Testing Motors | FPV 101: Phase 5, Episode 6

By | November 14, 2022

So you’ve built a new drone, or wired new motors to a frame, before you put on propellers you’ll have to test that the motors are working correctly. To do this, connect your drone’s flight controller to betaflight. Testing motors also requires you to plug in a lipo battery. So before even launching the software make sure to take your props off. Not doing so could result in you severely damaging your drone, your workspace, and most importantly, yourself.

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Foreign 101 we're going to be talking about Testing Motors So you've built a new drone or just put New Motors on a frame first things first Before you prop up you want to make sure That your Motors are working correctly Testing Motors also requires you to plug In a lipo battery so before even Launching the software make sure you Remove your propellers not doing so you Risk damaging your drone your workspace And most importantly yourself once Connected to betaflight navigate to the Motors tab betaflight will have you Check an arming notice just to remind You again how dangerous it is to test Your motors with your props on From there you can slowly start raising Your master value directly to the left Then your motor should start to spin If your Motors don't spin then your escs Are not getting a signal from the flight Controller to get them talking you need To head over to the configuration tab Once there scroll over to the ESC motor Protocol most drones will use a protocol In the d-shot family so try one of these First we're going to select D shot 600. Next hit save and reboot If you've successfully connected your Escs then you should hear an audio Notification like this These tones represent that your escs are

Powered and now speaking to your flight Controller return to the motors Tab and Slowly raise the master value again the Motor should now spin Verify that the motor order and the Rotation direction correspond to the Example shown in the top left corner One way to do this is to slowly spin the Motors and do a touch test lightly and Carefully grip the outside of the motor To check its rotation direction If one of the motors is spinning the Wrong direction and you can configure Your escs to reverse it through Additional software such as BL heli or You could simply swap two of the three Motor wires connecting to the ESC as Seen here With your motor spinning correctly and Your arm switch set you're almost ready To fly but an often overlooked last step Is testing your drone's ability to fail Safe unplug the flight controller from Betaflight still keeping your props off But keep your lipo plugged in first arm Your drone Then power down your transmitter If your fail safe is set up properly Then the drone's motor should stop Spinning once your transmitter is turned Off this is an important safety measure And will make sure your drone simply Won't fly away if the receiver and Transmitter stop speaking