The HIMIWAY CRUISER is your next Electric FAT BIKE – Awesome!

By | October 28, 2022

This Electric FAT BIKE can travel over Beach Sand, Snow, Mud and of coure concrete, pavement and grass. Amazing!

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[Music] Thank you [Music] Hey everyone welcome to my channel I Know this is not a drone but there are Drones in this review this is the Heavyweight Cruiser it is a bike that is A fat bike for off-road for the beach For the sand for the snow for the Pavement it is amazing it is my first Electric bike but it's not my first bike Let me just squeeze this in you see I am A cyclist yes that's why I've dressed in This goofy gear because I am a cyclist I Ride a bike every day this is my rode Fast bike and I do have a fat bike and This would be my fat bike you've seen it In other videos if you're on my channel I usually have drones chasing me in the Winter time riding this thing or going Through Trails it's really cool this is A fat bike as well and it's electric now Right now this bike is outfitted with Fenders and if you take the fenders off It looks more like a fat bike like I Just showed you and let me just show you A picture of it with the fenders off so This is the manual and in the manual it Shows you you could take the fenders off And it looks pretty wild now as a Cyclist after riding this electric bike My opinion of electric bikes has Significantly changed I think electric Bikes are the greatest thing given to

Man that's for sure there's only one Person on this planet who loves this Bike more than me and that's my wife Because I have given this bike to her Because she now rides a bike she hasn't Ridden a bike in 20 years but as soon as She wrote this one she rides it daily Now so let me show you some footage of People trying this bike out for the very First time check this out all right Really quick we have my daughter-in-law Laura here is going to take the electric Bike for a ride for the very first time So I'm going to explain everything to Her and we'll get going now watch Laura's expression this is the Expression you're gonna see from Everyone Whoa that happens because the electronic Pedal assist kicks in and it's like Somebody pushing you from the rear it's A little bit unexpected but after you Ride once then it's so normal All right felt like a motorcycle Laura Kept on driving the bike over and over She loves it next my wife Nikki wanted To give it a try but she hadn't driven a Bike in 20 years so this is kind of Funny first you have to be able to get On it I've got the seat raised tomorrow That's what I was trying to do but You better not put this on YouTube this Is my wife getting on the electric bike Holy I've got the seat adjusted to my

Height all right give it a shot There you go You're like a little kid on there and Wait for me hey so what did you think Awesome you love it love it it's my bike Your bike you can keep it it's kind of Cool out here but we have Anna over here My daughter-in-law Anna and over here we Have my son Corey I'm gonna try out the Bike okay so just pedal you'll see the Assistance will kick in Oh Oh this is awesome That goes fast At all it was pretty fast yeah so it's Like someone's gonna push you from the Rear when you start pedaling I'm excited So and you got your brakes so you're Good Ah you see what I mean that's awesome Definitely should not be doing this Without a helmet Now if you've never driven an electric Bike before you're in the same camp as Everybody in the video you just saw as Well as myself we didn't know what to Expect with an electric bike so let me Try to explain it to you really quickly How it all works so first off the bike Is basically just a bike with an Electric motor but you can ride it Without the assistance of the electric Motor so basically you have three modes Over here on the right you have seven

Speed you have a Shimano gearing system You push the lower button the speeds Increase and you press the upper button The speeds decrease just like on a Normal bike and then you have your front Brake and your back brake and a little Bell over here to get people off the Trail so I'm going to call that mode one And when we get into mode two this is Where we get into the electrical Assistance think of the assistance as When you were a kid and your friends Would stand in the back and push you Right here as you would pedal that's all The assistance is you have five levels Of assistance you pick any gear you want From one to seven normal speed bike you Know seven speed bike and then you can Select the level of a assistance so in Other words if you're writing and you're Finding a little bit of straining on Your leg you can increase the assistance As if someone's pushing you from the Back and you can still pedal you're Still going to get a bit of a workout But you know you can make it very Relaxing and go a much farther distance Uphill downhill over all sorts of Terrain then you would had you just Pedaled with no assistance so that's What I call mode two and mode three is Kind of like an electric motorcycle you Have a little throttle like a Twist Throttle right here on the handlebars so

You don't have to do anything you just Turn that and you will go as fast as you Want it's that awesome and as you saw in The previous video Everybody learned how To ride this bike in a matter of seconds It was so simple for them and if you get This bike it will be exactly the same Now I did mention that my wife really Loves this bike after she took it for That first ride with everybody else to Try it out she wanted to ride it again So on the following day we went for a 10 Kilometer ride at uh well here's some Video from that check it out all right We're all set to go uh unfortunately Since this is all new for my wife I Don't have a helmet for other than my Skateboard helmet which he's gladly Accepted to wear so here you go hun try That on see how it fits I'm one of the Cool kids now yeah check out that helmet It's like There's no way anything's happening with That Noggin All right so so far we've gone out about Uh almost four kilometers no issues so Far Great I haven't ridden a bike in years And I love it so uh you said you went Past speed number one yeah Um I've been on two or three right and Up to as high as five on the Gear Oh So when you say two or three on The pedal assist over there yeah oh nice

