The best FPV goggle for almost everybody (except DJI) // HDZERO GOGGLE REVIEW

By | January 20, 2023

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00:00:00 – This is the best goggle for a lot of people
00:00:55 – Overview of today's FPV video systems
00:03:00 – Which goggle is most versatile
00:04:59 – Why the HDZero goggle is most versatile
00:06:14 – Why it's best for HDZero
00:07:02 – Why it's best for Walksnail
00:07:33 – Why it's best for analog
00:08:18 – Goggle can take 6S input. Really!
00:09:23 – Menus: Scan Now
00:10:15 – Menus: Sources
00:12:21 – HDMI pass-through does not work
00:13:01 – Defogging fans are not just an afterthought
00:14:05 – Menus: Record Options

How to convert TS to MP4 easy and lossless –

00:15:35 – DVR records from built-in mic!
00:16:17 – Goggles and vTX are open source
00:17:16 – Antennas and mounting rails
00:18:43 – Have I earned your support today?
00:20:16 – The lowest latency FPV system?!
00:21:54 – Fit and light leak
00:24:25 – Optics and screens
00:25:47 – The right way to compare the FOV spec
00:27:15 – IPD and focus adjustments
00:28:54 – Price
00:30:52 – If you fly analog, should you buy this?
00:32:36 – If you fly HDZero, YOU SHOULD BUY THIS
00:33:54 – If you fly Walksnail, should you buy this?

If you're watching this video right now Then there is a fair chance that the ht0 Goggle is the best fpv goggle you could Pick today what I want to say is that What makes it so great is its Versatility it can be used with three of The four fpv systems in use today and it Is versatile Let's make it good but that's not the Only thing that makes it good see if it Was mediocre at each of the things but Could do them all you might go yeah I Feel conflicted as to whether you Actually want to commit to it or whether You want to get one goggle that does one Thing really well but there is something About this goggle when used with each of Those systems that is better That's better than any other Goggle Out there And that's pretty freaking impressive I'm Joshua Birdwell and you're gonna Learn something today I want to make Sure that everybody watching this video Understands fully why this goggle is Such a big freaking deal even people who Are completely brand new to fpv in fact It's people who are just getting into Fpv who are thinking about buying their First set of goggles who maybe are most Interested in this question because once You've invested 200 300 500 600 in a set of goggles it's A little harder to justify spending the

Money on a different set but if you're Just starting from scratch you've got no Sunk costs and it's really important to Make the right decision so people who Are already in fpv and who know some of This stuff already bear with me or There's a chapter markers in the Timeline and down in the video Description if you want to try to jump Ahead to the next section be my guest so There are several different video Systems in use today we could start with Analog video this is a set of hdo2 Goggles from fat shark next up we've got DJI this set of goggles is used with the Walk snail video system I don't know who Makes up these names walks now fine this Is until today the main way that people Used the HD zero video system ht0 being The manufacturer of these goggles now This is a standalone video receiver it's Got some antennas here it's got an HDMI Output and it would mount on the front Of these goggles like so in fact just Like so I've got the mount still there And an HDMI cable would come out and go Into the HDMI input on the goggles and That's how you would display the image This is the walk snail Standalone video Receiver and it mounts on the front of The goggles these is just a set of Analog goggles known as the Orca fpv1 it Mounts on the front of the goggles it Has an HDMI output and it goes into the

Goggle via an HDMI input so that's where Things stand today in the world that the HD zero goggle comes into and now you're Ready to sort of understand why this Goggle is so freaking versatile in fact Let's rank these goggles from least Versatile to most versatile in terms of The number of video systems that they're Compatible with here's the DJI goggles 2 The latest hottest goggle from DJI and It is compatible with nothing it's only Compatible with the dji03 air unit and Then just recently they added Compatibility with the previous Generation of fpv video transmitters it Can be used with the DJI Avada that's Fair tied for least versatile is the Walk snail goggle here this also cannot Be used with literally anything except The walk snail system there's no HDMI Input there's no analog input there's no Module Bay it's just usable with the Walk snail system wait walk snow finally Did something equal to DJI Equally bad here is the V2 goggle from DJI it is slightly more versatile yes It's compatible with the DJI digital Video transmitters and it has an AV Input it's hidden right here that can be Used to connect it to an analog receiver Module it's not a very good analog Goggle it has a little bit of additional Latency and it's just not very it's not Very good at it but it can be used with

