PGYTECH OneMo Lite and OneGo Air Camera Backpacks

By | October 17, 2022

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PGYTECH releases new versions of the popular OneMo and OneGo backpacks, this time a liter version. For those familiar with my channel, I use the OneMo backpack as my daily carry. PGYTECH now has a smaller version of these bags called the OneMo Lite and OneGo Air.
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Now here I have two of pgy Tech's latest Backpacks this one here is the one go Air and also the one Mo light if you Guys are familiar with my channel you Guys know I'm a big fan of the one Mo Backpack it's pretty much been my daily Bag for the past couple years now PG by Tank actually sent me these bags a Couple weeks ago but I didn't want to Put out a video right away I wanted to Actually put them to the test I've been Traveling recently so I wanted to Actually take this with me on my travels So I was able to take the one mode light With me when I traveled to Denver for Work and then also most recently went to Chicago and I brought this one with me The one go air so in this video let me Show you guys what I've been putting in These bags when I travel and the first Bag we'll go through is the one Mo light And like I talked about the Workhorse Bag that I've been using for the past Couple years as far as more of my daily Carry is this one which is the original One Mo now as you can see with the Difference in size as well as the name Of the bags this is a 22 liter the light Version of this one this is a 22 liter This one right here is a 25 liter that's Also expandable to 30 liters so before We jump into the light white bag I just Want to show you one of the main Differences here as far as the capacity

Goes of course you can see it's a little Bit bigger the one MO is a little bit Bigger but the main difference on the Capacity is this front pocket right here On the one Mo bag this original one this Front pocket opens up all the way down And as you can see here it does expand Out so it gives you a lot more room here In the very front now while this flap May not seem like a lot the storage Space it expands to is a big deal I put A lot of clothes in here if I have to Travel but more importantly if you have Something like this this is a full-size Gimbal a ronin SC you can actually fit This without breaking it down right in The very front and it's actually a Little Little pouch here on the very front that Can hold it and there you go you can Actually carry a full-size gimbal in the Very front pouch so that's not including The stuff that you're already going to Put inside of the back where the camera Goes this is just that front area now on The one mode light we actually still Have that front pocket it's just not Fully expandable out like it is on the One moat as you can see here this only Goes about halfway and it does fold out Just like that and you actually could Still store a gimbal within here you Just have to assemble it break it down a Little bit more because the pocket goes

All the way down all the way down here It just doesn't pull all the way out Like this one does and when I did travel With this to Denver I did bring my RS3 With me and I just basically broke the Gimbal down took it all apart and I was Able to cut all those pieces in the Front here where here on this one like I Said it's a little bit bigger it's Expandable so you don't have to break Down certain things like a gimbal if you Wanted to expand this whole front part Out when it comes to camera Side Access On the light version we have one side Access here where on the one mill we Actually have dual access so there's a Top one right there as well as a bottom One where you more likely will have your Camera so dual access as far as the one Mo goes you have single access here on The one mole light the top one looks the Same but it's actually just a pocket for Some of your accessories on the other Side of the bags we have these really Large Deep Pockets which I really like One of the things I complain about on One of my previous bag reviews was that You weren't able to tighten up some of These pockets on their bags here which I Really like on the pgy tech ones you can Carry things like this small tripods Selfie sticks and put them in this pouch Right here which can be tightened down So if you have a really small tripod

Water bottles or anything like this Which I carry a lot of these sticks you Can still keep that in there and feel Pretty secure with it in here compared To some other bags out there that don't Have that some of them just have that Magnetic clasp here which does not keep A lot of your stuff secure like the pgy Tech ones do when it comes to the back Of the bags I actually do like the Update they did here it's just small Things that you notice after a while They gave you a little bit more channels Here on the back versus the original one These deep channels really help Especially when it's hot and humid out There just gives you a little bit more Breathing air room in between on your Back where here didn't really give deep Channels so definitely was an Improvement seeing on the new light they Both have that middle strap so if you Wanted to carry your bag on top of a Separate luggage if you're able to do That just put this sideways and that Luggage handle will go right through They have that on both bags so what I do Like about pgatech and a lot of bags Don't do this they actually include a Little side handle so if you wanted to Carry your bag this way you are able to Do that of course they all have top Handles but not many have that side Handle which pgy Tech does here on the

Very top I do have my MacBook Pro full Size MacBook Pro at the top and then not Just that there's an extra sleeve in Here so if you wanted to have something Like a tablet there is a little Protective sleeve in between there so The laptop and the tablet aren't hitting Each other because these right here of Course are all velcro dividers which Makes it easy for you to form fit your Gear right here it actually fits my bag Which is carrying of course the DJI Mini 3 Pro so I am able to carry my camera as Well as my drone gear at the very bottom I have the remote control microphones For my wireless in this side pocket here It's a 360 wireless mics you got to have These as well as my rocket which is the One thing every camera bag needs to have And then of course I have my camera Carry the A7 S3 with me right now I have The 17 228 on here but with this Formation I actually have it to Accommodate the 28 to 75 but does easily Fit right there and like I talked about Earlier you have that quick access so if You're carrying your backpack on your Back and you want to easily just get to Your camera all you do is whip this Around and then you can access your Camera here on the side inside of this Quick access pocket there is another Pocket in here which you can carry a lot Of your accessories or batteries which

