The EcoFlow Delta 2 is Here, and This is Why YOU Need One!

By | September 16, 2022

The EcoFlow Delta 2 has several upgrades that can provide you and your family more security and convenience for years to come. Better battery chemistry, faster charging and lighter weight are just a few of the new features!

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The newest addition to the ecoflow Portable power station lineup is the Delta ii In this video i'm going to show you the Improvements over the original delta and Show you why this is not just a battery Hi everyone russ here i truly appreciate You stopping by the channel to learn About the new delta ii from ecoflow Portable power has never been more Important than it is today we are seeing Increasingly alarming news stories about Power outages rolling blackouts and Energy control by utility companies due To extreme weather and deteriorating Power grids and ecoflow understands this And they're always working to improve Their products to meet the demand the Delta ii power station has some great Improvements from the original delta the Most notable being the incredible Lifespan now i'll get to that here in Just a minute the delta ii is a 1024 Watt hour power station with an 1800 Watt inverter that can power about 90 Percent of home appliances it has a Surge capacity of 2700 watts and that's A little bit less than the original Delta but it covers the majority of Power hungry appliances in most homes And with ecoflow's x boost technology You can even go a little bit beyond the 1800 watts all right we're going to test Out the x boost so here i have the delta

2. I have my studio in the basement of our Home and i do not have heat In this room so i have to during the Winter time heat it with a space heater Okay this is for my studio and this is For my wife's computer area And They do the job But i just want to test this thing out And see how much see if it can handle Both of these because i think we can Push it over 2 000 so let's go ahead and We'll turn on the little one first we're Going to put it on um High So This fan should kick on pretty quick Here There we go [Music] And then we're getting about 13 to 1400 Watts Draw all right now let's turn on This one i'm gonna leave it on low i Think it's on low We're going to switch it to low Okay So we got both space heaters going About 1800 watts Let's switch this to high And there we go so now Two thousand one seventy 2200

Now we're getting just around Look at that Still going We got two space heaters going on high Of course we're only going to get 18 Minutes but 2250 watts You guys That's pretty impressive the delta ii Has six ac outlets two usb a two usb a Fast charge ports two usbc Two 5521 dc ports and a car charging Port that means that you could Potentially power and charge up to 15 Devices at once So you want to hear something really Ironic while i was making this portion Of the video my microphone my dji Microphone actually died and so i have To voice over this part so i apologize But the delta ii can handle up to 15 Devices At the same time and here i'm charging 10 different devices i got my mavic 3 Batteries charging my dewalt battery for Um For my driver and my chainsaw and things Like that in case i want to cut some Wood when the power goes out i got my uh My insta360 one x2 i got my one rs i'm Charging my uh custom made 51 drones air Pods my dji wireless mic system although The one that i was using was not charged I should have been charging that one i

Guess i got my iphone charging the Battery for my a7c camera my ipad pro is Being charged there and then also i was Charging my varla eagle one scooter And uh just in case i wanted to take a Ride when the power goes out so all Those different devices and they weren't Drawing much about 150 to 160 watts it Doesn't take much to charge all of those But i wanted to see if i could actually You know heat up some water or make Coffee with the keurig and still charge All of those devices and so This was an opportunity for me to test Out the extra battery Uh delta ii does has released an extra Battery for Excuse me ecoflow has released an extra Battery for the delta ii at the same Time they're releasing the delta ii so I did have that and i decided i wanted To hook it up and and see how that would Power The delta ii while the delta ii was you Know heating up the keurig and charging Of these devices now this power cable You guys this connection cable this Thing is massive it is so robust uh very Very professionally i mean this is like Industrial Grade Cable right here so that is very nice The other thing that i wanted to point Out here is you know these displays

Especially on that extra battery are Super super bright and i think ecoflow Started doing that Uh last year when they released the Delta i think the original delta was the First one that had that really nice Brake display Um i'm not sure if that's exactly the One that it is but i'm really impressed With the brightness you can see these in Bright sunlight so so i went and turned On the keurig And uh pushed the start button and then It started to draw Right around 13 anywhere between 1300 And 1500 watts i had the water that i Had put in there was really really cold And so that really ramps up that heating Element in there so about 1500 watts at First then it kind of went down a little Bit but then you look at the extra Battery you can see that it is actually Charging The delta ii so as the delta 2's you Know powering all these things the extra Battery is feeding the delta 2 and So that's pretty nice so this is a You know just one quick example of how You can use the extra battery but Increase your watt hours and increase The amount of time that you can power Something so it's pretty nice if you Don't want to buy you know multiple Power stations you can just buy extra