An analog receiver module so it is Slightly more versatile than the goggles 2. next we have these two analog goggles And although we call them analog goggles Because they both have a module Bay on The side where you install an analog Video receiver module that receives the Signals from your analog video Transmitter we call them analog modules But they're really much more than that They both have HDMI inputs and that Means that they can be used with digital Systems so here we've got one with the Standalone HD zero video receiver on it And the other with the walk snail Standalone video receiver on it and more Or less if you use those digital system With these goggles you are getting you Want to say you're getting the full Performance of the system but you're Kind of not and that starts to explain Where the HD zero goggle is so good so When we look at the HD zero goggle at First it might be tempting to write it Off as equally versatile to those two Analog goggles I mean if you think about It it has HD zero built in instead of Analog so it does that's one thing that It does there's an AV input which takes A 3.5 millimeter plug and that can carry A video signal from an analog ground Station or you can pop this little tab Off the side and that opens up a port Here that lets you plug in this little

Uh it's sold separately and it's Basically a modular analog receiver Module I have put my rapid fire module In here I've taken it out of my analog Goggles and as you can see I put the the Blue cover from my fat shirt goggles on There it doesn't look the best with the White goggles just don't have a white Cover but that gives you an idea of what You've got there and the goggles have an HDMI input so they can be used with the Walk snail video receiver if you prefer At this point you might be tempted to Conclude that these three goggles are Basically equivalent and if you're just Looking at their versatility then that Might be true but the hc0 goggle has a Lot of things going for it that these Other two goggles just can't match see These ht0 goggles have a high frame rate OLED display 1920×1080 resolution so Plenty of resolution for any of the Signals there just aren't any Wireless HD fpv protocols that go above 1080P and Most of them are running at 720p for Speed and latency and that means that These goggles can make the most of just About any system you feed them when used With HD zero they can take advantage of The new 540p 90 FPS mode which gives the Base resolution for hd0 is 720P P at 60 Frames per second but if you want to Give up a little bit of resolution you Go from 720 down to 540 you can get

Additional frame rate you go from 60 to 90 frames per second and that gives you A smoother video feed but also a Reduction in latency so that high frame Rate display is also useful when used With the walk snail video transmitter The walk snow video transmitter has both A 60 FPS and a 100 FPS mode and again You have lower latency in the 100 FPS Mode but any of the other goggles you Would use this with are going to be Limited to 60fps but To HD zero goggle can do the full 720p 100 frames per second mode and it is one Of the only goggles that can do that I'm Trying to think I think there's maybe One more that somebody found in Old Goggle that somehow is able to do it and The analog module is no exception the Ht0 goggle has advanced filtering for The analog signal and a proper De-interlacer to make the analog signal Look as good as possible as well the Analog DVR is MP4 encoding at I think It's 35 megabits per second so you're Gonna get great looking analog I mean You can only make analog look so good Compared to 720p digital but it's going To make your analog feed look as good as Possible there's another thing these Goggles do that makes them the lowest Latency fpv video link you can get but To kind of feel bad that we've gotten This far into the video and I've been

Talking about them and we haven't even Powered them up and looked at them so Let's do that and we'll come back to That lowest latency thing a little later In the video to power the goggles up I'm Going to be using this 2s battery pack If you prefer to use a battery in your Pocket the goggles do come with an xt60 To Barrel cable it's just a straight Through cable it doesn't have a Regulator in it or anything like that But that's okay because the goggles can Be powered with anywhere from a 2s to a 6S battery and when I say that Some of the folks who've been reading The manual or been talking about the Goggles online are going to say hold on Bardwell you gotta warn them that if you Use a 6S battery you're right at the top Of the voltage range for the goggles and It's a good idea to turn the power Switch off then plug the battery in then Turn the power switch on to avoid any Voltage searches well good news I'm told That Carl has been testing these goggles Up to as high as 30 volts without frying Them not suggesting you do that but uh They feel confident enough to say that It is safe to use these goggles with a 6S battery even a fully charged one not A high volt but a regular 6s battery is Pretty much safe to use straight from Ryan quilt and Carl the scan now menu is Used to scan through the available HD

