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By | October 30, 2022

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Between concrete walls there's a place For us [Music] Do you wanna follow Baby [Music] [Music] Baby can't you see that I wanna go [Music] Sick and tired of having too high I know A place [Music] Do you wanna follow [Music] [Music] Baby do you wanna follow [Music] I was vibing so much I missed the fact That the song was about to end I'm not joking I was just like yeah I'm Reading the chat I'm Welcome to the live stream it's Sunday Sunday afternoon or whatever time it is Where you are and I'm super glad to be With you here uh here in the old Studio Here in the 10 million dollar Studio Let's figure out which which YouTube uh Creators bardwell's been watching by Which catchphrases he drops Which which Youtuber advertises himself Is having the million dollar Studio I'll give you a bonus I'll give you a Bonus he also says pump the stock when He asks for subscriptions

Okay here we go who have I been watching There's no prize for getting this right By the way except that you get to feel a Sense of sort of kinship with me because We're watching the same creators Way back when I first started streaming I was watching a ton of doctor Disrespect and I would I would yell at Alex off screen like Dr disrespect does I don't know just things go in my head While I'm streaming and then they come Out Uh no no no it's not Jim Cramer No no no We want prize we want prize I'll give You a few I'll give you a few minutes For people to come up with it Uh coffeezilla t4j fpv coffeezilla is Correct coffee Zilla you got it that's The one well done well done well done Casey Henderson I got your emails man I Got your emails take it easy Casey Henderson uh I'm gonna take care of you Don't don't freak out Don't freak out you're all good I got to tell you yeah yeah it is coffee Zilla coffee Zilla I like that guy uh I'm always inspired by other creators Who um Who just talk Think about what coffee Zilla does he Sits in front of a green screen I mean I'm sorry in a million dollar studio and He talks and he carries himself mostly

On that his content is interesting He doesn't have like flashy Attention grabbing You know it's mostly just the quality I'm not trying to take away from his Production his production is good but Mostly And I feel like uh I I need that to Exist in the world because I don't have Flashy production or expensive editing Or million dollar you know Mark Rober Style you know I just talk and the Quality of my content hopefully carries Me so far so good And let's hat we're gonna have Some of that quality content today Quality content Quality content As long as my stream holds up now right Over here in the corner you can see Right here we've got the drop frame Counter on some of the previous streams There have been a little bit of issues With my internet hopefully we're going To be good today at least once during The stream it's going to disconnect and Reconnect But so for the last few weeks it's been Pretty solid so we're keeping the if it Stays solid for a long time we'll get Rid of the drop frame counter but we're Going to keep this up there as a to keep Comcast honest That's what we're doing

We're keeping Comcast honest because you Guys sometimes you guys are like oh is The stream stuttering the drop frame Counter shows you from my end What my internet's doing No that was that was just me it's a Little trick you can do uh if you're on A zoom meeting and somebody's like uh John said did you get that report for us Did you go oh yes sir And they just hope that they buy it We'll see Here's what we're gonna do I'm gonna answer your questions that's Pretty much it Sometimes I'll go off on a weird rant About something completely unrelated to Fpv You never know But mostly I'm going to answer you guys And if it's uh if it's offensive then I Uh I won't say it again uh welcome it's Your first uh it's your first stream Welcome to the stream glad you're here You you feel like it was worth your time So far seven minutes in you done Um we shall see ah no it reset This is bad This is a bad sign It reset already Should I just preemptively Should I just preemptively Reset my modem No it reset like you can see the frame

Counter has restarted the frame counter Reset because it disconnected and Reconnected All right well let's keep going Let's keep going we're going to keep Going I don't know what the frick is going on If I get and I'm gonna be straight with You I'm not I'm not effing around If it becomes too annoying I'm just Gonna end this dream because I hate Streaming and having it be interrupted And being shitty and there's really Nothing I can do Uh though If I reset my modem And come back That's like that's the second to last Thing I'm gonna do but we're not going To talk we're going to keep it positive We're gonna we're gonna keep it positive Let's continue I'm going to take your Questions I'm going to answer your questions we're Going to talk for a couple hours I'm Going to take questions from these Lovely lovely people here that was the One let's let's hope that that was the One and now it's all good should we Reset the modem now Should we like because the whole stream Will drop For 30 seconds if I reset the modem I did not reset the router before the

Stream We're gonna we're gonna we're gonna We're gonna push through we're gonna Push through I'm not gonna do that we're Gonna push through Um if it does one more time in the next Five minutes we'll reset the modem I'm Not even sure that resetting the modem Fixes anything to be honest with you I'm gonna need something harder than Cider if the anyway Um how do you get on the Discord server Asks mathemati this here is my Discord Server Uh the Discord server is open to my Patrons so if you want to join the Discord server you got to be a patron It's like the one thing I reserve just For my patrons uh everything else is Open to everybody help everybody for Free blah blah blah I don't uh don't Don't just I'm Gonna Give It Away Guy Like the Chili Peppers said Give It Away Give it away Give it away Give it away when do you give it away Give it away now Uh-uh now some people say that what you Got you got to No I give it all away but I keep the Discord server just for the patron so if You want to join the Discord server you Can join my patreon obviously it's too

Early in the Stream for a patreon plug Though so we're not going to do that I Will be reading your questions in hey if You want to hit the dollar sign leave a Super Chat nobody has left a Super Chat Yet you could be the first Uh And I'll read those a little later in The Stream but we need we need some talk Everybody's just talking about my Internet connection now no we're not Gonna We're not gonna give it the Attention it's just once attention It just wants you to look at it it's Acting up we gotta no let's uh let's get Some questions Kronos Kronos With a K Cronus with a k Says I've been having problems with my Radio and my transmitter not connecting On the baby ape and the Zorro I've tried Using a binding phrase but it doesn't Seem to work what should my first steps Be Um you got the Zorro and the baby ape Um and you've got presumably you've got An Express lrs Uh receiver Um If both of them are let's assume that You have flashed both of them with a Matching binding phrase and that's a big Assumption because Sometimes people have trouble

Accomplishing that Um there are ways to bind Express lrs Without a binding phrase And some people feel that that's thank You very much Thiago Ramos for a five Dollar Super Chat I appreciate that no Super chats for Joshua what appreciate You as soon Tiago Ramos Um Some people prefer to buy an Express LS without a binding phrase I don't feel That way and and here's why if you use a Binding phrase well number one You probably need to get used to Flashing your Express lrs Hardware When you receive a piece of Express Lures Hardware you don't know what Firmware version is on it And Express lrs one is not compatible with Espresso RS 2 is not compatible with Express os3 there there really isn't any Express lures one point x Hardware out There anymore but they just did the Shift between express alerts 2.x and 3.x They just released 3.0 so If you've got your module on 3.0 you're Probably going to be flashing every Receiver that you get at least once at More fundamentally there's things you Can do with expresslrs by flashing it That you won't get access to if you just Bind them using the no flashing method Like for example I've got all my Express Alerts receivers set up so that when

They go into Wi-Fi mode they connect To a Wi-Fi network that I have at my House okay I have at my there we go I Have at my house a Wi-Fi network named Elrs and it is explicitly for all my Express lrs Hardware now I realize that This is a little kooky and not Everybody's going to do this but when my Express lrs Hardware Powers up It connects if it goes into Wi-Fi mode It connects to that Network and then I Can Flash it from any computer on my Home network That's kind of cool Isn't it isn't that kind of cool Um This kind of thing requires you to well I guess you could do it through the web Interface my point is that by flashing The receivers they instantly get set up With all my settings and then the other Advantage of The Binding phrase and this Is the big one I know that all of my Express lrs Hardware is flashed with my binding Phrase okay And because of that When I change modules for any reason All I have to do is put my binding Phrase in the new module and it's Instantly bound to all of my Express Alerts Hardware you know that situation Where maybe you get a new radio or you Get a different module and you have to

Rebind everything Nope and in fact I have multiple modules Now that's a little bit specific to me Because I'm I'm a you know a Creator a Professional and so I have a lot of Hardware not everybody's in that Situation I just think that if you use Express lrs you should get in the habit Of the very first thing you do when you Get a new piece of Hardware is you flash It takes you five minutes it's done and Then you're ready to go Fair enough Uh so I'm going to assume going back to This question from Kronos I'm going to Assume that you flash them and they have A matching binding phrase at that point Let's then ask the question what could Cause them not to bind together and There are two main things I can think of One is If you if one of them is Express lrs 2.x And one is Express ls3.x they won't bind Now you flashed them so presumably you Know that And number two If you have model match enabled And you could just go look in the Lewis Script and see whether model match is Enabled or not then it it they will not Connect unless they have a matching Model ID which is a whole complicated Thing that we won't go into but those Are the two main things that would cause

