Pro Pilots React to HOTTEST FPV Drone Clips of the Summer! – Community Spotlight September 2022

By | September 12, 2022

Bubby FPV and Cricket FPV are here to showcase some amazing FPV clips from the you, the community! Be sure to check out their channels linked below!


Emil Khaziev

Fenix FPV




Dadbod Dadbod

Michael Scott Rhue


Zorian Passmore



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0:45 Bandos
3:24 Treestyle
5:10 Office Parks
6:52 Cinematic
8:41 Simulator
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What is up fellas look who it is it's me Yes it has been so long i feel like it's Been like a year since i've been on Episode i think it has today we're going To be doing a community spotlight where We watch your videos we have scoured the Internet and found the best fpv clips Links to these videos are all going to Be in the description below so yeah sure To go shout these guys out give them Some love one video that we really like Today we're going to be doing a little Giveaway oh yeah we are doing a giveaway I always forgot about that what are you Giving away i'm giving away a bubby fpv Moxie friend Earth and i'm gonna give away a set of Qriket motors Four different categories here today People i think we have five could we Have five let's check maybe five we only Have to check we know what the first one Is and the first one is pandas bandos we Like bandits i love bandos first up we Have a meal i don't know go ahead you Butcher his name Boom Done So you have your danger aspect you got The nice power wall ride and then look At the decision oh nice cinematic reveal Um Look it's the perfect little bite size Clip that i want i like whoa whoa whoa

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what Happened did you no the ending no that's Rewinding like it just like flips to the Beginning again so for a 17 second clip He wants you guys to stay around and Catch it again yep and which this is Worth it we just did we just watched it Three times i think now this guy right Here i've seen things from him before Incredible pilot his name is phoenix fpv Um he's from spain and he is a shredder Slayer beast what's his name on Instagram pablo floor it's his name on Instagram so you'll probably notice him From there because i know he's really Big on instagram but today we're Watching one of his youtube videos Called far from perfect i think it's Pretty close to perfect it's a really Good video it's good man so as you see Like this guy just watched like the Angles that he's hitting like there's Gaps everywhere yep and he's just like Seamlessly going from building the Building obstacle to obstacle there's Never a dead space in this video keeps You engaged in it that's what you guys Want and i like the style it's a smooth Flowy thing he got going which is what i Really like i'm a flow guy i just like The way it brings the whole place Together man yeah he's not doing crazy Things all the time but he's always in Like some type of a twister angle yeah

He's never just stain level this boom That's so crazy He just doesn't just come out of it he Actually does like that reverse maddie Back so yeah i like that keep killing it Man so our next pilot is fpvg fpvg and The way he flies it he is a g he is He is killing it once again a sick spot Man i don't know where these people are Following them yeah it's probably like 10 minutes from his house or something Like that yeah you guys have some of the Craziest spots Tight tight tight like maybe like a foot Foot and a half if not what could that Have even been it wasn't an elevator Shaft i don't know what that was you all Spin through the super tight hole he got He has he has those inverted jaw spins On lock he definitely has those in line Then listen From the moon Right back in there and then like right Into a flippy floppy trick Like no time to waste not speed checking Just going forward Rubik's cube to man that's such a cool Combo man what was that a rubik's cube Rubik's cube to matty flip oh do it Backwards We're gonna end that there because That's like what you guys need to go Watch the rest of his video when you do Backwards downs you just get me all

Giddy and happy Freestyle This is the opposite of bender's this is Like a nice chill park with some nice Green trees for you guys that don't want To break everything all the time this Crash right here in this next video is Is pretty good like they have really Nice graphics oh 3d video tell them yeah Yeah this is mario's fpv guys i don't Know if we even said that yet but he is Really well known for his spanx salad This guy is just killing this like area Killing it and there's not really much There like you were saying like this Isn't like No Nothing crazy is going on here there's No like super cool obstacle or anything Like that i really like the mix of Normal flying added with 3d it adds like This cool element it's like okay it's a Normal video whoa how did you do that oh It just kills you behind like that right There just boom oh i love that and he Didn't do anything crazy that's the Thing he didn't do anything like that's Like wow It's just the way he did it except we Got cassidy hfpv have you heard of him Before he i have he's a really good once Again another spanx pilot happy to say This guy is part of my young ripper's Fpv discord server for are you guys

Under the age of 18 years old under 20. Oh oh okay Because once you can drink you are out Legally don't forget all these links are Below guys please look at the links yes Give us a little shout out Like that love it like i just love how Low to the ground he is Love it This is wild man he's doing all the Flippy floppies but he's also getting up High in the trees too changing the Aspect of which you like Was that a cut let's just i don't think That was a cut cut mega analyzing this Guy's video No that's not not a cut Plodge on that bud yup good job man That's the end of our tree style next up We got Office parks And this next guy bye bye bye gotta say It twice dad Choice yeah he just starts off going Crazy These guys Get making our mind work a little bit oh I left front flips i don't know why i Don't see a lot of people do them like That but i left front flips oh trippy Spin Trippy spins that's this guy's favorite Trick i love trippy spins i hate him He's backwards that's true i don't even

