PART 2 – HEQ Swan Voyager is here! Review

By | November 4, 2022

This is a VTOL drone/plane that is super simple to fly but delivers such amazing thrills with its range and long flight time. It now has a built in 4K camera on a 3 axis gimbal.

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[Music] Foreign [Music] Welcome to my channel well this morning I'm going to take the swan Voyager out For a flight it used to be in beta Testing now they've updated the app so The app is a bit better and some of the Features on this here Swan have been Updated so this is the made in Flight We're going to take it out right now I'm Going to put the battery in so to put The battery in just pull off this hatch Connect the battery here You'll hear everything start up and uh Put your battery in This is all magnetic so it fits over top Nicely And it should go on nice and tight okay So we have a remote here and it's going To connect to this and there is a screen Record on here I've turned it on Hopefully it works and all will be well So the first thing I need to make sure Is that I have at least nine satellites Within seconds it's already picked up Six so it says on my screen it's got Nine satellites it's ready to take off I'm just going to check the compass and Everything else to make sure that's good Here we go going up for the very first Time I've got 18 satellites You have to take it up quickly or else It's going to turn off the motor so I'll

Go up I do have the record on Hold it there for a bit see if GPS is Working GPS seems to be fine So we'll take it up now and take it for Up light [Music] Going way up there Okay so if I look at my display Hopefully it's recording the screen Record I'll just hold it here so you can See it I can see myself going up and the Thing I want to check on the most is the Height height says 39 so we're at 40 Meters I want to get it pretty high 45 Meters so let me look a way up it's a Way up there 45 meters so there's a Button up here I don't know if I can do Both at same time I'm going to press This while look it up there we go Airplane mode There she go so it should be recording Video at 4K going into the sun And I'll bring it around us again here We go it's a beautiful morning for Flying I'm just keep it doing level turns here I'll get it going straight a bit I'm gonna look down at that water there We are look down going over the water There we are and then look back up and Let's turn it and bring it back to us Now the cool thing on here with the Camera that I really do like is okay so Let me get out of the sun because the

Sun ruins everything it does look pretty Cool though okay so I'm going to fly Back towards us there's the parking lot I'll look down a little bit there we are I'm going over the school but watch this I can look to the right back at the sun There's my wing it hasn't fallen off and Uh There's there should be another Wing Over there there it is I see the tip all Right and there's a little switch on Here if I push this it will go bunk back To Center so that I know where I am now The Drone is away over there over the Forest behind me so I'm just going to Turn it this way I'm going to go into Well I'll go towards this way the Villagers as I call them and we'll come Back this way here we go So you can see I'm away over in that Field out there I'm just gonna bring the Camera down a bit There we are so if I haven't mentioned It already you can record in 4k 2K and 1080p for each of those settings you Will be able to increase the frames per Second so in 4k I'll show you here I Don't know if it lets me do it while It's flying no it says during recording You can't do it so it's flying over us And I'll look up again there it is right There it's very quiet most people would Even notice it's around so it maintains Speed I can increase the speed or

Decrease the speed it's just a one Joystick uh you know steering mechanism So look at that a little bit to the Right there we go you don't have to use Both joysticks it just keeps on going in The direction you point it if I want to Go down just like an airplane I believe It this would put the nose down That should reduce height let me just Check here Height the stain at 52 so all 47 there We go so I get down a little bit This one over here on the left I'm just Turning here this one on the left should Be my speed so I'm going to look at the Bottom check the speed it says uh speed Where's my meters per second meters per Second I'm at 14.7 I'm going to crank it Let's see what happens 20 24 25 26. she's going oh she's coming Down to the ground too here it's coming Out of some place where is it there it Is Okay so you could crank up the speed Apparently whenever I take a swan out to A park or something you get a lot of Spectators so there's some Spectators Over there checking it out It's a pretty cool little device a lot Of fun too and of course you can take Photos so watch this I'm going to the Sun's there so I'm going to put the Sun To the back back of us there's that Water again I'm going to turn off the