Them not to bind In my opinion By the way if all you want to do is Enter a binding phrase in Express lrs 3.0 You can enter The Binding phrase through The web interface so you actually don't Need to reflash it to change the binding Phrase however I like to just Flash it so I know all the settings are The same So Um I wish This is a little un uh unrelated but I Would like to say Express lrs devs Continuing in my tradition of me trying To make feature requests by shouting at Devs on a live stream Instead of going through official Channels Express lrs devs It occurred to me Hang on a second it occurred to me that You have the option so here's all these Options right And you can go standard motor you can go Manual mode and manual mode lets you Manually put in these I assume manual Mode lets you put in these options but With like a text file Devs can you make it so that when I Click here it auto fills the correct Text for these options here So however this is set up in the in the

Graphical section when I click to manual Boom there's that text Because what that would let me do is Copy paste this text and then I could Have several different files for Different ways that I set up receivers And then I could just know boom this is My setup for my receivers done Right as opposed to having to go oh what Binding phrase was I using or what uh I Don't want to remember all this Was it know it all was it fpv know it All I don't care Can I just can I just can you just Auto Populate this for me That'd be cool yeah anyway Let's see if that happens Somebody like tell it Dev I was talking About them Okay uh thank you Chronos for the first The question and uh that is how it's Gonna go from here on out Oh now we got stuff going on Uh mathemati says the cable that I got With my free Sky rxsr receiver was wrong Voltage and ground cables were swapped Sheesh That just sounds like an error uh I Think that's gotta just be an error if What you're saying is correct somebody Just screwed up at the factory By the way what I would really like is For the express OS configurator to store Profiles so I don't have to deal with a

Text file and for me to be able to just Pick profiles of settings but that's Maybe a little bit more to ask So Um What else we got Richard Heath says my AIO flight Controller that has worked fine for a Year My AIO flight controller that has worked Fine for a year has lost all that Setting three times on Startup what Might be wrong Richard Heath uh if you Have a mobula 6 a happy model mobula 6 And I don't think it's just the mobula 6 That this happens to but that's the one That I know for a fact that it has Happened to before Um If you have a mobula 6 then Uh if you run it down below 3.0 volts Uh then it resets the settings So could that be what it is That's the only thing I know of that Could do that hold on I need to check Something real quick Okay that sucks You guys are I'm I'm supposed to be Hearing that beeping sound not you sorry I uh I added the ability to put audio Markers in the live stream so that I Could uh hang on one second So that I could mark them but you're not Supposed to be hearing it so I apologize

For that will you give me one second to Fix that Also this music should not be played [Music] Sorry one second One second Where's the marker bead okay Advanced Audio properties That should be monitor only mute output Where Where are you oh you're not hearing it It's monitor only okay great sorry for That folks Okay you guys weren't hearing a beep Just now were you I don't think you were no you didn't Hear it I I yeah got it okay Uh sorry technical issues Okay continuing the Stream Lao sit wants to know Lao sit wants to know Uh oh going back to Richard Heath's Question it's a three inch diatone f411 Are you Richard Heath are you running it Down below 3.0 volts by accident Otherwise I would just say it's damaged And you should get rid of it I mean I don't know what to say other Than that Lao sit asks Uh when I see dsmx flight controllers Available nowadays as dsmx definitely Dead Um dsmx is not 100 dead but I would say

If you have a spectrum Controller you would be better with like An srxl2 receiver in instead of a dsmx Receiver So you would do better with like the SPM 4650 than so one of the older DSM Receivers So uh it's not dead it's still supported You can still fly it uh spectrum is not Very popular in fpv Um Uh but like if you have a dsmx receiver It can be used I don't think that's what you're asking Harry cash says I think this group is Too advanced for me Does anybody know where there's a group For beginners what's your question Harry This is definitely For beginners this is the group for Beginners Let's take Harry's question I mean the Problem Harry is that even the beginner Level stuff in fpv is still fairly Complicated but uh I I probably I I care A lot about helping people get into the Hobby and making it as accessible as Possible It's just not that accessible Harry's question is I'm learning to fly I have a basic 100 drone from China that Has pretty good video my smartphone Picks it up with an app I want to fly at Fpv can it be done with some VR goggles

Um that's a tough question to answer Harry Um most likely that 100 drone from China Only works with your smartphone app okay Now I have seen uh products that let you Mount a smartphone as if it was VR Goggles what is that product somebody Just recently had it in the trunk of his Car There's a commercial product that Specifically lets you it's tailored for Drones too it specifically lets you put Your smartphone In front of your face And that would be the way to fly it fpv Is to use the smartphone app I'm Scrolling forward through the chat it's Not the cardboard one it's literal it's The Google cardboard thing can do it Drone mask that's it that's it thank you So much That's the one so Harry this is probably The product that would be most Interesting to you Drone mask is a paid product Where you put Your smartphone inside the goggle And then you using your normal drones App And you wear it on your face and lets You sort of do it semi-fpv Now it's 169 dollars There is also Google cardboard

Which is literally a cardboard it's the Same thing sort of but with cardboard Um Right Now Google cardboard splits the eyes I'm Not sure that cardboard would exactly Work the same But uh drone mask if you really want to Fly your 100 Chinese drone with VR this Is the thing that I think will give you The closest Experience uh It's got it what part of the reason it's 169 dollars well part of the reason is Just it's marked up obviously but it's Got a lens in it And that gives you a little bit it Basically makes it look feel like you're Not staring at something that's two Inches from your face Okay There's also probably 3D printed phone Accessories but Uh by the way I should say I haven't Used this product I'm not like Specifically recommending it but you Asked how can I fly my smartphone Chinese drone as if it was fpv and that Like literally is exactly what that Product is so Harry hopefully that is Helpful and I'm glad you're here I hope You stick around uh the feeling that the Fpv hobby is too advanced for you is That's just there's no way around that

Probably for most people Uh don't let that feeling make you think You're in the wrong place No matter how like if you were literally Sitting next to me and I was holding Your hand and showing you everything Slowly piece by piece it would still Feel like it was too much and you'd be Like is there an easier version of this This is just a very technical very Complicated Hobby and Part of getting into the hobby is Feeling like you don't know what the f You're doing and you'll never be good at It for like a year And that if that sounds discouraging uh The the then why the hell does anybody Do it Right what what why are there as many People as there are who love this hobby Well because when you you it's it's also Like super cool and super amazing Hopefully And there are people for whom the payoff Of getting to fly fpv is not worth it They're like F this I'm just gonna go Fly planes or I'm just gonna go race RC Cars or I'm just gonna go do some Completely other hobby that's not in any Way related to this I'm gonna go play Video games that's fine but uh there's People who just love fpd that much that They're willing to slog through it and Then after a year or so you start to

Sort of figure it out But there you go Some people just are masochists and like The pain Like me Okay great Harry here we go Um let's give the Super Chat what's What's about a half hour into the stream That's plenty of time to get some super Chats Um and the first Super Chat is gonna be From Papa Doom Papa Boom rather Papa Boom thank you for a 10 super chat I am Getting back into fpv I'm buying all new Gear but I can't decide Between DJI or the new fat Trek system Which would you suggest Oh That's a tough one Papa Boom Papa Boom That's a tough one Um I I think that it's close okay let's Talk this through and some of you will Have heard some of this before but I Just got done reviewing the new walk Snail 1s video transmitter and I think The new walks no one is video Transmitter kind of changes the equation A little bit in walk snail's favor not I'm not saying that walk snail is is the Favorite but it tips the odds a little More Abrah the ham Abraham says fpv learning curve that is

Exactly right That's exactly right Aver The problem is that people think that The fpv learning curve goes up like this Forever and they're like this is I'll Never get this But what actually happens is this is Your first year at fpv Man for some people it's less for some People maybe it's more You're like this is impossible I'll Never learn this it's so much no matter How much I learn there's still more when Will it end oh Oh I kind of got this oh okay Yep that's about it Okay Um So In short the DJI V2 system not the new Goggles 2 not the new Avada O3 air unit Stuff set that aside the previous Generation the DJI fpv goggles V2 with The air unit in the Vista what it's got Going for it is that it is extremely Proven the performance is excellent we Know it's excellent It's had all the Bugs and shaken out uh it is Rock Solid The price is Comparable to walk snail but walk snail Is still at the we're trying to make it Better stage of their development curve Okay and it is still in my opinion not At the level that DJI is at