Know i don't even i use there was an Arrow where i did them a lot but things Change You know they're trying like something And then like after a year or something You start changing more and then it's Different yeah you'll slow down that's a Nice 90 flip yes perfect this guy's just Hitting all the gaps man he is this spot Is sick too like it's a chill office Park which i really like then we've got A little bit of water Is he going to approach on that oh Ruined the quad At least you left that in though that Bottle i'm happy you left that in next Up we got michael scott You guys know uh shelbyville he does a Lot of the chase chasing stuff with him He gets awesome third-person shot to the Wing going through like like really Tight gaps at office park so i think This is a more freestyle video from him Though he's just just all over the place Man i like like the usage of the area is Perfect yeah really good like use of Area just moving around everything boom Nice under all these trees like i feel Like you don't need to actually do like Super crazy crazy tricks all the time Sometimes it's just the way you capture Yeah different areas of it That's what i really like even with my Flank style i just like to just

I don't even do many tricks just flow Around stuff i like those spins he does While facing up whatever those are cool Like a reverse trip you spend yeah our Next category is Cinematic fpv first up we have mapiso Fpv start off with some nice free sound Which i thought was cool like the colors Are on point those are really cool do You think that's gopro i think so look At the water though when he looks down To what i feel like that that is really Good whoa like do you think that's good It could be go probably because gopros Look really good nowadays but now Everybody's flying with a red so i can Never tell like is that red is it this Is that yeah I like that reveal shot flying over them And then pops up see the video it's Simple so simple but yet crazy i don't Even fly over water like creaks anything So this guy is going Crazy in the middle of like the lake oh I i thought he was on a boat the whole Time phil maybe he was for some of those Shots because he was like Yeah nice short little clip i like it Yeah i like it i like short and sweet Dorian fpv called spain it looks Professional yeah it does a really good Color grade I like the reveal shot with those the Blades whatever they call it here we go

Is this oh the uh windmill yeah windmill This is in spain okay all right hence The title spain This guy Or maybe me i don't know what's wrong With that Oh this guy's feeling rocky oh dude this I like this video color is crazy yeah Is this a gopro I don't know I can't tell i can't tell anymore like On on youtube at these small screens Like it couldn't be anything really like Look how this looks really good i'm Bored when you're afraid of heights There's no need to yeah you i will not Get up there for any amount of money the Quad will stay The squad will still that's why we'll Stay oh and then with the card Oh that probably like kind of spaced Away from me yes me too i thought he was Going to get right back Oh it came into frame nicely good job Buddy awesome video Zorians This next category like you guys in the Well first of all the category is Simulator simulator but i will have to Apply Before i even get into just you guys That are spending a lot of time on the Simulator and getting this good with Simulator flying yeah like wow it's like

In my next lending light yeah Tv and he's spinning in there too Oh Look at that oh it's just going banging Just boom Boom boom boom dude Like i just don't think the quad doesn't Move like that like juan's in real life No no no but Jeez oh that's a dude and then look boom Oh he goes backwards too Yeah that's good oh that's crazy Wow yeah this is very impressive like i Said you simulated guys have been Definitely taking it to the next level Except we got red x Another one of my young rippers guys Called rusty so maybe he hasn't been Flying in a while but i don't think what He's doing is that nighttime You can oh i was getting ready to say i Know nighttime in a sim dad Yeah so he's getting his spang down In simulation yeah what was he went Through the tree Oh What what does that say How did that just happen was that what He was looking at the first time my Brain is tripping do they just go Nighttime that quick that's wild maybe There's three of the cut hold on i can't Even tell no he's not right there Is that that just looked like an

Inverted hang on i don't know Right next let us know in the comments What you're using because oh wait wait Wait wait wait that was really right is Leave a comment i like how you switch it From bright to It's really unique yeah that's Impressive guys two 3d videos yes yes This one i didn't even know Yeah i know i didn't even know until Like It's so subtle that's what i mean though It needs to be so subtle that you don't Know if it's 3d yeah awesome flat man Yeah i like to transition from dark to Night and that is what is going to wrap Up our Community spotlight so this has come to The part of the video where we are going To pick who is receiving the moxie frame And the elevate mode That was good man that was good and this Is a hard one to like just pick a person Out of like all these different styles We're all so good yeah somebody that Would really need it probably it's Probably a bando pilot probably bandeau Pilot because we feel you you guys are Bashing these things bashing them so i Think we're gonna drumroll Pablo floor phoenix You absolutely killed it man i always Enjoy watching your videos you really Inspire me as a pilot to do more

Different combos and stuff so keep doing It man and we're giving you these the Moxie frame and the elevate motors Because these are two products that we Both really stand behind really durable And you know we know you're breaking Stuff there so this one you know you can Find it really durable and once you put That together send us a video yes please Do yeah and that is going to conclude This episode of rotorite community spot Thank you guys for coming if you have Not liked and subscribed to the rhoda Riot channel please do that now yep Right down there right below the video And the bell's like somewhere over here Over there we post videos every monday And also don't forget to go into the Description and check out all the rest Of these pilots that we had on the Spotlight today subscribe to them do the Same stuff you do to our channel And we are out guys [Applause] [Music]