The Anafi Ai Drone | Competitive All-in-One Commercial Drone

By | September 22, 2022

Professional drone pilots and drone teams need reliable drones for mapping, photography and videography. They count on all-in-one drones for multiple commercial purposes. The Anafi Ai Drone offers a robust feature set, built in drone mapping with Pix4D, with comprehensive intelligent features and a powerful camera.

If pilots are looking for an alternative to the Phantom 4 Pro V2, the Anafi Ai may be a reliable solution and replacement.
While the Anafi Ai doesn't have every pfeature you would expect from a phantom, it offers new features that redefine the way we fly.
The Anafi Ai is a fantastic all-in-one commercial drone flown over cellular or from the remote.

Learn from our experience with the drone.
One claim we tested with our review was how efficient the Anafi Ai drone is for commercial drone mapping. Claim was that it is 1.5x faster.

Anafi Ai is faster with drone mapping when processing in Pix4D cloud. As pilots can fly higher and maintain low GSD values.
Anafi Ai is much slower with drone mapping, when tested against a DJI Phantom and processing on desktop software.

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Foreign [Music] Well it might be a new aerial mapping Powerhouse today on ask drone you Reviews we're talking about well the Next evolution of mapping drones drones That were once affordable and Powerful Well they've been discontinued and They've been replaced with drones that Typically cost 5 to 10 x more and yet Offer a tenth of the features Historically speaking drone mappers who Are looking for a drone in the past well They would have probably purchased a Phantom for around two thousand dollars Well the nearest competition to that now Will cost you about 5x that amount and DJI is even pushing its consumers to do Mapping with the new m300p1 setup which Will set you back about 24 G's while few Drone manufacturers have truly been able To compete with DJI on price point or Feature set parrot is changing the rules Of the game they are redefining the Competition as a whole and they'll even Push the envelope of what you know about Drones and how they work look drone Pilots are desperate for an alternative To the Phantom as it has been taken out Of the production and more expensive Drones have simply replaced it Pilots Are desperate for an alternative that's Affordable they're desperate for an All-in-one drone that can do things like

Previous ancient aircraft could imagine That well enter French company parrot Who's actually been building drones for Quite some time who remembers the AR 2.0 Around 2011 2012. they've been producing Drones for quite some time but now They've truly hit the mark and they'll Be able to test their manufacturing Capacity as a whole parrot who's been Listening to a broad base of users has Provided a fantastic alternative to what We knew as the Phantom and I'm sure they Wouldn't even want to be compared with Such an ancient drone but at the end of The day those drones offer a whole lot Of value and it's a great all-in-one Package but parent has now designed a Drone that competes on price and has Numerous feature sets that are Comparable with those ancient aircraft That we once knew they've produced an Aircraft that has great creative Features and offers technical Convenience as well that's why we Believe this drone has the potential to Be the next aerial mapping Powerhouse Parrot may have even taken design Features from nature itself taking these Elements to the drawing board they Really produce a drone that is not well It's actually a masterpiece of Aeronautical Engineering or a Masterpiece of Aviation design you know Here's the thing guys it's capable it's

Portable it's competitive it's the Anaphi hey uh how do you say enoughy There are nothing With a very unique look the anavi AI Offers a powerful 48 megapixel camera Six times zoom and makes aerial mapping Or drone mapping simple and easy with Pix4d capture autonomous missions built Right into the app it's never been more Convenient and easy to take flight and Create 2D and 3D data few manufacturers Have been able to actually compete with Dji's long distance transmission on many Of their drones through their ocusync Platforms while parrot has overcome this Issue by completely changing the type of Technology that we use in drones they Have truly transformed this drone into a Phone I'm sure you have heard that Analogy before that drones and phones They're like platforms you can have Various apps on them that solve a Variety of problems while they have Truly transformed the Drone into a phone Because now you can fly this over Cellular service you can fly it over 4G LTE it's a seamless transmission and It's actually lower latency in times Sometimes when you're flying this drone Over Wi-Fi in dense Urban environments It's a seamless transmission of signal As well this drone will truly open the Door for bvlos operations for drone Pilots want to know why it's simple with

