Sbang Freestyle – “The Wiggle” – 30 days challenge, day 4

By | November 5, 2022

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00:00:00 – Today we copy Marius FPV!
00:01:57 – First attempts
00:03:11 – Sbang moves are better with higher idle
00:05:39 – Why is it different with throttle raised?
00:06:32 – I need to stay close to the ground
00:07:35 – It should be ”wiggly”
00:07:55 – Let's bring some proximity into it
00:09:03 – That was sbangy!
00:09:33 – A little sbangy here
00:09:59 – The golden moment of this session! The wiggle!
00:12:38 – You gotta be SUPER close to the ground
00:13:27 – Don't look at the ground. Look at the horizon.
00:13:58 – Why copying other people is a good thing.
00:16:53 – It's a sideways roll!
00:17:54 – Let's cut loose and be creative now
00:19:03 – There's a rhythm to sbang
00:20:20 – I'm so glad I'm doing this

When you've been flying fpv as long as I Have it's easy to get into a rut where You kind of do the same things over and Over again and one of the best ways I've Found to break yourself out of that rut Is to find somebody who does things Completely different than you and then Just try and copy them and that's what We're doing in this video series 30 days Of Spain I'm Joshua Bardwell and you're Gonna You might learn something today mostly I'm gonna learn something today Hopefully Spang is an energetic and precise style Of fpv that has always impressed and a Little bit intimidated me and that's why I've picked it for this video series Just to really get me out of my box and Today what we're going to do is we're Going to look at one of the best Spang Pilots some people actually tell me he's The best I'm not going to weigh in on That but uh we're gonna look at Marius Fpv we're gonna pick a move or a Sequence of moves that he's done and We're going to try and emulate them and Later in the video I'm going to legit Address a criticism that I got when I Tried to do this with one of Farooq Fpv's tricks uh in the previous video They're saying that that's not how to Learn I disagree I'll tell you why a Little later let's get in the air

Going by so fast so it's he's rolling Right it's a long sort of arcing and Then there's a way that he turns where He doesn't just roll but he kind of Swoops like that swoops around So the quad continues moving to the side As he comes over he then pitches back And then continues y'all left so there's This continual track this Arc that the Quad moves through So roll right Swoop over flip and then continue flat Yaw spin to the left that's we're going To try this time we're going to see how Spangy we can make it look Okay so what we're gonna do is we're Gonna come around in a turn then we're Not gonna just flip over But we're going to continue the sort of Swoosh Around so we're turning And then we split s basically and stop Almost as if we were setting up a rewind [Applause] Except he did it faster He didn't really split s he just kind of Flip-flopped into it So I can't gain speed then I can't gain Altitude I want to do the swoosh I have To kind of make it one move And then he continued with a flat yaspin To the same direction It's gonna look like crap right now but We're gonna keep working it and

Hopefully we'll get it looking nice so He comes around [Music] You got to keep moving forward though so Part of my problem is I am stopping on The split s it is not actually like a Rewind we are not gonna go Wow I take all of these I had the Throttle a little raised there I think All these Spang moves are better with a Higher idle throttle Okay so I changed Direction but that was Kind of the that was the gist of the Move in a way so we're coming through Here And we stop we want to keep the throttle Oh interesting so here's something I Just think I think I figured out is if You keep the throttle up as you go Through the roll If I drop here I pop up higher and I Float if I keep the throttle up it keeps Me closer to the ground because while I'm inverted I'm Pulling myself down and the other yeah So if I Okay that wasn't great but the other Thing is I want to keep the throttle up Because I want to keep pulling myself Through the move so I am not doing a Split s like that or a roll but rather a A spiral where I continue to maintain my Forward position my forward momentum So that as I come out of it and do the