Battery or you can get the delta max That's also compatible The delta max extra battery is Compatible with the delta ii so you have A couple of options there and you know Maybe a better option than purchasing Multiple power stations so so yeah it's A it's a pretty good setup here I just love how both units work together As one that extra battery along with the Delta ii is just a great combination Having that flexibility to expand when You want to just makes sense it means You don't have to buy multiple power Stations when you want to expand the Security for your home you can just get An extra delta ii battery when it's time To charge the delta ii you can use ac Power up to 1200 watts solar up to 500 Watts or with your car charger eco flow Is the industry leader in charging speed You can charge the delta ii from zero to Eighty percent in 50 minutes and fully Charge in about 80 minutes with ac power Now as far as solar charging the Charging rate varies depending upon your Panel size and sunlight conditions and Positioning So Here i have the 400 watt solar panel From ecoflow it's awesome it's massive And i hooked it up to the delta 2 to see How long it would take to charge but no Matter how i positioned the panel even

With the really bright sunlight at least I thought the best i could get was Around 220 watts of input right there All right let's see here So it looks like Nope we're still getting 260 watts Out of this 400 watt panel which isn't That bad but it's less than what i Expected considering how bright the sun Was Well later in the day i realized that we Currently have heavy smoke in our area From wildfires burning in the Neighboring state of montana And solar panels and smoke do not get Along very well So i just decided to plug it into ac i Got about 1200 watts input so it was Full in less than an hour hands down you Guys this is the best reason in my Opinion to get an eco flow if you're Looking for portable power that rapid Charging speed is so convenient the Delta ii can be used as an emergency Power supply as well so you can plug Your most important appliances or Devices into it and when primary power Is lost the delta ii will instantly take Over one of the most devastating things That can happen to a family is that Their power goes out and they don't even Realize it maybe they're gone for the Weekend or on vacation or something like That or maybe their gfi uh switch

Pops for some reason and they don't even Realize maybe they got a freezer plugged In and everything is melting in there And so having an emergency power supply Is one way to prevent Loss of a bunch of money and so the Easiest way to do this just go ahead and Unplug your appliance plug it into the Back of the delta ii And then go ahead and plug your delta Two into your wall And right now the power is running Directly from the outlet to the delta ii And to your appliance but If this gfi breaks or if we lose main Power the delta two will take over and It'll keep all of that food frozen It's just great security to have an Emergency power supply now this can be Very important for example if you're Using a cpap machine when you're Sleeping or something like that but just Know there is a few milliseconds of Delay so it's not the ideal setup for Sensitive electronics like a data server Or a workstation or something like that So here's the most impressive Improvement that ecoflow did with the Delta ii that not only makes it much Better than the original delta but also Better than most other power stations on The market right now the delta ii is an Lfp or lithium ion phosphate battery the Same that tesla uses which not only

Means it's safer and more Environmentally friendly than other Portable power units that commonly use Nmc or nickel manganese cobalt but it Also has an amazing 3000 Full charge to zero cycle life before it Lowers to 80 percent capacity that's Almost 10 years of daily use from zero To 100 percent And then add a five year warranty to That and No other power station even comes close Now just like all of their other units The delta ii can be controlled and Monitored with the ecoflow app you can Connect through wi-fi or even bluetooth When the grid is down you can control Charge input you can monitor how much The ac circuits are using how much the Dc is using and much more it's a very Nice app and it's easy to use so the Delta ii is a pretty good solution for Dry camping as well so right now i have It plugged into my rv You know obviously you can't run the air Conditioner but it is running the fridge Right now and the television and the Lights And we're only pulling about 135 watts So You know during the evening you're gonna Get about five hours just with the delta Ii alone and then you add that extra Battery and that's gonna double the

Amount of time that you can dry camp With the delta ii as you can see the Delta ii is a very nice upgrade from the Original delta the more environmentally Friendly and extended life of the lfp Chemistry is my favorite change but also The fact that it's expandable it's Lighter it can handle more solar input It charges faster and it has an Industry-leading five-year warranty There are so many improvements on this And i'm very impressed with how ecoflow Continues to improve their product line Now ecoflow is offering a five percent Discount for all 51 drones viewers until October 16th of 2022 So just use the links down in the video Description and then use this checkout Code right here on the screen to take Advantage of that discount now just a Reminder there are a lot of scammers Still on youtube and if you get a reply To any of your comments down below and It says that you won something from me There is no giveaway in this video and If you click on that profile picture if You ever see that on a video click on The profile picture that little circle And it'll bring you to the youtube Channel if there's no content there it's Most likely a scammer so just be Vigilant and be careful with scammers Out there so i just wanted to put that Out there because it is kind of a pretty

Big problem still i want to thank Ecoflow once again for sponsoring this Video do all the things that you need to Before you leave the video today like Hit that like button the thumbs up Button subscribe to join the team follow Me on all the socials for bonus content I know you're going to have a great rest Of your day thank you for the continued Support and we'll see you next time so i Bet some of you were wondering what the Heck was that thing he was grinding on So This is my mobile fire pit actually Uh It's all scrap metal And i got wheels on there here the Handle is removable so you can take this Off and get it out of the way This is an old anhydrous tank Just cut the end off Put some air holes in there and then i Still need to cut a hole in the bottom Uh so it can drain you know if it gets Water if it rains in here whatever So yeah pretty cool so you can just move This around And uh Have a fire just move it out of the wind Or move it into a more convenient Location so Yeah It's pretty fun [Music]

So [Music] You