The New DJI O3 Air Unit – 4K 60fps Onboard Recording!

By | November 22, 2022

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Foreign And today we're going to be taking a Look at the all-new DJI fpv system so DJI just came out with the new 03 air Unit this is their newest version of the Air unit and it's got some killer new Features and it's finally going to give You a way to fly custom built drones That may be built yourself or ones that We build here at rotorite with the new Django I'm super excited about these Goggles it's been a while since they've Like released the V2 so to see something That they've been making with a lot Smaller form factor these goggles are Pretty impressive we actually went into Detail about these goggles when we Reviewed the DJI Avada so in this video We're not going to get too much into Detail about these guys if you want to Learn more about them go check out the Nevada video Linked In description but In short they're really impressive Goggles but what was a bummer was when These goggles first came out the only Thing you could use them with were the Full DJI fpv drone and the DJI Avada Yeah there's been rumors that these Goggles are going to become compatible With the older air units but that's not True yet but this new air unit does work With the goggles so now you can finally Use these goggles on a full shreddy Freestyle drone the other thing that

This new area that opens up in terms of Compatibility is the radio okay right You're going to be able to actually use This radio with your custom built drone But then when you actually talk about What's compatible with what it gets all Bonkers again so okay knowing which Combination of drone and controller and Air unit it's a mess honestly here's the Spreadsheet screenshot this this is what You're gonna need to look at DJI has Confirmed backwards compatibility for The goggles in a firmware update but we Don't know when exactly that is they're Aiming for some time in December and They sent us this compatibility chart For reference at the time of release in Short if you started with a Nevada or an Fpv drone and you've already got these Good news This is going to work for you you're Good to go setting up the radio is Pretty cool you just go into betaflight And all these switches are just Pre-assigned channels oh okay right and Even the momentary switches like the Start and stop and this pause switch They just trigger a change in channel so When you press this button one time You'll see the channel move in Betaflight and stay there okay even Though it's a momentary switch it it's Still it's latching so what that means Is you can actually use the start and

Stop button to arm and disarm your quad That's nice it's really cool that all The buttons are customizable the only Button that you can't customize is the Record button that makes sense okay Because it just still works yeah so this Has a an action camera built on board Actually like super nice HD camera so That start and stops that the recording Capabilities of this are really Impressive we're gonna get into it a Little bit so we open up the air unit it Actually comes with antennas Pre-installed and I like how they came With a with a plug and not solders like The Vista did okay so just make the Whole build a lot easier and I assume Hopefully we'll see fly controllers Um also come with just this plug already Plug and Play I Like The braided wire I Like the braided wire this just feels Like a lot more polished of a product And I think it's going to provide a Little bit more protection if you're Building your drone and you accidentally Touch the soldering I've killed I've Killed cables like that those old air Unit cables if you even get too close With the soldering iron to it the old Cables would burn super easily I'm not Saying that this is going to be like Soldering iron proof but I do think it Looks like it's going to be a little More resilient give you a little bit

More room for error I noticed you said Antennas but it's interesting antenna no It is antennas because there's two in There you got two separate connectors Going into one lobe you're still going To get that kind of multi antenna I Think it's called Nemo technology going On multiple in multiple out but Installation is going to be a lot easier Because you just got one donkey yeah Definitely um but you will have to take I think you'll have to take off two Screws to take it off in order to put The antenna and amount if you have it Like that that's true yeah you have to Remove these two screws here And speaking of screws you'll notice the Only screws on this unit are holding the Unit together meaning there are no Mounting Provisions to secure this Itself you're you're back to double side Taping this to the Drone which I prefer Really I think it's just overall more Adorable because like like I crash hard And like a lot of times my air units Will always just move around and I think It's better if it's able to move instead Of having the stress on the little Through holes where it mounts if that Makes sense I got these warning labels I Know there's all the warming labels in This make sure to install the air unit In a position that's well ventilated so This thing let's get really hot oh

