The karaoke drone pilot | Botgrinders day out

By | January 21, 2023

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Special Thanks welcome to today's video Everybody I I don't know what I'm doing For today I already flew a pack I Already filmed some [ __ ] we got a bunch Of homies out here it's really cold it's Really windy but we're all determined to Fly because that's what we do the East Coast it's [ __ ] winter time if you Want to fly you're just going to be cold Man it's whatever I actually just ripped A pack and I crashed my analog quad and The camera broke it's like a gray screen Now I don't have any video manual quad I Have one drone left and the video just Started it's HD zero quad so I guess We're really gonna be putting hc0 to Another freestyle test today hanging out With the homies I'm gonna do some Garth Brooks karaoke if it's broken Oh that's that's right I am welcome to Today's video [ __ ] All right I'm gonna wrap this song here We go here we go here we go One two one two Three more Minutes [Music] Your razor hit me with the mage of the Damage my clan understand it be flavor Gunning coming coming at you first I'm Gonna get your once I got you right Gotcha you could never capture the Method Man stature performing for

Rapture hot [ __ ] Resort my staff never I put the [ __ ] walk in the world Ready [Music] Competitor whatever let's get together [Music] React so thick I'm fat and yo Ray came Glowing and blew off your headphones Black rap from yolk Texas smoother than Alexis now that's my journey wreck hey I Sure am having a good time everybody but For now I'd like to thank today's Sponsor raid Shadow Legends raid Shadow Legends is a PVP multiplayer game what The [ __ ] are you doing bro Oh my God you're right this keeps [ __ ] happening wrong video read the Intro like we talked about oh hell yeah I wonder you're in here oh yeah We got grounded up until five Dropkick Up He said he's now picking up the squad He's out 10 feet away from the Quad Right now he's got the quality he's got The clock he's got the [ __ ] thing He's got the quad [Music] Izzy will you hold my radio for me yeah Thank you I'm gonna be yeah I'm gonna be Completely honest with you I kind of I Kind of no idea what I'm doing today Yo Izzy uh what's your wpm right now Like two what that's slow as [ __ ] you

Can eat two waffles in one minute Oh waffles per minute watch your waffles Per minute oh [ __ ] like seven seven That's a good wpm everybody I want to See you up your numbers yeah get your Wpm up this season waffles waffle it's Waffle season Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Okay yeah have you heard of curiosity Spurs and let it go it's broken All right I'm getting the PIN for the Next spot Oh [ __ ] are you still watching this Video [ __ ] well congrats to you I Appreciate you hanging in there we're Gonna go to a new spot I got a couple Packs left we're gonna do some more Freestyle maybe some Taco Bell who the [ __ ] knows I don't know Pardon me do you have gray props on Don't let me know [Music] [Laughter] I'm Gonna Roll Oh I'm sorry Jesus Christ Look I don't have insurance man I don't Have insurance either let's just forget About it okay all right cool just gonna Step away Check my comprehensive catalog a crap

I'm dead [Music] I'm shining through the aperture but I'm Not gonna bus no caps for you that's Another genre I'm the black bomber track Charmer sack burner distract burden if It ain't that urgent Invisible Infidel Interstellar clever And devil is [Music] Melodramatic with Tails from the tablet You fail cause you average regardless of Your sales and your status you extra Baggage In a Land Cruiser down MacArthur Artistic Archer artistic Misfit y'all Get the sickness well I spit the Wickedness Leave You Hell I infuriated [Music] [Music] Well security just came and kicked us Out he said this is private property and We're like all right bet we're just Flying drones and he was like no you Have to leave the premises and I said Okay but you know what joke's on him I Broke all my drones so I can't even fly Anywhere anyway I was just [ __ ] Hanging out I know it's just a digital Thing but this little Miffy cable Shredded from my prop because the only One I had was super long that kind of [ __ ] sucks that's not something I

Want to deal with like I was getting a Shorter Miffy cable is how you say it I Guess that would solve that problem but That means my quad's down for the day Stupid [ __ ] building you've claimed a Victim my poor quad let's go home and [ __ ] Panhandle [Music] Why there why they're back at the house Now what a super fun day flying with the Homies in a cold ass East Coast Winter's Day now you a student observers of the Channel will notice this one's just a Little bit shorter than my usual uploads It's because it was [ __ ] cold as [ __ ] And I broke up my drones I really didn't Get that many packs in I was pretty Stoked I got like the amount of flying Footage I actually got for this video I Did have a great time hanging out with Everybody that was a super fun day I Always love to see the homies in this [ __ ] around like have a good time flying Drones you know what I mean sometimes Like I say I feel really pressured like Have a good flight make a badass video And it's nice every now and then just to [ __ ] around and sing some Garth Brooks With the friends you know what I mean me And ejron actually filmed some HD Zero Versus analog long range and penetration Tests some side by side [ __ ] he flew his HD zero quad I flew my analog one we Flew all through a parking garage you

Can go to e-drone's channel and check That out if you want to see what hd0 Versus analog looks like in real time I Also want to say before I get out of Here the [ __ ] skate park In the woods for drones project I'm Working on has raised 30 000 as of the Taping as of my talking right now thank You so much to everybody that donated I Kind of can't believe like this dream is Becoming a reality we kind of have Enough to buy something right now but The goal is seventy thousand dollars so Check out today donate if You can tell your friends if they can Donate we're trying to buy the ultimate Piece of land to build an fpv Park that Everybody can come fly crazy [ __ ] going On out here oh hey also if you're not Following me on Instagram I'd be Uploading funny ass videos and Instagrams check out Bob grinder and Instagram something else you should Check out is my patreon every single Month I send stickers you can watch my Videos first you get all kinds of cool Ass benefits just by supporting the Channel I even do this for my top tier Top tier patrons thank you so much to Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred 805 J-rod fpv MattyB fpv netcat Patty Cakes Stompy fpv Trent ttfpv Twan solo Volumetronics and hemp and Thank you very very much for being

Patrons if you want to get your name set At the end of every video check out patreon or don't [ __ ] Whatever you can just go to Jack In The Box without money instead let's turn Around East Coast then you go to [ __ ] Jersey Mike's all right I'm gonna go Yell my camera for constantly coming in And out of focus thank you very very Much everybody for watching today's Video I promise next time we'll be Better in a little bit longer I got some Crazy [ __ ] coming up I just have to do Some like pre-planning but trust me if You subscribe right now to this channel It'll be worth it in the next like three Videos okay bye [Music] Cowboy