Portable Power Has Never Been This Cheap! – EcoFlow Black Friday Discounts.

By | November 21, 2022

If you have been putting off portable power because of the price, then this video is for you. EcoFlow has their biggest discounts ever for this Black Friday week! 51 Drones viewers get an additional 5% discount if you enter the checkout code: DYCWHHV5 on Amazon or EcoFlow website!

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Hi everyone today we're going to be Talking about portable power stations in Particular ecoflow and the reason that I'm making this video today is because You've probably heard this so many times But there has never been a better time To buy a portable power station than Right now but it actually is true you Guys this is the biggest Black Friday Sale that ecoflow has ever put out there And so I thought I would share some of My opinions of these products because I've been reviewing them and using them For the past two years and I thought I Would give you guys some insight in case You're on the fence about getting Portable power whether it be for Convenience or for backing up your home For emergencies or whatever there's so Many different options right now and the Pricing is unbelievable so first let's Get right to it now I'm not going to get All into detail on these because I do Have videos on all these products and I'll post links to all of those video Reviews down in the video description so If you want to really get into the Nitty Gritty go and check out those videos but For now what I'm going to do is I'm just Going to put the specifications of each Of these while I speak about them I'm Just going to tell you the highlights of Them and and then you guys can ask Questions if you want in the comments or

Watch those videos so this is the river Pro this was the very first ecoflow Power Station that I had it's a 720 watt Hour power station and I used to use This for everything I would take it with Me in the vehicle I'd use it to charge My drone batteries my camera batteries Um I love this thing I use this thing so Much before some of these other ones Came out so the River Pro is a very Capable machine and the reason that I Liked it so much is because it has that 1800 watts of yeah X boost like ecoflow Has this thing called X boost where you Know it's got a 600 watt ability you Know it can charge thing or power things Up to 600 watts with that inverter but It actually kind of manipulates the Voltage a little bit so it can power Things up to 1800 watts so that's really Really impressive now this is a NCM Battery so it's nickel cadmium magnesium So it's only going to last 800 Cycles Which isn't bad you know you're still Going to get a lot of use out of it but There's some better options right now And I'll tell you about that in just a Little bit so here's the specifications On those I think the highlight of this One is that it's expandable you know for The price right now at 26 off it's 479 Dollars which is a great price but you Can also buy the extra River Pro battery And plug it in here and then you got

1440 Watts uh Watt hours of power and That's that's really cool for this price Range so the next one I want to show you Is the river Mini Now this right here is the river minion This is the one that I actually have Used the most over the past year and the Reason that I use it is because it's so Easy to grab and go this is a 210 watt Hour power station with a 300 watt Inverter again this is the NCM uh Chemistry so it's not going to last as Long as the newer ones the lfp batteries But you know about 500 Cycles which is Pretty good for a power station this Size it only weighs like six pounds and As you can see it's really really light You can throw this in the backpack Um you can take this anywhere this sits Under my back seat of my pick out now uh This is like I said the one that I use The most we use it at soccer games I use It at camping on the picnic table so Really really great little unit and this One is actually 43 off 189 dollars I do Have the wireless version so I can put My phone on top of here and charge it But I actually don't use that a whole Lot and this one is not for sale this One with the wireless because I don't Think you can get this one anymore it's Like on back order but the regular one Without the wireless on it 189 dollars Can't beat that next let's talk about

The river too So this is the river too this is one of The newest uh Power stations from Ecoflow and it's called The River 2 Because anything with a 2 on it now on The ecoflow has the new chemistry the Lfp lithium iron phosphate battery and So this is going to give you 3 000 Cycles you guys this thing's Gonna Last If you use this thing every day for 10 Years it's going to last that long Before it gets down to that 80 capacity And that is the best on the market right Now I think a lot of portable power Station companies are starting to do That they're going to lfp just because It's more environmentally friendly it Lasts longer and it's just a better more Stable unit so you know there's three Versions of this I have the smaller one You know this is the 300 watt inverter But they have two other sizes I'll link Them down in the video description Um what else can I say about this one oh You can charge it in one hour zero to 100 in one hour there's no other unit That can do that on the market right now That I know of at least but it's really Really amazing 26 off right now 219 if You're looking for a small very portable Unit I think the river two is the way to Go you know it was the river mini but Now the river too with that 3000 Cycles Amazing so next let's talk about the

Delta the original Delta 1300. so this Is the original Delta this is the 1300 I'm not going to tell you that much About it because Um I don't actually recommend getting This one it's 36 percent off right now It's a great discount 899 dollars but For 899 dollars you can get something a Hundred times better the reason I don't Recommend the Delta is because this is One product that ecoflow did not do very Well at and because it's so like the Efficiency is so low it's like under 60 So that means that it wastes a lot of Power trying to power itself and so it's One of the lowest out there so I don't Recommend getting the Delta 1300 even Though it's on sale right now if you're Going to spend nine hundred dollars the One that I'm gonna tell you at the end Is the one that you should consider Getting so let's show you the Delta mini I really do like this one So the Delta mini is 882 Watt hours 1400 Watt inverter with 1800 watt X boost now The only downside about this is it's Still got that NCM chemistry you know It's only going to last about 800 Cycles But for a home backup system something That you're not using on The Daily or on A regular basis 800 Cycles is great and It's got plenty of ports to USB One USB Fast charge One USB c100 watt it's got Two of the 5521s so if you want to use