Zero channels to find any transmitters That are active on those channels and Tune into them so I'll go ahead and Press this button and it'll begin Scanning and we should pick up a video Transmitter that is active I've got a Quadcopter plugged in over on the bench That's why you're hearing a fan right Now because the video transmitter would Overheat since we're not flying And here we have the signal from the Video transmitter you're going to notice That it is a 4 3 aspect ratio so it's Not taking up the entire screen hc0 has Some cameras which are wide screen some Which are four three and some which can Switch between them the camera I'm using Actually is the new 90 frame per second Nano camera which only does four three If I want to go back to the menu I can Long press this button and we'll go back To that menu The Source menu lets us Select from one of four video input Sources that the goggles have those Sources are the internal HD zero module The HDMI input the 3.5 millimeter AV Input or the expansion module which Currently is used only for analog video Input but there's some other stuff that They're working on including a Wi-Fi Module that might receive video via Wi-Fi so the HDMI input source can be Used to display any really 720p or 1080p Source on the goggle screens and you

Could use your imagination for ways to Use this two ways that come to mind Include well first of all if you've got A standalone video receiver like the Cadix or walk snail vrx it's going to Output its signal via HDMI and that's How it's going to get into the goggles But you could plug this into your Computer and just use it as an external Display just like you plug a projector Or a second monitor in these goggles are Just a 1080p display so you could use it To play simulator you could just have The simulator running in the goggles you Could you could use it to freaking watch A movie if you wanted to in addition to The HDMI input the goggles have an HDMI Output and that is much more rare than I Would think it's like some manufacturers Got the idea that you could only do one Or the other and the user has to pick You can't have them both then hc0 gives You them both HDMI output is good for Putting whatever you are seeing on your Screen out to an external screen nice For spectating if you're at an event or If people just want to watch you fly you Could project your feed you could use it For shooting videos like this onto a Little screen like this uh you could Record the HDMI output with an HDMI Capture card and huh it also outputs not Just the digital feed but it also Outputs the analog feed it converts

Analog from analog to HDMI so if you Have it's really hard to get an analog Feed onto like a television screen these Days because a lot of TVs just don't Have inputs for it it can do the Conversion for you pretty freaking cool Now I had to know if I am using the HDMI Input with something like this walk Snail vrx can I also then use the HDMI Output to pass that signal through to an External screen and there's only one way To find out So we'll go here and we'll go to source HDMI in detected and No So um you would still need an HDMI Splitter in that case I mean there are Like 15 20 bucks they're not that Expensive but it is too bad they Couldn't make that happen it would have Been real nice the goggle has three sets Of fans a main defogging fan here on the Top and two cooling fans on either side That help keep just all the electronics On the inside from overheating Especially if you're out somewhere where It's hot the two side fans are Automatically controlled by the goggles You can't change them the top fan can be Manually controlled from the goggles Menu or can be set to Auto in which case The goggle will spin it up or down based On how hot it detects I don't know just Based on whatever it decides it's really

Nice that hc0 have given this much Thought to defogging the DJI goggles 2 Dji's new flagship goggle says if the Goggles fog up I don't know go inside And I'm like thanks when I'm shooting a Movie for Michael Bay and not me Hypothetically when I'm shooting a movie For Michael Bay I'll tell Michael I Can't shoot right now because my goggles Are fogged up are you joking so it just Shows how thoughtful HD zero is being uh To the general needs of fpv Pilots the Record options are used to configure the Built-in DVR and this DVR is used to Record the HD zero and the analog input But not the HDMI input I'm sure there's Some copy protection reason why they Won't record signals coming into the HDMI input I don't really know for sure But I don't think that's too big of a Drawback because if you're using the HDMI input with something like this Standalone walk snow vrx it's got its Own built-in DVR and it's going to be Recording those signals directly from The video feed whereas if you were Feeding them through HDMI into the HD Zero goggles and it was recording him it Would have to re-encode him and you'd Have some quality loss so you can record Hd0 or analog via the built-in DVR the Recording format can either be MP4 or TS Format the advantage of TS format is That if the goggle is unplugged in the