The walk snail performance is absolutely Usable there are people who use it as Their primary control or video link it Is satisfactory but DJI is better and There are still things that walk snail Needs to do better that like for example In my opinion The 50 megabit per second uh bit rate in Walk snail is not that much better than 25 it's not really a step up and we know That there's a lot of room to improve There because in DJI when you go from 25 To 50 it gets a lot better the 1080p for Walk snail is not that much better than 720p I just don't I think those are Features that are there on paper but They still haven't realized their full Potential Um DJI Hardware is damn near indestructible Not 100 indestructible but compared to The oh I blew an ESC oh I blew a video Transmitter oh I broke a camera the DJ I Have I have cadix Vistas that have been Transferred between four different quads Because everything else on the quad is Trash and the Vista is still going Strong It's damn near indestructible And at least in the USA the price of the DJI goggles has come down significantly From close to 600 to more like 460 470 Every time I say that people outside the USA are like ah we still have to pay

Full price stop saying that part will But if for when the USA you know that's Uh that's how it is so that's the DJI V2 Now the disadvantage of the DJI V2 is That it is potentially going to be end Of life only because we know that the O3 System is here the Avada is here it's Got the O3 air unit in it there are Rumors about the O3 Standalone air unit Coming out sometime soon mads Tech made A post about that nobody knows when it's Actually coming but we assume that that Day will come sooner probably rather Than later the goggles tour here they Have higher performance and it's Questionable though because DJI the the Older V2 goggles are also compatible With the Avada they just do 810 Resolution instead of 1080 so does that Mean that DJI is planning on keeping That older generation around for us fpv Pilots we don't know but we at least Have to wonder certainly DJI is not Doing like radical development new Features and stuff on that product the The last firmware we got for that was Because the runcam WASP came out a new Camera required a new firmware but we're Not going to get any big feature updates Or anything it's basically done and when It when it end of life then we won't get It anymore now the walk snail system The performance is not as good as DJI But

It's got a lot of potential for the Future wax nail is hungry and they're Doing things like releasing the 1s video Transmitter the walks now 1s video Transmitter weighs about 10 grams with The camera runs on a 1S Battery DJI Doesn't have anything like that And it's surprisingly good and creates An opportunity that DJI just doesn't Really fit So which would you get Personally I still Feel like the performance of the DJI System and the fact that the hardware is Damn near to indestructible that's a Place to be for me especially now that The fpvwtf team has made it possible to Get the full DJI or the full betaflight OSD in the DJI goggles as long as you Have firmware 06 uh on the goggles and Not 0015 but I do and so that's an option For me So every DJI every every quad I build I Just built three new quads for myself Cadix Vista went in it rooted it put the Wtfos on it and now I'm as happy as I Could possibly be if if that hadn't Happened I'd be thinking harder about Walk snail because they natively support The full DJ the full beta flight OSD Um I feel like for me DJI still has the Edge

Uh walk snail the hardware is not as Reliable Which is a very high bar it's not that It's unreliable but DJI is more reliable And uh also Yeah the performance is not quite there Uh but But that may change in the future for Right now I still feel like I would buy The DJI V2 If you care more about the the 1s video Transmitter maybe the walk snail is Going to appeal if you care more about The fact that they are actually hungry And fighting for their market share and They're developing things that maybe Other people won't the walk still may be More appealing Raven points out that wax Nails better For long range that's a very good point Uh DJI caps out at 13 kilometers you Simply cannot go past about I think it's 13.3 kilometers is the actual distance No matter what you do with antennas or Anything as soon as you hit 13.3 Kilometers you lose you lose link and You have to come home so if you're if You're doing long range past 13 Kilometers walk snail can do it walks no Uh Wesley have already had it out I Think past 13 kilometers or 30 Kilometers so it walks now better for Long range for sure yeah Who goes that far long range Pilots

That's What goes that far Good point Tron Cat points out that's a Very good point Tron Cat Tron Cat points out thank you uh Rhoda Riot has a 30-day you would think it Would be on their front page Where's their front where's their 30-day Uh Uh 30-day money-back guarantee so Rhoda Riot has a I'm going to put a I'm gonna put a little affiliate link on This because why not Um 30 day money back guarantee they will Literally send you a packing slip to Mail it back to them if you don't like It Uh so if you aren't sure whether this is Going to work for you You could just decide to take rotorite Up on their 30-day money-back guarantee Worth a try Yeah DJI doesn't have that Okay let's uh that's the first Super Chat So thank you for that that was a good Discussion uh and now what what I should Probably do is I should take that Discussion Oh my God can I type today I should take That discussion and put it up on my Joshua Bardwell live stream Clips Channel do you guys know about this

Joshua Bardwell live stream Clips let's Just put a link to that real quick here In the chat this is uh well it's my live Stream Clips channel right it's not Rocket science uh it's blunt he goes Through my live streams Finds the best bits Cuts them out And puts them on the live stream Clips Channel if you don't get to watch the Entire live stream here are the Highlights and if you ever are thinking Uh Bible top what did that Bible talked About this one thing Uh on live stream well you might be able To find it here I'd love to have you as A subscriber over there we're at about 6.3 K subscribers of course we'd love to Have more If you're subscribed to my channel and If you watch my live streams yeah I Don't see why you wouldn't also be Subscribed to this unless you like Literally watch every second of every Live stream and don't miss it in which Case this is just redundant So that that last discussion will Probably go up there Probably okay continuing on Eddie Current thank you for a two dollar Super Chat Eddie I don't see a message from You The only message I see Eddie is you Saying this is like calling into a radio Station to request a song

I don't know if you put a question In chat and it's now scrolled out of Chat but Eddie thank you for a two dollar Super Chat Appreciate that And uh if you did have a question Eddie Go ahead and put it in the chat again And I'll try to check in just a minute But that's it from Eddie Um ankle lint really that's an Interesting name Ankle lent asks Thank you for a five dollar Super Chat Ankle it uh 5.8 gigahertz goggles around 200 for a starter I burnt my VTX today But I have a rush tank mini and the gray Emax goggles just ain't it Chief uh Echolant at the 200 price point you Don't have a lot of options Um at the 200 price point ankle lint uh Uh I think the Cobra s comes in under 200. It's out of stock An analog goggle under 200 I would I Think the Cobra s if you can find it is It in stock anywhere The Cobra X is better Okay How much is the Cobra X Cover X is closer to 250 So that's not it but that's close to the 200 price point this is quite a good Goggle

Especially now that they're shipping Them with a new fixed module law Um Uh but that's over your 200 price point The thing is I can't think Of a goggle Like uh Like an East Than ishin goggle how about not ishin Sorry Sky zoned like the sky o2c How much is the sky o2c can you even Still buy it sky o2c is 319 by the time You get to a goggle like this Like this style of binocular style Goggle you're in the 300 plus dollar Price range you just they just you're Not going to find them even if we go to Fpv exchange Which is where you can find used stuff For sale Uh Sky Zone goggle Like if we search for a Sky Zone goggle And sort by condition Used Can I can I Oh okay there we go Condition used Sky 030 for 400 these are of course Asking prices but Sky 04l375 Fat shark teleporter don't buy that Skyzone Cobra X Amway Commander V1 Jesus

An Amway Commander V1 for 300 that's uh I don't know if that's a fair price in 2022 maybe it is but That's damn close to what they cost new And that's like a five-year-old goggle Here's the Sky Zone o2c for 250 dollars Which actually that's that's not bad Like new in Torrington Connecticut so Like that's a that's that's not bad But the reception on the Cobra uh the Cobra X is actually going to be better Than this Even though it's a box goggle so 200 man That's that's tough 200 is tough Fat shark Scout Why do I never think of the fat shark Scout what's wrong with me 229 that's Good Patrick Scout it has diversity it's got A built-in patch antenna that's not bad That's actually not bad 229 for the fat strike Scout sure The reception on the sky uh Sky Zone Sky Uh Cobra X is going to be better because It has actual mixing Thank you so fpv for that Okay Still haven't seen anything from Eddie I Think he went away Um Carlos Rodriguez thank you for a two Dollar Super Chat build FlyAway repeat By Skylander went see ya always always Test Fail-Safe before you take off