Record I'm going to put it on Photo mode All right it's on camera it's switching And now I could shoot a pitcher There we go I'm taking a series of Photos the photos are actually quite Decent down here I'm going to bring the gimbal looking Down And then I'll take another one And another one so if you were flying Over something searching for something You could do that take photos Okay I'm Going to switch back to video and videos Back on Bring the camera back up so I don't fly Into something range on this is supposed To be eight kilometers I don't know if Everybody gets them but they did give me Extra antennas these are the basic Antennas I have on here you can get some High efficiency antennas like for longer Range that they did send me I didn't put Them on because I'm not flying this long Range their patch antenna is more or Less so in other words you point this Directly at where your Swan is and it You can go super far all right there's a Car down there so I'm just going to go Over it A little pickup truck down there Go to the side of it and then I'm going To bring it back so on here you also Have a return to home right here so Watch this I'm going to bring it over us

And I'm going to see if it lands Someplace nearby So you bring it as close as you can to Where you are and this way I can look at It where is it so return to home I'm Going to hit it now So if it stopped over there or over There or someplace else it should as It's coming down it will find its Position back to where it took off from So it will start gliding to the right or The left quite a distance until it gets Back to where it took off from so you Can watch it here coming down you can Take control of it as it comes down just Make sure there's nothing below it oh I Lost my cover The battery cover would fly it off while That's gone That's good here let me walk over to This See the battery cover good thing I have Another one at home all right it's going Down So that's pretty good it took off this Camera was here and it took off right Behind it and it landed right there so That's pretty awesome Flight number one went perfect so now We're going to do flight number two I'm Gonna have Joe here take it for a flight And I'm gonna chase it with a DJI fpv Drone to get some footage here we go Video Yeah position and return to home

That's right so the only two you're Going to use is changing the airplane Mode and return to home [Music] Okay I'm gonna follow you up so you can Start at any time [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Excellent Okay I'm coming straight down There we go Well done Joe [Music] All right it's day two and I'm back with The swan Voyager and I'm going to show You a few things that I didn't show you In the first portion of this video first Off I did mention that you can get Separate antennas for this the company Heq sent me these antennas where do I Have them down here these are patch Antennas so they slip on as follows just Unscrew the antenna and then screw on The patches head it's pretty cold out Here so my fingers are freezing so when You put two of these patch antennas on Patch antennas are designed to aim right

At your device in other words the swan Voyager and it should capture the signal Better than these long slender antennas So you should get a bit more range as Long as you have line of sight you can Point at it another item they sent me is These experimental wings so if you go And look at the swan Voyager back there It's got curved Wings on it and it looks Pretty cool with the curved wings but They came out with these flat straight Wings and I'm not really sure why they Are like beta like the test out and Stuff I haven't really flown it with These yet I might try it but I don't Know what the difference would be Honestly another thing heq sent me to Test out are the Sky Zone Cobra goggles And what they are is just your normal Set of fpv goggles they run off an 18650 Battery one was included with mine so I Don't know if they're all included There's a menu system in it high Resolution screen and you connect these With the included HDMI they send you a Nice HDMI to the controller down here oh My hands are so cold to the controller And then you can fly it wearing the Goggles and it's like fpv so you'll get A high res view I'll show you what the Image looks like quickly all right so on Your controller right here on the top You have your HDMI cable and it plugs in The top then you take the other end of

The HDMI and it says right here HDMI in On the bottom and you plug it in here You power these on and you make sure you Go in the menu system and you select HDMI in there we go I got it to focus a Little bit and there's the map you can See Africa and and all the other Continents that are showing on the Screen down here so yeah you would fly Fpv using these babies now another thing I noticed was yesterday when I was Recording my screen recorder crapped out It didn't work so there is a screen Recorder on here it's just an app and It's right over here you probably can't See it but I'm going to turn it on again The reason it crapped out is because There's only so much memory in here and I didn't have an external micro SD but I've put one in so that if it fills up It doesn't die on us so I'm just going To show you the interface really quick Okay turn on screen recorder yes so it's Recording now and I'm going to go back Over to our heq app over here right now Hopefully this is working I just want to Show you if I go into fpv view I'm going To tap down here And now I see the full image I can move The camera around so I can look down at The ground I can look up it's pointy Right now at the bright Sun that's in The sky behind all the clouds so it's Kind of messy but I can turn it side to

