Perfecting my Drone Frame – The SKYLINER MK3 is here!

By | July 27, 2022

I've revised and refined the Skyliner… for me, its perfect!

Thanks to everyone in the FPV community who has shown me support over the years. Im very proud to share with you, the Skyliner MK3

— FPV Drone Gear —

Skyeliner MK3 Build & Tuned:

DJI Action 2:

Skyeliner MK3 Airframe:
FC & ESC Stack with SF Connectors:
Hypetrain Le Drib 2305 2650kV Motors:
Avatar HD VTX:
Crossfire RX w/ Immortal-T:

Transmitter & Goggles:
Fat Shark Dominator headset:
RadioMaster TX16S:
TBS Crossfire:

Tools & Other Gear:
Torvol Backpack:
TS100 Soldering Iron:

— Vlogging Gear —

Wide Angle Lens:
Daily Lens 12-35 f/2.8:
25mm Prime Lens:
Rode mic:
bendy tripod:
GoPro HERO9 Black:

— tunes in this flick —

”Glasswork” by B R L L N T

”Fear of Being Loved” by Wolfgang Music

”Alone” by C00ltube

Look at this beautiful piece of carbon Fiber let's just set it down on this Nice dark surface and uh it's gone Much better we can actually see things Now so today we are talking about my fpv Drone frame the skyliner i came out with The first version in 2018. i wanted to Create a frame that flew really well for Fpv freestyle but was also durable and Easy to work on so we had this front Camera cage to protect the camera and This was actually 28.5 millimeters wide Because back in the day we had some Pretty big analog cameras we were trying To fit was able to keep the top plate Pretty low so only 20 millimeter Standoffs between the main plate and the Top plate so that gave us nice center of Gravity and we had five standoffs Separating the main in the top plate Four in the back and one up front i was Really happy with this frame but when Dji came out with the first real Solution to flying fpv in hd i knew i Had to make some tweaks so i designed The skyliner hd now this second version Allowed me to make some improvements i Had been thinking about but also had to Compromise on a couple of things because The original dji air unit was so large So i was able to make all the standoffs The same size because we weren't really Flying such big analog cameras anymore But i couldn't keep it 20 millimeters

Tall because of the size of the air unit So we went with 25 millimeters all Around the whole thing had to get longer To accommodate the air unit and to keep It from getting too much longer i Eliminated two of the standoffs that Were in the rear and increased from one To two up front now this change ended up Working out better than i expected and i Ended up preferring it over the original Approach it seemed that having just two Standoffs up front and two in the back Distributed the stress more evenly and Didn't really create any focus points Where breaks happened this seemed to be Even more durable so it actually Improved durability while also saving Some weight and freeing up some space on The inside i redid the whole shape of The camera plates to make it look nicer And also rather than mounting the camera Directly to the carbon fiber i created These openings where you would put soft 3d printed inserts that the camera would Mount to so this allowed more Flexibility for different type of Cameras you might want to mount and also Found that having the camera mounted to The soft 3d printed material rather than Directly to the hard carbon fiber Provided some cushioning for the camera During crashes this frame design has Been out for over two years it's done Really well but now we've got more

Options when it comes to hdfpv from dji We've got the smaller vista and we've Got more companies entering the scene Like fat shark with the avatar system so It's time to come out with a new version The skyliner mark [Music] I would iii Me [Music] [Music] The skyliner mark iii is here and i Couldn't be happier with it this Wouldn't be possible without the support Of some of the amazing members of the Fpv community so thanks to everyone who Has supported the previous versions of This frame and it's really exciting to Get to continue to iterate and improve And come out with this newest version as You can see from some of the comparison Shots i've showed it's not a huge change From what we had going on before it's Got the same classic widex geometry the Same basic construction but everything Has been tweaked everything has been Refined i think it makes a big Difference and i think this is the best Skyliner yet so what do we have going on In the new version so taking advantage Of these smaller hd units we were able To go down to 20 millimeter standoffs All around so we're able to drop the top Plate which gives us better flight