Is pretty cool they have this little Battery indicator that they also had on Their previous model but basically you Put batteries in here and if they're Depleted you just switch that over from Green to Red that way you know that You've already used up that battery the One mode backpack has been my daily Carry since I got it so it's also nice That they have this one a little smaller Version so if you're just carrying a Little less gear and you also want a Smaller footprint that's where the light Comes into play also when it comes down To price the price is a lot lighter 149 For the one Mo light and you have still 199 on the original one Mo now that's a One mode light and that brings us over Here to the one go air first thing of Course you'll notice is that we just Have a different look as far as the bag Goes the one Mo kind of has more of I Would say the traditional type of camera Bag look or the one go and the one go Air have a little bit more I would say Just sophisticated kind of urban Photographer type of look and here's a Big difference you have this flap up top Which can carry a lot of your gear and Then when you stuff it in here all you Do is close that up and there you go I Really like the update they did on the One go for this flap on the previous one They had a little Buckle which made a

Little bit harder for it to snap into Place this one has been really easy all You do is press the latch it Automatically open and once this thing Closes up There it is now now shopping with the One go air like I talked about as you Can see the aesthetic is a little bit Different we do have this latch system Here at the top which is really good if You want to have a bunch of gear that You want to easily grab you also still Have that quick access here on the side And this is one big quick access port as You can see if I open this up here I am Now able to easily grab my camera out The side and you can actually grab a Couple more things I have my drone the Remote here so you have a nice big open Section here as far as the quick access Goes while this is already open talk About this which is of course an Accessories pocket I have my cards my Badges memory cards batteries in here so An easy accessible pocket here on this Open Flap this easy access flap here on The side just like on the one Mo bags we Have a large pocket here on the side to Carry everything water bottles small Tripods if you want to carry a large Tripod you could do that with these Bottom straps which are also removable If you wanted to hold a tripod here at The very bottom you're able to do that

Strap these down and when it comes to The back we have more of a solid back so I kind of wish that they brought over Those channels here to give your back Just make it a little bit more Breathable I'm not sure why they didn't Carry that over but we do have more of a Solid back on this one now one of the Unique features of this one is not just That little flap up top but it's also The way that this bag opens up this is a More of a clam shell style bag as you Can see we have all of our gears kind of Tighter in here from the very top and so The velcro dividers they have a more Modular setup with these kind of rods That go across which actually helps Carry a lot more weight than some of the Velcro ones which I've noticed because These are actually placed in here with Hooks so the weight of your gear Actually holds it down and you actually Put a little bit more weight on these Kind of feel like little trays inside of Your bag when I did travel to Chicago I Did bring a similar Gear with me of Course I have my drone here at the very Bottom my camera in this large area Right here in the middle which of course Is also accessible from the side same Thing here I got my 360 camera my rocket As well as my DJI mic I do like these Small little sliver kind of pockets here In the middle that you can make because

Like I said you can adjust these kind of Trays and I put a bunch of like skinny Stuff in here so I have my filters I Have a bunch of cables my osmo action 3 Holder now here at the top I did bring a Couple different things I actually Brought a speaker with me because of Where we were and what we're going to be Doing brought my mic my onboard mic that Goes on top of my A7 S3 and then this Pocket is big enough so it holds all of Your selfie sticks and all those things That sit here at top which is also Easily accessible and as far as Accessory pouches we do have this Elastic pouch that sits here up top I Carried a bunch of my Chargers and then Also here on the bottom I had my actual Bricks which I recently just took out But I had a bunch of my brick Chargers Here at the very bottom the one that I Do like about PG whiteex bags and they Have have these on both their bags that They include this little Loop here on All your zippers so what you do is you Actually bring this zipper through here And then you pull it and it just gives You a little bit extra security so if Someone were trying to open your zipper From the back it just holds it there With the loop now as far as price goes For the one go air they actually do have A smaller 20 liter version this one's a 25 the 20 liter version goes for 169

This right here the 25 liter version Goes for 199. and there's this guys this Is the one mode light as well as the one Go air when it comes to daily carrying Some of my gear I really like the size Of a bag in that 20 25 liter range as Well as the price right now these are Going for 169 up to about 199 so I feel Like it's pretty affordable for what You're getting as far as capacity of Backpack and just kind of overall look Aesthetic of the bag depending on which Way you're going of course I'm going to Links to all the bags I talked about This video down below in the video Description huge thanks to pgy Tech for Sending these out to check out of course If you guys got some value from this Video a big like to be much appreciated This is ultra stacio with I'll see you guys in the next video take Care