Pilot Institute Bloopers Reel

By | October 28, 2022

Sorry Greg…

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Here at Potter Institute we're always Perfect but when we're not it's always Recorded Yes no no no no nope nope yeah I know I Know no still not what the no that Was a bad ending no actually I have one More thing that we need to talk about so Let's do that again no let's do that Again let's do that again let's do that Again let's do that again wow let's do That again okay let's do that again I'm Gonna do that again Fight lots of fight Wow forgot you mentioned something Jason What I'm gonna be a butthead Foreign News update take 12. What a 3D flying printer flying 3D Printer that's not the same my butt on My head News update take 13. No that's not a right word what the How about blinker fluid How do you pronounce that anybody know This didn't tell me I don't know what ah Wow this is gonna be good I can't talk Oh volcano tracking withdrawn we'll Talk about volcano tracking with drones We'll talk about tracking draw All right this is it no that's not even Correct you know what my mom would say Good try Ben good try and now that's Recorded so I can't post that