The hdzero goggles are here (and they are awesome)

By | January 4, 2023

The hd zero goggles are here and they are awesome! here is my review on the hdzero goggles and the analog side of it was well

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Foreign Boxing here's something juicy they've Lowered the price by 100 that's right HD Zero goggles costs 495 dollars if you've Already bought them you'll get 105 store Credit and it'll be sold only through The HD Zero Store at that price because There's gonna be no commission you know To the store dealers that's how they're Gonna be able to sell them to you that Cheap I do have a link below if you want To purchase these goggles it is an Affiliate link I struggled with whether Or not I wanted to do an affiliate link Because I wanted to do unbiased review I Didn't want making some money to affect This at all but I genuinely like these goggles so I was like tight dude Somebody buys them through my Link I get a little bit of money I'll Definitely take that I ain't Greedy you know all right they're here The HD zero goggles by HD zero Divi math Are you excited bro this is so exciting This oh wait I actually I already I Already opened mine these are the Goggles right here these are the HD zero Goggles they do not come with these uh 10 they don't come with the patches or Stubbies or anything you got to provide Your own these are the true RC patch and Stubs they're super nice like Most people have these just because they Are a crazy good combination for these

Particular goggles let's take a look at Them There's plenty of other reviewers that Can be doing all the technical Specifications of these I'm interested In do they freestyle I want to see how Well they do for my style ribbon so Let's just take a quick quick look at Them right here they got the little Diopter adjustments which are pretty Nice they're a little more sensitive and Get you know out of out of whack a Little easier in your bag but not too shabby at all to put on your Patch antennas you can print these Things these are already on thingiverse And as you can see it has these little Cutouts for the SMA to go in it's super Easy to get antennas in and out I do Like the design I do like the design how You can use the patches and the whatever Antennas you want on the top it also Includes this fan and the buttons right Here are just a little scroll wheel that You can press in and this button right Here that I used to record my DVR you Have HDMI out an audio jack a firmware Updater and HT I forget what that is I'll look it up and put it on the screen And on the other side you have an HDMI In your SD card slot and an AV Jack it Comes with two of these face plates and One piece of foam one of these is wider Than the other I guess I have a more

Narrow face so the wider one fits me Perfect Perfect so the wider one fits me Perfect and bro there's no light leak Like literally I have my little Studio Light right here there's no light leak In these things whatever using this face Plate as far as comfort factor I'm gonna Give these a 9 out of ten not a full 10 Just because they are they do feel a bit Heavier they're not bad but you do feel The added weight on your face versus Like the orcas which is what I'm used to They are just a bit wider when you Compare it to something like the orcas They're definitely more we're just low Profile they're less thick you know what I mean it's got an on and off switch Which they recommend to use so you don't Get any voltage spikes when you plug a Battery in the fan on it is a little Obnoxious I think this is like five out Of ten maybe seven out of 10 right here But as far as the physical goggles Themselves I really do like how easy They are to use I like the simple two Button setup with the scroll wheel that You can also press in the one press DVR Record button it also does automatic Recording but I like to press it Everything on them is pretty much just a Joy to use they fit really nice like I Am a fan I am a fan of the goggles Themselves but the question I see Everybody asking me is how does it

Handle analog what is analog like on This this is the analog adapter right Here it doesn't come with the cover I'm Using the fusion so I just 3D printed This but the stock Fusion cover I Believe will work on this you insert the Module and it kind of clicks there you Go you got your analog module on your Goggles in the Box besides the face Plate it also does come with one of These cables for your battery because They you really should just run 4S on it 5S maybe it says it can take 6s but I Guess don't do 6s whatever goggles just Don't really like 6s it also comes with A quick start guide and a few little Things I don't know where the any Of it is or uh I'd show you I guess Obviously oh yeah one thing I want to Add real quick HD zero breaks tradition Everybody usually includes one of these Little like goggle cases right fat shark Everybody's always done that way she Zero gives you a bag to give you a Little bag like instead of a hard goggle Case it's pretty nice like the inside of It is all like velvety and it does It does do it feels really nice bold Move hd0 including this I can only Assume it so you can put like railroad Spikes in it or rocks or something that Way when you're flying and somebody Comes to try to take your HD zero Goggles you can just beat them