Oh it gets toasty it's toasty it like I've it hurts it'll shut itself down Eventually and just go into like a Thermal protection mode but before it Gets to that point it gets uh pretty Caustic this is a product that's unlike What DJI usually makes which is a Complete solution this is a component Product you need to put this into a Drone to flat or if you're uncomfortable With that we got you covered we have Tons of pre-built drones available with This built into it so you can have that DJI technology built into a true carbon Fiber freestyle drone There's the plug there's a plug Thank you Foreign We got a couple Free Stuff hacks up Getting comfortable with the system but I want to see how much how far I can Push it so I'm gonna see how far around The building I can fly all the way Around the back All right so I'm on the other side of This building right in front of us video Has nothing wrong with it looks crystal Clear Um let's go see if we can go inside All right so I'm in the courtyard got One little starter there but nothing bad Okay so I'm in the courtyard I'm going All the way See if I can go on the other side of

This of these two buildings now Oh wait okay so this is the very back I'm gonna drop below safely because Okay can I Let's see Okay oh it's getting choppy okay nope so It's up up up video's gonna bad I'm all The way behind all the buildings so I'm All the way behind all of them if video Is bad like it's flat let's let me try To go back Ah this is flyable man and I'm not right There I mean I'm all dude I'm so far I'm Behind so many brick building suit and Go low to the ground Push through it Yeah it's insane Dude let me let me just go up really High and do the flight back up high of How far I went so I'm in between this Big building right here This big building right there This big building right here And then we are back here that's insane Basically the back of the whole school When he was like I'm gonna freestyle With the clip-on ND filter on the fpv Camera I was like so you're throwing Away a ND filter it falls off it's gone You're not gonna find it eventually you Might as well just let it go I am Impressed that it's not falling off yet So it says bandwidth 40 megahertz one Channel are you gonna put yours on

Manual uh yeah give me a second put Yours on manual this is like just a Completely different way Of managing channels all right three Options for bandwidth are 40 20 and 10. I'm going to 20. okay I'm on 20. now now We got three channels one two and three I'm on one you're on three yeah so what Does the Hertz mean is that like better Image quality or that bandwidth Setting is how much of the band are you Using so there's the 5.8 gigahertz band Yeah and the bandwidth is like literally Like what hump of the spectrum are you Taking over higher bandwidth is going to Allow you a higher bit rate so I noticed When we were at the 40 Hertz band was Setting I was getting 50 megabits per Second okay and then when we went down To 20 Hertz I went down to like 25 Megabits per second which is what we Were kind of used to on the older Versions yeah so I think that on auto Channel mode it was just automatically Figuring that stuff out for us yeah so That's interesting if you're an auto It'll just lower the bandwidth and make More channels available so if you're all On the new DJI system you can all just Leave it on auto mode and who knows how Many Pilots you can get up to but at Least two no problem but my concern is If you're on the auto mode and you're Flying with systems that don't talk to

The system like analog or a different HD System like Avatar or something like That DJI is just going to spam everyone I Mean that's using the whole bandwidth It's on all the channels oh it's on Literally yes literally that's what that Means when it's got that wide of a band You're using the entire 5.8 band so Basically if you end up flying with Other Pilots that aren't on this newest DJI system be courteous go in lower the Bandwidth probably all the way down to 10 so that you are on like a single Traditional channel so that more people Can fly Foreign Thank you I think the most compelling thing about This new air unit is that DJI wants you To be able to use this as your recording Camera not just your fpv camera Yeah so Basically it's kind of they're trying to Replace the GoPro or whatever action Camera using on top the fpv camera Doubles as the action camera so it Records onto a little SD card in there The area it's got built in storage too It does have those so the air unit Itself has 22 gigabytes built in and Then yeah you can put an SD card in There to get as much storage as you want It does up to 4K 60fps which is like Basically the same as like all of the

