pilots / Hosts –
Caleb Wright [BubbyFPV]
Drew Camden [Le Drib]
James Hester [PDEVX]
Shawn Morrison [Let's Fly RC]

– Production Team –
Drew Camden – Producer
Christian Kapper – Camera
Reese D'aquin – Editor

Oh [Music] We're at King's dining and entertainment This is a really cool place they've got Arcade machines they've got pool tables They've got a bar and of course they've Got some bowling alleys and we're here To do some drone flying we're going to Try and get a really cool epic one take One of the most iconic one take Cineworth shots ever done was done by None other than Jaybird you've probably Seen it it went super viral and it put Fpv kind of on the map for a lot of People it's been a while since that Original Jaybird video came out so we Kind of wanted to revisit the concept Try our hand at it see if we could put Our own spin on it and of course just Have a good time so we've got myself Pete FX Sean some of the people that Work here and we are going to get us all Positioned around doing different things Try to choreograph something interesting And we're gonna have the Drone flown by Bubby fpv of course there's no one Better for the job I know the kid's Gonna kill them [Music] So you're gonna come through this door And go out of that door yes and shoot Through here Come under these lights okay perfect so You can cut through there that'll be

Kind of cool coming through the curtain So you can come through here We're probably just gonna intentionally Crash the Drone into the end there Because what we don't want is for you Can you to crash into the end and then The table come down and crush your Equipment once it passes the sensor The Sweep comes down to get the pins out of The way yeah if your drone is there it's Going to get crushed inside the machine Once you can switch back how much does It Crush Like a human body would die if they were In it oh really okay oh okay so it's a Heavier situation yeah let's get it Practice Sean let's see what you got did We choose the right person for the for The bowling no pressure Sean no pressure No pressure no pressure no pressure It'd be cool if you could chase the ball And then the pins explode from the ball And then you did right got the GoPro Hero left we're gonna be shooting an 8×7 Which is a new feature on the 11 that You can basically have at Super tall so We can have this optimized for Instagram Paul boys or YouTube squashy boys Yeah using the internet Skyline because It's the best All right so we've got everything mapped Out pretty well Caleb is going to come In through the entrance fly over this Main kiosk back this way there's some

Pool tables I'm gonna be set up over There Break it right it's flying over my Shoulder go through some of the video Games we're gonna have James and Sean Playing the card game the beer pong game They're going to come over the bar we've Got a bartender getting set up to do a Big pour we're gonna cry oh that's Perfect look at that you're gonna fly Right through that you nailed it through The curtain there's another bar back There with some cool stuff to orbit and Actually an exit out onto the patio so You can be able to go out onto the patio Shoot down the patio come back into one Of the private rooms James will be on The Jenga out of the private room onto The bowling alley where Sean is gonna Nail a perfect strike first try don't Mess it up But you won't be able to tell if I make A strike because the drone's gonna go Right into the pins anyway What are you guys going to be where are You hiding where everything you're gonna Get good Aura from I mean I'm not Worried about RF yeah because our Avatar System baby you know I'm saying you fly Anywhere go anywhere oh we're good do it Up drone is plugged in we're getting Ready good but on the good settings Probably okay here we go Pick one

Hey drone watching in less than 30 Seconds first trap we're gonna get this First try I'm going to channel seven because Channel 7 has the best RF in Wi-Fi zones If you didn't know here we go Oh I don't want to Snoop in such a long Time oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh What the heck [Music] Because like okay You want me to deal with orbit do an Orbit around the bar do your break a Little bit later later yes okay it's Pretty early [Music] Damn it [Music] Chalk it up what's up chalk it up oh you Just [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] One more time yeah yeah that was good Okay that was a good run though good Practice run this music is so loud I Can't even hear the Drone coming I just All of a sudden it just shows up in Front of my face it's great Foreign [Music] [Music]

[Music] That's still cool let's have a look at It let's watch it back Let's watch it real quick oh it's right Outside I was worried about that oh that Is so bright That's way too bright yeah I know that's That's beyond saving yeah just people Send it anymore we're good we got it I Mean do you think it's gonna get much Better how bad was it out there do you Want to use the front I mean we can use It there's you can see the king's thing I think that's savable that's blown out Yeah to all hell auto shutter here we go All right look at it okay I wonder if People like know this is how it goes or If they think like we're just gonna get It Take five I believe here we go take five Yes it's definitely take life right [Music] Was it better yeah let's go let's go we Really out here boys Children got their own Oh I like coming through the palm tree Yeah see way better Oh transition's not bad no this is great Okay yes yeah I think locking the iso Was the right call and then the ending Here we go it can shine like a god Yes All right what I think a lot of people Might not realize when they see these

Drone videos is the audio is all done After the fact because the Drone makes So much noise using the microphone on The camera on the Drone you're not gonna Hear anything on them Foreign Basically just get audio clips of all of The key features that we had so we had The pool table you're gonna get the Sounds of the balls clicking through Here I'm gonna have some water sounds so Just getting all of the audio sounds is What's really important yeah I think you Just edit in engine sounds just get some Because you can also get sounds off the Internet right like I think for that Arcade game it'd be cool to just put in Like a real car You know That one Yeah getting a mix of things that you Record yourself and some sound Clips off The internet just getting really Thoughtful about the sound design can Make the video go to the next level yeah Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] I took off I was like oh wait I don't Think I can do this dude honestly I was Just so scared about the bartender thing I was like if I hit her I would feel so Bad that was such a tiny Gap what that

Was such a tiny anyways you did it Thank you guys so much for watching this Episode of rotorite if you wanted if you Guys want to buy the Drone that we used In this episode check it out at is the Skylight use my Affiliate link so I get money don't use The link in description go to my channel Okay click that link then buy it from There Foreign