Part 4: DJI Mini 3 Pro vs Autel EVO Nano+

By | October 18, 2022

PART 4 – In this episode we look at the feature differences of the two mini drones as well as the prop sound and the ability to keep a signal lock when transmission is imparied.

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Foreign [Music] [Music] Hey everyone welcome to my channel well This is part four of my review of the DJI Mini 3 Pro now I know many of you Are saying hey you did part one part two Part three three months ago what took You so long to do part four well I did Film an awful lot of footage to make Part four except I was waiting for autel To release the dynamic track on the Nano Plus so that I could compare it against The dynamic track or the tracking on the Midi 3 Pro it has been released in the Month of October so now I can show you All the footage that's the good news the Bad news is I have a lot of footage yes I have a lot of footage comparing these Two drones that I have to pick and Choose what I'm going to show you so if I put all the footage I want to show you Into one video the video is going to be Over an hour long and I know most humans Have an attention span of about 10 Minutes so that means I'm gonna have to Divide up the videos into like 10 Minutes or 20 minutes segments this Video that you're watching I'm hoping to Keep it under 20 minutes long and that Means that there's probably going to be A part 5 and maybe even a part six so I'm not gonna talk anymore let's just Get on with part four here we go to

Begin our comparison let's go over the Physical features of the Mini 3 Pro and The Evo Nano plus looking at the remote Control included with each drone you Will see that the Evo Nano plus only Comes with one remote you cannot select A different one however with the Mini 3 Pro you have the option of the N1 Controller with no display or you can Get the RC controller with integrated Display next let's compare the weight of Each drone please note that on the mini 3 Pro I have two stickers and on the Autel EVO Nano plus I have one sticker So that does affect the weight first up We have the DJI Mini 3 Pro and the total Takeoff weight is 249 grams next we have The Evo Nano plus and also the total Takeoff weight is 249 grams both of These mini drones are foldable drones The Evo Nano plus unfolds by pulling the Arms straight out and the Mini 3 Pro Requires that the forward arms be Rotated forward and the rear legs pulled Straight out It is interesting to note that when Unfold that the Evo Nano plus uses an X Design whereas the DJI Mini 3 Pro uses a Dead cat design both of these designs Come from the fpv Hobby and both are Very successful going over the basic Camera specifications on the EVO Nano Plus we find that we have a sensor of 1 Over 1.28 an aperture of f 1.9 it can

Shoot 50 megapixel photos however the Sensor is more akin to 12 megapixels it Also has an ryb sensor Advanced Autofocus and of course a 3-axis gimbal The Mini 3 pro has a sensor of 1 over 1.3 an aperture of f 1.7 it can shoot 48 Megapixel photos by quadrupling The Standard 12 megapixels besides having a 3-axis gimbal can also shoot video and Photos vertically the gimbal can also Tilt up 60 degrees it can also take Video in 4k 60 frames per second and Finally it has a small amount of On-board memory just in case you forget Your micro OSD card above the camera on The EVO Nano plus you'll find the Forward obstacle detection sensors and On the mini 3 Pro you'll find the Forward obstacle detection sensors in The same location on the rear of the Evo Nano plus you'll find the battery Pressing the button reveals the Remaining capacity next we have the rear Obstacle detection sensors the USBC data And charge port and finally our micro SD Card slot looking at the rear of the Mini 3 Pro we find our battery to check The remaining capacity in the battery The button is right here next we have Our USBC data and charge port and Finally our micro SD card slot rear Obstacle detection sensors are located Here and here on the bottom of the Evo Nano plus there is an optical flow

Sensor a cooling fan so it never Overheats another Optical flow sensor an Ultrasonic sensor for landing at night On the bottom of the Mini 3 Pro we have An optical flow sensor two infrared Sensors for landing at night another Optical flow sensor you will notice it Does not have a fan and that is Partially why this drone overheats often Both mini drones have brushless motors And foldable props The DJI Mini 3 pro has a slightly larger Capacity battery than the autel Evo Nano Plus even when you put them side by side You can see that the Mini 3 Pro's Battery is well quite large compared to The Nanos and now a sound comparison Between the two drones which sound or Noise do you find less annoying Foreign Has the more advanced communication System Now the signal penetration test between These two babies it's pretty simple this Test but it's very hard for any drone on The planet to actually achieve or pass This test all I do is I take the drones Fly them around this building as soon as They go behind the building there is a Building between the Drone and the Remote of my hands which means no signal These drones should go into return a Home and come back if they make it Around the building that means that the

