Part 6: DJI Mini 3 Pro vs Autel EVO Nano+

By | October 24, 2022

PART 6 – In this episode I do some camera image comparisons.

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Foreign [Music] [Music] Hey everyone welcome to my channel this Is part six of my little comparison with The DJI Mini 3 Pro against the autel Evo Nano plus I have a ton of footage as I've mentioned in part four and five and I can't show you everything so I've Squished this down to three episodes This episode's all about the cameras so Uh check it out the Mini 3 Pro and the Autel Evo Nano plus both have quick Shots next we're going to take a look at Quick shots because the DJI Mini 3 pro Has quick shots and so does the autel Evo Nano plus so let's see which ones You prefer let's take a look at the ones On the mini so taking a look at my Screen you can see we have do I have Them all here yeah there we go we have Droney we have rocket Circle Helix and Boomerang and we have asteroid the key Thing about these quick shots is you Have to select a Target before you make The quick shot work there's a bench over There and I'm gonna see if I can do a Quick shot on that bench coming up to The bench there we go I can see it in The shot so let's see if we can select It it says tap Plus or Draw box around The object so can I do it around this I'm trying try the Box did it work yes It looks like there's a box around the

Bench so I'm going to do a quick shot on The bench circle's probably the best one Because then I can orbit it that makes More sense obstacle avoidance obviously Doesn't work so I'm gonna have to take It up a bit and it's up to me to ensure That the target is still in frame there We go it's gonna circle to the right and I just have to hit start Two And there we go it shouldn't hit any Trees hopefully it keeps that bench in The frame that's the great thing about Quick shots is that you don't have to Pick yourself or another human or a car You could pick your pet as long as it Sits still the object has to be still And stable and not moving around so There we go we have quick shots Happening and of course it doesn't go Forever it just stops it only goes for a Small piece of time because it wants you To take the footage put it on your cell Phone and ship it off to family and Friends and say look where we are look What we're looking at right now that's What it's designed for next up we have The autel Evo Nano plus here we go we're Looking at the Nano plus and take a look At the quick shots right here you can See them you have flick Fade Away rocket And orbit my favorite is flick but I'm Just going to show you orbit we'll do The exact same thing put a boxer on the

Park Bench you'll see they work exactly The same and we can spin it in the same Direction or the other direction but I'm Going to make it go the same direction And I just hit the go button and just Hope the heck it doesn't hit anything I'm looking over here no I don't There She Goes So it goes around and around and around And hopefully it doesn't smash into Anything oh it does say there's objects Behind but everything else looks good so This is the great thing with quick shots You can use them for anything while You're on vacation Now let's see if it does just like DJI And stops and yes it does it stopped Right there there we go so you only get A little bit of video with the quick Shots so as you can see with quick shots There's no clear winner between the two Both cameras can shoot 4K video but how Good is the resulting image next thing I'm gonna do is throw both drones at the Same time so I've got the autel Nano Plus up there I'll write The Minis on And I'm gonna go put it up next to the Autel Nano plus we're gonna put them Side by side if you hear a clunk that's Because they crashed into each other so This is your video comparison with the Lighting that we have right now so I Should be I could see the green there so I'm putting both images side by side I

Can switch between them but this is what The lighting looks like take a look at This color I'm probably far away So let me see I'm gonna hold it over my Head and get close This is yellow does it look blown out White because the Sun's shining right on It hang on a sec let me do this to it Tilt it this way tilt it this way which One is showing the true color of yellow How about we put some black on the Yellow so there we go we got yellow in The center and black around the sides How does that look There we go so there's your video Preference both of these are at 4K 30 Frames per second And you can decide uh which image you Prefer with the lighting that's Happening right now now for most of you Viewing this right now you're probably Not seeing much because the images are Rather small you're probably watching This on your cell phone with the Resolution of only 1080P or a tablet Very low resolution so I'll explain it For you this is the full screen image From the DJI Mini 3 Pro does it look Pleasant to your eye do you notice Anything out of place or does everything Look perfect how about the image from The autel Evo Nano plus does it look Better than the DJI Mini 3 Pro or worse Okay I'll help you out here take a look