Over the head with it there's a bunch of Words that they wanted me to say but I Don't want to say them so I'm just going To put them on the screen and then we're Going to jump into an analog test and I'll show you how analog video looks on This thing Foreign So this is literally like the first day I got the goggles I went out I started Flying analog with the excuse all this Wavy this is from my VTX not Having capacitors on Excel blue but what This is supposed to do the new de Interlacing mode is supposed to cut down On the jumpiness like the staticky of a DVR looking signal and the lines in it The lines now we saw a few Going through that tunnel you can see Them kind of creeping up but I feel like This is good I feel like this is Honestly really good DDR video here I am Testing out the limits of it no breakup No breakup whatsoever like I said ignore Those squiggly lines that's just the Freaking 1.5 watt VTX being lame there's A little bit of line there on it you Know what I mean I think it's actually Only on 500 milliwatts so you know Whatever just I have no capacitor this Looks good though this looks good Imagine if these stupid wavy lines Weren't there you would have some of the Cleanest analog DVR you'd probably ever

Seen a little bit of breakup let me let Me show you another example let me get Let's switch to a different spot So this right here we should be getting A lot of multi-pathing this is an Entirely metal structure this is just an All metal thing that somebody's building And again no little ignore the little Wavy lines just you know the static the Breakup the typical analog signal I'm Gonna say does look a lot better here Now you do get the little lines across The screen but I feel like the other Random like here it is a little bit More see that little random that's What analog I guess more looks like to Me when it breaks up but I feel like That the interlacing mode really is Cutting down on that it doesn't seem to Gradually do it it seems to either cut Down on it or not it comes and it goes You know what I mean here we are in the Top antennas everything being blocked by Metal I think this is pretty good I Think for a newer way of doing analog This is working out this looks pretty Good let's go check out the HD zero side Of things and the thing that the Interlacing is supposed to do is to make The analog look less jumpy and also get Rid of a lot of the lines and static That you see in it did it look better I Don't know you let me know did it look Better than other DVR that you've seen

Into this new DN releasing unless jumpy DVR recording of analog look better Leave a comment below I'm curious to see What you think all right now let's check Out the HD zero video on this I have These two patch antennas and stubbies I've been flying this I get pretty dang Good video on this man I'll tell you Right now I do like it but let's go and Take a look at the DVR capture that I Got for the HD zero system right so this Here was one of my very first flights on These goggles on this system with this Quad I want to show you a couple of Things here I'm gonna go behind this Little concrete when I do a dive And I want you to see how the video it Looks just fine watch this I'm gonna Dive behind here minimal breakup very Very minimal breakup that's super Acceptable now here in a minute I'm Going to do it again and it's gonna look A lot worse I'm not sure why in the Exact same spot it would break up a lot Worse now look at this all right see That was that was a lot more breakup but That wasn't that bad that was very fly Through-able in this hallway section Right here compare this to the analog How it was breaking up and I feel like It's sort of similar analog just has a Different breakup pattern than ht0 does HD zero does these little rainbow Squares like this whereas analog just

Has a bunch of lines and more analog Looking static because this is a digital System you know what I mean but this Right here when the signal is locked on This is some great freaking video right Here it's cloudy outside it's not a nice Day at all and this video is still clear And looks super nice there's not like Overbearing Shadows or anything like That and all this static that's coming Up I can fly through that pretty well I'm not having an issue with it let's Take a look at another clip This is that same building that we did The second analog clip on and look how You can see we're definitely getting Some more breakup being behind all this Metal and away from myself and Everything but like I said completely Fly throughable like this breakup is not Bad me not being used to HD zero there Was a couple moments when I go a bit Farther out where it broke up and I was Like oh this is sketchy but it has the Latency feel of analog where you kind of Just trust your signal to come back as Long as you can get a clear line of Sight or something see I'm standing over Here kind of by The Cars once I get a Little bit more deep into the building You'll see it starting to break up but During this entire flight I felt like I Was in control the whole time I didn't Feel like my video was hindering me at