Middle of a recording the recording will It'll obviously stop recording but You'll be able to use the video file Right up to the moment that you unplug The goggle if you're recording an mp4 File and you stop in the middle the file Will be corrupted and there are some Tools out there programs that can Recover it but sometimes it'll just be Lost the advantage of MP4 is that you Can drop MP4 straight into your video Editor and it'll handle it natively Whereas TS files usually can't be Handled I do have a video I put out a While back about converting TS files to MP4 losslessly I'll put a link to that Down in the video description you can Also configure whether the DVR records Audio and that audio Source can be Either mic line in or AV in if you do Decide to use the built-in mic in the Goggles you're gonna get pretty crappy Audio that's what you're listening to Right now and the reason is that those Defogging fans that we talked about Earlier make a lot of freaking noise It's plenty good for somebody like me Who just wants the audio to make like a Quick note to self or to help me Synchronize my DVR with some other Camera for example but if you actually Wanted to record like good quality audio You'd need to get an external lavalier Mic or some other kind of microphone to

Plug into the port on the underside of The car now if you don't like anything That you've seen in this review so far The good news is that these goggles are Completely open source and so Theoretically at least you could change It The cad files for the goggles shell have Been published you could download them You could 3D print your own shell you Could modify it if you so desire the Operating system of the goggles the Actual code has been published you could Download that code you could change the Interface you could add new features and In fact the code that runs on the video Transmitter is also open source and People are working on adding features to It as well if you love open source Development and open source Community Whether you're a developer or just a User this is that's something that no Other system has and even systems like Walk snail which are relatively Responsive to community needs you still Kind of can't beat an open source system Where developers can just do whatever The frick they want the goggles have one Two three four antenna connectors and You can see that I am using them with These true RC X air antennas made Specifically for the HD zero goggles That also gives us an opportunity to Demonstrate another cool feature it

Which is these mounting rails on the top Of the goggle I'm not going to take the Antenna completely off because I don't Want to unscrew it right this minute but I've got these slide on mounting rails And of course we can mount these Antennas which are specifically designed For that there is a mount for the walk Snell vrx and you could just design Whatever you want it's basically just a 3D printed piece with some sticky tape On the front that you stick something to This is really thoughtful and these Goggles have a lot of thoughtful touches Like this because a lot of other goggles The antennas are big they're hanging off It and when you go to put them in a case Or in your backpack you've got to take The entire 10 is off and number one That's a little bit of a hassle and Number two it wears out the connectors The connectors SMA connectors only have So many mating Cycles before they wear Out so the ability to just have these Like this nice and contained but not Have them be built into the goggles so If you wanted to use something else You're screwed it's a really really nice Compromise you want to use it like this Perfect you want to use some great big Honkin High Gain antennas that the Biggest dinner plates you could do that Too it's really totally up to you Earlier in the video I told you that the

Hc0 goggles do something special that Makes them the lowest latency fpv system You could get lower even than analog and It's time for me to tell you what that Is just as soon as I tell you about Today's sponsor Today's sponsor is you I don't take Sponsors for my videos Almost Never Instead I rely on people just like you To support me through Patreon is a website where you can Subscribe to me for as little as two Dollars a month or more if you feel like I've earned it the amount that you Subscribe at is totally up to you and You can stop anytime you feel like it Patrons get access to my Discord server Where there are tons of helpful people There's a troubleshooting Forum there's A buy sell trade forum and mostly There's just a bunch of cool people to Hang out with and talk fpv but mostly What you get by being a patron I hope is The good feeling of supporting the work That I do here if you get value from my Content if I help you save money if I Help you buy the right product or if I Just give you something nice to listen To for hours and hours while you're at Work I know you're out there then maybe Today's the day where you decide it's Time to join up if today is the day There's a link in the video description Below to my I'd love to have