At those white lines take a look at the Bush the trees in the back and the sky And the clouds and everything else look At the detail you know how sharp the Image is how blurry the image is now Let's switch over to the hotel Evo Nano Plus and once again look at those white Lines the bushes in the back the clouds The color of the sky does it look Different I think so to my eyes the Evo Nano plus has more dynamic range than That of the Mini 3 Pro So that we can see the details much Better I'm going to crop the image by 50 Percent You can see that a 50 crop of the image The image from the DJI Mini 3 Pro holds Up very well it is a very soft image but It still holds up very well you can Easily read the words insta360 on the Landing pad and the colors of the Landing pad are not blown out they hold Up quite well in the sunlight [Music] Having a look at the image from the Autel Evo Nano plus we can see that it Looks equally as good if not better you Will notice that the blades of grass Stand out better you will notice that The colors pop more and you will also Notice that it's even easier to read the Insta 360 logo [Music] Here we have some more comparisons take

A look at the top right of your screen To see which drone shot the video you Will notice as I've mentioned before That the dynamic range on the autel is a Bit more vibrant than that of the Mini 3 Pro [Music] And now a low light video comparison So this is a good example of dynamic Range and presence this is the video From the DJI Mini 3 Pro take a look at Those three trees I'm pointing at you Would not even notice them in this image If I hadn't pointed them out but the Evo Nano plus pulls the bright fall colors Out and they stand out against the green Background and yes that is the DJI Mini 3 Pro up in the air and over here we Have the Evo Nano plus as filmed by the DJI Mini 3 Pro now let me point out that Many of you may have a different taste In the image you're looking at than the General public and that's simply because It all comes down to the device you're Using to view this video on you won't be Able to see all the colors and you won't Be able to see the full dynamic range as An example I bet you can't see the Detail in the trees to the bottom right Because YouTube squishes it all together In compression same here this is the Video from the autel Evo Nano plus and I Bet you the bottom right just looks all Dark and squished together and at the

Same time I bet you the sky guy looks Phenomenal so in summary if you're going To shoot video with either of these Drones I think you'd be happy with Whichever one you get I will say in my Personal opinion the Nano plus does have More dynamic range than the Mini 3 Pro And you're only going to see that when You start taking photos of like sunsets Sunrise or like you see here the sky Look at all the colors the Nano is Picking up And now some video examples now when it Comes to nighttime photography both of These drones have very tiny sensors so You're gonna get a lot of noise in the Image but you know it's acceptable for YouTube or sharing on social media this Is a DJI Mini 3 Pro it looks awesome This is the autel Nano plus and the same Thing looks awesome keep in mind that Both mini drones require a very bright Light source in order for them to film This is why all videos You'll see on YouTube of a low light test with a mini Drone it's always filming a cityscape And as you can see in this video if it Wasn't for the car's headlights or the Street lights then the image would Pretty much be all black And now a photo image quality comparison I'm gonna do this it's too hard to hold Both the controllers at the same time so I'm going to do it on the main

I should hold it this way This way so the yellow is not so bright And it's a this is a 48 megapixel photo On the mini here we go looking at the Camera And now I'm gonna try a 50 megapixel Photo on the autel Nano [Applause] Now let's analyze those photos First we'll begin with the DJI Mini 3 Pro first off you can see the pixel Height and width it's a little smaller Than that of the autel natal plus Starting with the XF data you can see That the camera used auto exposure to Take this photo next we have the shutter Speed you can see it was extremely fast Due to this camera not having a manual Aperture the fixed aperture is set at 1.7 so no matter which photo you take It's always at 1.7 for some unknown Reason the Mini 3 Pro thought it was Cloudy outside and adjusted the white Balance to reflect that but it doesn't Seem like it hampered the image and it Used average metering so it took the Brightest and darkest spots and just Averaged them out it also used the Lowest ISO possible which is correct for A bright sunny day and of course Auto White balance was used which I'm Surprised it came out this good since it Did pick cloudy and finally if we check The GPS information we'll see that it

