Sbang Freestyle – “Split-S, Rewind, Flat Yaw Spin” – 30 days challenge, day 5

By | December 22, 2022

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00:00:00 – Today's move: split-s to rewind to flat yaw spin
00:01:34 – First pack: split-s into rewind
00:04:25 – Key insight: what makes rewinds “snappy”
00:05:13 – This is SUCH a great way to learn
00:05:54 – Seocnd pack: flat yaw spin into eject
00:12:06 – Third pack: putting it all together
00:15:18 – Fourth pack: freestyle incorporating the move

You got just a oh hello [Music] Okay cool that happened You saw that right Welcome back to another episode of my Series where I try to break myself out Of my rut of Freestyle by trying Something completely freaking different The amazing energetic style of freestyle Known as Spang and the trick we're going To be working on today is inspired by a Tutorial just put out by Headmaster if You don't know Headmaster there's a link To their YouTube channel down in the Video description they do no talking Trick tutorials doing a tutorial without Talking But their latest one is a spangy move so I'm gonna try to do it I'm gonna try to Break it down and you're gonna come Along with me for the ride [Music] So what we got here It's really three separate tricks it's a Split as to a rewind followed by a flat Yaw Spin and then an eject [Applause] Hopefully don't end up in the tree now If you're not sure what some of these Moves are like specifically the eject is A spang-specific move there's a link to The whole playlist down in the video Description and I worked on ejects in One of the very first episodes I can't I

Think it might have been the very first Episode uh but I think the way that we Should approach this is to take each of These moves and sort of break them down One by one and then try and put them all Back together let's get in the air okay So the very first move is going to be a Split s in case you're new here a split S is where you go up you roll over 180 Degrees and then you pitch back and come Out going the other direction so it's a Way of changing direction And going back the way you came uh or Just a way of doing something stylish But he's doing a split s into a rewind And so to do that we're going to split s Not right into that thing To do that we're going to split s And as we come down we're going to try And Stop sharp boom stop Okay We're gonna come down that was a very Big one stop sharp and come out the Other direction so that it would be like A split s to a rewind it should look Like you're coming back the direction That you went in like you just sort of Hit rewind on the Move now spaying I Think that Spang looks the best and Looks the spangiest when you do the Moves really close to the ground so Popping up like this and doing a great Big flowy split s not what we should be

Going for we should be doing it close to The ground And quickly with less of a throttle pop Probably But we're not going to want to do just Like a Like that that's a different move kind Of a look back That would be a look back It's not what we're going for we need a Little bit up Yes like that just a little bit of up to Go with our over I need to get there faster too No y'all I think I'm yawing That's not your I guess I just need to go faster Keep it close to the ground You gotta have some up you gotta have Some down coming into it otherwise you Can't rewind out so I gotta go up a Little bit But I gotta come down It's not coming down very fast [Music] Maybe I'm overthinking it That was it I liked that one It's something about the way I'm rocks Kind of sliding into Maybe I'm pitching too soon I think I'm pitching too soon and it's Flattening out too soon and it's not Making an arc Yes I'm not gonna be able to see it come

Over so I'm and I'm coming out of it too Flat like this and I'm too high The move is over when I'm flat otherwise It's not perceived as being over and if I flatten out too fast then I'm not I Don't come down so I need to pitch back Slower and later in the move There we go oh that was way better That was way better Oh Wow I never thought about how that was Affecting my rewinds I'm in too much of A hurry to flatten out Oh that really gives it that little snap At the end That's that's awesome I love doing these Videos I freaking love doing these there's so Much value in picking something that Somebody else does and then trying to do It exactly the same uh not because like Copying other people is like obviously Have your own voice have your own Creativity Etc but you know forcing Yourself to do just like racing forces You to go in a line and you can't cheat And you can't mess up you have to you Have to go through the gates and it Makes you learn how to go faster this is The freestyle equivalent take somebody Else's trick break it down look for Every little way that yours is different From theirs and try and emulate it and

You will figure out things about the way That you fly Okay so the next thing he does is he Rewinds out of it and rolls and then he Does a yaw spin The same direction that he was rolling Out of the rewind so we're gonna And then flat yaspin Okay that wasn't perfect but it was kind Of there so I I was just talking to some Folks Learning to Fly this uh last week And one of them was really struggling With flat yellow spins Um and you might think well all I need To do is input yaw and then I'll do a Flat yaw spin the flat meaning that the Horizon stays flat and the quad you know It doesn't Tilt at all uh so here's a Flat yaspin but of course you can see I'm not moving right flat yellow spins Are easy when you're level and hovering In place but when you start moving Forward they don't work like that Because the quad is pitched forward so If I simply press yaw we get that and That's not a flat Gauss pin instead I Need to put in pitch and roll now Normally when I turn I put in pitch and Roll the same direction and it creates This kind of turn which we call a Coordinated turn uh but if I want a flat Yaw spin all I need to do is enter a Coordinated turn and then add just a Little bit more yaw until The Horizon

Flattens out I need to adjust my throttle too and now See I'm drifting I'm going places but uh That's if you're trying to learn flat Yaw spins that's a way that I suggest You do it is you get into a nice wide Coordinated turn Okay and then put just a little more yaw In Without moving roll at all until the Horizon flattens out and you can see I Also have to adjust throttle because I'm Climbing And and so that's a flat yaw spin so we Can do a flat yaw spin okay just a nice Place to do it it's just in the middle Of a line you just put a flat yellow Spin in and ideally you won't see the Horizon Tilt at all during that move That's the goal anyway you know is Achieve the goal Um so we're gonna do our Split s close to the ground rewind and Then flat yaspin try to make that nice And smooth now I wasn't moving forward Out of that one I didn't come out of That with any speed so it didn't look The best but Okay okay Oh I got this I got this buddy can I do it the other Way I know I want to go that way I only want To turn left

Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Okay So an eject is just going to be nosed Down and Pop like that and flatten out and hold Like I said the first the very first Episode of this playlist which is linked In the video description below of course Is all about ejects if you're wondering About that so let's put it together I don't want to eject towards the street Oh that wasn't that was all right That's all right Oh it came over too fast on that one What's up Wow that was a little that wasn't bad That wasn't bad So I can't oh I gotta be able to go back So I guess the net result of this move Is that you end up going back the Direction you were coming so I need to Have room to do that with the eject Otherwise I I don't like that pitch down either so I Don't like finishing the yaw spin flat And then having to nose down and eject Out I kind of would rather I kind of Don't like to see the setup for the I guess that could be good if you kind Of like squeeze into it a little Oh Kind of like that I don't like it to

Feel like oh I screwed up like if I come Out of the flat yellow Spin and then I Go uh okay eject that doesn't feel right So I gotta make it like look smooth Can I do that So here's my flat yoss bed And then Kind of lean into that I bet I lean in Real life too didn't I Flat yaw spin I kind of don't like the delay there Though Um I wonder if I could pitch down just a Little in the flat yaw spin but then That might screw up the whole sort of Point of a flat yes business you're not Making those Corrections let's see so Here we're going forward I'm gonna do a Flat yaw spin I maybe could pitch down into that a Little That didn't seem too bad Flat Yasmin oh I was so busy keeping it Flat I didn't pitch forward sorry Nah I don't like that the flag yaspin Really needs to stay flat Flat [Music] I guess that's how we're gonna do it All right let me get a fresh battery and We'll try and put this together like in Some actual in an actual line oh left it Rolling this whole time cool [Music]

Oh That's nd32 baby you're not going to get More than that Super cinematic now By cinematic I mean lots of Shadows [Music] Why do cinematic people hate you to see Any detail in your image By cinematic do you mean I feel like It's night time and I can't see what's Happening [Music] I think the thing to do Is going to be to like find a line we Can put this in I like to go I think it looks better if You go the opposite way can we do like a Rewind over this fence like what if we Did it oh that was that was very close To the fence let's try that again Can we do a rewind here Like what if we did this We came through here and we do [Music] Nice I like that that was all right We go I'm pulling I'm pulling too much and It's pulling me down I'm pulling too Early I gotta let myself get over the fence Yes I've always wondered how they get That kind of pop on the bottom of the Real one and I thought it has to do with The throttle but the throttle is just

Not that responsive I think that part of The way you sell the rewind is that with Pitch you are You're finishing the pitch movement it's It gets like Something to do with it It's that it's the snap of finishing the Pitch movement see you were delaying and Then boom We snap over and finish that Movement as opposed to Oh yeah we delay that and Gives it that kind of abruptness at the End it's not just the throttle that's Really cool that's a very cool thing to Have learned I don't want to see myself pulling into It like as I go over it I wanna I see you want to just complete the move And come to a stop but not get sort of Pulled around or in that's the problem With staying in the throttle Okay okay I don't want to end up in this Mud either See if I come at it sideways I Definitely have to stay on the throttle To pull myself over That was a good rewind [Applause] Uh-huh See now I'm rewinding back the other Direction instead of just back over the Fence I'm not just coming back over the Fence but I'm pulling myself Instead of coming back this way straight

Over the fence I want to try to come Back the way I was going oh that's That's really good I like that One more [Music] Didn't exactly make it over the fence on That one let's do some just some Freestyle before the sun goes down just Something loose and see how we can work It [Music] And I'm not Gonna exactly Exactly like try to be Spanky but what I'm gonna try to do is just have fun and Work Spanky stuff into The kind of stuff I would just be doing Normally right let's try and make it Part of my style We [Music] Oh oh Wow Did you see that Would you see what almost happened there Holy Wow I mean now I just want that trick But I think I'm gonna have to save that For another day I was coming through here and I And I nearly went under wow that's Impossible Right

Right like to do it while going forward And come sideways through that's that's One in a million Okay Okay what am I doing here [Music] We you got the roll into the flat yellow Spin into the Egypt Let's do a Rewind here uh that wasn't quite a Rewind Don't climb there Huh that's a meme not a Spang move I didn't really rewind there I just kind Of went straight up in the air [Applause] That was decent that was a decent rewind [Music] Flat yellow spin through the Gap and Eject into the trees oh that was okay Kind of dive into that little Gap there Okay is that spangy I don't think that's Spangy Who almost hit that [Music] Go the other way No bad eject [Applause] Flatia Egypt Oh [Music] Foreign Oh no I was still flying okay I'm all

Right I really appreciate you guys who Are loving this series so much I know That they're not coming out as often as I wish they were and you I hear from Some of you that you wish they were it's As you can see it's gotten cold I Started this when it was a little warmer And now it's gotten cold and it's not Quite as fun to sit outside and fly but I do love doing it if you missed the Beginning here's a card on screen or a Link in the video description if you Can't see the card to the whole series Go back and check it out I'll see you in the next one