You as a supporter and if today's not The day hey that's cool I listened to Content for a long time before I go fine You got me I'll join up Keep watching the content I'll keep Making the content hopefully that day Will come in order to understand what These Goggles do differently that makes Them have such a low latency link we Gotta sort of talk generally about the Pipeline from the camera through the Video transmitter to the video receiver To the display in a typical video system But what the HD zero Goggles do Differently is that they finally let ht0 Control the entire pipeline think about It you've got a camera and it's sending Data and then that data gets to the Display and if the display is in the Middle of displaying another frame of Data it can't start displaying the frame Of data that's coming in it's like hold On you gotta wait I gotta finish showing This one frame and now I'll show the Next one but by synchronizing the entire Signal path from the camera to the Display Hc0 has been able to remove any of those Additional latency so that everything is Perfectly synced up align a scan line of Data comes from the camera goes through The pipeline and comes out on the Display without any additional waiting And that brings the latency for this

System down as low as 14 milliseconds Glass to glass if used with a 90 frame Per second camera or 16 milliseconds Glass to glass when used with a 60 frame Per second camera that's There are a few analog systems that get Close to that but not the 14. the Fastest analog systems are at about 16 Milliseconds glass to glass 14 Milliseconds is okay it's only two Milliseconds faster what difference does It make it's still pretty freaking cool And only hd0 does that it's very Challenging to design a goggle that's Going to fit everybody's face well Because people have different shapes and Sizes of faces ac0 have done something That many fpv goggle manufacturers have Started doing not all of them though and I'm kind of wonder why which is ship the Goggle with two different face plates One with a more shallow flat profile and One with a more curved profile you can Remove the face plate just by popping Little Clips here just pop it off and it Comes off it doesn't mine didn't come With a faceplate pre-installed so what I Did is I just took the face plates I Kind of held them up to my face I see Which one sort of felt like it matched The profile of my face better and popped It on then install the face foam here Which attaches via velcro and we can put This on and see how it fits

Now it's a little bit silly to talk About fit in a review because like I Said everyone's face is different and I Can tell you that this goggle fits my Face just about perfectly Um there are no pressure points like Sometimes goggles will have a lot of Pressure on the bridge at the nose it's It's completely comfortable on my face And it's been a while since I've had a Goggle that I could honestly say that as Far as light leak goes these little Holes here are the only place there's Any leakage at all and that's only if I Move the goggles to a specific angle Some people have covered those holes up To try and prevent the light leak but Don't do that their air intakes for the Defogging system and if you cover them Up you may make the defogging system not Work as well The factory foam is pretty thin and if The profile of the face plate didn't fit My face so freaking perfectly then I Would have more complaints about it Normally I have to put relatively thick Foam on my goggles because there's a Pressure point somewhere that I'm trying To compensate for I still feel like it's Thinner than I might would like it and Over time it's going to wear out and get Even thinner but I don't have any Serious complaints about it it is nice That it is this neoprene style that is

Much more durable than like a fabric or Felt or even I think it's better than a Leatherette style uh it's my personal Favorite and I've been buying neoprene Style faceplates from my goggles Aftermarket for a long freaking time It's very nice that they've gone that Direction the field of view of the Screens is 46 degrees and if you're new To fpp goggles field of view just refers To how big the screen looks when you Look into the goggles and that's a Function of the screen size the actual Micro display itself the bigger it gets The wider the field of view but it's Also a function of the goggles Optics And this is something that a lot of fpv Goggle manufacturers struggle with Sometimes they have put a gigantic Screen into the goggles relatively Speaking and it results in this huge Immersive field of view but the actual Lenses that shape the light going to Your eyeball Aren't good enough and you get sort of Distorted images on the side you can't Center the image up you can you don't Get to see the whole thing clearly this Is something that people complain about Even on a flagship goggle like the DJI Goggles 2. ac0 has taken great pains to Make these uh the whole Optical system As clear and beautiful as possible that 46 degree field of view is going to be