This in your RV for the fridge or if you Use it for a CPAP this is a great great Option and it can take up to 900 watts Of AC and 300 watts of solar power so Really really good it's 25 off right now For 749 that's a great price for a unit That has a 1400 watt inverter on it so Check out the Delta mini next we're Going to talk about the Delta Max now I Don't have my Delta Max with me today I Actually left it in the camper by Mistake the camper is tucked away into Storage for the winter so the Delta Max Is our ultimate home backup system it's Actually saved us twice during powder Out power outages easy for me to say so I keep it plugged into my freezer out of The in the garage and when the power Goes down it's got that uninterrupted Power supply so it kicks right on I Don't ever have to worry about it last Spring we had a huge power outage and we Didn't have power for about 12 hours and So it was nice to have that because it Kicked in it kept my freezer going kept All that expensive food and so that was That means that alone right there was Worth the price of the Delta Max even Though I didn't pay for it but if I did Uh it would have totally been worth it Because it would have saved all of our All of our meat all of our Frozen Goods So really really awesome machine it's Got it's gotten more than you need it

Can power anything in your house you Guys it's got a 3400 X boost Um it it's a home backup monster it's Got 5 000 watt surge so that means if You need to use it for like a a power Saw or power tool of any kind it's going To be able to handle it because you know When you initially turn on those Electronic devices it's going to really Boost it up to get it started you know Up to 3000 maybe even 4 000 surge well The max can handle up to 5000 search so And then the other thing about it is you Can dual charge it so you can plug it Into a solar panel and then also plug it Into AC if you have that available and You can charge it like really really Fast in under an hour and a half so so The Delta max if you're looking for Something to back up your home that is The ultimate unit to get so next we're Going to talk about my favorite one the Best one of all the delta 2. so this Right here is the Delta II and this is The perfect combination of everything That I just told you about this has got A 1024 watt hour a battery and it's 1800 Watt inverter so up to 2200 boost it's Got the lfp chemistry 3000 cycles that Means 10 years you guys it only weighs 27 pounds so it's a little bit portable Not really meant to be carried Everywhere but it's definitely easier Than carrying around that Max it's got

Six AC ports two USB USB fast charge two Of them two USBC 100 Watts I mean it's Got everything that you need it's the Best all-around product from ecoflow Right now the downside is because it's So new they just came out with it this This fall it's only on a 10 discount Right now so it's 899 dollars so if You're looking at that original Delta uh And you want to spend 899 don't do that Get this one the Delta II because For the long run you're going to get the Most bang for your buck because this Thing is going to last so so long now in Addition to the um solar generators you Know portable power they also have some Panels on sale they have the 400 watt Actually I think most of them are on Sale but I have the 400 watt panel which Is a monster it's mostly meant for like Off-grid type stuff or permanent type Situations or if you're going to be dry Camping for a long time that 400 watt Beast is the one to get 25 off now for 899 dollars I have the 160 watt panel Which I think is the best all-around Solar panel from ecoflow because it's Not too heavy it's not too light and It's just the right amount for most People most use cases so that one is 42 Off right now 259 dollars I think that Is kind of the good the best balance of The of the three that I'm going to tell You about and the third one of course is

This the 110 watt portable panel and I Really like this one because they made This into a four-fold so it's you know Folds up really nice it can fit just About anywhere and um it's just the Right size for those smaller ones those River series you know the river mini or The river too I just think if you're Going to have a portable power station Like that you should also have a Portable solar panel so this one Actually is the biggest discount out of All the products right now on their Website 110 watt panel for 50 off 199 Dollars This thing is super awesome I sound like A Salesman don't I that's because this Is the third time I've made this video It's gotten too long the other two times So I just decided to skip the script and Just go and hopefully it's shorter than My my other two times the other thing That I want to mention about these Portable power stations from ecoflow They can all be monitored and controlled With the ecoflow app very very Convenient anywhere in the world as long As you have an internet connection you Can control the monitor so let's see You're away on vacation the power goes Out at your home and you know your Uninterrupted power supply kicks in for Your refrigerator your freezer you can Go ahead and bring up your phone and see

Oh it's working good it's going to last Me at least another day I can get home And take care of things so so it's nice To have that app if you guys have any Questions about these solar generators Or about the panels let me know in the Comments uh or if I don't know the Answer I can reach out to ecoflow and They can let me know and I can let you Guys know too so I'll have like I said Links to my videos Um reviews of all these products down There so if you want to get in if you're Really thinking about hey you know that That River too looks really great that's Just right go ahead and check out my Video down in the video description and You can learn even more about them so I Want to thank you for watching this Video today I just want to bring these Sales to you guys because I know that Portable power is really expensive right And those of you that are like no you Know I really want one but I don't want To spend that kind of money there's so Many other things I could do with it if You if you're on the fence like I said This is the time to get one just because Those discounts are so good so anyway I Hope you have a happy holidays and Thanks for watching today have a great Day and we'll see you next time Thank you Foreign