The farthest i have ever flown a drone | is this long range?

By | September 17, 2022

Time to step up and beat my mid range record or be shunned by the long range community for life.
If i can get to 4km out i will be very surprised…

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And Syncing it For some reason i've lost this and you Find it call me i'll give you money to Get this back especially the sd card Thank you Bye hey welcome to today's video Everybody today we're gonna put my [ __ ] quad to the test we're gonna do Four kilometers out long range that's Eight kilometers round trip that i feel Like that's real long range is that good Enough is that [ __ ] good enough for You long range in my last video i flew Two kilometers out two back testing out The foxy reaper and i was like sweet Four kilometer flight everybody lost Their [ __ ] and they're like [ __ ] you Buck grinder you're a [ __ ] lying Piece of [ __ ] you only did two Kilometers you put four to make yourself Sound better well yeah and i'm pretty Open about it four kilometer flight Sounds way better than two doesn't it It's simple [ __ ] math and you know What i'm like fam you [ __ ] farm boys Out here flying over your 4 000 mile Long farms it's real easy real easy for You to get like 22 kms when you're Flying over a [ __ ] farm i'm sucking This goddamn [ __ ] over the city it's Really hard for me to find someone to Fly freestyle let alone miles out long Range without flying over a [ __ ]

Airport or traffic or something you know What i mean so i was pretty happy with My little two kilometer flight until Today until you [ __ ] ruin my day so Now i'm gonna preview my [ __ ] wrong I'm gonna do it in the city i'm gonna Fly four kilometers out that's an eight Kilometer round trip trip inside the [ __ ] city and still do it Safely and not fly over anything illegal How about that huh how about that this Is a [ __ ] bad idea the last video i Just had some lipos so since then i Hired fenic fpv to make me these 4000 Mah 27 400 cell li-ion batteries so i Can hopefully get like 10 minutes of Flight and actually do four kilometers Out and back that's an eight kilometer Round trip flight without losing too Much juice you know what i'm saying so i Got the lie ions i got the falconrad Frame and i got these [ __ ] enormous Testicles So let's do this [ __ ] [ __ ] let's Go to the graveyard and let's get in a Four kilometer flight Except that's not gonna happen All right i'm uh definitely nervous About this flight for realzy's Let's see what we got man so what we got Was my lie ions not displaying the Voltage correctly so this thing was Already flashing low battery as soon as I took off i realized there's no way i

Was gonna do four kilometers so let's Just hit three turn around and figure it Out later we're gonna try to get to Three kilometers out and then back Let's cruise this way come on three km Boom boom and then we turn around And there's the boom now the sketchiest Part uh oh Was that a fail safe rf signal critical Oh i feel like that was a fail safe Huh okay it was but we're good We're good we're good we're cruising Back i got control here We had a little bit of a fail safe as we Turned around so that's good to remember My cells look good I don't know if you hear it in my voice But i'm definitely shaking This is pretty effing far so between the Fail safe at three kilometers and the Battery not displaying i was freaking The [ __ ] out and then as i got closer to Myself i was like oh why isn't my little Record button flashing on my dvr At all i didn't record i didn't record Any dvr at all i just realized that i Just turned the dvr back on oh my god I'm not doing that again i don't [ __ ] Want to do that again are you [ __ ] Kidding me i ha not kidding at all my Second longest flight to date and i have No dvr of it [Music] So yeah that was my three kilometer

Flight it was before it didn't work out I think the issue was i had all those Trees blocking me i was dead in the Middle of the city you know what that Wasn't going to work out at all i went Home with the intentions of fixing the Voltage readout on my drone so it Wouldn't flash low battery the whole Time i didn't do that i got [ __ ] high And played fortnite it's part of my Creative process so now it's a new day i Got this light ion all charged up i'm [ __ ] ready to go i'm gonna try to hit Four kilometers i'm gonna try to hit a Four kilometer goal i looked at google Maps i found this route i pull out it's Four kilometers so as long as i follow This little line i won't be flying over Anybody or anything it's just water and [ __ ] dead industrial [ __ ] you know What i mean i am incredibly nervous About this flight and i really really Hope it goes well so here we go let's go Down to the river and let's try to fly My drone farther than i've ever flown it Before in my entire life Oh god [Music] Okay so here i am at the spot that i Showed you on my my graph that i plotted I'm [ __ ] nervous i don't want to do This i'm very nervous i don't think i'm Nervous hand shaking no like one else I'm [ __ ] dude i'm nervous so like

