The problem with bind and fly “freestyle” drones

By | November 19, 2022

Bind and flys are great for beginners and people that dont want to build, but if you want to fly HARDCORE FPV FREESTYLE then you may want to look at other options.

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Hi does flying your drone around the Park bring you Joy well I'm making this Video today to tell you why that's stupid Hey welcome to today's video everybody Today I want to put my mouth my money Where my mouth I'm gonna put my mouth I'm gonna test my theory that there are No good bind and fly freestyle drones Now let me explain myself I see it going Around that people think I hate binding Flies when you're kind of just Misunderstanding my words I hate Minor flies and I'm talking specifically About the marketing a five-inch Freestyle drones that's not cool I love My bind and fly micros I love my Binderfly cinewoops Long Range quads Everything I like buying and flies I Think they're super cool they're super Important to getting people into the Hobby it's a high high skill level There's a high bar of learning to get Into this hobby soldering computers 3D Printers gaming PCs there's a lot There's a lot to get into this hobby Anything to make it easier I think is Super cool well not anything DJI I Started flying drones in 2016 and it was True that most binding flies except for Tiny boops sucked everything Sucked back then everything was Underpowered and hard as to fly but Now things are getting better and I see

People starting off a lot on these five Inch freestyle drones and I'm like this Is a freestyle drone like the frame Doesn't really look like it like these Motors and the components don't really Look that great how are you marketing it As a freestyle drone because to me Freestyle you know when I think Freestyle I think like Bando bashing Office Parks like dive gaps and not Really like Park flying or Park cruising Which is what these drones seem to be Made for now I'm not trying to Gatekeep freestyle it is subjective you Know what I'm saying like Freestyle is Freestyle no matter what you want to do You're expressing yourself with your Drone I'm just like here let me give you An example all right what's up dude I See you got a skateboard you skate oh Yeah man a skate street Oh weird I don't Think I've ever seen you leave the skate Park you you only skate in the skate Park right oh yeah yeah but it's the Same tricks you know what I mean so it's The same thing you know what I mean like It is freestyle but when I think Freestyle I guess I think of like Tom Smith style which is Hardcore fpv that Bando bashing issue you know what I mean Not like cruising in the park not that There's anything wrong with that not at All so therefore like it's few and far Between to find an actual freestyle

Buying and fly drone is always going to Be a weak point in a lot of them and Most of the times it's the frame but it's been a while since I've Actually tried one of these binding Flies and I could be wrong so Hey I got one I hit Fox here up and I Was like Foxy here I see this brand new Bind and fly Aurora freestyle drone Coming out like hey can I give it a shot So they sent me one this is pretty tight And I guess you can kind of tell here's Some foreshadowing I should have Recorded this b-roll before I went out And flew it but this is a nice drone There's little specs right here on what It's got and it fly as you'll see it Flies good I like this drone Thanks Fox here for sending this to me I Really do appreciate it there's a link Below if you would like more information On this or if you want to check it out So I went into this not being the Biggest fan of five inch freestyle Drones and um as I was trying to bind This the receiver died so that kind of Sucks so I was like all right whatever I'll just put a new ERS receiver in it's Just fine and then the screws stripped Out so I had to get my whatever That thing is I had to get my little Tool my little I get my little spinny Tool spark it up and cut slots Into it and then open it with a regular

Screwdriver like I was like okay Buying the Flies God damn it so whatever I got it all bound up working the motor Spin let's go out to the field let's go To Delaware hang out with the homies and See if we can actually freestyle this Supposed five inch binding fly freestyle Drone and how it does is that how words Work all right so here we are in the Field we're at some goddamn all tangled We're at some new spot in Delaware that Looks kind of sick there's like Construction across the street there's Like some Office Park stuff and some Buildings that you can't see behind me So I'm gonna give this a shot like I was Saying buying a flies have traditionally Always sucked so I've been like bro These things suck but you know What it's 2022 maybe they make them Worth a damn now let's find out in true Beginner fashion because I'm Gonna Fly This thing just like I'm new to fpv I'm Gonna use this Walnut camera like I Don't know any better yogatics like nice Try but the Walnut sucks as You're about to see um it's in 4-3 which They recommend cadix recommends Recording in 4-3 so it doesn't overheat I tried recording in different modes and It got up to 101 degrees as you can see By this temperature gauge here so here We go first narrated rip with a bind and Fly quad with a beginner's camera

Beginner's drone all this now this Comes exactly as Foxy or has it come Except I set my race on it that's it so Let's go here we go enough talking let's See Can You Freestyle a bind to Fly drone with Caddy's wall on it is Even flashing yet come on do Something man I'm pressing it Nothing's happening the camera's just Frozen oh nope wants to record This thing is not recording this camera Is such a piece of all Right we're just running it Does it record no this walnut's A piece of all right here we go no Cadix Walnut oh okay so actually uh This is Can do a roll it can do a roll let's see How far we can go so the VTX in this I Was with the settings turning The power up and it went up to 2.5 Watts So this bind and fly looks like it Includes the uh 2.5 Watt Fox ear which Is why I'm inside I'm only on 800 right Now but I'm inside the building so That's cool and I gotta say actually Just these couple little flips this Feels so bad let's see let's go right Here Can it power Loop can a power Loop and Roll oh Dude this actually doesn't fly that bad For binding fly this is what I was Saying like binding flies juicy flick