Side See here look over to that direction or Look over the other direction you might See the guys out flying over there but The biggest thing I wanted to show you On here is the whole interface so you See we have the camera to record and you Can take photos or video and these are The settings if you go to 2.7 K or 1080p I believe you can change it to 60 FPS Let me see yeah you can so I see the 60 Right there 30 or 60. but in 4k you can Only do 30. there are no other camera Settings but I asked the company because I when I was flying the other day I Found it was too Overexposed so they are Going to add exposure settings and all Sorts of stuff for the video and the Photo and let me just show you if I go Here to photo on my screen hit the and Then hit the settings you can see these Are the different resolutions for photos Right there and over on the top right You have your settings menu and that's Where you can set your altitude how far Away it is you know where home point is All the other good things the normal Stuff that you have I'm scrolling Through them here you also have your Controller this control room and mode Two it's got advanced settings you can Set up and then go back into General and You can see I'm on the latest software As of today uh if you're buying this you

Might have a newer software but my Version is 1.0.2 right at the top so let me see a Few other things to tell you I have to Go on my phone because I sent the Company an email yesterday and I asked Them a few questions things I noticed in My first flight so I asked them about All the settings for the cameras and They said yes they're going to add that As well as formatting function uh for Your micro SD card and also the ability To after you take a photo or some video To watch it back on your item right away Right now you can't do that I have to Take the card and then put it in a Computer to go and check out my videos Or photos also I mentioned that there's A lot of vibration in the image on my Unit I have a beta unit so I've got Vibration in it I asked if the newer Ones that people buy will not have that Vibration they say some they're finding Have vibrations others don't it's Because of the little vibration and Dampening that's underneath and they're Working on that to fix it so newer ones Will have no Jello in the image but the Older ones like I have have the jello in The image so they're working on that and I also mentioned that these buttons here For your photo and video they don't work With the new app you can press them all You want nothing happens you have to

Touch on screen and they said yes They'll fix that in future iterations But right now it doesn't work so on my Screen I've got the heq fly app right There that you use and there's another One over here Ground Control they've Sent me information on how to get ground Control to work and all that good stuff Ground Control from what I understand is Supposed to be an app you use to set up Your waypoints I could be wrong but I Believe that's what it is so you can set It up and say I want to fly I don't know 10 miles out or something like that you Punch all your way points in and it goes And does its thing okay my heads are Freezing out here and the little swan Back there I've got just a battery Attached to do some of this testing but It's a dull morning I'll take it for one More flight here we go There you go grab your goggles Joe's trying on the goggles you're You're on video Joe by the way Joe's Trying out the guy yeah Slapping the hell out of the product Here so uh what's the image like Joe It's very nice actually that's good okay So you could use some uh some some Focus Here I'll give you that so Joe should be Seeing this image now yeah so you got That cool right well I'm going to let You keep those on then and I'll just go Fly this and see what happens while I

Watch yeah all right you fly okay so Here we go we're gonna take off I put on My GoPro hat so Joe's over here and I'm Going to turn around and face this way So we could see our little guy so down And in to start this up and straight up Here we go There go the leaves There She Goes Going way up and turn it into airplane Mode just look up and do a thin time There we go Oh yeah you can even see on the goggles It shows you the shows your various Pitch angles too oh cool see I never Look at that because I'm always looking At the Flying left now because the image Is about a 45 degree angle the lower Right one cool and the top one is Showing your X and your y-axis All right I'll bring it back over us Coming straight over and now that I have The camera I'm going to look down a Little bit there we go nice so there we Can see us Hi Mom Going over all the cars Go over the morning water Beautiful Yeah I would say your image probably Looks better than my image mine looks a Little washed out yours looks better it Does look a little washed out a little Whitish right now you might be able to Fix that with white balance I don't know