Top end action cameras out that are out Nowadays pretty awesome I'd say the one Drawback is that you can't go lower than 60 frames a second oh you can't no I Personally like to film in 30 frames a Second image you're looking at when You're flying you want that to be as Crisp as possible have the most dynamic Range so you can see into the shadow you Want the highest possible frame rate so That you've got the lowest possible Latency yeah but with recorded image Maybe you want a little bit more Contrast and you want motion blur motion Blur I don't want to fly with any motion That will be interesting because I'm I'm Going to fly with the ND filter I want To see if that like messes me up at all You can always record in 60 and then Export at 30. it never looks good never Like the same quite the same so we've Got a couple of our drones already built With this system here so you can see how It installs it's it's really clean I do Like how compact the system is like it Fits really nicely in my Mark III which Only has 20 millimeter tall standoffs Like perfect for that frame yeah it's Going to fit in a lot of the five inch Frames that are already out there However mounting the camera is a little Bit more challenging the original air Unit camera was 19 millimeters wide Which was actually kind of the standard

Width of fpv cameras since the days of Analog this new camera is 20 millimeters Wide okay that one millimeter probably Won't be too big of a deal but you might End up wanting to make a tweak to maybe A 3D printed part or something like that Just so that it's not so tight in there The other difference is the distance From the mounting holes on the camera to The front of the lens is definitely Different on this camera yeah it's like Super Slam so what that means is between Having that shorter distance between the Mounting holes in the front of the lens And having that Ultra wide field of view Is you're going to have to push the Camera way further forward in the frame Than you may have had to before so for Comparison this is the Skyliner HD built With the original DJI air unit and you Can see how far back we were able to put The camera and you still don't see any Of the frame in the field of view on That new camera to get it positioned so That you didn't see any Carbon on the Recorded image look how far forward it Has to be these little plastic pieces Are actually sticking out in front now On our cl2 we actually did some more Modifications to it because we wanted to Get this set up so that in the recorded Image you not only didn't see the frame But you also didn't see any of the props We wanted to set this up so that you

Could truly use the camera as the main Recorded image without having any of the Drone in your view so so the front arms Are pushed further back rather than Being symmetrical front and back the Other thing we did is we have these 3D Printed mounts that can be set up so the Camera is out in front of the frame Now I know what you're thinking this Doesn't look like it's offering much Protection and it's not so if you want To chase some drift cars or do something Cinematic where you're less likely to Crash or just in general the image Quality is the most important thing this Is going to be a great option and what I Like about these mounts is you can just Flip them to the inside to get that Protection pretty neat so with one Mount You can have it set up to protect the Camera for freestyle or flip it around And get you no frame in view for Cinematic I think it's really cool that DJI actually built in image Stabilization to the camera itself so You can turn it on in the goggles and The recorded image that you pull right Out of the O3 is already going to have Some image stabilization and if you need Even more stabilization it has built-in Gyro data so you can plug this into Gyroflow and get like the real study Type look that you want for cinematic Shots you do have to be recording in

Some specific settings but it works Really well with gyroflow the size of This is small enough that you are going To be able to fit it into a three inch Drone yeah you know one of those Cineworth style drones so you pair that Up with using aeroflow and you're going To be able to get that Ultra stabilized Cineworth style shot so actually let's Try that out in the warehouse with the Skylight Thank you Foreign So everybody talks about wanting to look Through a GoPro and I feel like this is I think this is this is the closest We've gone so far yeah the last thing You have on the Drone is it like I feel Different like you have more power yeah Oh yeah there's there's a bunch more in There that's a 15 50 milliamp hour Battery no a bit heavy for what most People would run on this soundtrack most People would run like 1300 maybe even Down to a thousand yeah I'm at 14 3 and 5 minutes At this point I'm just gonna bring it Back I really like to tune on that for real The video quality I mean from from last Time it looked just like what the Avada Did It All right so we're here at Orlando water