Inverted yeah nope He doesn't want to yaw spin upside down What the It won't y'all spin upside down there it Goes it is doing it weird hey these Props ain't that bad either okay so like Right off the bat I am pretty Dang surprised with how good this quad Flies let's go see what's over here No my quad fly Sig I'm surprised The Binding fly flies So well uh I'm gonna miss that oh the Yaw feels a little Wiggly but that ain't nothing that's just some rape dude Um foxy or what the you made a Binding fly that I don't think is Garbage that is super rare oh that's the Thing let's see if I can even hit this Hallway bro this is kind of Crazy there's some wiggle there's Definitely some wiggle when I oh is that A glass is that glass I I was gonna go full speed down this Hallway yep that's glass let's not um do That bro can a wall right I'm not trying To break another window dog that was a Weak ass wall right we gotta try that Again this is doing okay I'm gonna throw On a GoPro and do some real ripping I Don't want to have DVR for my entire review so here let's give it a Land and then um I'll throw a GoPro on

This because this walnut's a piece of that's never gonna Work sorry caddix Let's see if we can skid let's do a skid Test real quick and then we'll do the Real one Skid test Thank you That was the oh it hit me okay so that Went really well I'm super Surprised I'm also very surprised Because I'm using these Dal props that Came with it these props came with the Drone I love my hqs gem fans really good I just happen to not use them but dowel Props I've never really liked these are Actually good dude I'm so Surprised anyway let's fly some more and Be more surprised I put my GoPro on here Big shout out to help me vampire for Printing this mountain last night so I Can put the GoPro on it I had a feeling That cadix Walnut was going to be a turd sandwich and look at that Chomping away like a goddamn turd Sandwich all right let's give this a rip Properly now I'm just gonna go for it no Babying this thing I'm Gonna Fly this as If it were my quad and I don't give a let's see what happens Do you give a Izzy has an important question do you Give a I do not give a okay Okay all right here we go a real rip

With the fox here Aurora Dow props Let's do this Oh it takes off so fast I wasn't Prepared for that takeoff speed it took Off so fast let's see if we can Power Loop this thingy I guess I should Start from this angle of what these are Bad angles let's see this one Oh it's a little so it definitely is Lighter than mine and I'm gonna have to Keep that in mind how fast did it take Off that took off fast as homie Okay this is the worst Power Loop ever Oh yeah but I'm a beginner I have a Beginner's quad I'm a beginner so I'm Actually very proud of that I almost hit The out of that let's see a juicy Flick and beginner Juicy flick see these inverted yaws are Very weird Did you see that I guess maybe I'm not I'm not spinning it fast enough all Right let's hit this thing are you in a Different camera angle I think this Camera angle could be a lot higher than Mine yeah you're right that is most Likely why This thing kind of rips bro I'm Able to pull out out of everything I'm Trying to pull up out of Damn damn so binding flies are actually Good Or maybe it's just this binding fly I

Guess I'd have to try a Few more to figure it out Maybe you need to try a few more wink Wings how far can this go how far do you Think you can go All right we know how high it can go Let's see how far this can go so I'm Running uh elrs on it are those cars no That's nothing wow it's going all the Way to the building with sick video bro Yeah I'm going to this is kind Of crazy this is kind of crazy as long As I don't oh I fell safe I fell safe With my GoPro so I'm coming right the home this is my GoPro oh my God so Okay wow earless fail safe that's kind Of wacky What's up with that what is up with that Let's bring her home bring her home all Right let's do some Shenanigans now that We got it back Why there's a big ass oh it's Right on the top of the building it's Like fail-safing The cable building it was like Fail-safing over here too there's like 78 it's flying all Goofy Now it's flying good oh did you see that Weird yeah We got a Chevy coming out here It's it's maybe just a tune or something It's like oh Oh is this in what the oh my God is Air mode not on or something

Look at this okay Throttle Down That's air mode not being on is what That is That's so dumb so that wasn't a Fail-Safe I just can't keep yeah yeah so Air mode is not on by default in Betaflight is that a thing Uh no what the that's stupid They should why the is this I hope This hole's open I'm just gonna go for It oh [Laughter] Drone I hope these motors still work oh one motor two oh dude this might Work again you all work for uh Chris Cunningham uh what are you guys doing Site before we find these drones around These are fun just because it's a little Abandoned parking lot oh that's neat Yeah I figured it wouldn't bother Anybody just don't bother me at all oh Yeah okay sick Rose is kind of Crazy even with air mode not working This thing kind of rips I'm Pretty surprised like a binding Fly in this day and age actually flies Super well I'm gonna put I think My camera died because it was full I Don't know why air mode wouldn't Be on I didn't touch or anything but dog This thing rips I threw some More of the dowel props on there I'm not Gonna do a narrator rip I'm just gonna Play some music and I'm just gonna give