Flat yaw spin I will still be moving the Same direction that's the thing uh one Of the things I I like about Spang is They'll do these moves and they'll keep Going they'll maintain their line while Doing these crazy moves and I think it's One of the most impressive things about The style this is something I noticed Before I left the throttle up during a Move I think it was just a roll and I Thought the stops were sharper it makes Sense the motors have less torque at Zero throttle at low RPM so they can not Change speed as quickly and in order to Make sharp stops the motors have to Change speed quickly it's easy to think That a quadcopter this powerful can have As much responsiveness as you could Possibly want but that's not true it has Plenty of power to go in a straight line Really really fast but to actually Accelerate or decelerate the motors Abruptly for especially from very low RPM Is challenging so by leaving the Throttle just a little bit up it makes Sense that you would have sharper stops You might even try raising the idle Speed of the motors although that would Have other effects that you might not Like What's different about the field then Leaving the throttle up [Applause]

[Music] I don't know maybe it's that you keep Moving forward in a way you don't [Applause] If I drop throttle Oh maybe it's that your altitude doesn't Change in the same way if I drop Throttle then I'm falling when the when The move is over if I leave throttle up Still moving forward and isn't that Something that Spang is all about which Is moving forward okay so here we go We'll go [Applause] No I forgot the move [Applause] Uh-huh I don't know that feels okay Here we go we'll go Not very flat and I gained altitude it's Better if I do it close to the ground But I do feel kind of good about That move That feels kind of spangy to me I don't Know why [Music] Nope that was not Spanky see there's a Big throttle pump and a gained altitude And it became a separation Instead of a flow Try not to crash [Applause] Okay I'm doing two turns instead of one Just because I like to try to get it Flat and do it the other way

[Music] Oh I may have just gone through that I Don't know [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Interesting okay there's a wiggliness [Applause] To it isn't there There's kind of like you're not just Gonna go straight and then go like that But instead you're gonna go Wiggly wiggle I don't know So okay now let's try to bring some Proximity into it and not just do it out In the field [Music] [Applause] I don't think pops like that [Applause] I don't think pops like that and floats Are very spangy I don't think so so we'll come around Here And we'll do uh Get in here [Applause] Okay okay We'll come around here we'll get on the Driveway And we will No

I don't want to come all the way over We're going to kind of come this way [Applause] Not so much altitude though keep it Close to the ground Not that close We'll pitch forward there to keep the Motion going we'll come around here That was uh [Music] You need to reverse the direction now Reverse the direction so you're not Keeping the yaw in you're following the Line there's this Arc this way and You're following that Arc [Applause] Foreign [Applause] A tiny bit I think I feel it a tiny bit [Music] There's that wiggle there was There's like a [Applause] Is it yaw is it on the yaw axis If I come in here where where's that Wiggle coming from It's the yaw axis that's it I come in Here That's it it's not just roll it's not Coordinated if I coordinate The pitch and roll and y'all I'm just Sort of doing a a smooth turn and flying Through the move but the little wiggle It makes it look good is there's a

Little extra yaw a little extra That lets you snap it around isn't there I think so Uh-huh It like just whips it a little bit so Here's without the extra yaw See that's just like a little split s or An entry to a rewind but with the extra Yacht it turns the nose in And it oh did you see that That's uh that's interesting So here we're gonna kind of Another thing I've noticed that Spang Pilots will do is they will Kind of hold an angle Through a long Arc to the point where do You see that I let the nose drift to the Outside a little bit so I've seen them Do that it's kind of like an eject where They'll hold and then they'll they'll Set an angle and now like this I'm Really not very coordinated But then I can fix that can I by Wiggling that inward with yaw so watch So here we'll come through here we'll Hold this and then Oh wow okay did that on purpose Completely It's really interesting hold on I gotta Scratch my nose so how could I do this Instead of coming straight and then Going Instead of coming straight and then Coming over

I could be kind of caught to the side Like I've just done an eject of the jet So here we are The cot Oh Interesting interesting Always go back to those floats though Man you got to be super close to the Ground to really make it look good That's one of the things Marius does is So let's get close to the ground I'm climbing I'm I'm am I dropping the Throttle still I don't want to climb so If you're not if you're climbing it Means you're hitting the throttle too Much All right obviously Stay close to the ground okay don't Climb don't climb [Applause] Not that close [Music] That's not good that's I'm looking at The ground through the whole thing I need to get through that pitch faster So you can see the Horizon sooner [Applause] If you can see you need to you want to See The Horizon so you can see what's Going on Oh I think I went through that cool that Was badass I think I want to watch Mario's do it again because it's been Long enough since the beginning of the

