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ITS FINALLY HERE GUYS . The DJI 03 Air unit has arrived and i must say that it has and will completely change the game in FPV video transmission. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK IN THE COMMENTS BELOW . PART 2 COMING SOOON

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Whoa what's up guys welcome back to the Channel I know it's been a while but This video will not disappoint all right So we're going to jump in this about This new thing all right recently DJI Released the DJI Avada now this thing Boasted for like amazing video quality Super long range for video transmission And also just like a awesome little Drone but one thing that we were missing On our end and I mean our end by that Being customized drone guys like myself They like to Tinker and build our own Quads we wanted this video quality in This drone and as of right now we didn't Have that but guess what DJI has fixed That solution all together and they have Came out with the DJI 03 air unit now This paired with Their new goggles There's just no comparison and I'm going To tell you exactly why All right so to start this off I just Want to start by unboxing the DJI 03 air Unit Um I mean obviously from DJI their Packaging is always on point and always Super high quality Let's go ahead and open this up And see what we have Whoa I'll tell you boy They are making them prettier and Prettier by the second So what we have here we have our

Camera And then we have the actual air unit Oh okay and here's the plug for the air Unit as well What they did was they went from Two different Ufls into one antenna which is cool Because in the last one there was dual Antenna now on this one they have the Single antenna Let me get this paintwork let's get this Back on the thing and then we're going To see what this looks like in a quad And we're going to talk about the specs Actually while we have it here we'll Talk about some of the specs six miles Okay so let's just go over the specs the Important specs of the O3 DJI air unit I Was boasting for 30 millisecond and 10 Kilometers which I believe is around six Miles digital video transmission that Means latency is very low and you are Also going to be able to go super super Far and distance from yourself Which one I mean from yourself from the Goggles This unit in your quad to the goggle how Far you can get from yourself just for People that don't understand what that Really means your transmission is going To be between the air unit and the Goggles so I in later days we've had a Top problem that we couldn't go very far From ourselves and keep a super high

Quality video but now with DJI doing This Six Mile thing with their Bowser we Can go six miles from ourselves and Still keep that super high quality it Also does 1080p at 100 frames per second So that's going to be what you're seeing In real time you'll be able to see it 100 frames a second at 1080. now it Records at 4K 60 frames per second Which is recorded on the on board they Have on board Memory bank here that I believe does 24 I believe does 24 gigs of footage can be Stored on just this unit itself without An SD card or anything like that it also Has built-in Rock study so that you can And I'll put that around here somewhere If not it'll be later on the video You'll see the difference between Rocksteady and non-rock steady footage It also has canvas mode built in which Means that we can now change our pids uh Change all different kind of things with Our drone simply by looking into the Goggles that was something that we Didn't have with the earlier models in The DJI units and like I said before I Feel like DJI has really been listening To us and and giving us what we want we Want super Crystal video we want to go Super far from ourselves and we want to Be able to change our pids and Tinker With our quads and the goggles without

Having to take them off and do it on Some other type of system So that's the air unit now you know the Specs for the air unit Now let's talk about the specs for the Goggles now these are the new goggles From the considered the goggle two the Actual V2 goggles that were previously Released will also work with the new air Unit okay just so you guys know that I Have not tried that but that is what They are saying that they are compatible With the V2 Goggle Now for the goggle 2 This goggles coming in weighing in at About 290 grams which is super Lightweight I mean they fit pretty dang Good on my head And for me since I'm like super blind I Can adjust these diopters here under Here and up in here to change my vision Now like I said I'm pretty much blind Without my glasses on like I can't even See the camera right now but If you can see they have a lot of Diopter changes here Now you can change these from zero to Negative eight and I'm around a negative Six and and that's really bad so if I Can find my vision prescription pretty Quickly in here I'm sure that you won't Have a problem at all Um also we can do wireless wireless Streaming from this goggle directly Through Wi-Fi to a TV or whatever else

You would like to Output to uh also These are micro LEDs Micro OLED screens in each one of these Which I mean is amazing as I didn't Realize how big of a difference it would Make from the original ones to the new Ones but They did an amazing job on that uh Trying to think what else I mean there's Pretty much not I mean I really can't Notice a lot of latency In general so for me I don't notice any Latency between the new air unit and the New goggles um I haven't used the oh the V2 goggles with the new air unit so I Can't really be 100 on what that is but Between these new goggles and the new Air unit latency is is very very very Low okay now that we've went over over All the specs for the goggles and the New 03 air unit just want to give you Guys a quick visual of what it looks Like in the Drone And I will take this off and let you Guys see how it's wired up but I pretty Much installed this the exact same way That I installed my original air unit And the original DJI setup so I haven't Had any problems with any type of like Overheating or anything like that so I'd Say this is a good way to install it I Will also post some images of how DJI Recommends you install it to cut down on IMU resonance and also overheating but

Again I installed it the same way that I Usually have on all my other air units And I will say that this fits a lot Better than the rest of them but uh I Haven't had a problem with any resonance Or overheating at all Look at that that thing looks amazing Guys That thing looks amazing so now this is The point that everybody wants to see This is what really matters and we're Going to see if DJI actually hit the Nail on the head with this one but I'm Going to show you guys some footage and I'm going to run this footage side by Side one will be rock steady one will be Unstabilized so I want you guys to see The quality uh as you see though this Camera is so wide the field of view I Think on these things are 155. Just crazy wide but if you can see my Camera plates kind of sit on both sides And the camera sits in between so you Will see a black shadow on each side of The image and I just want you guys to Know that that's not just the camera That's just the combination of camera And camera case that I have right now I will say that I mean Let's just watch the footage Foreign [Music] Foreign

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Guys I messed up a little bit I didn't Press the settings right in my goggles Or whichever wherever I didn't press it Right and I couldn't get the stabilized Footage going so what I'm going to do is I'm going to do a part two that's going To include the stabilized footage as Well as an in-depth build on how to Install and layout of the O3 air unit Now I just want to say that I'm Absolutely blown away by this system uh I've flown it for a couple weeks now and No breakup whatsoever at the distances That I fly Um this I have not gotten to a six mile Range yet at all because that's not what I fly so it's hard for me to just go out And find some place to fly six miles at But hands down this is the best Performing system on the market and to Put that in the context yes DJI did send This unit the air unit And the goggles to me now They didn't tell me what to say they Didn't give me any expectations of what

I was going to be receiving or how it Was supposed to perform or anything like That so this is just based off my Personal uh feelings and my personal Experience with the system uh if you Know me if you've been on this channel For a couple a couple years now maybe That I based my things off the best Performance I don't care who makes it How it's made any of that right there I Want the superior product and as of Right now DJI hands down this is the Best performing product that I have seen Um Any downfalls I haven't seen any yet all The pluses footage looks good DVR is Amazing and it's not even DVR anymore This is this is flight footage this is Postable to YouTube pretty much you know What I mean uh I can't wait for you guys To see the stabilized version of it and Like I said in part two we will cover All of that and uh this stuff is Available right now guys so go ahead and Check out the links below click them I'm Not making any money off the links so Click them if you want to click them Don't click them if you don't want to Click them but if you're looking for fpv System and you want to be at the top top Tier of what is fpv right now for Visuals DJI This stuff right here guys This is it seriously I've tried it all

This This So check it out thank you guys for Watching come back for part two and we Are out