It's gonna be completely safe if it Crashes that's what i keep thinking About if it crashes if it crashes i Don't want to lose my [ __ ] i really like This drone i really like this is a 360 Camera and [ __ ] but it won't crash right Everything will be fine god damn it i Hope everything will be fine all right Four kilometers buck grinders record Flying completely safe not over people In the city oh good lord here we go all Right i got all my satellites god damn It i'm nervous all right here we go Let's just [ __ ] do this [ __ ] I feel like this lipo isn't all the way Charged What's up with that wait what I feel like this Battery is already extremely low Uh 3.6 they can fly to three But uh I'm not gonna do four kilometers on 3.5 Percent that should be like 410 Why is this down so much already Should go up a little higher I guess i'll just fly it To like halfway to oh man that sucks This whole video This whole video was Predicated on me Flying very far But this lipa or this light ion Oh hopefully it's just not reading

Correctly Oh that sucks That really Sucks Oh man is it is it reading correctly did It i've i freaking put this thing on the Charger and fully charged it But it's saying 3.36 per cell that can't Be right Do we just do we just ignore that What do we do do we just ignore the Battery again [ __ ] this happened Yesterday Um Uh what do i do Just fly it just [ __ ] it and fly it Oh god no that's a bad idea let's [ __ ] fly it Man i don't know i don't know i don't i Don't trust his battery that's the thing That's the thing this is a brand new Battery i trust the guy that built it I don't know if i trust it [ __ ] yeah i don't i don't Okay that's what that's what we're gonna Do we're gonna say uh We're gonna go with We're gonna trust osd not the battery [ __ ] man i don't really don't know what To do I don't want to fly over this bridge With like [ __ ] it I guess we're saying [ __ ] it all day

All right so my thing is i don't want to Fly over this like bridge if i'm gonna Have a dying ass battery But I want to hit 3k at the very least on This I think the battery is going to be fine I think the battery will be fine I think we can trust it we can trust our Gear We can trust everything should we go for Four i mean we're already part way there Right Oh nerve-wracking extremely Nerve-wracking Let's just go for four let's just go for Four See what happens hopefully this battery Holds out i believe it will 3.5 if that if that other car bridge Is not four kilometers i'm just turning Around because I don't want anything to happen over That [ __ ] bridge So we're gonna go until this bridge even If it's not four kilometers because i Don't want anything catastrophic to Happen uh way out there Oh god just hit four just [ __ ] hit Four please there we go there we go We're gonna hit four And we're gonna turn it around Nice and easy Nice easy turn around okay

Okay now we're just gonna head home Now we're just gonna head home that was Simple That was simple everything looks good This battery might even just have enough Chooch To come all the way back i see where i'm Supposed to go now it's just straight Ahead come on little drone do your thing Oh my knees are shaking but my knees are Shaking now that i actually hit four and I'm on my way back This is the scary part i hope Everything's recording my dvr looks like It's recording my hd looks like it's Recording My camera should be recording i'm just Gonna hold my radio very still right Here up in the air so we safely get over This traffic That's the main thing is just being safe Over cars and [ __ ] yep as soon as we Pass that we're good Because now we're just over this [ __ ] Abandoned plant [ __ ] like a whole bunch Of this is [ __ ] abandoned oh let's Follow the arrow a little more correctly I guess damn dude i think we did let me Pull up a little bit i don't want to say We did it that's let's not do that but So these cells can go down to like 2.97 They're lie ion cells the 27 400 ones Shout out fennec for making me this Battery i'm going to go and say