Video that I may have lost little Aspects of it that make it look the way That like it's supposed to look and I Think this is a good time to address the Criticism that some people have of this Like whole approach there was somebody In one of the previous videos who said Spang is just stick banging you just Gotta get next to some trees and bang Some sticks and you can't be trying to Copy other people's moves Marius didn't Plan or Farooq didn't plan that sequence Of moves he just did it you just need to Do it and there's truth to that there's Some truth to that that in order for you To really express yourself with any Creative music whatever dance any Creative practice you have to just Sometimes stop copying each other Express yourself and find your unique Voice but the first thing you do is you Find change people who are better than You and more experienced than you and You copy them because you can't learn How to dance The Tango the salsa or the waltz without Watching other people who do it that way You're not going to invent the waltz if You just get out there and you just do Whatever kind of dance you feel like you Want to do a whole lot of people have Put a whole lot of effort into Developing this style and here's the Thing I think people are missing who

Criticize this approach that the goal of This approach is not to emulate spaying Necessarily I mean it is a little bit because I Think it looks cool and I'd like to be Able to do it but the goal is to expand Your repertoire of things that you just Know how to do so that when you cut Loose and you're just creative and You're banging the sticks you have a Larger vocabulary of things that can Just come out spontaneously that Wouldn't come out there's a saying uh You don't rise to the occasion you Descend to the level of your training oh My batteries are charged you descend to The level of your training and one thing That I think that means is that when You're trying to be creative under Pressure with no plan The things that you'll be most likely to Do are the things that you are most Comfortable with and that means that is When you will be least expressive in Some ways unless you have developed a Big vocabulary of things that you know How to do innately and one of the best Ways to think about if you're a if You're a hip-hop dancer but you also Like have a lot of experience with Tango And salsa how much better of a hip-hop Dancer are you going to be by working That stuff in and the only way to do That is to watch other people who do it

And to copy them to copy them as closely As you can but not just from the Perspective of rote copying but from the Perspective of understanding why they're Doing what they're doing and how they're Doing what they're doing to increase Your own skill base Yes he yaws in and it's almost a Sideways roll he starts yawing He starts yawing And then it's almost a sideways roll Continuing the yard with the pitch it's Not it's not roll pitch it is I'm coming In I turn almost sideways I roll like This and continue to yaw around and out Interesting Foreign Through the whole thing See If I just if I'm looking down I'm Looking at the ground there but if I Turn sideways Sort of Huh okay all right Let's try some just flying [Applause] I'm so single axis a lot of the time [Applause] Rewind Foreign Oh can't get back through it [Applause] Uh oh I'm starting to feel like I want To get that there's a rhythm to it

Where you're like Pause and [Music] That's not a spanking mode that's a Joshua [Music] [Applause] There's a way that they kind of fall off [Applause] Uh-huh Uh-huh [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Okay okay okay [Applause] So glad I'm doing these videos I'm Making this video just for me uh I hope I'm glad you guys are along for the ride But there's just these little moments Like where I'm floating up on the tree And I do that all the time where I'll Just float over a tree but it's always The same thing I the way that I'm thinking about where I'm going and what I'm going to do next Is always the same and it's just Completely changes when I'm think trying To emulate that style I float and Instead of continuing on the line and Continuing through like a power Loop I'm Like okay I'm hanging now how am I gonna Get out of this I'm going to back off And twist and and starts to look

Different and whether end up looking Like Farouk or Marius or just like Having a good time for an hour and Coming up with a new sort of variant on My own style who cares right but uh I'm Glad you're along for the ride uh this Is a playlist this is I think number Four in the playlist the whole playlist Is linked down below and I will also put A card on screen there it is if you want To uh check it out I'm doing 30 days of This and at the end we'll see what I end Up with happy flying