Had to catch up with you All right well let's we're halfway home Here we go okay we're gonna try a bit of Off-roading my bike is not designed for Off-roading because it's a race bike but Uh there we go I'm coming down Going down the hill let's see Come on down See if you can make it up see if you're Gonna see if you can make it up the Other side because I can't I'm stuck Down here go right to the top right to The top there we go now wait for me Stuck back here my bike up this is not Designed for driving off-road Yeah so see that's the bonus with that Yeah you had no problem going on the Grass or up the hill no easy is probably Just my nerves the range on this baby is Supposed to be up to something like 60 Miles range you know almost like 100 Kilometers I took it out for a range Test only doing 10 kilometers six miles And the voltage or I should say the Amount of remaining uh Power in the Battery that's shown on my display never Change so here I'll show you that really Quick watch this all right I'm going to Take this out for a cruise I haven't Gone for a long cruise with this yet my Wife has driven it quite a bit but I Haven't taken it I've charged up the Battery fully about five days ago it's Been sitting in the garage in the cold

Hopefully it's still a full charge we're Going to check that out all right let's Hit the power button down here to see if The power remained sitting in the cold And up here it shows a full battery so We should be good now since my wife's Been driving this the seat's pretty low Because she has little legs the seat on This is really simple to adjust just Pull this little lever out and lift it On up and I think that's probably my Height here next thing I want to do is Install a little GPS device on here this This does have a distance odometer on it And it does tell you the speed but I Think it's off a little bit so I'm going To put my own on just to check it out so Here we have the GPS unit I'm going to Stick on it's going to focus on it now If I put it in front of my face this is Just a tiny little thing for bikers and It straps onto the handlebars and Finally the last thing to do is put a Mount on the handlebars for an insta360 X3 this is going to capture video from The front and the back well 360 all Around everything is set and you Probably can't see it on our GPS but This one here is reading zero zero zero It's all set to go that's going to tell Me the speed and the distance as well as This one and I'll match them up at the End so I'm all set to go put this stand Up I'm pretty excited I haven't driven

This long distance so this should be Pretty cool let's go Thank you [Music] [Music] Okay so I'm at the halfway point made it Up to five kilometers it shows on my Little GPS says we're at 5.13 kilometers So my thoughts so far you can either use A lot of effort or very little effort I Kept the speed at about 30 kilometers Per hour average and I kept it in six Gear you can see I'm in sixth gear over Here I just leave it in that right up There it's in six gear and it seems to Work out well and all I do is I just uh Change the assistance from like one two Three four five and of course the more Of the assistance I get the faster I go And the less effort I have to Pedal it's Pretty cool alright so let's go do the Other half of the trip which is another Five kilometers and that will give us a Total of 10 kilometers which is about I Think it's about six miles here we go Foreign Down here we see our total which was 10 Kilometers 0.36 that was my first long Ride with this bike and I do have some Thoughts first thought is it's really Solidly built right out of the box I Haven't adjusted any of the gears I Haven't adjusted the brakes I haven't Adjusted anything I just put the front

Wheel on and it works perfectly the Gearing is really good other thing I Notice is since it is a fat bike with These fat tires the ride is extremely Soft it is a very soft ride when I would Bang into curves you know going over Bumps or up curbs and stuff like that uh It just makes that like there's balloon Tires that's what it feels like it goes Boing a little boingy thing and you're Up over the curve so I'm looking forward To taking this off-road on dirt trails And dirt roads and see how it handles And the last thing I want to show you is How much battery power is left it was Fully charged before I left with all the Driving I did and it's still fully Charged check this out so that ride did Not even put a dent into the amount of Battery power that's remaining now as I Mentioned at the beginning of this video This is one of the fuel Electric bikes That you can drive on pavement concrete Gravel sand I'm talking beach sand snow You could drive it through snow there's Lots of videos online where people drive This over snow to go ice fishing and Everything else I took it out on the Trails as well as the beach and I had a Drone chasing me and well here's the Video check it out now if you want to Transport the electric bike you can see It fits in a pickup truck my pickup Truck is a Jeep Gladiator and it has a