Sports complex and we wanted to see what Type of cinematic footage we can get Using the built-in HD camera on the DJI 03 area we're gonna do some of the Footage um using the built-in Stabilization out on the boat we have Drew he's going to be talking to us and Sean is going to be the guy on the Wakeboard doing the jumps and the flips The spins and the whatever they do on That yeah drone retriever makes these so What it is is inside of here they have Some substance and a clip that when it Dissolves it takes five seconds to Dissolve it'll punch the CO2 cartridge And after it does it turns into an Airbag and drops it to the top of the Water so we don't lose it Foreign Down All right last video last video Last video yeah no video just cut out on Me it was right over him video bomb done Drones to go down But collection oh there's no mistake in This big obnoxious orange thing what What did the Drone do when it fell out This guy did you he thinks he sprayed it Yeah okay because I yeah because I was Like up high though like I was literally Above him video gone I think she sprayed You I think water got on the Drone just Killed it so SD card We got we got files yeah

Yeah that's what's up man we tried Freestyle ripping we tried an interior Fly through we chased some Vehicles we Chased a wakeboarder over water we tried To put this thing through as many Different scenarios as possible to see Like is this the new Ultimate video System I think that the image quality And the penetration like the RF link is Probably the best out right now okay Um as for the onboard recording I think It looks better than like the action 2 In my opinion I'm liking it yeah I'm Liking it I think the DJI action 2 Camera isn't a crowd favorite I've been Using it on my freestyle rigs I'm happy With it but I think people generally Prefer GoPro yeah I agree it beats the Action too yeah which is crazy it's Literally doubling at your fpv camera But is it on par with a GoPro after Watching the Clips of the wakeboard like I was honestly blown away like this Looked really good Um I'd like to you know try to color Grade it push the colors as much as I Can compared to GoPro footage to see you Know how it Compares in the in the Post-production world side but overall I Think it's like really good so going Into this I thought the idea of using Your fpp system is the only recording Device it's just was never going to work I mean and I still think that the theory

That what you want to see in the goggles Is always going to be so different from What you want to record in terms of the Frame rate the motion blurred into the Field of view that I don't know if it's The best option but I do think DJI has Done a really good job almost presenting Two different images from the same Sensor you you get a brighter more Dynamic range image in the goggles than The contrasty more photogenic image in The recording it's interesting how they Did that so I don't know that it could Be you're 100 of the time recording Camera but I think there's a lot of Scenarios where it could be especially For Freestyle yeah I think freestyle is Where the using it as your HD camera is Really going to shine because yeah the Benefits of weight savings over not Necessarily being able to fully optimize The image and lend themselves more to Freestyle yeah and then it becomes kind Of a calculus problem this is going to Be the most expensive video solution Yeah it's going to be 250 per unit and You have to put one in every drone Versus if you bought a GoPro you could Move it from drone to drone there's also The thing if you break your action Camera now you don't have an action Camera on any of your drones but you Haven't actually haven't built in if That makes sense so it's just like I

Think it's it's the math is how many Drones do you need to build so what's The increased cost per drone to put this In every drone and at what point could You have just bought an action camera Yeah and then gone with a cheaper video Solution And still get everything you want I Don't know that's kind of one way of Looking at it a lot of personal Preference in that so if you guys are Interested in checking it out we're Going to be selling the system Standalone for all you diyers and we're Going to be building a ton of different Drones with it so that you can get a Rotoriot drone ready to rip with the new DJI air unit 03 and have this awesome Video quality both for flying and for Recording it's pretty cool yeah if you Guys like this video make sure to hit The Subscribe button and the like button Let us know in the comments below what You think about this whole HD camera fpv Combo all in one because I'm really Curious to hear what the whole Community Has to think about would you use this to Record your videos would you ditch a Dedicated camera and just rip this I I Think there might be I think there'll be A lot of people that will be happening Thanks for hanging out we'll see you Next time on road rat Foreign