With props off arm the quad turn your Controller off the motors must stop it Is not possible for you to have a listen To me listen to me It is it should not be possible for you To have a fly away Where you just lose control of the Drone And can't disarm and it flies to the Moon now a fly away like It started to get out of control because I just didn't know what I was doing or It was really windy that day and then I Didn't know how to get it back and while I was trying to fly it it flew into a Tree and I lost it that's different I Remember when me and stingy tried Switching from mode 2 to mode 3 and mode Four and he and I both tried flying mode 3 and mode four and I I knew Intellectually that you know this was Yaw and that was rolled and so forth but I could not Switch my muscle memory and my brain out Of mode too And I could not control the quad it was So I managed to get the quad back to the Ground and in in the general area of Where we were but there was a period of Time where The quad was just getting higher and Higher and it was going the wrong Direction and I was like what is Happening And like if you're a new pilot and you

Have a quote unquote fly away where you Simply aren't able to control the quad That's one thing but a lot of times when People say Fly Away what they mean is it Fails safe and it just kept flying away And I I never saw it again that Shouldn't be able to happen because you Should always test Fail-Safe before you Take off and if the worst happens and You simply cannot disarm turn your Controller off And the quad should drop out of the air Period And if it doesn't that's because it like 99 that's because you didn't test it Before you flew So take that Carlos Rodriguez I'm sorry you lost your quad My motivation is not to chat I'm sorry I See I've come off like a real jerk Because it sounds like I'm chastised you You come to me in mourning for your lost Quadcopter and I say well sucks for you It's your fault Foreign Which is a very compassionate so Um my I'm sorry you lost your quad that Sucks that absolutely sucks I hope You're able to find it And I hope that next time you are able To take steps to prevent yourself from Losing it in the first place Because it's because Yeah

Eddie are you here man Oh he's back Eddie you had a super chat but I didn't See any question Do you have a Did you have a question to go with your Super chat or you just want to give me Two dollars So let me know Mike glider asks what's your thoughts on Hobby wing for fpv Um Mike hobby Wing has made good escs in The past Uh I I don't know if they still do I Used to only hear great things about Hobby wing esc's and lately I have heard It's hard to tell whether stuff is you Know legit or whether it's just rumors But I haven't heard some complaints About Hobby Wing in the past recently Um hobby Wing flight controllers have Always been really weird to me rotorite Used to use them for a long time uh one Of the things they do is that the flight Controller doesn't have a 5 volt Regulator on board the ESC has the 5 Volt regulator and it means that hobby Wing flight controllers basically can't Be used with any other ESC now they can You could just buy a 5 volt regulator And install it but who no nobody wants To do that So hobby Wing flight controllers would Really only work with hot viewing escs

Because that's where they put their five Volt regulator which is so weird to me Um But they they may they're okay there's Nothing wrong with them Uh they used to be top tier esc's I Think my my sense is that they're not Quite top tier anymore And I would I would not go out of my way To buy a hobby Wing stack because the Flight controllers are kind of weird They have kind of a weird layout and Where they what they do with their five Volt versus their nine volt Regulators a Little weird Um but they're not I wouldn't like if You have one I wouldn't throw it away You know Eric the lack of telemetry doesn't Really bother me No I don't really care about ESC Telemetry today Tom Tom Ziboril Tom thank you this is not a Super chat this is uh in the Discord Tom's a patron he's asking a question in The Discord server today I oh Hang on a second I gotta fix this Gotta make this a little taller for Tom Can I make this a little taller hey no Oh there we no I'm gonna do the bottom No Oh I need that oh yeah all right time

I'll have to fix that later Properties Height 260 height uh 300. Oh there we go Okay there we go now we can see all of Tom's question Um Today I tested a new freestyle build With GPS for return to home but when I Try to return to home it flies the wrong Direction and seems to be rotated by a Certain amount I'm gonna wait for it to come back I'm gonna wait for it to come back It's Gonna Come Back Okay Okay we're going to continue It's about one hour into the stream That's not too bad It's not too bad that's not gonna I'm Not gonna be I'm not annoyed enough to Quit We're gonna keep going It's not that I quit because I'm annoyed That's not well a little bit it is I Don't want you to get get the impression That it's just like a rage quit it's Just I I don't want to make shitty Content And I feel like if my live stream is Constantly being interrupted I'm not Making good content that people will Enjoy watching I and I just I'm like all Right I'd rather make nothing than make

Shitty content Uh continuing hey Evil Knievel wrote a Riot's 30-day return is not Regional uh It's available in the EU as far as I Know but if you're not sure ask where to Write support Let's go back and restart this question Tom ziboro says I tested a new freestyle Build with GPS on for return to home but When I try to return to home it flies The wrong direction and seems to be Rotated by a certain amount what would Cause I will be the best video article To check for this so Tom the first thing I want to tell you is that GPS doesn't Have an orientation uh and what I mean By that is If your flight controller is the wrong Orientation then when you try to pitch Forward it'll actually like roll left And that will it won't fly correctly GPS all that matters is that the GPS Unit can see the sky Okay as long as the antenna is pointing Up and can see the sky and get the Satellites then the GPS doesn't care Which way it's rotated or which way it's Tilted Because GPS is simply a position Odd a three-dimensional grid okay The GPS says you are here And then if GPS wants to know what Direction you're going And GPS does have a thing called GPS

Heading so a GPS receiver reports your Latitude longitude and altitude of Course but in addition to that it Reports heading and speed and it Calculates those things Based on information from the satellites That is related to how the GPS receiver Is moving in space So it calculates speed Based on the movement in space it Calculates Direction based on the Movement in space and none of that Depends in any way on the physical Orientation of the GPS receiver all that Matters is that the receiver antenna is Pointed in a direction that it can see The sky Okay so what that means is That GPS returned to home Should always work right So why is yours not working right well One of the reasons that GPS returned to Home might go the wrong direction is That if you don't have a compass Then how does the quadcopter know what Direction it's facing think about this If you don't have a compass if all you Have is a GPS Then if you sit in a particular location And you rotate the quad The GPS receiver doesn't know that the Quad is rotating because the quad has Not moved in space to a new location and That's all the GPS reports

Until the quadcopter begins moving The GPS unit does not know what Direction the quad is facing and the way GPS how does GPS determine heading then Because heading is a direction that You're facing into a direction that You're moving The way that GPS determines heading is It assumes that if you are moving a Given Direction then you are facing that Direction which by the way is not always True for quadcopters if you have a Quadcopter with a GPS on it And you look at your direction home Arrow In your on-screen display If you begin to translate to the side if You just roll to the right and slide Sideways The The Heading will move to face the Direction that you are moving even Though you're not facing that direction And the direction home Arrow will be off It'll be incorrect and the way that Betaflight deals with this is that when You activate return to home the quad Begins to fly towards where it thinks The home direction is and then if the if The heading has been incorrect it will It will quickly correct itself and what You'll see is it'll go the wrong Direction briefly and then turn and go The right direction or at least that's What you hope to see

But if you activate return to home and The quad simply goes the wrong way The number one thing that can cause that Is if you have a compass And you would think that a compass would Make your return to home more accurate And it usually would because a compass As you rotate the quadcopter the compass Always tells which direction North is Or whatever magnetic north And therefore the compass can tell you The the orientation of the quadcopter in A way that GPS cannot But if you've installed the compass and The compass calibration or the compass Alignment is wrong then the quad will Always The compass will override the GPS Heading if the compass is there Betaflight prefers it to the GPS heading And if the compass orientation is wrong Then it will always go the wrong way When you try to return home and here's How to fix that And the problem is that a lot of times The compass is built into the GPS unit So if the GPS unit is not oriented right The compass won't be oriented right and Then your your direction home will be Messed up so I've got a video here uh Where I show how to calibrate the Compass And basically what you do is Where you can watch the whole video

Obviously What you do is You You look at what direction North is on a Map And you take your quadcopter out And you point the quadcopter North And if when you point the quadcopter North hang on they're going to mute this When if when you point the quadcopter North Then it shows zero degrees Congratulations That's correct And if you point the quadcopter North Say look here's where North is on the Map I'm I'm finding the north-south axis Of the map roughly on my on my home and Now we go out and here we're pointing North but the compass reads 290 degrees Or whatever That's pretty close to correct So that's what we want to see And then what you do is you could still Have it flipped upside down by accident What you do is you rotate it to the left And the right and you make sure it Correctly Points East and West 270 and 90 degrees and if that doesn't work Right then it's flipped upside down and Then you correct the orientation Uh Ruby Tim points out a great Troubleshoot if you turn off the Magnetometer in betaflight and then

