The FAA doesn’t want me to do this

By | November 16, 2022

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00:00:00 – Let's break the law!
00:00:27 – What if I plug in more than one quad?
00:01:37 – Why is my telemetry freaking out?
00:02:08 – Failsafe check three at once!
00:02:21 – I'm freaking out right now!
00:04:26 – Now I piss off the FAA
00:06:14 – Can I fly more than one quad at a time?
00:07:09 – What if we tried angle mode?
00:07:39 – How could we equalize their hover position?
00:08:19 – How could we actually make this work? No!

Don't tell the FAA but it's possible to Fly more than one quadcopter at the same Time with the same controller and I say Don't tell the FAA because they don't Actually want you to do that but I've Got three brand new quadcopters I just Finished building and they need a hover Check and a Fail-Safe check and a maiden Flight and I ain't got time to do that One at a time so today we're breaking The law I'm Joshua Bardwell and you're Going to learn something today what I'm About to show you is something that Racers have known about for a long time Because Racers commonly build huge Numbers of quadcopters for big races and Then they need to test them all and they Don't want to test them one at a time And I'm going to demonstrate this with Express lrs but I want you to know that No matter what control link you use this Probably will work there are very few Control links that don't do this thing That I'm going to bet most of you don't Know about so here's quadcopter number One we're going to plug it in and we Have link we have link here on the radio Oh and if I arm Hit arms and disarms as normal now these Other Express lrs receivers in these Other two quads have also been flashed With the same binding phrase so they are Also bound to the radio what do you Think will happen if I plug them in

Right now well I've kind of given it Away the concept of this video what you Would might think would happen would be That only this first one would work but That's not true Turtle mode Yup Turtle mode looking good and my Telemetry's freaking out you can't hear This right now but my Telemetry is Freaking out because What's Happening Here is that all of these receivers are Receiving the signal from this module at The same time and they are all Responding to it and they are all also Sending Telemetry data back but because There are three Telemetry transmitters At the same time they're all interfering With each other and the Telemetry is Getting corrupted but there is only one Control transmitter and all three of Them are receiving perfectly valid good Signal from it and that means that We can do our Fail-Safe check right now By powering down the radio On all of them at once How nice are you freaking out a little Bit right now I kind of am because with of free sky Fly Sky Spectrum Crossfire and ghost the Way that you bind the receiver is to Literally press a physical button on the Receiver and then enter a menu option or Press a button on the module and then You're bound and there's really no way That somebody is going to be able to do

That without like you knowing about it Unless they like stole your quad or Something But with Express lrs you flash a bind Phrase to the module and to the receiver And that's how they know they're bound And this is cool because if you're like A YouTuber like me and you have five Different radios one of which is your Daily driver and four of which you're Testing for a review then you could just Flash them all to the same bind phrase And then they all bind all your quads And life is easy but it also means that If somebody else knows your bind phrase Could they flash your bind phrase to Their radio and like override your Communication the answer to that Question is no assortive mostly Maybe You see when the express receiver first Powers up it looks for the transmitter That has its matching bind phrase and Then they get onto a sort of a sink Pattern and once they're synced up if a Second module turns on it won't be on The same sync pattern and the receiver Will never see it so in order for Someone to do this they'd have to know Your bind phrase flash their module with Your bind phrase and then already be Powered up at the time that you plug in And then your radio would have to be off Because typically the receiver will lock Onto the strongest module that it sees

Which will probably be you because yours Is probably closer but in theory if Someone knew your bind phrase and you Plugged your quad in Without your radio turned on your Receiver would bind to their radio and Then they would have control of your Quad and yeah that could be bad So maybe keep your buying phrase kind of Secret Now here comes the part where I Potentially piss off the FAA And an FAA violation starts at fifteen Hundred dollars and goes up so The way I'm going to piss off the FAA is That it is against FAA regulations to Pilot more than one suas drone at the Same time I will be the pilot in command Of the operation and I will also be the Person operating the controls of the Drone and a given I think it's the Piloting command cannot be the pic for More than one operation at a time and I'm about to fly all three of these guys At the same time but here's why I think It's going to be okay because the FAA Also cares about education and right now I am educating you guys that this is Actually not okay to do did you know That per FAA regulations it is not well Not legal isn't the right thing to do Because it's a regulation not a law so It's a civil infraction but the FAA Doesn't allow you part 107 recreational

Doesn't matter you are not allowed to Operate more than one drone at a time Without a waiver do you feel educated About safety right now Cool Now I'm gonna do it The other way that I am hopefully going To avoid getting in trouble with the FAA Is I am not going to do this with my big Five inch racing drones let me let me Just be honest with you this is going to Be a disaster this is a gimmick this is Not actually how you hover test I'm Going to do it with these little flywoo Baby 2s Nano quadcopters and I figure How could the FAA get mad at me for this These things They're harmless right Arming in three two one All of them are armed Let's do our little our basic check Turn right Okay One of them flipped out Army Right Pitch forward and back looking good The one that's flipping out is the Analog one it's lighter than the other Three because it's got a smaller video Transmitter and so it's kind of freaking Out uh let's let's hover test obviously Three two one Foreign

They're just all you can't I'm gonna try One more time you can't fly them all at Once though it's silly Think about what happens when you take Off you level the quad and then you lift Off and you can't level all these guys At once I mean oh what if I put them in Auto level mode oh that would oh let's Do it in angle mode then they'll all Level out by themselves maybe then it'll Be flyable Three two one Oh did you see him level out Oh no no no no no no no no the hover Position is too different one of them Was barely lifting off the other one was Taken off to the Moon because well Probably because of the weight Difference between them if you were Really serious about this you would need To like add some weight to them to make Them the same weight then it might work Okay okay check this out now I have Added blue tack to them so they are all The same weight 0.0 grams difference Between them I don't know what's gonna happen auto Level mode Here we go This is way better well that went way Better than the last time I mean last Time they all crashed and went out of Control after like one second and now They lasted like five or ten seconds

I wonder why they were climbing at a Different rate than each other though The weights were the same maybe the Motorcade is different so some of them Make more thrust than the other there's Always some variance in motor KV so like If you were to carefully fine tune the Weight so they hover at exactly the same Throttle position and then if you were To instead of doing it here at my house Like get a big open field where you Could really climb up into the air and Not have obstacles to hit and then you Could No no you wouldn't do that that would be Bad because that would be violating the FAA Rules by controlling more than one Craft at a time and you would get fined Fifteen hundred dollars by the FAA or More and We will never speak of this again right We're not going to speak of this again Right you're not going to report this Video to the FAA are you it's education That makes it okay Right if I do get fined by the FAA the Money that I use to pay the fine will Come from my patrons patreon is a Website where you can subscribe to me For as little as two dollars a month or More if you feel like I've earned it the Amount that you subscribe at is totally Up to you and you can stop whenever you Want doing a job like this full-time

Costs money I just bought four of these Flywoo Nano quadcopters to use in a Shootout video where I'm comparing all Four of the main video systems analog DJI walks now and hd0 in the exact same Quad cost me about 500 bucks patrons Made that possible I give away all of my Content for free for everyone to benefit From and enjoy and I'm going to keep Doing that and I just hope that for some Of you today will be the day that you go Yeah okay I'm gonna I'm gonna give back I'm gonna join up if that day is today There is a link down in the video Description below as well I'm gonna put A card on screen this time that you can Click on if the thing you're watching on Supports cards the card will appear Right here you can have head on over to Patreon and join up at whatever level You feel is appropriate and if today's Not that day no hard feelings I'm gonna Keep making the content maybe that day Will come happy flying