Shot on the Mavic 3 Classic

By | December 7, 2022

We wanted to do something a little different with the Mavic 3 Classic. It’s a great little drone; we had alot of fun with it, hope you enjoy this practical review.

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[Applause] [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Okay let's do that again so the mavic 3 Classic came out a couple weeks ago so We shot that whole entire intro on the Mavic 3 classic let us know what you Think and now let's see how we got it He's good you're good you're good oh The Parallax is gold on the stick So I know we have a ND filter on the Classic to bring down the exposure what Do we have the aperture set to uh 6.3 Right now it's kind of the right balance This is what we've tested it to be where It's pretty good pretty sharp on all Edges yeah that's kind of the best Compromise so I tried to set it at 6.3 We have a manual filter on there so I Kind of adjusted the filter what plus One on the EV but we're recording in D-log so that's about right some of These shots required multiple takes to Get the timing and the spacing just Right so we shot again

And again And again And again to finally get it perfect it's Actually quite crazy how we got this Shot we've got a 2×4 zip ties and brand New DJI mavic 3 classic and an RC car We're gonna go really fast and try to Get some low shots of this bike and as You might wonder there was a ton of Camera Shake but we were able to sort of Mitigate that by using the classic with The Gimbal and also add a little bit of Post stabilization but nevertheless I Think a little bit of camera Shake Actually makes this shot look awesome Well for this shot we gotta go and Chase Dawn are ahead of him at least so we're Gonna put the camera on the back of the Car and then we're just gonna basically Go and he's gonna try to follow us as Close as possible and then we'll be Using the controller in the car to kind Of move the camera around and get the Right angle so let's see what we can get So this shot was by far the most fun to Get it also yielded the coolest results So we had the mavic 3 classic hanging Out of the back of Greg's Tesla and we Were able to get this beautiful camera Shake it wasn't as bad as the RC car but With a little post stabilization man it Came out beautiful and that's how we did It How you like this new format and like

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