The Only 2 Mini 3 Pro Cases You Need! Symik and Flytcase.

By | September 5, 2022

If you want the best protection that will last longer than your drone, take a look at the Hard Side Case from Symik. If you want a minimalist design, then the Flycase is for you.

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Hi everyone i hope you're having a great Day so today i want to show you a couple Of storage solutions for your dji mini 3 Pro one of them is a minimalist design From someone that you may be familiar With and the other one is a hard case Design from one of my favorite drone Accessory companies of all time so let's Check them out hi everyone russ here and Thanks for stopping by the channel to Check out some storage solutions for Your dji mini 3 pro now the first one That i want to show you is from someone That you may be familiar with this is The flight case design from aldrin over At flight path And he started this project a few years Ago and i've been fortunate enough to be Able to check out all of his drone cases And uh they're really great design and i Wanted to bring them to your attention Because a lot of you that are here on The channel are new to the channel Because of the mini 3 pro And so aldrin was involved in this Process from the very beginning from Concept all the way to production and When he went through this he Aldrin is a professional drone pilot and He designed these For drone pilots and you can really tell So he puts some of the best materials Into this project he uses the 840d rip Stop ballistic nylon so that's pretty

Cool he uses the tpu weatherproof zipper So again this zipper and this material Is going to last forever he also uses Vegan leather you know for the handle And then for his logo on here if you Don't know what vegan leather is don't Feel bad i didn't either i had to google It but but apparently it lasts forever And if you open up the inside it's got Plenty of padding in there to keep your Drone safe and to keep your rc safe it's Got a velcro pouch or hook and loop Pouch to keep your extra accessories Like your props and your sticks and your Sd cards and cables and everything can Go right in that little pocket the rc Case is pretty much the same as the Drone case now this one right here i Have this is For this will fit the rc you know the New dji rc it'll fit the rcn1 and i Think it fits the smart controller as Well if i'm wrong i'll put that up on The screen but i think it does fit the Rc excuse me the smart controller but Same design concept nice and padded on The inside One thing if you do have the rc Right here of the rcn1 in here but if You do have the regular rc with the Screen on it it's probably best to store That upside down in the case just Because it protects that screen a little Bit more not that it's going to get hurt

But if you have any accessories in this Little pocket up here you know if you Have something that's maybe a little bit Pokey you don't want to be poking that Screen so you want to put it in there Upside down really nice design really Really nice zipper minimalist design This is for people that want to have Just less bulk when they take their Drone out so if you're going to be Riding a bike or going on a hike or Maybe on your atv or your motorcycle or Something like that you just want to Have a really simple solution that's What the flight case is for and then Also you can put this inside of your Backpack so that's really nice like That's what i do with my pg y tech one More backpack i just slide these in There and i have all my stuff in there My camera and my tripod and everything That i need to make a video but i can Just shove these in there and when i Want to just go fly the drone i can pull Them out and uh and go fly with that so Really really great quality design some Thoughtfulness put into these I should say this does fit all the minis The mini one the mini 2 the mini 3 pro And and then he also has cases for the Air 2 the air 2s The Autel drones you can fit uh in some of His cases you can fit the nano and the

Lights so lots of different solutions There so i'll put a link for his website Down in the description so you can check Out the flight case also really Reasonably priced and uh so if you're Looking for a minimalist design this is The way to go now the other case that i Want to show you is from one of my Favorite companies if you've been with This channel for any amount of time you Know that i'm a fan of symac and not Only for the quality design and the Thoughtfulness that they put in to the Interior for drone pilots they're really Really catering to drone pilots but i Also like the company as a whole you Know it's a small small company out of California and they're knocking it out Of the park for drone accessories right Now so this is the mini 3 pro case and That's why i wanted to make this video Today because i just got it i know some Of you were waiting for this because i Told you that it was coming and uh it's Just like all their other cases except For one thing there's one thing i wish They would have done better and i'll Tell you about that in a second but um But it's really great it's crush proof It's a little bit dirty but it's not Crushed It's ip67 so it's weatherproof Waterproof you can dunk this in the pool But can you actually dunk it in the pool