Five foot bed if I move around this way You can see that it fits in it if you Put it in such a position Thank you Putting the battery in is pretty darn Simple just place the bottom into the Electrical pegs that I see down there And then just push it sideways it locks Pull the key out so that you have the Key it's a bit windy out here I have my Sky deal over there and I can control it With my cell phone I can also see that I Have my gear set on number four from the Last time I wrote it so I'm going to put My assistance to level three because of The dirt and I'm going to reduce that Down to gear number two as soon as we Start get moving what's it say hold down To launch here we go here we go now make Sure it finds me all set to go as soon As I start pedaling the assistance will Kick in here it is the assistant is Kicking in look if you go through the Dirt no problem now if you stop pedaling There's no more assistance you'll just Glide so as you pedal you have Assistance this is pretty cool I might Have to lower uh the speed here because It's too fast for the dirt hang on a Second There we go I'm down into second speed Now So it's a little bit better I'm gonna put the assistance down

Because I've got it too much for the Speed I'm going so here we go I'm going To turn around in the dirt here and try Not to wipe out Going through beach sand Barely pedaling it's not going to put The assistance even less because it's It's just too much for me there we go Now I'm getting a little bit of a Workout this is more like it for a guy Like me who Cycles all the time I want a Bit of a workout and this is perfect Right now so I have it on assistance Level one in gear number two driving in Sand and I'm going against the wind so I'm getting a bit of a workout which is Nice All right I gotta go and turn left right Here because I see dogs up ahead Samodian assistance level one and it is Nothing to drive through the sand put an Assistance too now because I'm going Uphill so assistance level two to get up This little Hill Little dirt no problem This is awesome okay back to assistance Level one I will say anybody who gets This bike like an electric Fat Bike my God The potential the things you can do with It I'm still getting a workout the same Time with the assistance level it's not So bad I can drive for longer I don't Have to like only do 10 kilometers or

Six miles and then take a break I can Just keep on going you know drone's got To get around that back through the Trees We're going to take up the systems level Two a little bit of speed see if the Drone can keep up with all these trees This is so cool I'm only in gear number Two if I go up now I'm going even faster Third gear and no problems whatsoever I'm down by the water now Fish tail in here Just cruising unlock the water oh I see Some little kids up ahead so I can't Keep going straight I'm gonna have to Turn Go this way over here Up this hill going fast Cruising Listening keep it up with me This whole time I've only been on Assistance level two going through the Sand and everything that's how insane it Is for a guy like me very little Assistance required to push myself Through the sand uh the hills everything Else so really really good all right People up ahead I got to turn off this Pathway again And we're gonna go this way I can try to bomb across this beach Sound here let me see let me let me give You some assistance level here plus There we go

Okay Assistance level levels cranked up going Across distance level let's cranked up Going across the set I'm gonna drive Through some nice nice leaves here Gotta love the fall weather so where I'm Going now is just to find some trails in The woods I know that we have some Trails around here all right I gotta Change the speed put it on two and I'm On assistance level one that's too much I'm gonna have to put it down to uh one So this is pretty interesting here I'm Driving through a trail in the woods I have it on speed number two so gear Two and I have assistant zero there's no Assistance so this way here I get a bit Of a workout but it's actually quite Rideable I thought going through the Woods it would be difficult but now it Rides like a uh Fat Bike as if you're Going through mud or snow or sand or Anything like that it just keeps on Going all right got some obstacles there Let's get around that Pretty cool so now I could definitely Use some assistance so let's put it on One there we go I needed some assistance There to answer that all right so I'm Going to leave it on assistance level One but I'm gonna have to feather the Brakes every now and then or stop Pedaling because it gives you a lot of Assistance even on level one like if I

Was riding with somebody through the Woods right now I think I'd want to be In front because it's easy for me to Accelerate uh over everything you know There's no no obstacle that's going to Slow me down yeah I think this is pretty Cool I have no idea where this Trail leads But it is by the water which is very Nice and pretty It's nice going through these paths in The fall weather it's very invigorating Look at all the leaves so nice Now the great thing about this bike is It is waterproof as well I'm just going To pick up the gears here put it up into Gear number five and add a little bit of Assistance there assistance number two Gear number five Yeah it's waterproof so if you're Driving out in the rain on a rainy day Or through water puddles or anything Like that it's good when I say Waterproof I don't mean dunk it at the Bottom of the ocean gonna make it Through this little section Here we are and then here we go up this Hill I'm gonna reload it into the Jeep there We go so now that I'm finished the ride I'm just checking around for anything That's loose because there's lots of Bumping going on so the fenders you know The fenders are pretty much optional so

You can take them off or leave them on If you take them off it looks more like A fat bike seats nice and tight Wheels locked in still gearing's good Pedal is not loose There's not much to come loose all Aluminum body frame all good over here Handlebars all of this is good and on The front we have the front fender over Here And that's all nice and tight and the Headlight solid and the shocks look good So uh Everything looks A-Okay now one of the Greatest piece of Kit that's included With this bike besides this hat is this Tool kit take this tool kit with you Wherever you go and if anything comes Loose you can tighten it with this let Me show you it close so you can see here It's made out of wood and metal but it's Got everything you want all the Allen Key settings pretty much everything you Need for the tools and even this portion Here opens up and you can see you have a Ratchet set in there it is really good All right so quickly I'm going to show You some video shots as I go from the Rear to the front pointing out all the Cool stuff on this bike so back here we Have our back tire I'll put below what The size of this tire is what size of The rim is and the spokes and all that Good stuff we have our seven speed down