Did include all the GPS relevant data Now let's do a bit of pixel peeping and Look at the image actual size now please Note I am viewing this 48 megapixel full Resolution photo on an Apple Studio 5K Monitor and I'll say it looks pretty Good I have placed this image in the Context compared to much more expensive Cameras it's coming from a very tiny Drone with a very tiny sensor with a Fixed aperture and a plastic lens you Can't expect too much especially at 48 Megapixels you can see here the trees Are a little mushy it's missing some Sharpness but you can easily add the Sharpness in post but who's going to View an image like this at Full Resolution most people are going to view It on their cell phone tablets or Computer monitors and it's going to look Phenomenal okay now let's take a look at The autel Evo Nano plus first off we Have the pixel dimensions you can see They're a little larger than that of the Mini the mini was at 80 64 times 6048 Next we have the aperture value and it Is a fixed aperture just like the mini So it's stuck at pretty much F 1.9 the Camera used auto exposure for best Settings just like the Mini 3 since it Has a fixed aperture a fast shutter Speed was used the camera used the Metering mode that gave it more weight For anything that was closer to the

Center of the image the camera was also Smart enough to realize that this was a Landscape photo so it changed the Landscape and of course the camera used Its own Auto white balance and finally The autel Evo Nano plus records all the GPS data in case you need to use it in The future and now let's do a bit of Pixel peeping on the autel EVO Nano plus The first thing I notice with the image Is that the software in the Evo Nano Plus is applying an awful lot of Sharpening and an awful lot of Correction to the image to enhance it to Make it look as good as it looks but you Can only notice this when you go to the Actual size here when we look at the Trees you can see they look kind of like A watercolor image tree like someone Painted them with a paintbrush because Of the over correction of the sharpening The color correction the auto correction Everything else when you zoom out and Look at the whole image as you would on A cell phone or a tablet or a laptop or Computer monitor then it looks really Good it's only when you zoom in you Start to notice yeah it looks like a Little bit too much correction's been Applied so if I compare the two zoomed In images you can see the difference so Here we have the DJI Mini 3 Pro I'm Going to switch over to the auto Evo Nano plus and again here's a zoomed in

Image of the DJI Mini 3 Pro looking at The trees and when we go over to the Autel Evo Nano plus they kind of look a Little bit water colory now if the autel Nano Evo plus allows you to take the Same photo in raw at that massive Resolution then you would have no Correction from the camera and Everything would look great and you can Manipulate it yourself except as you can See here you can't shoot a 50 megapixel Photo in raw strangely though the DJI Mini 3 Pro does indeed allow you to take A 48 megapixel photo in raw however it's Not real raw because when I compared the Raw image to the jpeg image they're Almost identical so all the correction Is still added in Raw on the DJI Mini 3 But at least you can do it [Music] So there you have it you're back to me What did you learn from this video well You should have learned that both of These drones are really good for the Tiny little package they are they are Not professional drones they're not even Prosumer drones they're basically your Cell phone thrown in the air taking Videos and photos that's pretty much What you're getting with these little Guys there's a lot of technology in them To make them do what they do and I find They do it quite well so you cannot go Wrong with either drone if you need to

Know more about either of these drones Watch my full review I have a full Review on the Nano plus I'll put links To it below and I have a full review on The mini 3 Pro and I will put links to It below watch both of those and you'll Be able to make up your mind about which One you want for you so with all of that Said I say thanks for watching Parts Four five and six and I am not making a Part 7 8 9 10 because I have other Things to review and show you different Videos of different products I could go On reviewing these forever and ever Comparing them but I'm not going to do That like I said go check out the other Videos but I will put links to both of Them below I think they make an Excellent Christmas gift or birthday Gift or Father's Day gift so you might Want to pick one up they are expensive But that's what you get right now the Going price on this I'm putting it right Above this drone and the going price on This I'm putting it right above this Drone so uh check out the links below And see if this is the Drone for you and Thanks for watching this video if you Have questions or comments on the video Just post them below and I'll get back To you but for now I say thanks for Watching if you enjoyed it please give It a thumbs up and I'll catch you in a Future video with many more products and

Reviews until then I say bye [Music] I painted Skies [Music]