Characteristics for that lower center of Gravity and shrink the camera cage a Little bit more the arm design is very Similar four millimeter thick carbon Long protrusion to protect the motors in The event of a crash while they are just A little bit narrower they're still Fairly wide i just like the way that Wide arms move through the air and they Also give you the option to use Individual esc's if you're a weirdo like Me and still like to do that on some of Your builds as before the main plate Itself is two millimeters thick but up Front where you're going gonna want some Extra durability we've got a four Millimeter reinforcement plate to make That front end just really tough one of The features i did get rid of on the new Version that these older versions had Was soft mounting built into the frame While i always thought this feature was Cool nowadays almost every flight Controller you're gonna get has soft Mounting built into the flight Controller itself and betaflight has Gotten so good with the filters and Everything soft mounting built into the Frame is kind of unnecessary and just Makes the build more difficult and Becomes kind of a failure point because Those gummies could eventually wear out And crack so we simplified the build by Getting rid of that in the rear we've

Got 20 by 20 and 25 by 25 m2 holes so That's going to allow for mounting both The cadx vista as well as the avatar Video transmitter now i've got some Frames built up so we can take a look at How the Entire build has kind of changed over Time on the original skyliner i've got It built with a flight controller with An integrated power distribution board So we've got individual esc's soldered Up just got an analog video transmitter Taped in the back we've got a big analog Fpv camera up front going over to the Skyliner hd we've still got individual Esc's but we've got a separate pdb and Flight controller in the back we've got Our big boy air unit and up front we've Got our fpv camera mounted to the 3d Printed bits now today with the mark iii While i might still build some drones With individual esc's on the arms i Think i'm finally getting on board with Four-in-one esc's with these solder free Connectors that we've got going on at Roto-rad it just makes the build So quick it makes repairs easier one of The reasons i always stayed with Individual escs was that if you burnt Out one esc you could just replace that One esc rather than having to solder up A whole new foreign one but with these Quick connectors it's not too bad to Just swap the form one it's more

Expensive but man not having to solder Is just so nice now on the back of this One we've got the avatar video Transmitter it just fits really nicely And just for reference i've also got one Built up here with the vista and you can See how nicely that also fits of course The cameras are up front these 3d Printed inserts that come with the frame Have a bunch of different options so Whether using a two-hole mounting camera Or a one-hole mounting camera or these Smaller nano size cameras you should be Able to fit the camera where you want it To be so it's protected without seeing Too much of the frame in the camera view And if you find some other camera that Has a whole different mounting style or Something new comes out or whatever it's Really easy to just swap out the 3d Printed inserts so you can always Optimize where your camera is in this Cage [Music] I am really happy with the mark iii it's Pretty much exactly how i'd want it i Didn't really have to compromise on Anything i didn't have to make room for Some giant analog camera or a big old Dji air unit got to shrink everything Down and make it tight and compact but There's still plenty of room to fit all The components and work on it and most Importantly it flies great and even

Potentially more importantly it takes a Pretty good hit i love having that Confidence when i'm out flying and Trying a new trick that if i crash it's Not going to be too big of a deal and That if i do end up breaking something It's going to be easy to work on and i Can probably do that repair out in the Field especially with this solder free Stuff man it's super i'm really pleased With this setup i think it flies better Than ever I love the way it looks it's just uh my Favorite drone i've ever built so With that let's actually head out and Fly this thing [Music] [Music] What i would do [Music] Me [Music] Me [Music] Who put that bush there I am super proud of the mark iii and Just really happy with the setup overall It flies really great looks good and it Takes a pretty good beating this is just Everything i would want in a freestyle Drone so if you guys are interested in Picking one of these up they're Available now and if not if you're not Looking for a frame no worries i just

Appreciate you guys tuning in i'm happy I got to share this with you all finally I'll see you next time [Music] What i would do [Music]