There we have our Shimano system it says It's an Altus coming up we have our rear Fender you could take this off and it Feels like it's made out of it's not Metal it's like a hard plastic so you're Not going to Dent it or anything then up Here you have your bike rack and the Bike rack does have a nice piece of wood On it that's actually real wood which is Very nice you do have a brake light and A tail light in the back that you can Turn on at night the seat is really good It's soft and comfy you can adjust it You have a little switch here that you Can pull up when my wife rides this it's Like way down here but uh at least their Feet could touch the ground and speaking Of height the specs say that a person Weighing 350 pounds or less can ride This and they should not be shorter than Five feet two inches or taller than six Feet two inches coming up the front we Have a quality chain and we actually Have aluminum pedals which is something I'm not used to because a lot of bikes I Buy this section here is usually plastic As well as a pedal it's all aluminum one Whole unit it's very good next we have Our battery it's 48 volts it's a 500 Watt up to Peak power of 750 watt I Believe which is quite a bit and as You've seen in the videos the battery is Removable then we come to the front we Have our shock system and it's ABS it

Says honor you do have a preload Dampening system it's all adjustable Here just turn these dials adjust it to Your weight and how much shock Absorbency you want going over bumps or Whatnot it's just like a normal fat bike With shocks you get your big fat tire in The front this your Fender is removable Just like the back one and it is made of A type of plastic you have your Headlight up front it is quite bright so If you're riding on the trails at night It's really good for that you do have a Brake light too when you pull these Little brakes the light will get Brighter as a brake light pull one of Your brakes front or back I just want to Make sure the light work comes on yes it Does push it again there we are then Finally coming up to the handlebars over Here I've already installed the mirror That's what I got off of Amazon you have Your brakes they're all made out of Aluminum you have your bell you have Your whole electronic system here that Controls all the information on your Display you have the display you have an Information button here that you can Change the information so you can look At how far you went what's your average Speed top speed and all sorts of other Things like odometer and all these other Things just pressing that info button Will run through everything you can

Reset it all I've put a cell phone Holder on mine because you can charge Your cell phone so if you put a cell Phone in here you plug it into the Display unit and it charges your cell Phone so you can drive to work and never Worry about your cell phone going dead And listen to music through your earpods Or whatever then you have your Shimano 7-speed system over here another Aluminum handbrake these little grips That you put your hands on it almost Looks like they're made out of leather But I'm sure it's not leather although It does look like leather it's a really Nice material and then of course you Have your twist throttle which is really Good I do have this sheet here it's a Specification sheet good thing I have The sheet because I forgot to mention That the mechanical disc brakes you have Disc brakes front and rear they are 180 Millimeter disc brakes another thing I Forgot to mention is the weight of this Baby it's 72 pounds for a guy like me I'm not very big I'm only five feet uh Eight inches or whatever and I'm only I Don't weigh very much but I don't find This heavy at all all right I don't Think I missed anything else so how About I show you me putting this bike Together taking it out of the box and Putting it together check this out here We have the large box the hemiway

Cruiser comes in it is very well Packaged inside no worries of damage There is protective material around many Of the components that you'll have to Remove before assembly you do receive a Box of accessories which includes an Instruction manual and a hemiway hat as Well as bike pedals a headlight wheel Retainer multi-function tool charging Unit bike assembly is as simple as Bolting on the handlebars locking the Front wheel in place screwing on the Pedals attaching the rear rack and Finally adding air to the tires as far As the battery is concerned it already Comes almost fully charged so you can Head out and take your first ride the Same day alright so final thoughts I am A believer in electric bikes now I used To think electric bikes were for Overweight people that had no ability to Cycle but honestly if I had to drive This to my place of work which is about 20 miles away this is what I would take Over my cycle bikes which I normally Ride all the time because when I get to Work you know I'm kind of tired and Sweaty and when I have to go home and It's like not a very nice day and There's lots of wind I I really don't Look forward to it but on something like This adjust the assistance so that I Don't have to sweat so much and then When I ride home I can have an enjoyable

Ride and yeah so this this is definitely A commuter bike and the fact you can Drive it all year long in Canada in the Winter that's pretty cool so links to This are below it's currently on sale There's a good deal on it all right guys Thanks for watching this video hope you Enjoyed it if you have questions on this Bike post them below and I will get back To you all the links to where you can Find this are below this video if you Want to watch other reviews besides mine To see what other people think about This then I highly suggest go check out Their reviews as well and I'm sure They'll be just as excited and positive As mine all right guys catch you in the Next video bye [Music]