The secret to great power loops is more uptilt

By | January 6, 2023

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You gotta love January in uh Tennessee Uh yeah why not right beautiful weather Let's get out and fly I got a trick I'm Gonna try to get come along for the ride Oh wow Let's try not to end up in one of these What we're gonna do Is we're gonna fly through here We're gonna power Loop up Not no no that's that's easy that's Power Loop through that's not that Impressive What I want to do is I want to power Loop up and then Kind of uh I guess you could call it I call it a Cricket drop because qriket fpv is the One who sort of pioneered this move Where you You come like this And you come back through like that So what I want to do is Come power Loop up and then Back through [Music] No I didn't drop down see it's totally Blind is part of the challenge Nope [Music] I wonder if there's a way you can Oh that was gonna be so good too boy I'm Hitting these I was having a lot of Trouble lining these up yesterday just Overshooting and stuff I've done like

Four in a row where I've been real close I don't know if I'm just lucky Nope Didn't get back far enough Overshot there came too far back I don't Have a visual reference I wish there was A way I could really see it to line it Up But if I pitch back far enough that I Can see it I just pull back into it and I can't So that's the part it feels like that Part where you're coming up just has to Be blind No too high This is one of those tricks where having More up tilt is going to make a huge Difference in how easy the trick is to Do Um I've been flying with about 25 Degrees up tilt but bumping that up even Just a little bit is going to mean I Have more ability to see into the power Loop and see where I'm going without Having to just try and do it by feel let Me uh let me change these prop and then I'll show you what I mean okay so this Is what the camera looks like with the Up tilt set at about 25 degrees about The same as the GoPro I'm going to push That up just a little She could tell from this Frame still has A little bit of issue with the O3 camera Seeing the uh stanos what can you do but

With that additional up tilt I should be Able to see a little more above me as I'm going to that move let's see how it Works Yeah she wants to go fast now Oh I'm standing there It wants to go fast it's Really looks at the ground makes those Snap rolls hard to do but Should make this way easier See now I can really oh you can feel the Battery sagging too [Music] Oh see how tight that was Jeez see that would be real hard to do With lower up tilt Wow Wow okay one more 3.4 can I do a like a Flip back through See Uh That is so much easier to do with like 45 degrees of up tilt compared to like 25 because you just see into the move And fly through it Um in a way that you're just you're kind Of going by feel when you have less up Tilt uh if you don't play with your up Tilt then I recommend it higher up tilt Will make you go faster It'll make you have shorter flight time Because you'll be at higher throttle and It'll make it much easier to do power Loops and other moves where you're sort

Of pitching back into the move but it'll Make it much harder to do stuff where You are flying slowly and precisely but It is well worth a try I wish there was A way to do All these moves with one up tilt but uh I guess there isn't anyway that's it for This video just that little touch there Enjoy