Technology in the Drone is phenomenal That is an extremely difficult test for Any drone to pass and so far not many Have passed it but we're going to give It a try here today now I should point Out for this test that a big difference In the success or non-success is up to The remote in your hands so for the Mini 3 Pro I'm going to use this remote Because I don't have it bound to that Other cheapy remote without a display so I've got it with the remote that most People will buy with the display just to See how it does and I have successfully Gone around this whole school once with This remote so I'm hoping it does it Again for the Nano plus while I'm using The remote that comes with it and this Is the antenna here and well I have no Idea what the results were going to be But we're going to give it a try right Now now so that there's no interference From either drone with each other I only Have one drone on at any one time so Right now we're starting off with the Mini 3 Pro here we go DJI all right so I've got the screen record on so you'll See exactly what the Drone sees as we go Fly here we go mini three going up So our Mini 3 is over here sitting right Here I'm going to keep it about that Height so in front you could see a Remote control car there's somebody Driving a remote control car with fpv on

It and I'm going to buzz over it as we Go Foreign [Music] Okay so here we go I'm getting around The school you can hear it beeping Because of the obstacle avoidance being On And I am facing the remote well I'm Facing it to exactly where the Drone is So let's go this way Come around We have to go to the back of this Portable you see on the right and so far It's good you can see my reception by Looking at the top right of the screen That's my reception how well it's doing This is where things are going to get a Little dicey because I already see it's Becoming pretty weak and there's a tree I have to turn quick before I hit that Tree So I'm going inside the trees oh just Lost image transmission I'm holding as You can see here I'm holding this so it Faces exactly where it is and I'm just Going to wait for it to connect and There we go nope is it connected come on You have to do better obstacle avoidance Telling me don't go forward which is a Good thing I'm going to keep on going until it goes Into automatic return to home so you Still you see exactly what I see so

There we go I have to aim that direction Let's go forward Still get signal you know it's on and Off but at least it hasn't gone back Into uh return homo it's stopped again Here we go come on come on what's gonna Happen Okay weak signal it says adjust this but I'm pointing I'm pointing this way so There we go let's see what happens Come on DJI Be so good with your ocusink 3 Let it sit there for a bit because I Could see on the map it seems like it's Moving but it's not moving on my display And I don't want to turn it when I can't See it moving come on image transmission Signal it hasn't gone into return to Home so we're still doing oh no confirm I can't stop it as soon as it does that That's it And look at I'm standing right here Pointing to where it needs to go so Nothing's happening now Oh it's up in the air oh no wonder Nothing's happening it was up it was Already coming back to home it was Already up in the air it's up there There is it's coming back so it's going To come back and land over here so That's the result from the DJI Mini 3 Pro so on every day I'll get a different Result so today that's the result today There could be some interference down

There trying to get from here with all The trees and the leaves and the bushes They're bigger than they were last time I did this test and the trees are more Bushy and everything else because we're Just getting into fall before the leaves Fall off so that was it for DJI next We'll do atel Nano okay Nano you got GPS Good here we go sticky up in the Wind There we go bring it over to my shoulder Height instead over here facing the same Direction and here we go forward [Music] I'm in standard flight mode which is uh Just like normal mode on the DJI Mini 3 Pro We've got to go behind these Portables That's what they call these buildings Off to the right these gray ones And then through the trees Still at three meters great and then There's the trees come around whoa slow Down I went too fast throughout that quarter I gotta go back I don't want to cheat in This thing go back this way oh I think I Lost signal there Aircraft disconnected oh it was bad well That was pretty lame well that's not Good that's not good hopefully it comes Back It doesn't go up and smash into that Tree [Music]

The tree okay so that So bad luck could happen to any drone if You're under a tree when you lose signal Or under anything like a bridge most People are under a bridge when they lose Signal and it goes straight up to go Into return to home well it's just going To crash because none of these drones Have sensors on the top to say whoa There's something there unless you buy a Much more expensive drug then they have Sensors on the top so this is the Portable that the drones have to go Around the backside but you can see from Where I'm standing when you're back here Look at The signal has to go through all this And then when you go around this metal Stuff there's not much you could do so I Have to go around this one And then you got to go around this one Over here so now you can see it's pretty Hard for the signal to go so there's the Two trees some place around here should Be the Drone oh look at that the motor's Still going it's sitting here it's over Here look at There's no connection the motor is still Odd but both arms are down so it crashed Into something all right Oh finally I have connection back here So let's uh let's kill it here look at This And come this way

There we go all right so hopefully I Didn't destroy my little uh drone here Let's see how's the front that looks Good arms look back looks like it's Doing one of those Tom Cruise F14 Not sure what happened but uh I did have The record going in here so I'll play Back the record right now of uh with the Drone saw when it crashed [Music] Okay so you just saw from that video it Did not hit the tree it's me when I lost Communication with the Drone the video Communication it looked like it was Sitting under the tree I went to move it To the right and of course I moved it to The right too far and I slammed into one Of those Portables as you saw in the Video so we really don't know how well This did if it ever would have regained Signal so I'm going to try it one more Time here we go really fast and if You're wondering if there was any damage On the Nano prop seem okay I don't have To replace them oh a little Nick out of That one oh a crack in that one oh I got A crack in that prop back here so that's A little bit of vibration I don't think I brought any spares with me yeah a Crack in this prop back here but I think It's okay to hold the weight I'm not Doing any sport mode or anything serious So we'll give it a try anyways it might Cause a little bit of vibration but