Suddenly the quad flies home correctly That it proves that your compass Orientation is the problem Uh Remy Tim is playing at 270. well it Wasn't like 290. Tip mermaid Tim no 270 is off it wasn't 290 that was that's still not that close To 360. no you're right so the Orientation is wrong good point remember Tim Yes 270 290 is not that close to 360. That's a that's a good point I'm sure I Got that right in the video Um So last thing about this topic the last Thing about this topic Always look at the direction home arrow In your OSD before you activate GPS Rescue If the direction home Arrow doesn't Point towards the actual home point then Your quadcopter is not going to come Home when you activate GPS rescue it Will go where it thinks home is which is Not correct but probably probably what You need to do is calibrate your compass Alignment correctly Okay good question good question thank You Tom thank you Tom for being a patron Um Garrett Pickens thanks for a two dollar Super Chat thanks for the content while I'm out flying right now Uh Louis Arias thank you for a five

Dollar Super Chat I'm new to fpv I Bought a tx16s which I've been Practicing on simulators for 30 plus Hours any thoughts on fat jerk walk Still goggles are they future proof uh Louis I I think that caddix is committed To walk snail for the long term Especially now that caddix and DJI have Broken up catix I would go so far as to say that the Future survival of cadix as a company Depends on the success of the Walk snail System Because Yes lots of people still fly analog but Obviously like The the day that CDs came out as a thing The days of cassette tapes were numbered And yes people still Buy cassette tapes People still buy records heck probably People still buy eight tracks I don't Know But the the days that CDs came out the Days of cassette tapes were numbered and The day that Napster started sending MP3s around the internet the days of CDs Were numbered Right And the day that DJI released their fpv Video system that was the beginning of The end or the decline for analog So the future of walk snail and cadix Because they combined they finally Admitted that they were the same company

The days of cadix as a company Depend on the success of the Walk sale Video system There's no going back to Pure analog for Them as a company that it has to succeed So I do think it's future proof in as Much as cadix wants to continue existing Foreign Says this was all after we worked so Hard on the receiver getting it to mine The other day Oh binding your Skyliner that sucks man I'm really sorry You gotta test Fail-Safe man Cap yellow fpv says black box versus PID Toolbox what's the difference between Them Capiolo Black Box lets you see in a very Granular way exactly what's going on With the flight controller PID toolbox Is a higher level tool that does Meta-analysis on the gyro and PID data To let you draw draw higher level Conclusions about what's working and What's not working Black box shows you the actual raw data But figuring out What it means that's what PID toolbox Does CB Runner thank you for a two dollar Super Chat should I should I get Starlink no I'm not getting starlink I'm not getting starlink Thank you but no

I don't want starlink Comcast is usually Fine The the next thing I'm gonna do with my Internet is when else when my when my Local electric uh utility uh comes out With fiber they're doing a fiber rollout Let's see When will Bardwell get fiber Let's find out Broadband Lcub broadband Check availability sign up for service I Already have service check availability Coming late fall of 2022 let's try Residential If I say commercial can I get it sooner Coming soon early 2024 sh will it be Sooner Early 2024. God dang it Oh it reset Great Uh early 2024 will be the the earliest I Can try to get fiber Dear lcub Can I please can can I pay you to bump Me up From this that's a long time to wait for Fiber I can't wait One gig one gig baby Uh but don't freak out anybody who's Freaking out that I put my address on The stream don't freak out my I have had Events at my house everybody in Knoxville knows where I live

Uh I I it's don't freak out it's not It's not new my address is out there Contact How much Can can we can all other inquiries okay Dear name name Joshua Bardwell I'm not Gonna put my phone number on the stream Though Message Please tell me how much it would cost to Get my address bumped Up the list on the fiber rollout this is Not a joke thank you Okay uh Here we go Somebody's gonna read that okay my Response was successfully submitted [Laughter] Okay continuing on Uh Doug McLeod thank you for five Canadian dollars Explorer LR4 this is Quadcopter all up weight about 250 grams Of the 4S 1100 milliamp hour battery Flight time 15 minutes versus the DJI Mini 2 all up weight 250 grams 2s 2200 Ma How does CGI do it flight time 30 Minutes uh Doug let me see if I can get Your question on on screen Doug if it's Still remembered yes uh so Doug here's The difference DJI overcharges their batteries to uh What if it wasn't DJI would be unsafe Levels so you're charging your batteries

To 4.2 volts Um I I have in one situation saw DJI Batteries charged to like five volts Okay they've ridiculously overcharged The batteries that is how DJI can get A battery With so many milliamp hours at such a Light weight and such long flight time Um a lot of it is also that they have Exceptional engineering and can get Great efficiency and so forth like not To take anything away from their Engineering but they also overcharge Their batteries So You don't think it's five volts Maybe it's not five volts Um I'm what I remember is that there was A I've told the story before on stream Uh I was uh working with a person Who was designing his own home-built Quadcopter it was running inav But he was using the DJI mini batteries He had 3D printed a receptacle and Designed a case so that he could use the DJI mavic mini batteries Uh and I saw I swear I saw five volts is what I Remember seeing on screen and I was like Is that right is that miscalibrated he Was like yep that's just what DJI does Uh we know that DJI overcharges some of Their batteries maybe it's only 4.5

Volts it's been a while and I've told This story before and I wish I could Remember what voltage because today Today at least I'm cloudy on the actual Voltage Um people have confirmed that some uh DJI quadcopters overcharged to 4.35 I Swear I know it was more than 4.35 Because 4.35 wouldn't have given me Pause because that's just a that's a Normal high volt light bulb it was at Least 4.5 maybe it was higher than that Um so DJI drones are exceptionally Efficient and well designed but also They overcharge their batteries and how Do they how do they how do they do that Without like Lighting on fire I don't Know because they're DJI Then that's just what they are They're good at what they do what a Smart battery give a proper reading yeah Mad Max absolutely I mean it just outputs voltage Billy Ocean no we don't see DJI Batteries burning houses down because There's something about the way that They design their cells that they can Overcharge them without burning houses Down Uh Abraham says it was 4.5 volts the Last time he heard this story uh the Next time I tell the story it's going to Be 5.2 volts if Aber says it was 4.5 Last time I was just like is 4.5 enough

To really get that much extra If it was 4.5 the last time then that's Probably what it was this time I am I am One cider in and so the number gets Larger based on how many how many drinks I've had I'm pretty sure it was 5.3 volts Uh so 100 DJI overcharges their Batteries past 4.2 volts they do it in a Safe way with a built-in battery Management system and so on and so on And so on but 100 they do it and that's Part of the way that they get their Extended flight times Luis me Louise me fpv Louise me says my quad does electric Spikes when I have finished the flight And unplugged the Lipo the LED comes on And I can hear spikes sometimes Um any idea yeah well it's a little bit Of Sparks and spikes when you're working With 6s batteries is not abnormal they Do make anti-spark xt60 connectors do They I know they make xt90s Yeah so you can get an anti-spark xt60 Connector Can you or is this a fake search result Page Damn it AliExpress banggood OU stores that do this shitty thing Where you take a search result and you Act like you have a product that matches The search result but it's really just a

Search page fu F you so much Where can I get an anti-spark xt60 I don't I know there's plenty of xt90s XT anti-sparks I don't know I I last time I searched I Couldn't find an xd60 anti-spark Anyway it's usually not an issue though It's usually people just you know it Just happens and it's not a big deal Um Profit profit 11236 thanks for a five Dollar Super Chat I've been watching Since your clean flight days have you Seen the new version of The Fly Sky nv14 Yes I have uh profit I don't have a Handy picture of it but in case you guys Didn't know Fly Sky is re-releasing the Nirvana nv14 as a new Fly Sky radio with Full Edge TX support Though if you still have a Nirvana from Way back when it's about to get Edge TX I think you can Flash it today So Terminal Insanity says he's getting the Spike after unplugging I don't know that Has to be the capacitor discharging I Guess Do you have a gigantic capacitor Lose me do you have a gigantic capacitor If you had a huge capacitor it would Continue to power the system just a Little bit thousand microfarad that's Not that big

I mean the only thing that could be Storing that information that that Voltage is the capacitor Jake what's the best three-inch cineworp HD frame I'm going to say this off the Top of my head I'm going to say the Synolog from get RC I don't think underground is coming back Underground fpv is coming back Steve Royce Thank you for a five dollar Super Chat Steve I appreciate that is it possible to Explain how to reverse the method you Used to get the DJI OSD in the past now The goggles can be rooted Oh I understand Steve you flashed the Custom firmware that overrode the name The pilot name yeah just flash a Standard version of betaflight that's How you do it that's it Uh just just flash the normal beta Flight from the configurator instead of The custom version that you flashed Um lose me the only place that Electricity could be coming from is the Capacitor that's it That's the only place it could be coming From Mike Curran Mike Curran Mike thank you for a five dollar Super Chat do I have to run a capacitor with Walk snail I'm installing it on a forest

