The DRL Simulator | FPV 101: Phase 6, Episode 1

By | November 22, 2022

Learning to fly FPV is not easy, and real drones can be very expensive, so whether you’re just starting out flying, or attempting to learn a new and difficult maneuver, it’s always beneficial to nail down the muscle memory first in the DRL SIM before taking it to the sky.

Practicing in a simulator not only allows you to crash and reset instantly without spending time and money on rebuilds, but also allows you unlimited battery life, so you can fly as long as you want.

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Today on fpv 101 we're going to be Talking about using the DRL Sim as a Practice tool Learning to Fly fpv isn't Easy and real drones can be pretty Expensive so whether you're just Starting out flying or attempting to Learn a new and difficult maneuver it's Always beneficial to practice in the DRL Sim before taking it to the sky Practicing in a simulator not only Allows you to crash and reset instantly Saving you time and money on rebuilds But also allows you unlimited battery Life so you could fly as long as you Want we're going to jump into freestyle Mode now and load up the US Air Force Night mode map this is a great level to Practice on if you're looking to test Your flying abilities around a wide Range of obstacles as soon as we load Into the level we're going to bring up Our menu screen on the right hand side You'll see quick change options for a Number of different functions including The ability to change flight mode we Suggest you learn on Pro mode so you can Get used to full Acro flight as quickly As possible you will also see camera Tilt and Camera field of view play Around with these settings while you fly Especially the camera tilt you'll Quickly find that your ability to Execute different types of Maneuvers is Entirely dependent on how high or low

Your camera tilt is many racing Pilots Prefer a higher camera tilt so they Could fly with a greater pitch and Therefore more speed while also enabling Them to see the course obstacles on the Other hand lower tilts around 15 to 30 Degrees will fly slower but may be more Ideal for casual flying or difficult Freestyle tricks we're going to drop Down to 30 degrees to start the DRL Sim Goes a step further by allowing you to Enter your own parameters for your Virtual flight controller and drone Specs it even allows you to create your Own physics By going into the options submenu in the Physics dashboard you can play around With gravity itself I find it useful to Pump this number up to something between 15 and 20. I'm going to set it to 17. Doing this is a quick and easy way to Help you better learn throttle control And new Maneuvers by forcing you to Really work against gravity as well as a Kind of simulated battery sag Has also added betaflight's own rate Tuning system which we discussed in our Last episode right into the controller Sensitivity settings you can even turn On in-game graphs in the physics Dashboard so that you can monitor how Your tune is affecting your flight Characteristics in real time this makes It easy to quickly get a feel for

Different Tunes you might want to fly in Real life but without risking an Unfortunate crash higher rates will Create more sensitive Tunes with faster Rotation ability which is great if You're an experienced pilot who wants to Execute fast Maneuvers if you're just Starting out though some of these Settings might feel a little too Sensitive or Twitchy you should try some Of the lower presets and then work your Way up to a custom tune