We'll give it a shot so you can see on The top left of my screen I have put the Speed into smooth mode because it's a Little bit smoother it's not as erratic So let's try this with the busted prop And let's see if she still flies There same idea okay here we go get it Up to shoulder height in the wind Hopefully you can see that here I'll Bring it uh there you got it over there All right so it's over there and uh here We go [Music] If each signal is weak well I know Because there's a freaking School in the Way okay go out here and then we have to Aim down the road Looking down the road this is beautiful Guys here's a busted Nano Plus And it's doing quite well there we are Okay so obviously the transmission on The Nano plus is better than on the DJI Mini 3 Pro so far anyways we're getting Much farther same set of circumstances Everything New issues I can see enough that I can Avoid crashing so here's the part in all My tests the Drone started over there It's now right over here but I'm still Facing that way so now I'm going to turn And face where the Drone is and this is Where you get much better signal Communication I do this in all my tests So now that I'm facing the proper way it

Should work quite well looks like I have Good reception And uh come on back to me Here we are it's at 2.9 meters off the Ground Coming around and we should see us any Second it should be coming out over There It's going this way I'm looking at my little display here I Guess I can fly it in with just staring At the Drone It's coming in There we are [Applause] [Music] So I have to admit as well I have done The tests on this drone uh using that Controller before and it has passed but When it did pass it never passed as well As the Nano plus did the Nano plus gave Me a much better video signal all the Way around in the few times I had the Mini 3 go all the way around the signal Was always cutting out it would freeze Then come back then freeze then come Back then freeze then come back this one It was the signal all the way around so Uh for this round this guy here wins it [Music] Okay so back to me that's the end of Part four and yes there will be a part Five and a part six so what's the Takeaway from this video well everybody

Watching this right now who's a DJI Fanboy you should say a prayer every Night to the gods of atel because of Autel did not create this drone and sell So many of them in the early part of This year then DJI would have just given Us another like mini two enhanced drone This thing is feature packed which you Get right here so if I summarize this Whole video you just watched we know That the Mini 3 Pro doesn't have a fan On the bottom so it does overheat I've Showed that in part one part two part Three we also know that it does have Restrictions on flight no fly zones the Nano doesn't overheat it doesn't really Have a lot of no-fly zones it has a few But not that many so if you're going on Vacation with either drone and you don't Have a clue if there's airports or Anything near the place you're going on Vacation this might be the better drone To take with you however this drone's Got some pretty cool features that might Work out well out of vacation I do like The fact that if you forget a memory Card to put in it it's got a tiny bit of Memory in it already it also shoots at 4K 60 frames per second and you can make That camera look a way up which is Awesome another takeaway from this video Is you probably noticed that the prop Pitch sound of the autel Nano plus is a Bit higher pitch than that of the DJI

Mini 3 Pro so I believe I could be Totally wrong that more people will find This annoying than this although I Should add that for both of these drones I do not find the prop sound to be Annoying in any way I'm just saying that When you compare the two and for range On both of these drones will range on Both of these drones you know they're They're kind of caveman style we're Still in the caveman days in other words Range you only get the announce range on Either of these drones if you have a Perfect line of sight I'm looking over Here to a controller so if this Controller has nothing blocking it to go To this drone you'll get a pretty good Range and the same is true with the Nano So the true test on how good the Communication system is because because All of these have advanced communication Whereas they skip channels and Frequencies really quick so that if Anything is blocking your signal they Just skip to the next frequency within a Pattern of frequencies which allows them To maintain connection to add to that I Have flown around that school with the DJI Mini 2 this is the Mini 3 using this Controller which is the same controller You would use with the Mini 3 Pro and Results are a little bit better but Still choppy videos so I don't find the Ocusync 3 or even the old ocusig2 I

Don't find it to be as good as what Autel has so watch a lot of videos on Range tests between the two and you come Up to your own conclusions so in future Videos you will see some head-to-head Comparisons of how good the video Quality is between the two as well as Photos as well as some of the features The obstacle avoidance the dynamic track The wind all sorts of things those will Be coming up in future episodes so stay Tuned for part five and there might even Be a part six as I mentioned I honestly Don't know at this point I have to get Into the editing room and make make the Videos so for now I say if you enjoyed This video please give it a thumbs up And if you would like to buy either of These for a Christmas gift well then of Course I will put links to them below Alright guys thanks for watching this Video catch you in the next one bye [Music] I won't take me home