Edge to edge sharp well I mean everybody's face is different and Everybody's eyes are different so I Can't promise you that it's gonna be Edge to edge sharp but that is a design Priority for HD zero it's edge to edge Sharp for me and that's not true of Every goggle the standard way of Measuring field of view for an fpv Goggle is to measure diagonally corner To corner across the screen and that Means that the way the field of view is Measured depends on the aspect ratio of The screen so for a 16 9 wide screen Display we would measure 46 degrees from Here to here but for a 4 3 display like On a goggle like the fat shark hd02 or The Orca fpv1 we would measure from Corner to corner here so when you're Looking at other goggles and they say For example the Orca fpv1 has a 37 Degree field of view does that mean it's Smaller than the field of view on these Goggles that depends on if you're flying With a 4-3 camera or a 16 9k camera Because it turns out the math works out Perfectly that a 4 3 camera Used on a 16 9 wide screen with a 46 Degree field of view the effective field Of view of this smaller 4 3 image is Exactly 37 degrees So although the Orca fpv1 only has a 37 Degree field of view and this HD zero Goggle has a 46 degree field of view you

Will actually get the same size image if You're using a 4 3 camera on both of Them if you're using a 16 9 camera the Orca image will letterbox and get even Smaller than that and so in that case The hd0 image would be bigger like all Fpv goggles they have interpupillary Distance adjustment which moves the Lenses in and out to try to make them Fit to the width of your eyes the range Is 57 to 70 millimeters and somebody in The comments of another video asked why Do all the manufacturers have this 57 to 70 millimeter spec my eyes are 72 and Nothing works for me and the answer is That they all buy the Optics module from The same place This is I'm pretty sure this is the Exact same Optics module in the fat Shark Dominator and probably the same Optics module in the DJI goggles 2 as Well I don't know for sure but uh they All just buy it from the same place and So that's why they all have the same ipd Adjustment if that doesn't work for you Uh you're gonna have to get a box goggle That's just the workaround uh they also Have Focus adjustment from -6 to plus Six diopters Um if your a vision is outside that Range or if you have a particularly Large amount of astigmatism where a Focus adjustment alone won't affect Won't fix it for you they do have slots

Where you could put a diopter lens in a Custom prescription lens however it is Not the same shape of slot as the Standard fat shark slot that most Goggles have used until now is a new Custom slot so if you have a set of Diapers you won't be able to use them Unless you grind them down somehow I am Told that hd0 is working with the Manufacturer optic Fisher out of Germany Who makes custom lens inserts to come up With a blank that fits their goggles and You may be able to order that at some Time in the future now when I tell you The price of these goggles you're gonna Wins there's 600 and 600 used to be kind Of the ceiling for a really high-end set Of goggles the original DJI V2 goggles Were 575 dollars when they launched I Think the goggles 2 are around 600 now Um and considering what you're getting Maybe that's a fair price but it's going To be a lot more than a lot of people Want to pay if you're watching this Video before February 4th 2023 they're Running a special promotion where the Goggles are marked down to 500 uh and uh So knock a hundred dollars off but you Should know that that is a pre-order and They won't ship till at least March of 2023 so you're going to be waiting a Little while if you decide to take Advantage of that on the other hand if You don't want to wait till March your

What are you going to do you're not Going to get them any faster there are None so either buy them now and wait Till March or buy them later and wait Till June it's up to you if you decide to get The analog module Bay that's another Thirty dollars and doesn't come with an Analog module you would use an existing Analog module that you already own if You don't have an analog module the one That I suggest is TBS Fusion the Immersion RC rapid fire that I'm using Is very good but is a little more Expensive than the fusion and fusion is Performs really just as well and is a Little cheaper I also need to know that these goggles Don't come with antennas so you can use Any existing antennas that you have as Long as they are right hand polarized And SMA or if you decide to get this Exact set to get this low profile you Know this kind of thing then that's uh I Think it's about 85 bucks there's a link In the video description if you decide To pick it up with that out of the way I want to talk about who this goggle is For and who it is not for and I've got No if you fly primarily analog I think That is one of the weaker use cases for The HD zero goggles it does have some Analog specific features that make it Desirable like the proper d-interlacer

And the great quality DVR but lots of Goggles have a pretty good DVR these Days I've got these Orca goggles right Here and the other Goggle that comes to Mind is the Sky Zone Sky 04x which I Don't have one of those handy but it is In a similar price point and a similar Feature set what these goggles have over The HD zero goggles is a much lighter And more compact form factor and that's Especially true if you hang this Freaking module off the side and now you Got this freaking giant thing hanging Off the side of your head with some Antennas sticking up and it's not the End of the world but it's it's not great Compare that to something like the Orca Goggles where the module is on the Inside and if you only flew analog I Think you might Choose something like the Orca or if you Prefer a larger field of view more than A very very clear field of view Something like the Sky Zone skyo4x these Guys come in the orcas just drop down to 500 bucks I think that's a permanent Price drop but I'm not sure they're Normally around 600 the Sky Zones are 569 so they're all in about the same Price range as something like this but If you fly analog and you're thinking About mixing and matching with something Like HD zero and or walk snail then Immediately the HD zero goggles jump way