Your battery is correct And my uh my readout is wrong because This does seem to be flowing just fine How far out are we 2.3 uh we're gonna Need to start picking up a little A little more speed i believe i'm not uh This is not as as close as i want it to Be still two kilometers out Damn i think i might be flying with the Wind i can feel the wind hitting me Coming in so i'm definitely flying with The wind oh let's pull up just a little Bit Let's pull up just a scootch here 3.21 Per cell we need to get past this um [Music] We need to get past this little spot Right here and then over this water And then we're then we're a lot better Then we're in a lot better shape 3.23 per cell I can't tell if it's losing power or not It's so far out you know i mean it's Kind of hard to To tell let's get over this We just want to get over this little Road here Now we deviated from our flight path Just a scooch i want to be a little more Over that water but this is fine we'll Be right over this in just one second Doing good doing good let me just cruise It on back we got how long to go One kilometer we got 3.21 volts in

Themselves my feet are [ __ ] shaking Bro for realsies my feet are [ __ ] Shaking All right let's cruise this way let's Get it over this water and then we're Damn close to home 3.2 I'm not sure if that's the battery Making the quad slowly land i'm gonna Try to give it a little more throttle Oh this isn't feeling good i at least Want to get it on my side of the river Just want to get on my side of the river And we're good it feels like it's losing Power it feels like these batteries are [ __ ] chooching out and giving all They can give 300 meters and where am i Right here oh my god no [ __ ] way did We make it No [ __ ] way did i just beat my record no [ __ ] way [ __ ] Four kilometers out and back oh My [ __ ] god i got the drone back holy [ __ ] let's celebrate let's start Celebrating Is that me that's me that's totally me Holy [ __ ] i did it here let me do a Little punch Oh yeah these cells are about the end of Their [ __ ] life dude Oh my [ __ ] god oh my [ __ ] god what Is up oh god don't break don't break Oh [ __ ] holy [ __ ] [ __ ]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] Eight kilometer four kilometer four Kilometer trip eight cams round trip [ __ ] buy buck grinder i did it are You [ __ ] kidding me are you [ __ ] Kidding me i just did that bro hey Google what is eight kilometers in the Miles Eight kilometers is equal to 4.971 miles 4.971 [ __ ] americas look at That look at that cheeseburger bro four Kilometers out is no [ __ ] joke i am Insanely proud of myself i don't really Let myself get proud of anything i do Just because i want to get a big head But [ __ ] you i flew four [ __ ] Kilometers out and then back how far did You fly today [ __ ] see this is Why i should remain i don't want to hold This stupid little microphone anymore Either hang on so basically i think i'm Set up to do about a four kilometer Flight you know what i mean the the Light ion that fennec made thank you so Much fenik for the batteries that lasted As long as it needed it to last the Frame thank you falconrad and uh who was That chris rosser that combined on that [ __ ] and made it bro you all made a [ __ ] nice ass heavy frame oh you went Down all right hang on plus i was Running that [ __ ] on el rs you know what

I mean if you look at the lq that [ __ ] Did not even drop at all like a tiny Teeny bit towards the end God damn it that was sick speaking of Things that are totally radical shout Out to my top tier patrons every single Video that i make my top tier patrons The people that donate on the top tier i Say their names because i appreciate Them so much here's some names billy Hackett boris the german fred 805 jrod Fpv lucasrocca maddie b fpv stompyfpv trent ttfpb Tuan solo volleytronics walmfpv and our Newest top tier patron also they were a Sponsor of the bock grinder battle tapes Which i'm doing every single friday at 9 00 pm right here on this channel come Check out a fpv battle sometime it's Pretty cool thank you human friends i'm Still like shaking from that flight so I'm gonna get the [ __ ] out of here but Thank you very much for watching i Appreciate it i promise next time we'll Be better we're gonna go say bye bye Freeze frame [Music] There's people that fly like 30 20 30 Kilometers watching this right now just Being like Good for you good for you