Cellular technology you can now fly this Drone at pretty much unlimited distance You can take it as far as the battery Will go assuming you have a waiver right Okay we crossed RTS and dotted our eyes That said this drone will Empower more Oblique uses of this drone because of The capability to fly over cellular Larger drone mapping missions are going To be exceptionally easy and more Convenient in fact like I said before Pix4d capture is built into the freefly 7 app so you can fly single grids double Grids orbits and even an autonomous mode Where the Drone is essentially going to Figure out the best route to be able to Collect that 3D data Frankly Speaking I Think drone mappers are going to love Too because we have this large 48 Megapixel camera on this drone we can Actually fly at higher elevations than We did with previous mapping missions And we can gather even well higher Quality data so that means our mapping Missions are going to be faster and more Efficient and even higher quality so Let's say that you were flying a mapping Mission with say a phantom at 150 feet Maybe you were getting a ground sampling Distance of say a half an inch well with This particular drone your ground Sampling distance will be much much Lower meaning a higher quality map so I Think a lot of you are going to love

That feature just because it's going to Make your jobs a whole lot easier Foreign [Music] Exoskeleton makes the Drone light and The folding arms make this drone Completely portable and frankly Extremely robust and it offers strength Unlike the other anophe that we've seen In the past the Drone does look like an Insect you'll even notice in Flight as It's flying the obstacle avoidance Sensors will look forward down and back Depending on how you're flying it's very Interesting to see for the first time if You haven't seen it that said it does Have a long flight time we've been Getting about 30 plus minutes it does Look like an insect and it does look Bug-eyed I mean even the propellers have These serrated edges which are supposed To make them more efficient in Flight Frankly it is agile it is fun to fly It's a lot more fun to fly than a lot of The new other drone manufacturers drones That we've been getting in it's also Affordable in that it's only four Thousand dollars for this entire drone Package which is frankly awesome because When you're getting 30 minutes of flight And this is a high altitude and you have Obstacle avoidance at 48 megapixel Sensor it takes great video it takes Great photos the Raw photos are great as

Well it does have a burst mode so if You're trying to shoot aeb stuff you Want to get those nice beautiful stacked Images or those stacked Panos you can do It with this drone now it's only four Thousand dollars you might have heard That and said whoa only 4K well if you Look at the nearest competitor that can Do drone mapping like this drone you're Looking at nine ten twelve thousand Dollars you look at any of the DJI Offerings mavic 2 Enterprise dual Advanced is going to run you six to Seven thousand so actually it is quite Affordable when you factor in you know Inflation and you factor in the other Current offerings right now because Simply stated there aren't many [Music] Let's talk about some of the stats of This particular drone it can fly at 38 Miles an hour it has a weight of 366 Grams it's powered by only a 2s battery That's the lowest voltage we've seen in A prosumer battery but it is 3350 Milliamp hours it says it's a 32 minute Max flight time we've been getting very Close to that frankly the video quality It'll shoot 4K 60 or you can use their HDR functionality and shoot in 4k 30. it Does shoot 48 megapixel Stills you can Zoom in we noticed when we zoomed in Though that it would really pixelate Quite quickly I'm guessing it's more of

A digital Zoom than an optical zoom also Like I said it does shoot Raw photos and It's probably the closest thing to a Competitive all-in-one package we've Seen so far again not as agile and not As powerful as some of the other drones But it does offer the capability to get Nice smooth video also colorful video You can shoot in log as well so if You're doing drone mapping because this This drone really is built for drone Mapping but it can also do great video And great photos as well so if you're Working for a company a drone team and Your entire focus is drone mapping but Maybe you want to take photos for Marketing maybe you want to take videos For marketing and you don't want just Like a Tony in the back flying the Drone Getting your videos because they look Shaky and the Tilt speed's not Consistent and the exposure is Fluctuating or the shutter speed is too Slow and it looks like it's clipping I Mean we could go on and on here about The potential problems an amateur pilot Would have a good intermediate pilot is Going to be able to do a lot with this Drone because it has the features that We're used to in the quote unquote Ancient aircraft and while the enoughi Does deliver our favorite features it Also delivers it in a very easy to use Interface frankly it was fantastic let's

Just say the anavi AI has the potential To rule disguise and when it comes to You some of the things that we've talked About don't forget when it comes to Drone mapping having that seamless Convenient easy to use feature set from Pix4d really adds a lot to this Particular package there are so many Other photogrammetric engines and Companies that are also working with Perry I believe Bentley is one of them And so you are really able to do so much And it's all inside one application no Switching and the fact that you have This big camera well now you can fly This drone and get missions done a lot Faster After having the enough feed for a few Weeks I want to give you well what I've Learned from the experience as a whole First up let's talk about the battery First off charging the battery it does Kind of take a long time my battery took About an hour 45 to charge on the Charger that was provided by parrot the Good news about this battery it does not Have a short discharge cycle like the Mavic 2 Enterprise dual will discharge Batteries quite quickly sometimes and That can make battery maintenance and Management difficult for drone teams and Programs kind of like what we talk about On the props side of droneu that said The battery after 10 days will go into