So i've never done this before i'm gonna Have all my stuff in the simon case We're gonna latch it up We're going to dunk it in the water see If it keeps everything dry so let's give It a try All right let's put her under just like That All Right so if you drop this in the water You're out in the boat or whatever i Think it's gonna be okay but let's go Ahead and pull it out Now of course we're gonna get some Leakage here probably i'm gonna go ahead And Dry this off a little bit Leakage from when i open it it's going To drip in there but All right let's see Any water No water Awesome Going to keep everything dry inside the Hinges on the back are stainless steel Rods so those are going to last forever I love that it sits upright when you set It on the hinges there's a lot of cases That you know sit crooked like this and It's just a little pet peeve of mine so I can't stand that but uh but does Really well there the clasps they close Very nicely the lid closes very nicely Everything's great about that here's the

Thing that i don't like about it okay The handle cymic really makes good Handles they really include An awesome handle design on all of their Other cases but this one they chose to Go a little bit more i don't know how to Explain it but it's not as robust as the Other handles on some of their other Cases and so i do miss that i miss that Rubber grip and i missed that thicker Bulkier handle it just gives me a little More security when i'm carrying my case It's not a deal breaker but it's just Something that i noticed compared to Their other cases and so i do miss that But it's got the pressure release valve On the front you know just like all the Other drone cases do when you open it up It stays just beyond 90 degrees so you Don't have to worry about it slamming Shut on you when you're taking your Stuff out of the case so that's very Nice everything's precision cut inside You can put your drone in here you can Put all your accessories in this little Pocket right here Your neck strap your nd filters Extra propellers Anything can go in that little spot Right there it also fits the pgy tech Tablet holder so that fits really nice In there The cutouts for the battery bank fit are Very nice it's got a little slot here

For extra cables and then this cutout Right here fits the rc controller and Then there's also an insert where you Can put in here and it'll fit the rc-n1 So that's pretty nice that it's Customizable you can lift out the top of The case and that's this is one of my Favorite things about simon cases this Part comes out and then you have a whole Nother storage thing in the bottom where You can put your landing pad you can put Your tablet maybe have the triple tech Or you have the ipad mini or something Like that that can go down there you can Also put extra batteries down there if You take out um These These inserts these foam inserts can be Taken out and customized to whatever Size that you want so if you take them All out you have a ton of room down There to put extra stuff so Really really great quality oh and one Other thing i forgot to tell you about Is this right here in the upper foam Right here in this egg crate foam up Here this is a really innovative design Here they cut out some of the foam a Little section here you can pull out and That keeps the pressure off the Propellers of your mini 3 pro you know These propellers are pretty fragile And uh Sometimes you don't want that pressing

On there so very thoughtful design like I said cymic is just knocking it out of The park so if you have any questions About any of these cases let me know Down in the comments i'll answer as much As i can and if i can't i'll reach out To cymic or i'll reach out to aldrin and Uh and answer your questions for you Down in the comments so i'm gonna go fly The avada right now you guys Seriously if if you're on the fence About the avada i know one thing that's Kind of a Kind of a deal breaker for people is It's a little more expensive right But if you can't afford it now save up For it you guys because it is Honestly this is the most fun that i've Ever had like with a drone it's I just i can't explain it without you Guys trying it so especially if you've Never done fpv it's just a It's so immersive and it's just it gives You a rush Like literally like makes your hair Stand up on your arm sometimes so um so I'm having a blast keep watching for Those videos i kind of took a little Break here for for the holiday for labor Day but now it's tech timber and gonna Be a lot of stuff coming it's a busy Month so watch for that subscribe if You're not hit that thumbs up if i give You anything of value today follow me on

The social medias for extra bonus Content i'm having a lot of fun on Instagram and tick tock as well so check Those out have a great day everyone and As always fly safe and fly smart this Thing Is so amazing And oh my god it feels like i'm going 100 miles an hour Holy crap You guys watch this video next year You're gonna love it i promise Oh my god this is fun [Music] You