But it is washed out just like yours But because you're on a face mask you're Blocking a little more light so it's uh If the sun was out I'd say you'd be Benefited more by the goggles yeah yeah You're exactly right you get more Contrast then yeah holy crap look at all The buses yeah really Now I can't see on the screen unless you See a Joe I don't see anything that Shows my connection Um let's see at the top fixed me in the Position mode device unlocked between The satellites voltage it's about 480 Meters away And now we're going with the trees back There I'm going to try to fly Behind These trees here Going this way the images is very clear No breakup no Just solid image yeah I'm not even Aiming at normally these antennas I Would aim them at the uh The item I'm flying but I'm not really But uh yeah so it's good though oh I see It far away over there it's just a dot In the sky all right 180 meters away Yeah I'm gonna bring it back to us Nice slow turns Now I can go faster so let me try this So right now I tried this yesterday It gives two speeds air speed and ground Speed I guess one is okay I'm gonna

Crank I'm gonna crank the left joystick Forward see what happens looks like I'm Diving a bit no I'm going faster too Yeah yeah your up ground speeds up to 27.8 yeah so we're cruising now super Fast it's funny your air speed is off by About four kilometers from your ground Speed the pitot tube reading is is I Could do that yet yeah okay and also for Height I'm going to try to bring it down I'm going to nose it down and see what Happens Yeah we're coming closer we're coming Closer to us it's going to go right over Us I'm going to keep it nosy today oh it Stopped it won't let me nose it anymore So it's called empty feature yeah you're At about 34 meters and it won't let you Go any lower no it's it's trying to it's Dipping yeah and then it goes back up Yeah it's a safety feature so here we go So I'm trying to nose it as I'm turning To it won't stall so that's a good thing All right so it's over there I'm going To put it into a return to home right Now Comes down They're spinning around orientation It's funny to hear speed well it's Negative which is actually true yeah Almost zero Well it seems pretty accurate for Returning home because there's two trees That were nearby when I took off and

It's missing them totally and coming Down right where it took off from and I Lost the cover on the back again I did That's a second that's the second Battery cover you need stronger magnets I have some oh my God How many of these have I got to go Through a lot yeah That's it if there's one thing you could Fix heq fix those covers on the back Because they just fly right off so There's a cover someplace in this world Two of them well these batteries are so Large and this wire goes up in here so It just fits over top but I think this Frame on this new model or whatever the Frame is maybe a little skinnier or Something not impossible or the Batteries are bigger I'm not sure all Right so that's another thing you need To know I have lost two of these covers That go on the back they fit over the Battery and everything else but uh they Just fly off I think the magnets are not Strong enough or the cover is it's too Tight or there's not enough room for the Cover to fit on anyways that's two of Them gone I would suggest anybody who Buys this when you put your cover over The top maybe add some velcro velcro Ray To the battery so it can't come off I Should have did that as well all right So that's pretty much all I could show You on the swan Voyager it's a pretty

Cool product it's very reliable I have No problems or no worries flying this it Flies very well the GPS in it works Really good they've updated the GPS so It's not like those previous models Where it would flutter around and not be Very accurate there's a very modern GPS Unit in it so that's why it's so perfect And comes right back to where you took Off it's very good for that fly is great No issues there very reassuring in Flight I have no concerns with it the Only thing as I mentioned in this video Or showed you they have to work on the Vibration dampening in the camera right Here you can see there's some but they Have to add a bit more so you get rid of The jello they're going to add the Settings for the camera in future Iterations and they're going to fix a Pile of other stuff and I hope they fix The cover here put stronger magnets or a Different cover or something because That's two I've lost anyways with all That said I hope you enjoyed this video If you did please give it a thumbs up Links to the swan Voyager are below go Check it out if you you have questions On this product just post them below I'll get back to you I've flown all These swans that heq makes so I'm very Knowledgeable about them and I can tell You everything about them and with all That said I say thanks for watching this

Video and I will catch you in a future Video with many more product reviews Until then I say bye [Music]