Quote unquote wintering mode so it is a Smart battery and you don't have to Worry about that battery staying fully Charged on the Shelf over time it will Self discharge so that's cool charging The remote is super fast but it also it Dies fairly quickly as well When it comes to controllability on this Drone I will say the Drone is pretty Agile it is pretty stable it does have That top speed of 38 miles an hour the Props change the flight characteristics Of the bird when it gets a little bit Lower in elevation and you've got a Little bit of wind but I will say I Truly enjoyed flying this drone the Tilt And zoom sticks on the remote for Controlling tilt on the Gimbal and zoom As a whole they're very sensitive you Can adjust those settings in the app Themselves but because it's a toggle Instead of like a a wheel well because Of that it has almost an exponential Sensitivity so you move it and has a Fast trigger point I think is what I'm Trying to say I probably would not Recommend this drone for any sort of Action sports uh as far as like Vehicles Boats car commercials Etc it does have a Really cool tracking feature though Which we're going to talk about later When we talk about the application but Its tracking capabilities are fairly Good good so I will say that if you did

Want to do some tracking with it it does Have that capability and it does Actually do a pretty good job so Finishing up the experiences regarding The controllability of the Drone it does Have multiple flight modes it's got a Regular film mode and a sport mode that Sport mode does allow you to fly more Aggressively also helps when you're Trying to fight the wind flying it very Close over water it did really well it Did not have any issues where it's Sinking kind of into the water because Those obstacle avoidance sensors are Getting that reflectivity off the water It performed really well also it will Help beginner Pilots trying to enact any Of those banking turns those nice Natural turns that we talk about in our Aerial videography class it does have a Banking turns feature so if you are Yawing and pitching forward it's going To automatically bank for you that's Pretty cool if you have that feature Turned on Now let's talk about transmission you Can fly this drone a very long distance I'd call it almost unlimited distance Because it will fly as far as the Battery will take it when you have 4G Enabled we've talked about this it's Amazing few drones have really been able To compete with the Chinese in that long Transmission distance I will say we did

Experience some latency when flying it On Wi-Fi and in some dense Urban Environments the latency was so Significant on Wi-Fi switching over to 4G we had less latency as a whole so That was kind of cool to see that thank You Now let's talk about the free flight 7 Application this is where I think drone Mappers are going to thrive there's so Many cool features in this drone and This might be the next best construction Drone as a whole because of the Cameraman feature the ability to track Objects let's say you're doing an Inspection and you want to literally Hone in on one object and no matter how You move the Drone that particular Object is still in your frame these are Really cool features from this drone and They work fairly well it is a very easy And intuitive seamless user interface on The free flight 7 app does take a little Bit of getting used to but not very much What I love is that pix40 capture is Actually built into this app so they Call it photogrammetry tab you go in There you can create single grids double Grids orbits and there's an additional Awesome flight mode for essentially Autonomously seeing an object and being Able to map and fly around it there's Another photo Mode called Jeep PS time Lapse which is essentially the same

Thing as free flight mode it's not under The photogrammetry tab though it's just In your camera settings so the fact that This drone has like that free flight Mode that we know and love to create Those 3D models is built right into this Drone I say it's awesome I love using Parrot Cloud you can also track all of Your data on your drone your flights Your missions everything and another Great thing too is if you do have a Parrot Cloud login what you can do is You can create a mission for a Particular drone let's say you're in a Construction company and you want to Have the same Amazon distribution Warehouse map the same time you can Create that mission you can even create A secondary mission of setting up the Waypoints for all of your progression Photos and if you're doing some uh you Know orbital video motions you can even Set that up as a project as well and Then any user who's signed into your Account can actually fly those missions So this is going to be a phenomenal Drone for teams programs departments Etc I'm not sure how much value uh like Fire EMS would get out of this drone but this Drone could be a very very useful for Law enforcement uh in my humble opinion On the app itself you do have a slider Bar whether you're using a phone or an IPad if you're using an iPad the slider