All and the first time I flew HD zero I Was like oh man that breakup like what's Going on here but now that I know to Trust it and expect it to break up like Analog I definitely have a lot more Confidence flying the system like it's Just if you're getting a little bit of Breakup it's going to come back once you Go around that corner or whatever I'm Not too used to most digital systems That stutter and lag so it still kind of Look at those water down there it's a Death Pit I don't know why I did that But I'm not used to that stuttering lag So my confidence isn't there with a System like this it feels more like Analog which I'm super used to so my Confidence is there I'm like okay cool It's breaking up but this video is most Likely going to come back once I'm done Doing this thing or whatever I'm doing So this is pretty cool this felt really Good the video compared to the shark Bite system that I used is a ton better Man this is really really nice HD system Video not too bad I'm Legit I'm Legit Impressed with the advancements they've Made in this technology when I flew the Very first shark bite system I was like Bro this is this this is Why would anybody fly this so I don't Know personally I think that looks Really good compared to what it did look Like HD zero just keeps getting better

And better now for those of you that fly Digital systems normal well this is Digital too I'm going to that up The difference between this HD zero Digital system and DJI and wax nail is When DJ and walks nil start getting a Weak signal or start struggling it'll Stutter and kind of lag you know what I Mean and start with your Variable latency on there with HTC zero And analog you get the same latency You're just going to get on the Screen basically with analog it's the Lines it's a Distortion Like an analog Television signal and with hd0 it's Pixels because it's digital so you're Going to get a little rainbow squares And now I will say the first time I Flew this that kind of breakup on the HD Zero system the rainbows it messed with Me I was like oh man like what if this Just goes out and doesn't come back but As I've been testing the system is Pretty much as reliable as analog if Your signal starts to go to and you Can fly through it and get somewhere Better or you know punch your quad up Over the obstacle is blocking you the Signal comes right back like in a jiffy But I'm just used to analog a lot of you People haven't even flown analog you Grew up with digital or whatever the Stupid you know grow up with Digital you started flying on a digital

System and you're used to that there's Nothing wrong with that for me I like Analog I like it breaking up and then Coming back not stuttering and then Coming back that messes with me and That's strictly because I haven't flown A lot of like those types of digital Systems before so HD zero protocol aside Just these goggles I don't know yet if They're gonna be my new goggles I'll Tell you I've been using in for the past I guess it's been two weeks now actually I really like them I really do like them I just stick them in my bag they fit in There just fine like my orcas they don't Have the case which I'm like it's a Little sketchy but whatever I guess Let's see how durable they are so Honestly as of right now I'm gonna give Them a few more weeks to see if I do Want to switch them over to my main Goggles but they've been doing just fine And I see no reason why I wouldn't adopt These as my new goggles they look great The analog looks great on them the Screens look great the HD zero just you Know the actual way they're displayed in The goggles it looks fantastic the fan Works super well I like the switch I Like the ergonomics of them I love the UI in it everything is just where it Should be and it makes sense I do really Really like that about them and this is Like the new goggle to come out you know

What I mean so it's going to be Supported and there's gonna be a bunch Of updates for a while now orcas I do Love my orcas but I feel like they're They've kind of gone quiet and I feel Like that's not really that bad because They will be making new stuff but like Orca what's up where's your new system What's going on I will say this though Reviewers don't get these goggles for Free or not I did in any way you get a Slight discount and I will be paying the Money for them right I'm not gonna Either send them back you pay for them I Will be paying for them because I really Do like these as far as ht0 system and Does it freestyle I'm going to put out a Video this Saturday so go ahead and come Back to this channel this Saturday if You want to see hey how does block Grinder handle an HD zero system ripping A little like last year whatever slap Put went out and the video did not look That promising it did not look that Great but what I've been experiencing is Pretty damn good so if you want to see Like good HD zero freestyle in a giant Metal structure that video will come out On Saturday it's out for patrons right Now already speaking of Colts have you Joined my top tier patreon yet to say my Name tier big old shout out to Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred 805 j-rod Fpv juicy fpv Lucas Roca Maddie B fpv

Netcat fpv Patrick Martin Stompy fpv Trent ttfpv1 solo volumetronics and hemp And for being my top tier MF And patrons thank you very much Joe if You want me to say your name every Single week and you want stickers in the Mail you want to post your videos for my Friday Night Live stream I do every Friday battle challenges and everything Else become a patron or not answer money Do would maybe just buy some more drones Straight or whatever I'm gonna get the out of here thank you very much HD Zero for letting me review this product I'm definitely going to keep them so let Me know where to send the money I Definitely want to keep these goggles Thank all of you very much for watching This video I promise next time we'll be Better maybe probably okay bye [Music] [Music] It's not only a system it's a cold or Something right