This a hardcore flight this this Is not bad foxy or way to go Foreign [Music] Fear I may have broken an arm and it Looks like yeah Yeah it's like a broken arm All right so this right here is the Exact exact Reasons got some dirty dangles this is The exact reason why I say bind and fly Drones aren't made for hardcore fpv Freestyle this is what happens when you Take a bind and fly drone and you try to Fly it in cement and concrete a Freestyle frame that's meant for Hardcore freestyle will not do this it Might do this but this is why I say you Don't want to bind and fly for freestyle We'll talk more about this later but This is the exact reason damn man I Didn't even get to try it nope I Think I use like 150 volts at home all Right that sucks that the arm broke on That but before the sun goes down I have My Demi bot frame here available on you should pick one up these Are meant for fpv freestyle I'm going to Tell you more about the Aurora and what I think I do have a lot of positive Thoughts on it but before the sun goes Down I want to get in a good rip So here me and the Demi bot we're gonna Go freestyle this spot check this

Out Thanks [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Thing being on but it flew really good If you've never flown a drone before I Would recommend this man I'd be like Yeah sure buy this thing but like don't Go flying in the construction site go Fly it over some grass or whatever but It flew really well it felt like I had Plenty of power man that's pretty cool So sure binding flies are good you just Need to like halt your expectations for What freestyle is if you're gonna pick Up a drone like this or the now school If really any of the other bind and fly Freestyle five-inch drones you're you're Just buying a bunch of parts and a Flimsy frame I mean if I can't say Flimsy like it feels good the frame Feels good it felt quality had great Flight characteristics but as you saw One crash into the concrete and it Snapped an arm so I saw a clip of a Recent Bardwell live stream him and Blunty were talking about my frame the Block grinder Demi bot I just painted This one I highly encourage you to paint Your frames I just painted this Demi bot With this super cool color

Scheme you can get one today debbiebot but blunty had said something About he doesn't see the plane paying More than like 12 dollars for a frame or Whatever and if you you do the type of Flying they do like if if your entire Career you're just gonna fly your Backyard then no you don't need to spend More than twelve dollars on a frame a Bind and fly will do you perfectly fine But if you want to do anything else than Flying over grass you're gonna have to Get out and you're gonna have to get a Decent frame because once you Get into the Bandos office Parks all That you know what I mean once you Get out of your backyard gets rough Real quick things break and Freestyle frames like mine are Specifically built to be able to Bash in the Bandos fly in office Parks All day take hits like that and fly back To you so you don't have to Drive back home after an arm breaks you Know what I mean there's definitely a Place for these binding flies for people Starting out maybe people that can't Solder alcoholics people that just have The shakes or whatever and for people That just don't have time to fly Sure this is fantastic but for those of You that are looking to get into fpv Hardcore freestyle you're really going To want to build your own drone and get

A frame that's specifically built to Handle those types of crashes in my Description below I have all the parts That I use and I don't like to break I don't like the drive back Home after I break break a motor or a arm or something I have links in All my descriptions some affiliate some Not because I don't give a but These are all the parts that I use these This is the Drone that I build that I Find to be able to bash all day and not break and have to go home and Fix you know what I mean so again I Want to reiterate binding flies are Perfectly fine I kind of just don't like How they Market them as freestyle drones And freestyle is subjective but like if You're trying to do hardcore freestyle You don't want to get a bind and fly if You're a very first drone shirt get a Bite and fly learn how to fly it learn How to repair it like that but then You might want to swap those guts over To a frame that's meant to fly freestyle Actual I shouldn't say actual like you Know hardcore freestyle I think Tom Smith coined it best it's hardcore Freestyle speaking of things that are Hardcore here's a list of people I want To share a hot tub with Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred 805 j-rod fpv Juicy fpv Lucas Roca MattyB fpv netcat Fpv Patrick Martin what's up new Patron

Stompy fpv Trent ttsbv Twan solo Volatronics warm fpv and those are my top tier Patrons thank you very very much to them If you want me to say your name at the End of every video you can become a top Tier Patron and I'll say your name just Like that patreon is like my main So if you want to become one I'll play Your video on my Friday Night Live Stream I'll send you stickers I'll Answer your messages anything that you Want whether you want to kiss on the Forehead before you go to bed hit me up Dog I got a patreon level for that as Always thank you very very much Everybody for watching this stupid YouTube channel if you enjoyed what you Saw today press the Subscribe button or Whatever if you didn't like it then go cry I don't know I don't go Be mad I don't care I promise Next time we'll be better I got some Good stuff coming up uh caddix sorry I Didn't like the Walnut but I didn't like It and I ain't gonna lie about it I'm Not gonna make a video on it either Because I don't want to talk for 10 Minutes because I like katics they're Trying really hard guys let me give them A break they're trying really hard the Walnut just ain't that great did I say Everything I said everything listen to This stupid song

[Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Did I say next time we'll be better I Can't remember if I did I ate a sandwich I found on the ground and I haven't Really been feeling right