Quad that doesn't have one thanks for Keeping me in the air Mike it's it's Always a good idea especially if you're Running the video transmitter off of Vbat if you're running the video Transmitter off a voltage regulator it Should be relatively protected from Spikes but still the capacitor is going To clean up the power and you're going To get better results on 4S you're more Likely to get away with no capacitor Than on 6s but gosh she still really Should just re-running a capacitor Got a question here from om3n Okay that's clearly not what it is Bockrider came out With a video where he's a two watt 900 Megahertz Express module called the Gorilla link Gorilla link what is that Well maybe he linked to it Um Where is it I tried flying my this has Got to be it I tried flying my drone to This island new long-range record LOL Gorilla link I'm not thrilled with the fact that the First the link is to a Instagram oh you Guys can't see this I'm sorry So I clicked on the gorilla Link in Block grinders And it didn't take me to a product page It took me to an Instagram page

And the Instagram Has Okay this is not gorilla link This is Happy model es 915 Okay gorilla link nice try This this technically is not your Hardware Probably you will also get this result But that's a little misleading And then we've got The express lures logo And then we've got the gorilla link Logos so the only Existence of this company There's no web page There's no This company doesn't exist this product Doesn't exist The only existence of this product in This company Is an Instagram page that doesn't have Any posts Has no meaningful information about the Company Has no meaningful information about the Product And there is no existence of this Company or this product anywhere else on The internet So It's a little early for them to be Sending products to YouTubers would be My first thought Um here's the thing uh 900 megahertz

Express lrs does have good penetration If you need maximum penetration or Maximum sort of refraction around Obstacles 900 is better than 2.4 and Obviously two watts is more than one Watt so that's good Um you could go pretty gosh darn far on One watt Express lrs 900 megahertz if You go further on two Watts So this could be a cool product But uh the product doesn't exist So Uh uh it's hard to say How far did Buck grinder go what's his Distance What's his distance home 100 meters This is 100 meters that's not really a Long range test I mean I don't also don't do long range Tests so I'm not no I'm not one to Criticize Oh did he come back home how far out did He get four kilometers okay that's not The test I'm sorry see I'm so quick to Be a hater He's flying out 1500 meters Three kilometers I mean losing video at Four that's your real limitation you're Losing video and four kilometers five Kilometers Five kilometers good lq nice 53 55 I mean there's no doubt that you can go

There's no doubt that you can go a Hundred kilometers on two Watts 900 Megahertz under the right conditions It's just a question of It's just a question of uh You know how you're how you're set up Um What do we got Anyway You got six kilometers you can go six Kilometers on ten milliwatts Yeah his battery's What stopped him Exactly So the point is that for long range your Setup matters a lot more than once You've got a one watt 900 megahertz or Even a 2.4 gigahertz link your battery Your video link that's going to be what Limits you I don't really know what to say about This gorilla link so if there is a the Option to get a 2 watt 900 megahertz Express alerts module is exciting Because right now all the 900 megahertz Modules I'm aware of for Express lrs top Out at one watt Crossfire can do two Watts And two watts is twice as much at one Watt that'll give you about 1.4 times The range Uh which is that's more So two watts is nice If you're concerned about Bando Penetration two watts is going to give

You more penetration than one Watt and 900 is going to give you more Penetration than 2.4 gigahertz so it's Cool that someone's making a 2 watt 900 Megahertz module I just don't Like I don't understand why if this is a Company that sent bot grinder a product To test Why the company wouldn't have The ability for people who watch the Video and like the company to then buy The product or find out about the Product so I feel like they kind of Missed the boat on their uh on their Marketing strategy here but hey That's where that's where my mind goes What if there was a two watt 2.4 Gigahertz module be pretty good Be pretty good it would be better than One watt but not as good as 900. Foreign Yes [Music] Says can you make a video on etiquette To follow when flying together yes I can Hold on give me one second I'm working On it right now One second Uh Uh here it is It's Right here this is the one this is the Video you want I made it This is the video you want I made it I

Just released it like a week ago How's that video doing I wish it were doing better This should be I really wish this was a Video That like I was was in the 100k It's good because it's so important and So many people need this information Um but it's only doing slightly better Than average for about 10 days that's a Shame yeah well Um Kenny I am asked would it be possible to Make a module switchable between 2.4 and 900. uh theoretically Kenny but it would Probably not be worth the trouble Abraham I I understand that video wasn't Meant to be a range test Um Uh or product oh it wasn't intended to Be product like the company didn't send Him that specifically the test he was Just trying to break his PR here's what I don't understand Aber I what if Buck Grinder's PR was less than 30 kilometers Like Wesley vardy was able to go 30 Kilometers on like 100 milliwatts 2.4 Gigahertz So Going if if you're trying to break your Personal record for long range Your control link isn't what's holding You back

So going to two Watts 900 megahertz You already had a control link that Could go six kilometers So increasing your output power is I Mean it's a cute video but it isn't what Was actually holding you back I don't know Probably just a hater I'm probably just a hater Um Aphex Twin thank you for a 10 super chat No question uh did you mean to ask a Question affects Uh hey Josh I watched some older videos You did on Chargers and parallel Charging I just made a 24 volt power Supply from your videos very helpful Stuff I found it all useful thank you so Much Apex glad it was helpful License to drive uh did you print the STL for the ep1 antenna holder I did License the drive and out since you Asked since you super chatted I will go Ahead and Uh where is it Where is it I know I downloaded it Should really be here There it is so license to drive it Printed and it fit fine but I did have a question for you So a license to drive makes these Amazing Antenna holders and such a simple thing And why am I so excited about it well

Because everybody has to mount their Antennas for their receivers and they're Right and they're so simple to print and They're so effective and as soon as Cura Finishes loading I'll show you what I'm Talking about but curate is just going To be a take forever to start up because It's Kira Here we go Licensed to drive the only problem I had With this print was that the hinge The hinge is printed Am I supposed to print this with Supports I don't think so because you Said it prints without supports right Does it print with supports here Maybe that's my problem I I assumed it Was meant to print without supports and The hinge was super flimsy because it Had a whole bunch of sag uh you would Think that I'd be able to do a bridge Like that but my bridge at least with my Settings was not very good so was I Supposed to print this with supports Like uh license to drive No no no no I don't mean this part I Don't mean the 45 degrees that was fine I specifically mean this section here This bridge right here was a little Saggy and weak Um In just a second he'll get back to me That's my only question was I supposed To print it with he says print without

Supports yeah so it did not it was like Kind of saggy and then it did not have a Good connection along this seam This seam here was not connected Thoroughly and it felt like if I folded It over in real life it would kind of Tear away Um that that was my experience I can't easily show you the actual print Because it was super small If I were to print it with supports it Would be fine If it was a little thicker it might be Fine But that to me was a weak spot Um I have a prusa I haven't got it I Haven't got a great TPU profile for it Uh but my you know I just think it was a little thin like You know how when you do a bridge the First couple layers of the bridge sag a Little bit and then it kind of settles In Well it didn't have enough to Hold I mean I could certainly try printing it With supports and and see if it was any Better but it should for that should Print without supports I mean I'm almost tempted to flip it Over Like I wonder I don't know

I'm almost tempted to flip it over and Try to print it that way It really looks like it would print okay If I flipped it over Like these overhangs would sag just a Little But that's going to be on the inside and You'd never see it But again we'd have the same problem Here it would just set here and not work So I think I think with this exact design I Would probably print it with a support And it'd be fine Okay Oh I switched I switched back to my face So you couldn't see what I was doing Yeah Print slower wouldn't that make it sag More Uh I really to be honest with you I Really haven't tuned my TPU print for Bridging very much because most of the Time I use supports if I need a bridge I'm gonna try it I'm gonna try it with a Bridge with a support I know you're Supposed to be able to print it without A support but I bet it would work great Okay thank you for that design everyone Uh and redone I want to acknowledge you I I says like hey everyone I can't find Any uh antenna holder for this antenna And he was like oh hold on I'll do that And like the next day he had a design he

