the GOOD and BAD of DJI Action 2 for FPV Freestyle

By | November 5, 2021

Loving this new camera!… but its not without its faults…

DJI Action 2:

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Okay [Music] My friends welcome back to the vlog Starting things off swapping out a Busted motor as well as installing a new Camera mount to hold the dji action 2 Camera i've had this for a little bit i Got early access to it to do a review Video on the rotor ride channel and if You haven't seen that video check it out It's pretty fun gave our first thoughts On it tried out all the different modes And had a look at is this a good camera For fpv drones and between that and Spending some more time with it i'm Thinking yes i'm thinking this is going To be the camera that i use on my fpv Drones outside of freestyle or outside Of drones in general It's not perfect and there are times Where i'll probably prefer to use a Gopro but for on a drone this teeny form Factor is just so Good dji made it so small by making it Modular the camera itself is stripped of Everything other than a single button a Rear-facing screen limited storage and a Small internal battery there's no sd Card slot there's no ports to get more Functionality you attach modules however When you use it in this smallest Possible form without any of the clip-on Modules there definitely are some Drawbacks so i wanted to make this video

To show you a little more of how awesome The footage coming off this camera looks When it's used on an fpv drone but also Some of the pain points that you're Going to experience when you're using it Now that i've had some more time with it So we've got the quad ready to go let's Head out to a freestyle spot all right Guys i made it out to a tree spot just In time for golden hour so let me start Off with three things that i really love About this camera first off is the The form factor i just love how small And compact this thing is and of course It's also lighter i've just gotten so Used to flying this big honking gopro on Top of the drone it's so nice to finally Have something that's lighter weight and Just like looks better and is more Aerodynamic like you got i'm getting Longer flight times i think the drone's Flying a little bit better maybe it's a Little bit in my head but either way i'm Enjoying that I'm also enjoying just how beautiful the Image is especially at this time of day I think we're going to get some really Pretty footage with the with the light All vibrant and rich and then i'm also Just loving these super wide field of View and i think this spot is going to Be perfect for this because with the Tall trees i think we'll really get that Kind of like warpy super dynamic look

All that being said this camera Certainly is not perfect so i'll get to Some of the things that i don't like About it but first let me get this quad In the air and get some flying [Music] Uh [Music] Um [Music] Um [Music] All right Not too bad of a crash I'm not gonna lie that's kind of another Reason i came to this spot because Crashing on the grass and even against The trunks of the trees just won't be Too abusive to the camera because I'm just not quite ready to really smash This thing up the camera isn't actually Out yet so if i did break it i wouldn't Be able to get another one for a little Bit So i just i just i don't want to break It yet Um so i guess what i'm getting at is i Can't say for sure How durable this thing is until i'm Really more comfortable to take it to a Harsher spot and send it I don't know So far it seems pretty tough and for Rotor right we did flatter out a bandeau

And it got some pretty good whacks so Like i'm i'm tempted to say this thing Is tough but i just don't want to say Definitively until i've spent more time Really giving it some good wax How's the audio by the way i haven't i Haven't tried talking to this thing yet So yeah durability might end up being a Plus or it might end up being a minus i Can't say for sure yet so let me get to Some things that are definitely minuses About this camera so now i've just done Four flights and the built-in battery is Fully drained i've had sessions where It's lasted a little bit longer but Obviously today shows that sometimes it Drains pretty dang quick now this Problem is actually somewhat manageable Because the camera does charge pretty Quickly i popped on one of the modules And in the time it took me to change the Props on one of my quads the battery Charged like 20 so it was like four Minutes so i'd say relying on the Internal battery definitely isn't a deal Breaker But it does add something that you have To manage and think about and mess with While you're just out trying to fly so That's annoying The real problem is relying on the Internal storage this is the absolute Worst thing about this camera right now The internal storage is getting pretty

Full so i want to get it off the camera And the only way to do that is by Transferring it into a computer which First off is really annoying to have to Bring a computer out with you and let's Get this transfer going to transfer 14 Gigabytes it's gonna take six minutes And now that's not horrible but it's Definitely a nuisance having to break Out a full computer is just so Cumbersome and there are times where You're just not gonna do that i was Filming out on a boat a little small Wakeboard boat and i didn't even think To bring my laptop with me out on the Boat but even if i had i just would not Want to break out my full laptop out on A boat now my understanding is there is Going to be a feature where you can snap On one of the modules with an sd card in It and move the files directly from the Internal storage to the sd card and that Would really help with this with this Problem Hopefully the transfer speed is quick But really just not having to bust out a Whole laptop would Really be so much better um I'll have to see If and when that feature does come out In a firmware update you know after i've Lived with it You know how much does it help i want to Experience it before i can say but

I'm i'm hopeful that that will kind of Help with the like in-field workflow and Make it so it's not like such a pain in The butt It's just a minor pain in the butt Not a [Music] Um [Music] [Music] All right so i thought it'd be cool to Also try this camera out on something Else i might use a small action camera We're going to do a little a little moto Vlog hope we can see all right i guess We'll also be testing out the low light Performance and hopefully you can hear Me okay i'm just recording um our phone Call say hi ashley hi i'm just gonna Clip you guys on to my little necklace Thing oh that was super easy So it's like the necklace that just Comes In the kit Um Let's keep going [Music] So the most common way that people seem To record their motorcycle rides is by Putting the gopro on the chin Of the helmet and i've tried that And again that's just the size of the Camera is kind of annoying especially With the uh the nine and the ten getting

So big i feel like when i turned my head It would hit my shoulder i could just Feel the weight like i i didn't like That and i also didn't like having to Leave The mount on my helmet when i wasn't Recording so i was kind of ugly got good Ashley's lights look unclipped Boom Look at that Look at that That's kind of nice to be able to like Unclip it real quick i don't know how Safe it is but let's get back done [Music] Battery's down to 18 percent Yeah everything's just about done yeah Another biker All right ashley and i made it to sushi Um i'm recording on my iphone now Because the dji camera is dead i was Able to watch a little bit of the Footage to see how it looked pretty good Nighttime performance nothing like Incredible what do you guys think That was all right um but yeah while i Was watching the footage i used the last Bit of battery definitely Appreciated the smaller form factor Versus having like the giant Gopro But I don't know if it's worth the trade-off I think you look way better with that

Than you do with gopro on your chest Yeah It's just it's so big it's so clunky Yeah yeah it's a little tiny yeah you Don't even know what's there i'm telling You if i could come up with some like Mount that like could magnetic it to the Chin of the helmet that would be ideal Although then i don't know if i trust The magnet it was kind of i felt like a Little nervous about just only having it Manually to the necklace but it worked Fine Didn't fall off it was nice to be able To unclip it like if you had one too we Could be at a stoplight you could take It clip but that's about going to do it For this one thank you guys for tuning In always be just hanging out see you Next time [Music] Ah [Music] Bye