Way out into the lead so let's talk About the features when used with walk Snail and HD zero today the hc0 goggles Are the only way to get the hd0 540p 90 Mode where you get 90 frames per second For the absolute lowest latency and Smoothest signal that is going to come To the video receiver eventually but it May not That remains to be seen there will also Be a 1080p 30 mode for higher resolution At the expense of latency and that's Everything's going to come to the Goggles first and then it'll come to the Standalone receivers if and when it does If and when it can if you're serious About HD zero I don't think there's any Question that you want to own these Goggles right you might ask well could I Just use a standalone video receiver With some other Goggle and yeah you can And yeah people have but you're not Going to get that ultra low latency 540p 90 frame per second mode at least not Today that may come to the video Receiver in the future but these goggles Can't do 90 frames per second and that's The big limitation if there was some Other Goggle out there that could do 90 Or 100 frames per second then perhaps This video receiver would be a more Compelling option but today for those Who are serious about hd0 and want to Get the best performance out of the

System these goggles are it enough said What about walk snail I actually think that the hd0 goggles With the walk snail video receiver are a Better choice for most people than the Standalone Dominator goggles and The reason for that is Because I just can't believe I just Don't want to live in a world where I'm Locked into one video system where I Spend six hundred dollars on a set of Dominator goggles and they're good Goggles But then all I can fly is walk snail Forever walksdale's fine Lots of people probably flywalk still And that's just all they fly I remember when analog was all we had And analog was just all I flew and I was Fine with it but today It just bugs me that those goggles don't Have an HDMI input why not because walk Snail doesn't want you to use anything Else you're going to use our goggles and I say no No I will get all the benefits of the Walk Snail System including the 100 frame per Second mode and I will have a set of Goggles that I can do whatever I want With And it's going to cost me 200 for this Module and five or six hundred dollars For this goggles so I'm actually gonna

Come out I'm gonna spend a lot more money than if I just bought the Dominator goggles but At least I'll have the flexibility to do Anything else I want and when I fly Somewhere and I've got like a walk snail Quad and a analog quad because maybe I Got a little tiny whoop that has analog In it I won't have to bring two sets of Goggles that's the thing if all you ever Fly is walk snail forever ever ever go Buy the Dominator goggles enjoy But if you're ever gonna mix and match Suddenly this becomes really compelling And it gives you everything You're not giving up anything by using The HD zero with the vrx you get all of The performance all of the capabilities Of the Walk snail system just you got This little Dungy dunk that mounts on The front of your goggles and it's not Quite as nice looking in fact it's a Little bit hard to think of people for Whom this isn't a really compelling Choice I guess the main person who Wouldn't even think about getting this Goggle Would be a person who flies only DJI and Just isn't interested in anything that Isn't DJI and like I said at the Beginning of the video they're sitting Over there looking down on all of us and Thinking they're better than us so who Really cares

Well if you decide you're gonna pick This goggle up there are links in the Video description they are affiliate Links and what that means is that when You click that link and you make a Purchase at the Affiliated store I get a Little commission uh it's not a big Amount it doesn't cost you anything just Means the store gives me a cut of the Sale instead of keeping it so yeah uh And uh it adds up so it's a great way For you to support the channel head down There you don't have to even buy the Item that we're talking about in this Video you can just go click the Affiliate link and do your normal Shopping as a way of telling the store Hey I support Bardwell and he sent me Here Links down there I'd love to know your Thoughts actually that's that's silly uh Normally when I say I'd love to know Your thoughts it's because I want to Know what you think but in this case I Pretty much know what you think because I've been reading your comments in other People's videos but if you still if There's something you want to talk about Head on down to the comments and let me Know I'll see you there happy flying