Was like here try this and then I got Busy with other stuff and I didn't print It and and he was like so is it okay Uh so sorry I took a minute for me to Get to that I did print it last night Though Billy Ocean wants to know can bamboo lab Printers use TPU Yeah Billy uh who has uh is hero psycho Here Uh I'm uh I'm sh I'm 100 sure they can Print TPU but I think the TPU is not Compatible with the multi-filament Changer Uh hero psycho on my Discord has a Bamboo Labs printer and I bet he'll know I'm gonna ask him and see if he uh If he gives the answer I mean it surely it prints TPU Genius Pig wants to know is it worth it To buy The DJI goggles V2 used and how much Would you pay Um Yes it's worth it to buy them used 100 Percent If they seem to work then they're Probably as good as the day like check Them to see if the screen is damaged Like if the screen has sun damage or if There are burnt pixels or something Uh even in that case you can send them To DJI and DJI will repair them not not For free

But DJI will repair them so like They can always be I mean DJ I'll Probably just send you a different set And and refurbish them but who knows Um The used price new price for DJI goggles V2 is around 460 in the U.S more in Europe Uh with a new price of 460. the thing is A used price for DJI goggles their their DJI Hardware is pretty reliable so a Used set of DJI goggles is closer to the Price of a new set because they probably Are basically working as good as the day They were made assuming that the screen Is intact and not damaged I think 300 to 325 would be what I would Feel like was a good deal DJI goggles are down to 429 new is that For real Geez 429 jeez Thank you guys for the tips about Bridging I may try some of those Um Continuing the super chats Blizzard fpv's got a Super Chat he says Is that print for the Walkera No which Walter I don't know what you're Asking is this a joke I don't know what Kara are you trying to insult me Uh static fpv asks I can't type today can your qavs Hardware and plates fit the qavs frame

Static the arms are the same the bottom Plate Uh and the top plate are different The bottom plate in the top plate are Not compatible between the because the Qavs has a split deck split top deck the Qav JV does not so the dimensions for The top and bottom plates are different But the arms are compatible Uh King poopra thank you for a 20 Super Chat that's a big Super Chat thank you Appreciate the donation any thoughts on Nylon X Um king cooper and nylon X is a very Interesting filament for 3D printing I Believe that's carbon infused nylon Right so it's super super hard on your Nozzle Uh is my understanding uh chat correct Me if I get into this wrong this is not High confidence information Um Uh but uh you're going to want to Definitely want to hardened steel nozzle Or maybe even a ruby is a ruby nozzle Even better I think I think I've seen That advertised Um it's going to be super abrasive and Wear your nozzle out nylon X is one of The only materials I have seen people Print a quadcopter frame in where the Quadcopter frame was reasonably usable And durable of course it's it's not an Easy filament to print and it's

Expensive and hard on your printer but Uh nylonixes is and and they didn't just Print carbon like sheets they printed a Shell right So it's super abrasive but it is very Tough and and can make good parts Uh Thumper I think for a 20 Super Chat Let's just make sure you didn't miss a Question there yeah you did Thumper what Do you think is the best system for long Range on the market right now Well Thumper nobody can argue that Analog Analog is still very strong with analog You can essentially increase the output Power as much as you want Like you could you could just buy a 5.8 Gigahertz amplifier and you can take Your analog video transmitter up to you Could take it up to 30 Watts if you Wanted to it Might not be legal I'm not sure you have To look into that but you could Essentially buy an off-the-shelf Amplifier and make an analog five Gigahertz video system as powerful as You want to get as much range as your Little heart desires and that's Something that you can't do with Walksdale so DJI is off dji's got a 13.3 Kilometer hard limit it's off the table Walk snail has been taken out to Something like 30 kilometers Uh and that's pretty far but with with

The walk snail digital system you can't Just amplify the signal and boost it Because it's a bi-directional Communication it has to go two to two Ways And since it has to go two ways you Can't just put a an amplifier on it and Make it louder it doesn't work Hc0 Mighty compelling hd0 you could also Amplify if you wanted to and hc0 is Broadcast based So Um the difference is that if if you're Not going to use an external amplifier Then hd0 and analog are pretty close hc0 Maxes out at one watt with a high gain Antenna you can get a lot of range off Of that Um Analog will go up to two or three Watts With off-the-shelf video transmitters uh I think Fox here is coming out with a 5 Watt video transmitter so that may give Analog a little bit of an edge over hd0 In terms of pure range if you're willing To use an external amplifier you could Boost both of them and then hd0 would Win because it'll have better image Quality That's my answer to your Thumper Foreign Kaiju's got a question I'm gonna need The chat to help with this Pink Kaiju says

Can you suggest a lap Timing System that I can buy now okay so no think Kaiju my Answer to that question right now is no Uh but obviously we're not going to Leave it there so In terms of lap timing Once a long time ago I was able to acquire the immersion RC Lap RF eight-way race Timing System I acquired this from immersion RC in Fact I think it was Sandra sassen who Sent it to me not Tony cake so don't Ever let uh don't ever say that Sanderson uh never did anything for me Thank you sander uh and uh after I did My video about it I donated it to the Knoxville multi GP chapter and they Still use it to this day it is an Excellent excellent race Timing System It is what is used by uh I think all the Top races like the multi GP Nationals And so forth And uh you can't buy it you cannot buy It You can't buy it It's not I mean it's not officially Discontinued Can no shut up if you can buy it I'm Gonna Be really surprised Do I have an add to cart no add to Wishlist not add to cart okay Um it's essentially hasn't been produced For commercial use by emerging RC in a

Long time it's it's essentially it's not Discontinued but it's essentially Uh it's it's on Hiatus it's comatose Um we got the immersion RC lap RF Personal puck This is good it's good because it Connects to an Android app on your phone And so it's relatively easy to use and It it can be used for two or three Pilots at a time with reduced uh Precision but for One Pilot it's pretty Good I have one of these and you can Still find them Around like I got mine off of eBay Once Upon a Time But again it's not really Made They haven't done a run of these in a Long time Dronecosmo.com says it's in stock I'm Skeptical Backorder no Orca orca that they're the same company Sold out So then what does that leave The next best one In my opinion based on who people I talk To obviously I don't run races on a Day-to-day basis the next best one that People seem to use is rotor hazard Uh but uh and rotor Hazard is great it's Open source it's got even got some Features that lifetime doesn't have But

You have to build your own You have to build your own you have to Build the Delta 5 hardware and build Rotor Hazard race timer can you buy it If you didn't if you didn't want to Build it your own Because you're a loser and a bad person If you just want to pay your money and And buy one can you buy the hardware I don't know that there's any way you Can buy this you have to buy the stuff Separately and build your own So it's very good But it's a DIY And you said I want to buy it now Uh Yeah So there you go Can anybody uh can anybody help is there A laptop can is there anywhere you could Just buy a Delta 5 and use it with rotor Hazard Does anybody actually sell them pre-made Sure surely somebody did But I don't I don't know of anybody Who's done it Yeah So if you're really serious about your Racing League your local Racing Club Then what you're going to want to do is You're going to want to build like an Eight-way Delta 5 uh Timing System and Use it with rotor hazard And it's going to be a little bit of

Expense and a lot of work and then when It's done you'll have a really good Timing system That's uh I think the answer I don't see anybody in the chat coming Up with a different a different Suggestion so we're going to let that Stand Um Matt thank you for a five dollar Super Chat Matt says my mmcx connectors popped out Of my air unit during a crash would it Damage anything nope uh no you're fine Matt Um the air unit and so forth is Protected it will not be damaged if they Pop out you will get short range Obviously but it's fine just pop them Back in and find a way to make keep them From popping out nothing has been Damaged We got iLab Timing Systems here What is that I'm not familiar with that Oh hang on there we go iLab Timing Systems RC scoring since 2007 No no no no no no no no no no no no no No this is is this IR based No no no no no no no no no no no you Don't want to use IR based IR based is Okay for ground vehicles IR based is not good for it used to be Used but you want an RF based system not An IR based system

This is this is not what you want for Quadcopters Definitely not The IR based system number one it's a Pain in the ass to put an IR transponder On your quad and number two the Orientation of the Quad changes which Means that you often get missed mislaps And so forth whereas on a car as the car Goes under the timing gate the car is Always flat and so the the LED pointing Straight up is no problem Foreign Thank you for a two dollar Super Chat Uh Uh just a two dollar Super Chat thank You so much Um Cameron C says you can build a DIY Chorus 32 lap timer but it's a bit Finicky to set up that's correct Cameron What I didn't read was that he had Already built a chorus lap timer and it Was being finicky and not working for Him So I think the Delta 5 with rotor Hazard Is the way to go you know what I'm gonna I haven't I'm I'm gonna do it This is the moment I'm gonna I'm gonna Put myself On the clock I'm gonna put my I'm gonna commit Myself By doing something on a live stream And that is Where is the