Bar goes vertically on a phone it's Horizontally I always like to move that Just so I have a full frame of my camera And again I love the cameraman mode with The ability to like track buildings Track people track a particular antenna On a cell phone tower and fly around it And get that serial number much much Easier than having to sometimes navigate Around those uh guide wires so this Drone is going to have a lot of Industrial and Enterprise Value as a Whole they also have a waypoint mode Which I was looking for like a Hyperlapse mode but using Waypoint mode And then the time time lapse feature you Can actually pre-program Hyperlapses or time moving time lapses Which is a really cool feature in itself Okay let's talk about the camera in the Drone U Community we've been talking a Lot about how is this camera a true Global shutter or not uh there has been Speculation rumors that it is a global Shutter you go into the specs page the Detail you'll find that the global Shutter is actually only on the obstacle Avoidance sensors so weren't weren't but We're going to run some missions through Picks and see how it reads the camera if It reads it as a fast readout that could Be great for us because frankly I've Already run mapping missions with this And the imagery turned out really really

Great special shout out to Glenn Labay For you know clarifying that point too On the global shutter really appreciate Your Insight and feedback in the Community the 4K video on this the 4K 60 I love it if you zoom in all the way Does get a little pixelated but it still Provides decent imagery I also love the Fact that on the camera it does have an Auto bracketing feature so if you're Used to shooting that aeb on other DJI Products what you'll find is that you Can do the same thing and it's actually Going to move the exposure a full step Up and a full step down you can have the Drone shoot a three or five or a seven Bracket however you want to set that up So shooting those raw images stacked I'm Able to create nice Panos I came up with A great one and very happy so far As far as handling emergencies there is A compass calibration on this drone Parrot recommends you do it every time You fly at a new site we're going to do Some testing because so far we've been Flying kind of all over town we haven't Had an issue with it just yet but this Drone doesn't have an attitude mode many Of you know I love attitude mode not Just for getting smooth shots but for Safety two to stop a FlyAway which Brings up the question can this drone Fly Away caveat if 4G is enabled I want To bring up the question because there's

GPS information that's embedded in a Cellular signal so I want to know if the GPS on the Drone fails does it use the Cellular information as redundancy Because that could be a really really Intelligent way of just negating the FlyAway problem as a whole it's my Biggest question now let's get to Mapping this drone like I said has Autonomous missions built into it it Even utilizes the pix40 kind of user Interface if you're used to that and They also work with other photogrammetry Engines by the way but they worked with Pix4d to offer a cloud integration so You can literally be flying a Construction site and be mapping it and Autonomously uploading those images to The pixwordy cloud and even have an Ortho Mosaic or a point Cloud very very Fast turnaround so this is a force Multiplier for mapping and frankly you Can't ignore this tool when it comes to Drone mapping [Music] In conclusion I really enjoyed flying This drone it's got a lot of cool Features too that are going to propel The industrial space the inspection Space the Enterprise space but Frankly Speaking we've got a lot of new drones From DJI recently they're not that fun To fly because they're software limited That yaw prioritized over the role we've

Talked about this before and frankly This drone was a lot of fun to fly it's Stable it's fun it's capable it's robust You know when we first got the Drone I Was thinking it would be like the older Anophe's which uh were frankly Underpowered and this is a much more Well-built drone it's very robust and It's going to empower true bvlos Operations I mean you know in looking For a new all-in-one drone to compete With some of the ancient aircraft it's Been difficult to find anything that Truly competes on every front that said This particular drone opens up new Verticals and new fronts that we haven't Had access to before so frankly you Can't ignore the capacity of this Particular aircraft in how many Verticals it can truly serve across the Industry as a whole the Drone mapping Vertical of the industry has been Seeking an evolution anyway we've all Been expecting what's next what's new What's going to help all of us at a Decent price point this drone is going To disrupt that industry vertical for The better this level of competition is Going to force other people to make Great drones and we don't have to wait For those drones to come out because This aircraft was designed to deliver And frankly its capacity and capability And portability paired with its amazing

Camera sensor makes it a drone that Can't be ignored even when DJI is Releasing higher priced drones with less Features they opened up the door to real Competition parrot didn't just walk Through the door they flew through it With the enoughi AI highly recommend This drone it has a real potential to Disrupt the aerial mapping vertical of Drones as a whole and check out our Don't crash course free to members on Drone U also we're going to be adding The don't crash course for our props Programs our drone programs and teams That we support through the props Academy thanks for joining me my name is Paul and I hope that you enjoyed this Video trying to find that next evolution In drone mapping truly believe this is It Thank you