Hardware and software setup instructions One node build up to eight Tweet fpv video tutorial series oh Tweet.pv already did a video tutorial Well F me Four node main board Let's see Delta 5 race timer V 2.0 modular PCB for Delta 5 race time or GitHub repo here 490 for 10 pieces this is a four node so I guess you can build four of them 5x Arduino Nano order one per node RX 5808 order one per node with SPI mod Resistor kit Raspberry Pi oh raspberry Pies are expensive now do I need just One oh Oh has someone fixed this Is someone got a version of this that Runs on anything other than a Raspberry Pi Because raspberry pies are freaking 200 Now Has anybody addressed this Okay I may not I was gonna like just buy All this stuff right now to commit Myself to making a video about it Because I've actually wanted to vaguely Wanted to do this for a while Uh but not if I have to spend 200 on a Raspberry Pi that's that's a real Problem let me look into this in a Little more detail and we'll see what we Can do Uh uh I'm going to where is the Facebook

Group there's a Delta 5 Facebook group I'm going to join it I'm going to join the Facebook group and I'll ask and we'll see if we can figure It out Or I'm going to see if I can get a pie For cheaper why are pies have been super Expensive in the last year no the price Of Raspberry Pi says skyrocketed in the Last year It's because the chipset that they use Is super expensive is the short version And Matt Smith says they're making a new Raspberry Pi with new Chips next month But more than likely not in our hands Until next year All right well we'll see if I follow Through on that Sunshine thank you for a five dollar Super Chat I'm tinkering around with an Old hexacopter that uses the NASA mv2 With an espa slot can you connect a Ghost receiver to a traditional Servo Type connection Um Sunshine yeah uh so Sunshine first of All you need to make the ghost receiver Output S Bus which you can do Uh it can be configured to Output sbus Just use the bind plus setup function in The ghost module to to change the Receiver to Output s bus and then It's going to Output S Bus and you need To manually solder a Servo plug to it And then you'll be good to go

Abraham don't ship me don't ship me your Raspberry Pi Uh number one I would want to keep it at Number two the fact that you sent me one Doesn't solve the problem for anybody Who would watch my video so I need to Find a solution that works for everybody Who watches the video and and and Solving that problem just for myself Doesn't help anybody other than me That's not my goal I don't care about having a race Timing System I care about making a video so Other people can have a race Timing System I already have the immersion RC Lap RF so Uh here we go I appreciate the offer though thank you For your generosity That's very very kind to you I mean surely something else can do it Like could you do it with an Arduino Nano how much are they Arduino Nano 25 dollars Do you really need a Raspberry Pi PID flight lap timer What is that PID flight lap Never heard of this Yeah yeah yeah [Music] Uh what is it Oh it's an Android app well F me Yearly subscription four dollars that's

Reasonable How do I Get it How do I get it So this is a An app I see This is an App that works with A self-built Lap timing device Interesting This you can build your own I see this is a build your own receiver With Uh Uh Arduino Nano okay that's all fine so This builds your own module but it Sounds like it also works with off the Shelf modules this is very interesting Does it work with chorus and Delta 5 It does not say that it works with Delta 5 it says that it works with chorus But it sounds like the parts to build Your own timer this is very interesting Because this is pretty cheap And the app Who knows how good so one of the Advantages of Delta 5 is that it works With the rotor Hazard app which is very Full featured but that's a PC app which Not everybody's going to like this looks Like it's really worth a look And we'll see how well it works This would be worth a look

Uh double a the HD zero event video Receiver I don't think is a Timing System Uh torpedo law should I upgrade from the Forge to Rapid Fire yay Yes Yes Yes yes You should Foreign S thank you for five pounds Thinking about trying out the new fat Tech flight controller but I want to put It to three and a half inch frame would It still fly okay stock or need tuning Uh that's I mean that's that's hard to Say I think I would hope that the Default fight the default pids on a Flight controller like that are probably Tuned for a five inch right I would hope That they would work okay on a three and A half inch maybe not be ideal but okay So how about that I would think that it would work Uh pry term That's an interesting question Pry term says I get video in my goggles But my VTX keeps overheating what could The problem be Pride term all video Transmitters used in fpv are designed to Take advantage of cooling from the props The air moving in Flight all video Transmitters used in fpv Uh will overheat if you just power them

Up with no cooling so one thing you can Do Is okay here we go if you are working on The bench I have this little fan this Was given to me by I think his name is The name I know his like real name but His internet name is King turkey King Turkey fpv uh he gave this to me as a Gift uh it is designed to hang around Your neck and blow cool air on you but I Just It's a fan And it just blows air and I set it on The desk and blow air on my uh video Transmitter while I'm working Um you could just unplug it They all will overheat There are a very very few of them That have built-in fans and heat sinks That are designed to stay cool but for The most of them they just that's just Normal Now if it's overheating while you're Flying that means you're not getting Enough airflow to it or it's damaged So Yeah Uh Mr huggie says fetech configurator Has a preset for sub 250 gram quads you Can use the preset and tune from there They also do a 35 amp AIO Mr Huggy thank You for that uh information appreciate That Uh Bob H says I've been trying to use

Digiview with my DJI goggles and a type C to type c cable it won't work What do I do Um Bob uh if you have rooted the goggles Then they're the Digiview doesn't work They're working on fixing that but for Now if you rooted them it breaks the Video output if you haven't rooted them Try flipping the cable the other Direction It seems like C2C cables are directional I don't 100 understand why When I use speedyb app with my phone to Connect to my flight controller On my like I'm not using the speed Adapter I'm just plugging the cable Directly from my phone to the flight Controller if I do it one way it won't Work if I do it the other way it works So try flipping the cable around Um Mo says C to a has much better luck but He's trying to do it to his phone so he Doesn't have the option to do c to a I Guess you could get an OTG adapter Perhaps Okay We are coming up on the end of the Stream Oh uh World Nomad says wide fpv does Work Digiview didn't work that's Interesting I'll try white fpv maybe it'll work We are coming up on the end of the

Streams Aaron ciati is streaming today Um I also uh want to point out I will Not be streaming tomorrow tomorrow Monday because it is Halloween I'm gonna Be trick-or-treating with my kids of Course and spending time with my family So no stream Monday there will be the News on Tuesday And I also want to let you know I also want to let you know that hang on Let me check the schedule The fifth No okay never mind the uh the weekend of The 12th and 13th I won't be streaming But that's not for another two weeks or So so no big deal Um Yeah no stream tomorrow though Um And Aaron ciotti is going to be Streaming I assume yeah he's posting a Link to his stream Aaron ciotti is going To be streaming at three when I get off The air The air not really the air the internet And he's posting the link Mike Bergman Wants to know what I'm dressing up as I Am dressing up as a Dr bright from the SCP Foundation because my kid is super Into SCP right now and he is going as a D-class from the SCP and I am Dr bright And uh I am making him do various Experiments like uh walk house to house And ask for candy while I well I

Document the results of the experiment So that's what I'm going as I got a lab Coat I got a I got a Dr bright amulet That I ordered off of uh Amazon rather Than making my own Uh he's 11. So yeah we're gonna have a good time Um But we got a couple a couple of minutes Left three minutes left anybody want a Sneak a question James Rosie think for 279 Canadian Uh good good to see you buddy thank you For the thank you for the uh donation [Music] What's the best 6s lipo that's cheap but Still good mathemati mathemati is going To be our last question what's the best 6s lipo that's cheap but still good Um I always buy race day quads lipos Because they are cheap I know they are Gnb cells which are good quality cells At least in this size and uh they're not Too expensive uh cnhl H4 quad sake Uh if what which specific cnhl do you Recommend If you can buy gnb cells they're also Good so race day quads is only available In the U.S gnb is available all over the Place Um cnhl black people are recommending Some people love the Speedy pizzas other People say they're really saggy and crap Evonik I don't know about obonic

Cnhl black race day quads gnb those are Solid Obonic I I haven't tested obonic Don't know if they're really good Um All right people some I haven't tried Dog calm either are they any good I'll just say there's kind of I don't Know how long they've been around Uh all right guys we are gonna wrap up I Know it's just a couple minutes left Till the until three o'clock but we're Gonna go ahead and wrap up thank you so Much for coming out I will see you Tuesday for the news again Monday we're Skipping the stream for Halloween uh Everybody have a good afternoon in Seattle have a great stream Uh goodbye everybody